Saturday, September 17, 2016


...Fr. Jeff wasn't lying when he said he loves the archbishop.



  2. Fr. Jeff, you have no idea what the HELL you're talking about! How pathetic you sound mouthing this garbage about affecting good priests and social services. You are being used once again, as a "mouthpiece" for Hon's bullshit mission to save the RMS and the NCW.

    Step down or get your facts straight and stand up against Hon and te NCW mafia.

  3. fr jeff makes it sound like the archdiocese is a newly convicted felon who's pleading with the judge to not send him to jail because no one would provide for his family. at best, fr jeff is misinformed. at worst, he's threatening to hold the work of the church hostage to obtain the veto. i hope it's the former.

    i'd say that the services provided by the church will get even better if it were made to pay up and enter bankruptcy. why do i think this? greater transparency, greater accountability, greater focus on what really needs to get done.

    as for the schools? if the archdiocese loses a school because of bankruptcy litigation, i imagine this would only happen because of really incompetent archdiocesan leadership and really incompetent attorneys. the religious-run schools also may try to argue that in litigation they should be considered separate from the archdiocese.

    lest fr jeff forget: asset-wise, it's the laity who built up and sustained this local church. and it's the laity who will rebuild it.

    1. Rey D, Yes it was the laity that built and sustained our Catholic church. And whatever needs rebuilding after sanitizing will be rebuilt by the laity.

    2. Totally Agree with you Rey D - The Laity built and sustained our Catholic Churches - Not the Clergy because without the Laity, the Clergy will be preaching to an empty church! Very Sad to know that most our local Chamorro catholic priests are more concerned about wealth, buildings, and not the parishioners they serve!

  4. Pathetic Jeff and he knows it.
    " LYIN jeff"
    No respect for Victims.
    Thinking of his own pocket.
    Jeff you are as bad as the stinking monk @ Apuron.
    " Lyin Pathetic Jeff"
    Get on a diet.
    How can you be taken seriously!

    1. Don't pick on Fr. Jeff's weight. Half the island, at least, is overweight.

  5. Bull shit Fr.Jeff.
    You have assets.
    You maintained a 60k salary from FD.
    Cut your Bull shit God dam it.

  6. In the letter, Hon states that he recommends that Apuron be REMOVED. This is not good enough! We want him to be DEFROCKED!! (Fr. Jeff is not sure of the use of the word "defrock"!) If Apuron is not defrocked, the Archdiocese will be responsible to support apuron financially for the rest of his natural life! He has lived a lavish life style and has sexually abused young boys! Why do they want to protect him?

    Presently, I don't know who specifically funds the various services that Fr Jeff refers to, but those services start out being federally funded then ultimately have to bsupported by GovGuam. CSS may have been started by the Elder Fr. Quitugua, but over the years (a long time ago) my understanding is that Catholic Social Services is primarily funded by Gov Guam. Apuron is(was?) the Chairperson of the Board, but he does not contribute via the archdiocese. Embarrassing!

    Fr Jeff proves to be a YES man to Hon, which leads to Filoni, and ultimately, to Kiko and the ncw. The sad thing is that I really don't think he understands that his allegiance is not to God and His Church!

  7. Not one ounce of sincerity in this priest.He fails to show true empathay to the victims of sexual abuse. He would have been better not giving an interview. He looked like a walking dead not understanding what he saying.
    Father you allowed abuse to take place because you knew of Anthony Apurons history. You contributed to Apurons crimes and you insult every victim in this interview.
    For one minute stop think empathize with Ms. Concepcion a mother whose son died in emotional pain because of the rotten evil reckless vicious malicious dangerous serial abuser that you knowingly protected. There is no trust in your empty pathetic words.

    1. Anon 1:08 AM..I want to thank you for reminding Fr Jess about Sonny and the emotional Pain he went through..Now it's my turn to tell Fr Jeff how I feel about him....
      Fr Jeff I do appreciate your presence at My son's Funeral Service but I Cannot forget your exact words to me before and during the service...You said' My SUPERIORS GAVE ME PERMISSION TO ATTEND SONNY'S SERVICE AND SAY A FEW WORDS..I was a bit puzzled when you said that but didn't dwelt on it until you were up there and started your so called Homily.. ...You repeated those exact same words while looking at me...You said a few things about sonny then started talking about forgiveness and etc. You reminded us how Jesus forgave our sins and how we should forgive too especially those whom we think might have hurt us...You asked everyone to pray for each other and for our Priest
      You may not have mentioned Apuron'S name but I know you were talking about him..Fr Jeff do you remember the SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE LOOK I GAVE YOU when you turned my way to make sure I was listening..DO YOU REMEMBER THAT.??..I'm sure you did because you immediately turned away and never looked at me again throughout the entire service....I knew you were waiting for me afterwards but I didn't want to talked to you..I avoided you the whole time..You were probably even waiting for a white Fat envelope with a HUGE bonus in it for being there..for some reason I felt my son telling me to be careful,.Not to trust you because you are one of them. .you and your superiors saw a chance to defend Apuron's honor by coming to my son's funeral service and pretending you really cared...if you really did then why the hell are you opposing Bill 326??..You and Hon are both 2 face and only thinking of yourselves..Don't give ME any BS excuse about saving the schools and etc...You know that is not the truth..You are only looking out for yourselves and your assets You AND Hon have too much at stake..why else would you oppose the signing of this Bill if our children's welfare and safety are your biggest concern.....You knew what Apuron did and continued doing but you chose to turned the other way..You sold your soul to the Devil and for that YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY AS APURON...I cannot trust anything you say or do..You may have fooled a lot of people during your press conference but you did NOT fool me one bit..

  8. Father Jeff silently supported NCW for several years. He pretended not to support but was forever reporting to Apuron those negative towards the way. I called him "two faced" i was told i was unkind. But now you see a two faced Jeff.