Monday, July 14, 2014


We've had requests for a list of "neo parishes and priests". Apparently people are increasingly wanting to know where else they can go once their parish is "taken over."

The following is the parish information currently posted on the Archdiocese's website. The "neo-priests" are highlighted in yellow.

While we are not able to designate "neo-parishes", it can be assumed that if a neo-priest occupies the position of pastor in a parish that the Neocatechumenal Way has been implemented in the parish. 

Some of this information as found on the AOA website is incorrect.. If you know of changes, please advise. We will make this post into a page in the near future where it will serve as a permanent reference.

Note: A "neo-priest" is one who actually "walks" in a community. This excludes those priests who  may have simply accommodated the NCW - at the request of the Archbishop. 

Agana Cathedral
Pastor: Most  Rev.  Anthony S. Apuron, OFM Cap., D.D.
Rector: Rev. Msgr. James L.G. Benavente
Vice Rector: Rev. Fr. Michael V. Jucutan
In Residence: Rev. Fr. Thomas McGrath, SJ
Deacon Assistants: Deacons Augusto F. Cepeda, John Dierking, & Stephen Martinez

Agana Heights
Pastor: Rev. Andre Eduvala, OFM Cap.
Deacon Assistant: Dcn. Louis Agbulos, Jr.

Pastor: Rev. Jose Alberto Rodriguez

Pastor: Rev. Antonino Caminiti

Pastor: Rev. Adrian L.F. Cristobal
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Francesco S. Asproni

Chalan Pago
Pastor: Rev. Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira

Dededo - Santa Barbara
Parochial Administrator: Rev. Dan Bien
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Joel Delos Reyes
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Kenneth Carriveau
Deacon Assts: Dcn. Herbert Cruz, Dcn. Kerno Sam and Dcn. Angken Rapun
(Note: Rev. Kenneth Carriveau is now retired.)

Dededo - St. Andrew Kim
Rector: Rev. Kangwoo Lee
Deacon Asst: Dcn. Dominic Kim

Administrator: Rev. Msgr. David C. Quitugua, JCD

Pastor: Rev. Richard M. Kidd
In Residence: Rev. Danilo Trajano

Pastor: Rev. Romeo Convocar

Pastor: Rev. Joseph English, OFM Cap.

Pastor: Rev. Luis V.B. Camacho

Pastor: Rev. Manuel “Jun” Trenchera
In Residence: Rev. Gerardo Hernandez
Deacon Ast: Dcn. Louis Rama

Pastor: Rev. Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua
Parachial Vicar: Rev. Manny Ombao

Pastor: Rev. Willy O. Lorilla

Santa Rita
Pastor: Rev. Krzysztof Szafarski

Pastor: Rev. Agustin Gumataotao, OFM Cap

Priest Contact: Rev. Ivo Sinaga, OFM Cap.

Pastor: Rev. Msgr. Brigido Arroyo
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Carlos Vila
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Rudolfo Arejola
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Val Rodriguez
In Residence: Rev. Mario Palanca
(Note: No "neo-priests" are assigned here, however the NCW has been very active in this parish for several years. Rev. Val Rodriguez is no longer assigned here. Msgr. Bibi has been supportive of the NCW but does not "walk" with a community. It is not known if Fr. Rudy walks with a community. In residence: Fr. Paul Gofigan.)

Pastor: Rev. Michael Crisostomo
Deacon Assistants: Dcn. Larry Q. Claros & Dcn. Elias “Etoy” Ruda (Chuukese Community & Parish)

Pastor: Rev. Jose Antonio “Lito” Abad
Deacon Assistant: Dcn. William Hagen

Pastor: Rev. Aurelius Stoia
(Note: This is incorrect on the AOA website. Fr. Stoia was sent "on mission" several months ago. The latest report notes that he was replaced by Pastor: Rev. Luis V.B. Camacho) 

Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Alvarez
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Patrick Garcia
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Vito San Andres
Deacon Assts: Dcn. Fredrick Otte, Dcn. Leonard Stohr, Dcn. David Richards
(Note: No "neo-priests" are assigned here, but NCW has been active here for several years. Dcn. Frederick Otte is no longer active in the parish. Reports say that he is ill and in the Philippines.)

