It's letters like this that are so revealing to what extant the lost will go into rationalizing sexual exploitation and the subsequent cover up. The Archdiocese has a Sexual Misconduct policy that was ignored and tossed away when it came to Fr. Luis' incident and the Archbishop is the one who decided to do just that. However, Mr. Santos would rather point the finger at those who want to protect parishioners from predators in choosing to place the blame on those who are whistle blowers for the cover up. Perfect.

Just because there was a resignation, just because Fr. Luis' priestly faculties were removed and just because the Archbishop spirited Fr. Luis off island never to be heard from again, does not mean that the predatory nature of the incident did not occur. A full investigation does not stop because the culprit was caught.

We, the Church and the greater community of Guam, need to know why and how Fr. Luis, a pastor and person with great authority, failed his parishioners and his young victim. Most importantly, we also have a duty to make sure it does not happen again. I don't have confidence that the Archbishop is interested in the same.