Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The McCarrick debacle is finally pushing the real problem to the fore: a homosexual subculture within the Church that stretches from the seminaries to the highest halls of power. But it is also (finally) exposing something JungleWatchNation started yelling about during the Apuron debacle: the bishops have exempted themselves from their own sex abuse polices.

This fact became glaringly clear immediately after John Toves first accused Apuron of molesting his relative. But Apuron hadn't done anything that the entire U.S. Bishops conference hadn't already done with the so-called "Dallas Charter," a supposed gold standard in response of "zero tolerance" concocted by the bishops in 2002 after the whole clergy sex abuse thing first blew up.

At its core, the problem is: Who does one go to when you have a bad bishop and the bishop is the ultimate authority?

Monday, July 30, 2018


(posted by Frenchie)
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Wadeson was seen on several occasions recently at the Ordot parish, which was given  a new Neo pastor as of early this month.
A man who was accused of child molestation in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles,  subsequently incardinated in this Diocese by another Child abuser, the disgraced Apuron, and "cleared" by the former Chancellor Adrian Cristobal, himself accused of child molestation, on the run like Wadeson was for a period of time, and hiding under the protection of his mentors of the NCW.

How was Wadeson "cleared"?  Plain and simple, because the archdiocese of Los Angeles, which had a dismal record, (and was sued for millions and millions of dollars because of abuse coverup)
lost the Wadeson files, and could no longer provide informations!
If that sounds eerily familiar, and similar to the still developing Mc Carrick scandal in Washington DC, New York and New Jersey, it is because we have exactly the same scenario.

What we have here, is a group of people, that think they are so much better than you and I, and can do whatever they wish. "Damn the torpedoes! full speed ahead!!"

Sunday, July 29, 2018


The path to worldly power within the Roman Catholic Church is no different than the path to power anywhere else: numbers. 

In the World, "might makes right." And "might" is numbers. 

The neocat hierarchy, which I shall "kikos" from here on, understood this from the outset and never failed to recite a litany of their numbers at every event, every meeting with the power brokers in the Church, and at every media opportunity. 

Within the Church, the red hat (the office of Cardinal) is, short of the office of pope, the office of power. And the path to the red hat is numbers, specifically numbers of vocations. 

As every human institution must perpetuate itself in order to continue to exist, so too, the priesthood. Thus the number of vocations within a diocese have historically been an indicator as to whether or not a bishop is on track for a promotion. 

The "genius" of the kikos was to recognize not just this fact, but that at this particular moment in history, with vocations flagging - mostly due to to lazy if not immoral bishops - these same bishops (which we are now finding to be a majority), were more than happy to let someone else do the work. 

Enter the kikos. 

At the earliest opportunity, the kikos sought and obtained a permit to establish their own seminaries, seminaries which were little more than turn-key, "make a priest," franchise operations which could be sold to the lazy, and often immoral bishops, who had (if they were not raping and molesting their young charges) given up on the true recruitment of men to the office of the priesthood, and took the cheap way out of blaming "the world."

The problem for the kikos though was that they had many more recruits than what most bishops would take. Even in their laziness and immorality, many of the bishops still had a conscience about ordaining men who they knew had no business being priests. 

Enter Apuron... or more specifically, Cristobal. 


Friday, July 27, 2018







And STILL willing to engage anyone who has the guts to engage me personally. 
But you won't.
Because you don't. 
That's why...YOU ran. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018




I'm still here.

Monday, July 23, 2018


Revelations of US cardinal sex abuse will force pope's hand

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Revelations that one of the most respected U.S. cardinals allegedly sexually abused both boys and adult seminarians have raised questions about who in the Catholic Church hierarchy knew — and what Pope Francis is going to do about it. CONTINUED

July 22, 2018
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 107
Reading 1 JER 23:1-6

Woe to the shepherds
who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture,
says the LORD. 
Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of Israel,
against the shepherds who shepherd my people:
You have scattered my sheep and driven them away. 
You have not cared for them,
but I will take care to punish your evil deeds. 
I myself will gather the remnant of my flock
from all the lands to which I have driven them
and bring them back to their meadow;
there they shall increase and multiply. 
I will appoint shepherds for them who will shepherd them
so that they need no longer fear and tremble;
and none shall be missing, says the LORD.

Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD,
when I will raise up a righteous shoot to David;
as king he shall reign and govern wisely,
he shall do what is just and right in the land.
In his days Judah shall be saved,
Israel shall dwell in security.
This is the name they give him:
"The LORD our justice."

Thursday, July 19, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

Over the last two weeks, I posted two expose about the passing of an old mentor and friend.
spin vs reality
Amicus meus

I pointed how this man of great integrity and humility, had become one of our strong and selfless protector. Something we needed dearly these past few years.

The void created by his departure, after serving faithfully three Popes, will certainly be felt.
The jockeying for his replacement has already started. In fact it had started for weeks already, while he was in his final days, at a specialized facility on the Eastern Coast.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

on 07/12/18 Anonymous stated in an answer to F. Leon Guerrero ( a parishioner at the CBA) the following:
"What does it matter whether a person running for office is a neo or not? People were against Telena Nelson and when she was under fire, it was those same people who supported her? Has she in anyway helped the Neos since she has been elected?"

Beside the obvious horrendous grammar, I think most people understand the core of the question:
Why does it matter?

On the face of thing, there is nothing wrong in any individual, putting themselves in front of the voters to request that they trust him/her to represent them to the best of their abilities.

At the same time, years of democracy have taught us, to beware of the packaging, and look closely, at what and who is behind it.

In  the particular case of the Neos here on Guam, if we follow their Mantra, that they should be judged on the fruits of their labor; then we should be very, very worried about any Neo Candidate.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

First of all, thank you very much to all the nice people who wished me a happy "Bastille day" this past weekend. The intention is what really counts.
While I am very happy to celebrate the National Day of my country of origin, just ten days after celebrating my country of adoption National Day, it is always for me a sweet and sour experience.

I shall try to explain you why.
On July 14th 1789, in Paris, and while the country was experiencing its first National Assembly, in decades (called and wished for by King Louis XVI) a crowd mostly composed of some of the worst criminal elements of the city, heavily inebriated and agitated by some of the best rabble rousers from the Masonic Lodges of Paris, decided to attack the old fortress of la Bastille, located in the eastern part of the city, right in the middle of the bustling trading area. The place was lightly defended and surrendered quickly. (to avoid a greater bloodshed)  The crowd liberated the seven prisoners of the place (4 forgers, 1 deviant "the infamous Marquis de Sade", and 2 lunatics.)
The blood thirsty crowd subsequently massacred the governor of the place and several other individuals.

Friday, July 13, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

An old philosophy professor of mine, used to joke that death was the great equalizer between rich and poor, meek and powerful.
He did not like the fact that I corrected him, in telling him that death on earth was just a passage on the way to eternal life. A form of temporary sleep. (he was a non-believer)
I even pushed the challenge, by telling him, how on that passage, not everyone had the same send off party, even though, ultimately he was right in saying it was a great equalizer.

This week, we buried an old mentor of mine Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, who left us after a long struggle with Parkinson disease. (see my article from last week)

Yesterday, he was led to rest back in Rome, and shall be buried at the Basilica of St Apollinare.


"Cash n' Carry at the ol' seminary!"

Hey it rhymes!  But gotta get there early to scoop up what's left of the Kiko-art!


For years I was slandered, libeled, harassed, cursed, and condemned by Apuron, Adrian, Pius, and the Kiko's for pursuing the truth about Apuron's criminal transfer of the Yona Property to his Kiko buddies, with the charge being that I was looking to sell the property for my own profit. Well, look-ie here. My office didn't even get the listing. P.S. Adrian. I'm not done. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Today is the feast day of St Benedict of Nurcia. Patron saint of Europe and venerated by several Christian denominations beside the Catholic Church. That includes the Eastern and Western Orthodox Churches, The Anglican Communion and Old Catholic Churches.

You can see his bio at: Saint Benedict

Why is this Saint particularly relevent to us? Might you ask....


