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"Be motivated and strong. We are winning this battle to remove and defrock Apuron!!  - Lou Klitzkie

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Below the Biba San Dimas pics we see the weekly announcement calling for readers to call the Archdiocese if we know of "sexual abuse in our Church. Couldn't help but chuckle since the guy who knows most of it (and where the missing files are) is in the pic directly above. 

Apologies to San Dimas.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


P.O. BOX 520362, TINIAN, MP 96952
(670) 433-7682


As the founder of “Silent No More!”, I was honored to have been approached to be a member of “Hope and Healing Guam”.  Someone had asked me in September 2016, where I thought “Silent No More” was heading once the governor signed the bill.  I made the comment that I envisioned my movement to be involved in some form of counseling or other support for the victims of child sex abuse.  At that point though I had no clue how to go about doing that as I personally do not have that skill set.  However, I felt that “Silent No More” had not yet completed its mission of being a victim centered movement.  As such, when I had the sign removed off my truck I felt a need to do more.  

Hope and Healing Guam is exactly what I wanted “Silent No More” to be.  Mr. Caspino even used some of my words, albeit unknowingly, when he talked of HHG being “victim centered”.  So, when I received the call it felt like the Holy Spirit had guided someone’s hand in my direction.  I certainly sympathize with the number of victims / survivors who have stepped forward so far.  However, with the five people that personally approached me about their ordeal only two have stepped out into the open.  Maybe Hope and Healing Guam will be the answer to the three who are reluctant to openly discuss their abuse.  I would venture to say that there are many more, who do not want to go public and Hope and Healing Guam is here for them.  

I pray that we can resolve the immediate concern of the clergy abuse soon.  But at a later date maybe Hope and Healing Guam can be the help for the hundreds of female child sex abuse victims we have on our island who do not have anyone for them to turn to.  If we can, then “Silent No More” can finally say “mission accomplished”. 

I am proud to be member of Hope and Healing Guam and look forward to working with all involved.

(Original signed)


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

A few days ago I found, in a neocatechumenal blog published in Spanish, the news about the last convivence in Domus Galilaeae in Holy Land, where Kiko Argüello has invited 200 bishops and cardinals for a very particular honey moon approach to movement. Kiko uses to have this kind of meetings periodically. 

In theory these special convivences are celebrated to explain what the NCW is and the recipients are the members of the catholic hierarchy. Of course, those convivences are free (and I do not mean the free assistance but all the expenses paid). 

Yes, Kiko pays for those trips. Better say Kiko offers those trips for free, although he does not pay a pence. One million and a half neocatechumenals around the world do pay that large amount of money. Remember there are many neo members who do not eat, but religiously do pay the tenth for Kiko and his evangelization.

How do we know those bishops and cardinals do not pay for it? Because Kiko the open mouth tells it. Last announces he did he asked his followers for more money again. Even Kiko laughs about how much pleased do bishops and cardinals feel with all included and for free. 

Friday, April 28, 2017


Having exposed the Apuron-distributed nonsense about his being chased out of Guam by a Chinese casino syndicate, his latest story is that he is being persecuted for his involvement with the Neocatechumenal Way and that the victims were paid $40k each for their stories. LOL. SHM. 


"So the Neocats are being booed in Guam? God bless our brothers and sisters in Guam, then."

I just came across this. A timely discovery given that we all need a reminder to not grow weary in well-doing. So many victories are lost in the final lap. Let that not be us. And let this story about ourselves be a reminder of why WE STILL MARCH!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017



April 26, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Hope and Healing announces appointees

April 25, 2017. PACIFIC DAILY NEWS
Hope and Healing announces officers

April 25, 2017. PACIFIC DAILY NEWS
Hope and Healing Guam president speaks at press conference

April 25, 2017. KUAM
More seats filled in Hope and Healing Guam


Apuron accusers to appear before Vatican tribunal in Hawaii

The Vatican tribunal investigating allegations of sexual abuse against Archbishop Anthony Apuron will meet two of the former Guam Catholic leader's accusers in Hawaii next week.

