Friday, December 18, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

Ai adai, Kiko has done it again. 


  1. Kiko, the great magician, fits all Scriptures according to Neocatechumenal Way.
    It is something fascinating, when you are into the Way, to feel the Neocatechumenal Way was such a prefigurated charisma in the Scriptures.
    They constantly make you feel it really was and that is why it is so hard to belive that bishops, priest and ordinary catholic people reject it.
    They bombard you with that idea: the Way was prefigured by God. Kiko has just being brightly lit to reveal it.
    So, if you doubt about the Way, you are doubting about God’s designs. It’s with the Way or against the Way as well as with God or against God.
    And that is why the slightest criticism about the Way comes from the Devil.

  2. This is where Faith kicks in. Discernment would question try the falsehood and expose the heresies. Satan is a master as making people guilty of challenging charlatans like Kiko and Pius

  3. I say that Kiko is a great deceiver, and it goes against reasonable thinking how many Bishops and Priests who are responsible for the teaching and transmission of faith from Christ and the apostles have fallen victim to Kiko's ploy. Can we say that they are also not solidly rooted in their faith and have fallen prey to Kiko's wiles? I think these Princes of the Church see the great numbers attracted to the cult and judge the masses as fruits of their positive catechesis, and don't bother at all to verify at all if the substance of the catechesis is authentic.

    1. That the bishops support the Way because they "judge the masses as fruits of their positive catechesis" is probably the most charitable explanation, but there are other reasons too.

      Quite a few bishops are compromised by the significant portion of the 2nd Scrutiny donations that are given off the books.

      At least one bishop in Europe lives in a house purchased by the Neocatechumenal Way. How many more have been given such assets?

    2. Anonymous said: "I think these Princes of the Church see the great numbers attracted to the cult and judge the masses as fruits of their positive catechesis, and don't bother at all to verify" and is absolutely right.
      In Cruxsancta blog, where some former members of the Way write, we use to say NCW is based on "the reign of quantity".
      If you analyze Kiko's speeches and catechesis, they are full of great numbers quite difficult to be contrasted.
      Kiko always underlines facts with large amounts of everything. "One hundred RM Semminars", "two thousand of boys to mission", "seventy thousand of young people evangelizing on streets"...and so on.
      If we played the same game, we must remain that if there are one and a half million of neos in the hole world, there are at least five million of former neos in the same hole world.
      If we were able to make bishops to be aware of that, maybe things would change.
      We should tell every bishop how destroying the Way is since the moment there are most people who left it than people who stay in, and the worst is that those former people (five million at least) use to leave the Church because the Way instill the idea that leaving it is the triumph of Devil in their lifes.
      Then we would notice the disgusting reality: bishops receive money from one million and a half people in the Way but no from five million former members lying in the ditches.
      The Way was suposedly for calling those people who were away and the picture is more like Attila's horse...grass never grows up where it goes through (sorry the simple translation). It devastates everything.
      There is a quite simple way to contrast Kiko's kingdom of quantity. But it must be spoken in private.
      Anyway, Kiko should need to receive his own medicine. Let's talk with bishops with reign's quantity language.

    3. I listened for the first time all of the recorded evidence uploaded on Chuck's site. Thanks Chuck for providing a site where we can hear for ourselves the evil and misguided information disseminated by His Unholiness Pius... Listening to him talk down to the people; makes me wonder why so many remain as a member of this evil cult. Anyone can tell from his looks and his tone that he is pure evil.

  4. In case you are tempted to think that Lista's assertion that Kiko considers participation in the Scrutinies more important than works of mercy, check out my posts, "A Turn of the Screw", and "Poor Natasha". Including audio recordings of Fr. Pius Sammut OCD at his best...

    1. Thanks Chuck,
      I agree that he seems to place great emphasis on the scrutinies. And this is the reason People should think twice about this cult. The Greatest gift that God gave us in his Son through the Holy Spirit is handed down to us in the form of the Sacraments. I cant believe that Kiko, Apuron, or our Church Leaders would hold a greater prminnence in this pow wow at a hotel, and make is a reaquirement for one of the faithful, or else you are lost forever. Jesus himself does not force us to receive the Sacraments, he calls us to freely approach the table of the Lord and what he gives us is the Sanctifying Grace from God. This we can never get from Kiko, Pius or the NCW.

  5. In the preface of Dominus Christos, We read "The bishops themselves, however, having been appointed by the Holy Spirit, are successors of the Apostles as pastors of souls.(3) Together with the supreme pontiff and under his authority they are sent to continue throughout the ages the work of Christ, the eternal pastor." They can choose to follow the will of the HS or their will, and when we see them allowing heretical teaching over the truth in Christ's church, there is no assertion that they are following their will, for whatever motivation, material or Power.

  6. Think 3rd secret of Our Lady of Fatima. Pope climbing up to the cross witnessing the many lost souls along the way. Lost because they were misled into sin due to Pope and priests misguided souls into false path to Christ. Do you not see how neocatechumenal way could easily be the path which many of the faithful are misguided? Call it discernment or instinct or awareness that neo way is not catholic. Freedom to chose or free will. Pray and know your faith because evil is allowed to flourish for a reason. I don't care how many millions of people the neo recruits.wrong is wrong. its notjudging.its likeknowing notto touch fire Or run into traffic. Peace.

  7. thanks again for sharing this info, chuck.

    to offer a comparison with, shall we say, "the tactics of persuasion" employed by kiko, the secular/third-order carmelite community i joined is completely different. an inquirer is expected to attend all regular meetings, but is allowed two excused absences in a year. pretty reasonable expectation for any community or association, right? no coercion, no guilt trips. prayerful discernment and study are always emphasized, and of authentic Catholic sources, not kiko-ish stuff.

    on the plane trip back to the island, i read sherry weddell's book "forming intentional disciples," which centers on pretty much the same goal that the ncw markets itself as pursuing: evangelizing or re-evangelizing people. but whereas the kiko way is alien to Catholic teaching and is separatist, her book outlines how to evangelize within the parish setting. highly recommended reading.

    i think the biggest lesson that the ncw has taught us is that the ncw came and got a foothold on power because it filled in for what had been missing from guam's Catholic parishes for at least a generation: the authentic evangelization of its own baptized people. many infections occur because the body is too weak to resist it.

    1. Thank you for reminding us of the Third Orders, Rey. Many of the Church's religious orders offer a "Third Order" healthy, orthodox, alternative for laypeople. If I remember correctly, St. Francis started his Third Order first, and others, like the Dominicans and Carmelites, followed suit in their time.


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