Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Somebody in the Vatican must have went to work with their red pen on the original version of the Neocatechumenal Way’s Catechetical Directory prior to its “approval”.  Here's an example of one grave error that had to be removed... Read more.


  1. Chuck thank you for "EXPOSING" the details of the heresy that is observed in the liturgical & Eucharistic abuses of the NCW celebration of the Mass. Rome obviously recognized the "heretical" aspects and made changes to "obscure" the heresy but not the practice or teaching of the heresy! That is called a "COVER UP".

  2. To you have the approved original version?

    1. Here it, is, in italian: http://imgur.com/LvIDT0A
      Ciao, Charles.

  3. How can these NCW heretics, and all those who call themselves priests and bishops of the Catholic church, yet allow this heretical cult to exist in the church expect us to follow the teaching of Kiko and Carmen over the very words of Christ who took the bread, gave thanks and broke it saying “This is my body which will be given for you" Luke 22:19, and there after the cup saying “For this is my blood of the covenant, which will be shed on behalf of many for the forgiveness of sins” Matt. 26:28. What is the basis for the NCW claim, other than to go against that which Christ uttered from his very lips. This cult is truly anti-Christ.

  4. "The bread and wine are fundamentally for the banquet, to take us to the Passover."
    What does this even mean? Kiko and Carmen must have been high on some kind of drugs to come up with that line, AND many thereafter!

    That Rome allowed the NCW to spread worldwide with this kind of belief-system proves that so many men in Rome have been blinded to their own addiction to Power, Prestige, and the Pursuit of Plenty of Money.


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