Attorney David Lujan confirmed with The Guam Daily Post that his clients, Roland Sondia and Roy Quintanilla, have agreed to meet with Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke at a church in Hawaii on May 6. Burke is presiding over the church tribunal tasked with hearing the case against Apuron. CONTINUED


Another Apuron accuser talking to Vatican

Roy Quintanilla, the first former altar boy in 2016 to come forward and publicly accuse Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron of sexually abusing him, said Tuesday he will testify before a Vatican tribunal.

The tribunal, led by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, is handling Apuron’s canonical penal trial. Quintanilla said it will receive his testimony in Honolulu on May 6.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Joelle <>
11:39 PM (4 hours ago)

Joelle has left a new comment on your post "HEY PATRICK WALL, YOU DON'T KNOW CRAP": 

Patrick Wall is a good man who has no financial interests in Guam. I was the one who suggested Haidee talk to him, because he is an expert on canonical trials. In fact, he was a priest on the Tribunal in St. Paul. He now helps victims because he was tired of being a "fixer" - a priest forced to clean up messes left behind by abuse and cover-up. Patrick is also a member of the Canon Law Society of America and completed his degree.

Jeff Anderson also has no financial interests on Guam. 

Patrick is an expert who knows more about the canonical trial process than anyone on the island. He has nothing but the utmost of respect and admiration for what Catholics and victims have done to rid the Archdiocese of corruption, abuse, and cover-up. Instead of directing anger at him, why not engage him in dialog. He's the guy who can tell you where Apuron hid all of the money and the secrets. He wants to help. He's an expert on untangling webs of diocese corruption ... especially when that corruption is written in Latin or funneled through third parties (ie the NCW). All you have to do is ask. This is NOT a money thing. This is his passion: helping people like you and survivors like me.

I'll give you his phone number and email. Instead of calling him names, maybe he knows where Apuron buried all of the bodies. He KNOWS those things, because he's helped survivors and Catholics dig them up all over the country: Alaska, Delaware, Minnesota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, the list goes on and on ... 


Well, well, well. It appears that Miss Joelle Casteix is upset that I called her little ex-priest friend out over at the super lawyer’s office. So let’s go over what ex-priest-turned-Buddhist ("I probably would have stayed a priest...if I had been smart enough not to follow the fucking law") Patrick J. Wall(et) said:

Monday, April 24, 2017


April 24, 2017. PACIFIC DAILY NEWS
Alicia Limtiaco chairs board to aid clergy abuse victims

April 24, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Limtiaco leads board to help victims of priest abuses

April 23, 2017. KUAM
Alicia Limtiaco named chairwoman of Hope for Healing Guam

Former US Attorney Alicia Limtiaco named Hope and Healing chairwoman


By Tim Rohr

From today's PDN article
Wall said he challenges those who say the Roman canonical system is the only means of justice for Apuron. 
“In fact, the only reason the pope ordered the inquiry of Apuron is because the civil judicial system in Guam exposed Apuron. Rome is simply trying to get out in front of public scandal, doing damage control with the canonical system that previously failed to act and was following the old Roman method of letting sleeping dogs lie,” he said.
Little Mr. Wall makes his living drumming up business for his "super-lawyer" friends, so what else could we expect him to say. And since I am the only one publicly saying that the "Roman canonical system is the only means of justice for Apuron," that means he's challenging me. So I will personally take on this pathetic little ex-priest here. 


Posted by Chuck White and Lino Lista
A group of Catholics in Italy now possesses all of Kiko’s secret catechisms after the Second Scrutiny, including those from the Traditio to the Election stages, as well as the “corrected” versions of those volumes. The group is scanning them, and analyzing and comparing the corrections to the original volumes. After they finish, these catechisms will be published so that you can understand well what atrocities the Neocatechumenal Way has secretly perpetrated for decades.  Here's another tantalizing update in English on this project.  Stay tuned to this channel for more!  Read more.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


. . . is the mother of dissolution; justice without mercy is cruelty
-St Thomas Aquinas

a post by Jose M.

Divine Mercy Sunday; a fitting return to the picket line as we continue to call for justice.   


Alicia Limtiaco accepts appointment to chairman of the board for Hope and Healing Guam. 

CAN'T EVEN EAT IN PEACE (at Barrigada Fiesta)

Friday, April 21, 2017


Hafa Adai, Folks,

Spring has sprung! Now we are all renewed and charged up to continue our picket Sunday, April 23, 2017 in front of Cathedral Basilica for  Apuron's removal and defrocking. Be strong and stay vigilant! See you then.

