Monday, January 28, 2019


(Posted by Frenchie)"

Over the past few months, people who like to observe how the main stream medias operate, could not avoid noticing, a renewed offensive on everything and anything Catholic.

I will grant you that it is not done in the old fashioned crude way of the late 19th or early 20th century, which led to signs at the entrance of public bars reading ugly signs like

" no Micks, no Spics, no Dagos"

For those too young to remember these dark days, or those who have been brainwashed otherwise by their marxist professors, it means: "no Irish, no Mexicans, no Italians".
These were true racial slurs  that were quite common all the way to the late 70s and early 80s.

It also meant in a devious way no Catholics. Because it was widely considered, that people hailing from these countries were all Papists.

If one traveled throughout the midwest, the southwest, or the deep south , these sentiments were quite common.

In fact the hate group of reference for all SJW today: the KKK
openly hated three major groups:
"Negros, Catholics and Jews"

Being Catholic in some quarters of the country was very dangerous.
Father Coyle was one of many example of that hate, as he was murdered 
in Birmingham Alabama by a Southern Methodist Minister and Klansman.
The murderer was defended by five lawyers, four of them Klansmen, The seating judge was also a Klansman. The lead attorney Hugo Black was to become a Supreme court Justice and a leading Klansman.
The murderer was acquitted for reasons of isanity. 
Catholics in Alabama but also in other states were often targeted by the KKK until late in the 50s.
It is not until 2012 that Bishop Willimon of the Southern Methodist Church presided over a service of reconciliation and forgiveness.

While in these States the opposition to the Catholic Church was mainly the fact of democrats, and their officials. In the northern and eastern states, it was the republicans who opposed the Church.
The main reason being, that in these areas the democrats needing votes embraced the newly arrived Irish, German, Poles and Italians, in order to get elected to office. 

Republicans were especially virulent against the first Catholic candidate to the US presidency:
in 1928 Al Smith became the first Catholic to be nominated for President by a major party.
His nomination became a main focal point for Lutheran and Southern Baptist ministers. All Fundamentalist churches were against him.
Ultimately Republican Edgar Hoover( a Quaker) was elected.

All throughout these years, the medias (written and radio) were quite rabid on these issues, as they were controlled by mostly WASP interests.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


(Posted by Frenchie)
Archbishop Mc Carrick, the disgraced prelate and champion of the SJW of the American Church, through whom the scandal exploded once more, is supposedly on trial in Rome.
While a lead curtain has fallen on any communication about this case, it appears even to the least informed Catholic that Pope Francis has a definite agenda regarding this issue.
This agenda could impact us on Guam in a negative way.

Junglewatch is aware (thanks to some correspondence with one of the main actors in Rome) that Apuron was found guilty by his judges of the sexual charges he was accused of. 
We also are knowledgeable of the huge effort expanded by the Neos and their allies inside the Vatican, for this to never be published. 
Facing a backlash, they had to settle for a typical Vatican gibberish statement, which could be argued in a more neutral way by the Neos.

We now know, they certainly used that window of opportunity, to the best they could;  to pursue their only possible course of action: namely the destruction of anything and anybody related to this story, as well as the propagation of fantasist and fantastic scenarios dreamed by the Putrid Pius himself, relayed and distributed first in all the communities worldwide, and finally disseminated to the wider Church, thanks to their network of news media, that are either owned or controlled by the NCW.

If you actually read some of the apologists of Apuron in Rome, their main argument is that he was the victim of a conspiracy to silence a conservative prelate, by some leftist cabal led by a Real estate tycoon and some Chinese gangsters.
The only thing missing here is the kitchen sink.


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Tagging on to Frenchie’s excellent post about the Covington kids incident, wherein the MSM (main stream media) predictably not only jumped to conclusions, but intentionally manufactured them, there is - as Frenchie points out - the much larger matter of the sinister behavior of our Catholic leadership.

Given that the target was white, male, pro-life, Catholic, and wore a Make America Great Again hat, the behavior of the MSM was to be expected. They hate all that. And yes, further shame to some in our local media for breaking out in a hot sweat over the (false) story having its roots in the posting of a video by someone with a connection to Guam. 