Sunday, July 8, 2018


Posted by Bob
July 9, 2017 was the fifty-fourth and final picket line mounted by LFM and CCOG at the Cathedral.  This badge commemorates all

the brave souls who participated. The badge was awarded to everyone who participated, be it for a single picket or for all fifty-four. All answered the call: "Stand up and be counted."

Wear your LIV Badge with pride!

Saturday, July 7, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

A life long mentor, a great friend of the Catholic Church of Guam, a gentle soul, a great warrior for Christ, has lost his years long struggle with Parkinson. If suffering is a ticket to heaven, as my grandmother believed strongly, you should have a front row seat.

Jean Louis Cardinal Tauran has left us for a better world.

Please join me, in prayers for the rest of his soul. Jean Louis was a discreet and silent supporter of the
Guam Catholic Community.

Friday, July 6, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

From their humble beginnings in the Madrid slums of the early 60s, Carmen and Francisco, have always pushed the same message: "Bringing back to the fold, the Catholics who had strayed away from the Church" and in doing so, protecting the family and continuing the tradition.
  Carmen, the rebellious daughter of a powerful family who backed Franco, knew well how to give all the right signals to potential powerful Catholic patrons.

Francisco, the wannabe successful artist, and fake leftist petit bourgeois, was the perfect public image for Carmen to advance her agenda.So they went on their merry way, using the powerful patronage of important prelates, first to move to Rome, then inside the Vatican walls, then close to the ears of John Paul II, capitalizing at every step, just as many flatterers and courtisans have done over the centuries in Europe.

Fast forward a few decades, and we find the amazing duo, leading the Italian movement "Family day" through their surrogate, the famous neurosurgeon, NCW member and advocate: Dr Massimo Gandolfini. At the same time Mario Pezzi the third corner of the NCW triangle, was publishing a long reflection on the family and children in the context of the Synods on the Family, where they had not been invited.

From these positions, one might infer that the NCW is another "reactionary" movement for the defense of the traditional family. Specially after the much decried ranting of Kiko at his June 20 2015  Family Day in San Giorgio  The reality is a lot more complex than this.

Monday, July 2, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)
I guess, this clarification is due, since we restarted the comments section on this blog.
Unfortunately, as always, a few individuals "demand" to have their comments posted as if they were due something, because they bless us by their presence.  Delusion is not a crime, but it does not mean, it is accepted here. Should you wish to make a point, you absolutely want to be heard, you always have the option to start your own blog.

We gladly accept comments, positive and negative, which adhere to the minimum social decorum, you probably would expect in your own home.

Rude behavior, insults and other birds name calling, might slip by on occasion, and be addressed as such. Do not act offended, if people on this blog, (contributors and/or other readers) happen to disagree with you.

Personal accusations towards a third party, whose name you give, will only be accepted if you use your own personal name. All others shall be censured.
If you use your personal name, moderators of this blog, might contact you, before posting, to verify the accusation. All such accusation, shall be your own responsibility, your views, when allowed, only engage yourself, and do not reflect on the opinions, or positions of this blog.

All personal threats, physical or otherwise by people against persons on this site, or third parties, are routinely referred to the proper authorities, and shall not be tolerated.

This having been clarified, we thank you, for visiting our site. We truly hope, this will help you make an informed choice regarding the subjects covered.

I hope you and your family shall enjoy this week. We wish you a Happy 4th of July celebration.

God bless you all.

Sunday, July 1, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

We have not seen little Ricky, AKA  Dr. Ricardo Eusebio MD, AKA lying Dick; since his fierce denying press conferences, about the Yona property and the RMS

Yet despite the fact that Dr Atienza, PhD is officialy the itinerant and head Catechist for the Neos on Guam, little Ricky has replaced Pius the putrid as their hatchet man,  the new destroyer for the Marianas.

The former Catechist of our dear Mae, AKA the Diana, is according to her, more feared that he is liked. That should not be surprising in any way, shape or form. The man has made his career inside the NCW, by threatening to destroy people's families. (Not very Christian, but by the same token, since I've always considered them, as a Judeo-Masonic Sect, not surprising)