Friday, February 12, 2021


 Program notes for February 12, 2021.

Miah Jesus recasts the old saw, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” to read, “Which came first, the chicken or humanity?” GALC can’t stand being a stand-alone. The Vigilance Committee takes on the 36th GL. Joe Biden’s knowledge of the alphabet ends at W. Simon Black informs on the BLM curriculum. Sabina & Telo are trying to put ghostbusters out of business. The Democrats have introduced a constitutional amendment that would allow an ex-president with a crappy personality to be burned at the stake. (Beep! Beep!) Joe Biden seeks to enlist George Orwell in the Army. Joe is causing severe harm to our armed forces. His new SecDef is on board. Catholic Joe tells us about abortion. KKK and BLM share a lot. Our local SJW’s, the White Coats for BLM folks, are educated (again.) Lefties used to be champions of free speech—now they oppose it.  English is a microaggression for the Left.

The card

  • Miah Jesus v. Miah Jesus
  • Ancestral Lands Commission v. The Governor
  • VigCom v. 36th GL
  • Joe Biden v. Science
  • BLM v. Youth
  • Ghostbusters v. Sabina & Telo
  • Bevacqua v. Military
  • Democrats v. Trump
  • SecDef v. Freedom [Joe & George v. The US Military==plus Biden v. The Unborn
  • KKK v. BLM
  • Guam v. USA

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