Yigo - Santa Bernadita
Administrator: Rev. Edwin Bushu
(Note: This is incorrect on the AOA website. Fr. Bushu was sent on mission several months ago. It is not known if he was replaced. Also, his designation as an Administrator is also incorrect. Santa Bernadita is a chapel not a parish. Only a parish may have an administrator or a pastor. A chapel would have a rector. The current "rector" is Fr. Danny Ferrandiz.)

Pastor: Rev. Jose Villagomez, O.F.M. Cap.


The following information about the presence of the Neocatechumenal Way in the Archdiocese of Agana is taken from its 2013 Directory:

Itinerant Catechist team for Guam: 

  • Rev. Pius Sammut, OCD
  • Ms. Patricia Cottman  
  • Michele Pedroni

  • Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica, Hagatna - Contact Person: James and Leonor Tabunar, Tel: 734-1084
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Agat - Contact Person: Joe & Nona Barcinas, Tel: 565-1302
  • Niño Perdido, Asan - Contact Person: Danny & Rosalia Santos, Tel: 472-5280
  • San Vicente Ferrer, Barrigada - Contact Person: Ricardo & MaryAnn Eusebio, Tel: 477-2226
  • Nuestra Señora De La Paz Y Buen Viaje, Chalan Pago - Contact Person: Joseph & Jenny Naputi, Tel: 734-1144
  • St. Joseph, Inarajan - Contact Person: Natasha Cruz, Tel: 898-8048
  • San Dimas, Merizo - Contact Person: Antoine Tajalle , Tel: 987-9419
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe, Santa Rita - Contact Person: Eddie & Jeanie Aflague, Tel: 789-0418
  • Saint Anthony, Tamuning - Contact Person: Roland & Melanie San Agustin, Tel: 637-7400


  1. Correction: Msgr Bibi Arroyo is in the NCW and Talofofo is now Fr. Felix Leon Guerrero, OFM Cap and Santa Bernadita has an active NCW community to include the taking over of the center built by Agafa Gumas Parishioners. They have a new priest.

  2. Mngr Bibi is not a neo priest. Pls. Vertify. Thanks. Helpful

  3. Rev Mr. Kenneth Carriveau has retired very recently

    1. Deacon Gus in Agana is also in the Neo. Fr Rudy in Tamuning is also in the Neo.

    2. I know that Fr. Rudy was very supportive of the NCW. Can you verify that he is a member of a community as is the Archbishop?

    3. Rudy is yes man. He was very sick and low key after that.

    4. Fr. ken not neo.

  4. Mgsr. BiBi support and celebrates and goes to seminary. He obeys what Archbishop asks.

    1. Yes, I believe Msgr. Bibi does what the Archbishop asks, but he does not "walk".

    2. Msgr BB is a walker, otherwise he wouldn't be giving the double kiss sign. I believe he is a lukewarm walker now. None of the priests at St. Anthony's walk after the NCW members tried to tell them what to do.

  5. Deacon Gus Cepeda and Father Vito are Neos. I believe Msgr BB is an inactive member of the NCW

    1. It is possible that Fr. Vito and Msgr. Bibi were active at the request of the Archbishop, but not necessarily "walking" in the community. "Walking" here would be the definition of being a "neo-priest".

    2. Ive served with Fr. Vito since the beginning and I can fully take a stance and say back in the 90's he did as per the request of Archbishop. Yigo will stand firm!

  6. Fr. Paul Gofigan is priest "in residence" at St. Anthony's

  7. Fr. Danny Ferrandiz is parochial administrator of Santa Bernadita. Isn't that odd since the Santa Bernadita Chapel is under the Yigo parish of Our Lady of Lourdes?

    1. That's correct. It is odd. It's odd because it's wrong. The folks at the chancery don't seem to know the difference between a parish and a chapel, a parish administrator and a rector. Yet the Archbishop criticized the finance council for not understanding canon law. Geez!