But the predictable behavior of the antagonizers (which we now know were not the Catholic high school kids), and the sycophant MSM, is nothing compared to the abominable behavior of the Catholic leadership who, in their lust for the “respect of men,” jumped at the chance to eat their own. 

Once again, it is made clear to us, the Catholics in the pews, that we will never "get our Church back" if we continue to fail to recognize, name, and war against, "The Real Enemy." The Real Enemy is not “the World.” The Enemy is Who he always was, the Father of Lies, The Abomination of Desolation, and he is right where Jesus said he would be:

When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.” - Mt. 24:15

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The March for life happens all around the world on and around the 18th of January to mark the calamitous SCOTUS decision of Roe Vs Wade, which legalized the murder of unborn children in the USA.

Since that Historic day, close to 50 millions babies have been murdered by their mother in the USA alone.

This past Friday in Agatna, several hundreds faithful gathered to mark this sad anniversary.
Here on Guam, our new Archbishop, Michael Jude Byrnes started the event with strong words of encouragement and a call for men to face their responsibilities.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, our Capital, large crowds gathered to express their opposition to this Eugenist practice.
As always there were counter demonstrators of all sorts.
The usual suspects if you wish.

Coalitions of women's rights (even though this year, there were competing  groups that did not agree on the objectives and means)

The usual disgusting placards, using foul language, whose words are meant to shock .
The Mosaic of leftist subgroups, going from lesbians for choice, to Native Americans, and all other imaginable minorities in between.

Among them was a small group of black supremacists, who started insulting and berating a group of Catholic high-schoolers who had participated  in the march for life.
To make a long story short, after a long period of harassment by that disgusting group of hate mongers, a small group of Native Americans (here apparently for a demonstration of their own) injected themselves in the fray and became very rowdy and provoking.
While the students remained composed, the drive by media concluded that a group of white catholic boys (there were African Americans among the students, as well) had "harassed" an elderly Omaha leader, and in doing so demonstrated an obvious racial bias. Not ending there, the drive by media continued to feed the ugly lynch mob mentality on twitter and other platforms, against not only these poor kids, but also against the Catholic Church at large.

Unfortunately, this poorly sourced story, was amplified here on Guam by our local media, who decided to give it a local angle, with the fact that the revelations had been brought up by a former resident of Guam living in DC. (as if somehow that would make the accusations more believable)
From KUAM, to the Post, the PDN and several local blogs, the story of the obviously "racist white catholic teens" from Kentucky was amplified and propagated.
This led to a continuation of the lynching social media mob excesses here on our island, with the usual hate mongers of the identity politics advocates using this as a proof of the "toxicity" of the colonial attitude. (No, you are not dreaming)

This was bad, but unfortunately for us Catholic, the story is actually worse.
Let us look into this a little more in depth

Thursday, January 17, 2019


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While most of us where trying to abide by the traditional Peaceful Season of Christmas. Some continued their work of destruction, and policy of burnt earth tactics.

One just need to read some of the commentaries left on this website by the ever hateful and  the mostly condescending attitude of the Neo Cult followers, to see that nothing much has changed into the landscape of our island and of our Church.

While the Cultists have changed the figure head of their leadership locally, they continue to spread like a cancer. In fact they have become ever more dangerous, since they have completed their access to influencing our political leaders, after having had their religious pawns, silenced and taken out of contention for some time.

Friday, January 4, 2019

POST: Group urges pope to uphold Apuron sentence

Concerned Catholics of Guam is urging Pope Francis to uphold the entire sentence imposed by a tribunal that found Archbishop Anthony Apuron guilty of "certain" accusations lodged against him.

The Vatican has not revealed which accusations Apuron was found guilty of, and the sentence – banishment from Guam and stripping Apuron of his archbishop title – was suspended pending the final resolution of his appeal. CONTINUED

PDN: Concerned Catholics hopes Apuron sentence will be upheld

Grassroots group Concerned Catholics of Guam is calling on Pope Francis to maintain a Vatican tribunal's decision to have Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron exiled from Guam permanently and stripped of his title as archbishop of Agana, after Apuron was found guilty in a case involving the sexual abuse of minors. CONTINUED