Thursday, April 28, 2022


 The Esperana Project website has updates on the Heartbeat Act.


 Abortion bottom line

by Robert Klitzkie, Guam Daily Post, Apr. 27, 2022

They’ll flood the media with sophistry, strawman, false dilemma, faulty equivalence, et tu quoque and appeal to authority but no matter what logical fallacy, cheap shot, legislative legerdemain, deflection or mischaracterization the pro-abortion gang employs, it doesn’t change the answer to the fundamental question:

When is it OK to take the life of a helpless, innocent human?


Friday, April 22, 2022


 By Frenchie

Fr Wadeson

officially "retired off island"

Fr Wadeson the Neo Presbyter who changes addresses as often as most people change shirts, is again

at the center of another scandalous affair.

Kandit News just revealed in a column yesterday a new document  about how the Apuron's administration continued to cover up for child abusers.


You can read the  article Here

Tim Rohr on this website did a long and difficult research about father Wadeson.

It was Junglewatch  findings about his residency in San Francisco that led to Archbishop Cordileone to removed him from authorization to work in that Archdiocese. He then escaped to location unknown, before being spotted in a New York parish tied to the Neos, he then was again on the move, escorting Boston (the Archdiocese of Cardinal O'Malley, the biggest backer of the Neos since the fall of Mc Carrick) Catholics to the Holy Land. 

You can consult the many articles on Wadeson in the junglewatch files by typing Wadeson

He showed up from time to time on Guam to celebrate Mass in Agat, another Neo's stronghold.

Finally we discovered him, hiding in Alabama in a parish near the EWTN studios where the Gennarini's

heir is sitting on the board of directors.


Finally after being summoned back on island by Archbishop Byrnes, he was allowed to retired off island. This means that we still pay for his retirement stipends. The last we heard, he is still moving along the predator railroad, run by the NCW

He has been seen in several locations where the Neos  like to congregate.

Apparently the Law firm of Anderson in the Twin Cities is asking for information related to Wadeson, and they seem to be on the hunt for possible victims, from this failed priest, who seems to have a propensity to be always one step ahead of the searchers.

Sounds like the story is far from over.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There is no medical justification for abortion

 There is no medical justification for abortion

by: Marjorie DeBenedictis, M.D.

It disappoints me that some members of the Guam’s medical community taint the profession by supporting the deliberate killing of unborn children – in blunt language, that is what "termination of pregnancy" means. Whenever a pregnant woman presents herself to a doctor, the physician is responsible for treating two patients — and this does not include fulfilling the wish of the woman (or her male partner) to rid herself of an unwanted child.


Thursday, April 14, 2022


 Posted by frenchie

If you wish to see a good movie with your family during this Paschal season, you should consider the latest movie from Mark Walhberg: FATHER STU.


It is an uplifting movie, based on the real life experience of a troubled man, who rediscover God, and decide to become a priest despite facing a life altering physical challenge.

It is being shown in movie theaters on Guam at this time. Unfortunately we never know how long good Catholic movies remain opened to the public, on our island, therefore do not hesitate to make it a family outing while it last.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


 Posted by frenchie     

Last Friday Archbishop Byrnes penned a short article in which he underlined the essential respect of all lives, including the unborn children.

In a well articulated way he reminded us all of our duties to protect the most fragile in our Society.

Tomorrow, the Archbishop is scheduled to make a Statement at 11.00am at the Cathedral, alongside the main pro life catholic organization, in favor of a new legislation being brought up at the Senate.

We shall report on the statement tomorrow.


 Posted by frenchie

Last week and in the second time in as many weeks Troy Torres, the founder of the Kandit News Group, shade more lights on the NCW and how they generated a fake news regarding him and other people he knew.

You can read the whole articleHere

Warning: the content of the article can be shocking at times, proceed with caution


After revealing many lurid details about our political scene, and certain actors at one of the largest bank on Guam. Troy ends his expose by also shading light on how the Neos attacked people they considered as a threat to their temporary hegemony.

In particular he talked about the attacks of the Neos on the founder of this website: Tim Rohr

by trying to destroy his family, in vicious and slanderous ways

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Criticism of anti-abortion bill really misses the mark

 Criticism of anti-abortion bill really misses the mark

by Tim Rohr

In “Health, not politics, should drive medical decisions” (The Guam Daily Post, Letter to the Editor, Apr. 11, 2022), the authors, Anita Arriola and 12 other women, began their letter with: “It’s like clockwork: you can count on it. Virtually every election year one or more senators copy an anti-abortion bill, ... slap their names on it, and introduce it in the Guam Legislature.”

As the saying goes: you are welcome to your own opinion but not your own facts.