  8. at 2:13 A criticism which, by the way, was wrong.

  9. One thing is obvious. The Chancery is keeping the situation as opaque as possible.
    Non NCW diocesan priest, are moved, retired, fired or at best not incardinated if they refuse to bow to his lordship Archbishop Anthony Apuron.
    This a perverse game of musical chairs, which seems to accelerate of late.
    The murkier the situation the more difficult it is for the Catholic of this Diocese to make sense of what is happening.

    With the creation of this pseudo Seminary, where the "Way" expedite the education of its "presbyters", there has been a definite will to replace as many of the Parish priests by their creations. At the same time the intimidation of the rest of the priesthood on Guam has been going on for quite a while.
    Some of these priests have been here too long and/or are too popular for them to be replaced, straight away, but if they could be scared into silence, the NCW was on its way to fulfill a whole takeover of the island's Church.

    Last year bold strike against a well liked and talented priest (Father Gofigan) was part of this campaign of intimidation. It was a one/two strike. Rid yourself of a strong, outspoken community leader, and by the same token intimidate the others back into the ranks.

    The priests survey taken a few years back shows that the resentment from the ranks of the priesthood on Guam was brewing louder and stronger, against what is perceived as an unfair, manipulating Bishop and his acolytes.
    Something had to happen to "nip this in the bud".
    This is where the strategy of the ouster of Fr Gofigan took shape, along with a speeding up of the incardination of NCW seminary graduates.

    The vicious nature of the onslaught, the force of character of a single priest who refused to go quietly into the night, the cheer sense of outrage of many parishioners and good Catholics like Tim Rhor an many others, all turned this well laid out plan into a public relation disaster.
    It quickly turned into a lifting of the veil of fear and secrecy which had allowed this Archbishop and his minions to do the bidding of Kikko Arguello and his controversial movement.

    The Archdiocese of Guam is now (again) at a crossroad. Catholics must take their courage in their own hands and decide to take a stand.
    The visit of Archbishop Krebs, the demands for financial responsibility and openness, the feeling of betrayal from the Catholics at large on this island, the decision of Fr Paul to take his case to Rome, are all part of a tidal wave that the faithful here on Guam hope will bring, change, justice and peace for this cruelly divided community.
    By lifting this veil of fear and deceit we shall prevail.

  10. How about Fr. Jeff San Nicolas? He was in the NCW while pastor in Yigo. Is he still active in the NCW while he's at FD?

    1. No. Again, he was one of the priests who simply responded to Archbishop Apuron's request to accommodate them. We must remember, that most of the priests had no idea what this was when it came in.

    2. Father Jeff is lukewarm at the moment

  11. Something wrong here can't work it out.

  12. People only have energies for so much. Hard for a pastor to minister and be evangelized by catechisists at the same time. The parish is his community.

  13. Lots of people give double kiss...neos don't own that one.

    1. You are absolutely right about the "double kiss," Anonymous (July 14, 2014 at 6:58 PM); I know people who have done that for years and they are not NCW members by any stretch of the imagination!

    2. I give double kiss But am not neo but European.

  14. Dcn. Fred Otte returned to Guam yesterday, but is still very ill. Please keep him in your prayers

    1. In all our concerns thank you for reminding us of Fred.

  15. I have a concern with Vice Rector: Rev. Fr. Michael V. Jucutan, i have attended his masses starting holy week this year and i find it disturbing his versions of the verses in his bible reading very indefinite, very uninformative and wrong in interpretations specially during his sermons, as if im finding that he does not prepare for the mass. He is in the cathedral the main church of Guam and i am dismayed everytime i go to mass and hear his sermons.

    1. Hi is repeating what he has been taught at Redemptoris Mater Seminary. It's the same everywhere. They have a different theology. A different religion.

    2. Fr.mMichael Jucutan was not prepared for ordination. he is a good man but needs at least two years in an academic institution to assist him. Sabbatical refresher course in St. Patrick's would serve him well.