Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Some seminarians and priests in the Neocatechumenal Way are indeed trapped.  Here's a story of one such priest in a parish in the United more.


  1. the travel perks are pretty good as well. many of the kiko priests here are one pass elite. they travel, they wine and dine, and maybe go in mission. then they travel back to guam to make sure they still qualify for their visa and green card application. once they get their green card they are free to go anywhere they please. and our poor diocesan priests scamble to make ends meet. very dirty way to insure these kiko men from poorer countries stick to the plan!

    1. At supper they eat boloney many times with no bread. That's what they say. (Source Seminarian Wong) is that guy still around?

  2. In the Guam case, the pastors don't have a problem with a vicar 'only obeying the Bishop'. We have a creative solution to that problem. Just make them ALL pastors !!! AAA is pure genius!

  3. I don't buy this trapped business! If you are greedy enough to say yes to the temptation of all the "trappings" of becoming an NCW priest or any other ordered priest, then suffer the consequences until you grow a pair of cahones big enough to move mountains. It's their lack of faith to begin with that got them there. Lesson learned?
    I grew up hearing that the priesthood was sacred, that priest's were called by God. I was taught to honor and obey a priest as if he were my parent. Then I learned later in life that there are priest who became priest simply because it was their ticket out of poverty! I'll grant that it's possible that It was God's plan all along for some but for most trapped in that situation, they have no business becoming a priest yet voila! There they are up at the Altar leading souls to hell because there's no sincerity or importance and lack of faith when they say Mass.
    My heart aches when I hear or read about the abuses by priests. I pray for those who have been truly called by God to remain strong. I also pray for more discernment for those who chose the priesthood out of personal gain to avoid that millstone around their necks.


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