The last “anti-abortion bill” introduced by a Guam lawmaker was in 2016, an election year, but given it was introduced in January, nearly a year before the election, it hardly qualifies as a campaign move.


Monday, April 4, 2022


 Posted by frenchie

This past Saturday, Kandit News, the Guam version of mud raking journalism, ran an excellent report which we put as a link on this site.

Apparently Mr Torres has several contacts in the Diocese of Chalang Kanoa, which confirmed most of what we have been advancing for the past few years.

Kandit even came up with some novel news regarding a possible successor to Archbishop Byrnes.

Despite this, the drive by media on Guam is not covering much of the intricate and  incestuous   relationship between the NCW and several key actors both at the BOG and at Adelup.


The thirst for power embodied by Lou Leon Guerrero, the best known advocate for the murder of unborn children on our island, is only matched by the thirst of power of the Neos in the Catholic Church.

There is definitely a convergence of goals, between these power seekers, that should alarm everyone, or anyone with even the tiniest of consideration for truth and morality, two concepts that are at the antipode of what these two machines stand for .

Please pray for discernment and enlightment.

Friday, April 1, 2022


 Posted by frenchie.

Rham Emmanuel, 55th Mayor of Chicago, former Chief of Staff of Obama's White House, famous DNC operative, brother of Hollywood legend and son of famed Jewish terrorist from the Irgun (turned pediatrician in the USA) famously penned this new motto of the left:

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"



Genarrini, the NCW leader in the USA, did not forget this lesson. Perhaps it is their common leftist background that allow for that communion of ideas.

Cardinal O'Malley the Capuchin Cardinal of Boston and one of the most notable backer of the Neos in the USA, (now that Mc Carrick has fallen) regularly runs positive stories about some of the NCW initiatives or actors. This week is not an exception.  In the widely distributed journal of the Archdiocese of Boston, the Pilot: O'Malley  used the tragedy of the armed conflict in Ukraine to lionize the actions of one of the presbyter of the NCW in Ukraine.

For those who doubt of the strong affiliation between O'Malley, Kiko, and Genarrini, ask why O'Malley is the Chair of the NCW's Domus Galilae in Israel, the multi million venture of the Neos on the shores of the dead sea in Israel?

Read Below the article runned in the Pilot, earlier this week, and compare how this fit with the letter from Archbishop Vigano, that we published yesterday

Father Pedro Zafra is a 31-year-old priest from CÓrdoba, Spain, who arrived in Kyiv in 2011 for priestly formation. He was ordained last June and is a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. The priest serves the parish of the Assumption of the Virgin in the Ukrainian capital.

Despite the outbreak of war, the priest decided to stay with his parishioners and not leave the country. "It was an inner battle," he said, adding that he found the answer in prayer with a passage from the Gospel which "spoke of the mission and the support of God's grace to carry it forward," and that's why he decided to stay.

Until Feb. 24, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, life in the parish was like that in any other. But since the start of the war, the parish has become a reception center, where more than 20 parishioners are sheltered in the basement because their houses weren't safe enough.

"We have several elderly people in wheelchairs, families with their small and adolescent children, and some young missionaries," Fr. Zafra told the Spanish daily ABC, and stressed that living through this situation in community "helps us a lot to cope with it."

"I'm not a hero. I couldn't handle this situation by myself. It's God who gives me strength through prayer and the sacraments," he said.

"There are times when I become a little anxious in the meaninglessness of not understanding the human reason for what is happening, but now I have found much more meaning in prayer and the sacraments, which give me the grace not to flee and persevere with those who are suffering," the priest explained.

Fr. Zafra said this improvised community gets up at 7:30 am, prays together, has breakfast, and then spends the morning doing different tasks. In his case he usually visits the sick and elderly who can't leave their homes, to bring them Communion and anything they may need.

In addition, according to ABC, the Assumption of the Virgin parish functions as a distribution center for humanitarian aid because many people, including non-believers, come there every day to ask for material and financial help.

The vast majority of basic services such as gas stations, supermarkets, and pharmacies remain open and Fr. Zafra says that they go about normally, although on occasion they have heard explosions in the distance.

The parish also continues its activities with relative normality, although they have rescheduled Mass earlier so the faithful can return to their homes before curfew, and at times with the risk of bombing they moved the celebration to the basement. In recent weeks they have celebrated two First Communions and three weddings.

The priest also noted that this last month the number of people who attend Mass has increased. "People come looking for an answer to suffering. Before they had their job, their life project and now all that has disappeared, they no longer have any security and they are looking for an answer from God," the priest told ABC.

Fr. Zafra stressed the great suffering of the Ukrainian people: "There is a lot of tension, concern for security, for life itself. The uncertainty created by not knowing what's going to happen, living from day to day. We don't know if we're going to be alive tomorrow or not."