Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 Program notes for April 14, 2021

STEVE! Andrew helps with Steve. Steve showed the way on suppressors! Steve and Jerry Kitchen are now a permanent part of the card. More Steve today. A tutorial on drug testing is sent Steve’s way. Still more Steve. Today is Steve’s big day. Steve Ignacio says he still doesn’t know what’s cookin’ at Jerry Kitchen. Some cops came forward to clue him in. Friday, we get the latest from Steve. Steve is still making the news; not because of what he’s done but, as the Real Joe Cruz would say, what he hasn’t done. Carlotta was even hiding the ball from Therese. Even the Post blew the whistle on her. Tom Shieh and Mariana LG haven’t come forward in the face of the latest BLM scandal. Amanda Shelton presents a Trojan Horse. Frank Blas tees of on Mike San Nicolas. Julian Aguon has developed some pen pals. Clynt shows us how rent seeking works. Qode points the way to a new industry. The 9th Circuit rules on open carry. The Silver Man takes on the WaPo. Some things are pretty predictable, e.g., Bevacqua v. MT Greene. In order to properly understand Bevacqua, we have Samuel Betances school us on Chamorro Week. I report on GovGuam v. GTA. Bari Wiess, late of the New York Times explains that not being woke enough is bad too.

The card

  • Steve on the card
  • Facts v. BLM [More BLM v. Tom Shieh and Mariana Leon Guerrero
  • CNN v. Trump
  • Blas v. SN
  • Julian Aguon v. USA
  • One Qode v. Latency
  • Gov. Guam v. GTA
  • Non-Chamorros v.  Chamorros (per Samuel Betances)
  • Bevacqua v. Greene
  • Military v. Carlson [Biden v. Navy
  • PDS v. GTA
  • Bari Weiss v. Wokesters

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