God bless us all,

Lou Klitzkie, LFM


Pacific Daily News file photo

An ongoing record of the MESS caused, and left us, by Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron.

"Dozens and dozens" have called Hope and Healing hotline since launch

April 20, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Latest victim alleges priest kept book of names

April 20, 2017. KUAM
Lawyers negotiating board composition for Hope and Healing Guam

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Posted by Frenchie

Earlier this year, Pius the Putrid Monk and the main actor for the NCW on Guam, snuck back on the island, (he had been sent packing by Archbishop Hon)  taking advantage of Archbishop Byrnes return to Detroit, for the Holidays, in order to finalize his move to our shores.

Not long after, we witnessed an all out offensive by The Putrid, who encouraged the presbyters not to follow instructions, and organized his yearly "call to joy".


April 18, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Vatican ‘reaching out’ to Apuron accusers

April 18, 2017. GUAMD DAILY POST
Woman alleges abuse by priest when she was 14

April 17, 2017. PACIFIC DAILY NEWS
10 priests accused in 50 Guam clergy sex abuse lawsuits

Another woman files abuse suit against Archdiocese

April 16, 2017. PACIFIC DAILY NEWS
Apuron accusers meet with Vatican tribunal

Apuron accusers provide testimony to Vatican tribunal for Apuron trial

April 17, 2017. KUAM
One of Apuron's accusers meets with canonical trial group

April 17, 2017. KUAM
Church requests consolidation for 37 lawsuits filed by Attorney Lujan


Newcomers to this blog may have been taken aback by my post claiming to be right about everything so far and why I/JUNGLEWATCH will be proven right about "Hope and Healing Guam" (despite my dislike for the name). So let me explain (again) why I have been right about Fr. Paul and Msgr. James, the Yona property, the neocats lack of an indult for their illicit communion rite, etc., etc. 

I mentioned in my post that I have access to information that most don't have, and that I can't always share. Here's why. 


Before JungleWatch there was, which is really where my writing passion lies, and from time to time I like to share my other writings with you. Click on the title if you'd like to read. 

Monday, April 17, 2017


As the end for the bad actors in this horrid drama looms, we can expect two things: 1) Apuron's people will resort to a "scorched earth" policy and attempt to destroy everyone and anyone, so we can expect accusations now to come out of the woodwork; and 2) which is related to the first, certain members of the clergy will turn on each other, though not publicly. 

Among the clergy there has been a policy of MAD for several years: Mutually Assured Destruction. Everyone knows everyone's dirt. And so long as "you don't tell on me I won't tell on you." Some of this "dirt" goes back to seminary days and a certain "Jokers Wild" has threatened to release it. 

Of course we know who the Joker is and we know who he hates, so it was easy to call him out on it before he did it. This "calling out" won't be by the clergy themselves. They will do it through their proxies. 

Apuron's "scorched earth" will be aimed at the people he believes took him down. But it will also be aimed at possible successors, or at least previous possible successors. Every sort of rumor will be used and probably coercion as well. Expect it. 


Posted by Chuck White

We've previously discussed Kiko Argüello's exhortation to his followers to "walk away from the parishes" if their pastors did not permit the Neocatechumenal Easter Vigil to be celebrated. There are several more gems to be found in his recent Easter missive, however. Read more.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Posted by Tim

The following statement was sent to me via email by Walter Denton on April 14 with his request to publish the statement on JungleWatch.


I call this “My Journey to Justice and Healing for all Victims of Abuse”….

I have waited for a very long time to tell my story of SEXUAL ABUSE. I’ve carried this burden which weighed on me day in and day out throughout my childhood and adulthood life. There were so many times where I would breakdown and cry. I mean it didn’t matter where I was. I could be at work sitting in my office or driving somewhere in my car, I would just breakdown. 

It's painful and it hurts to think about what was taken away from me. I dreamt of being a Catholic Priest serving God our father and the people of Guam. It didn't matter what church I would serve in, what mattered the most was serving God and the people. 

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Diocesean program offers compensation, alternative to courtroom battles

Friday, April 14, 2017


On February 1, 2014, Pope Francis gave Kiko Arguello a very serious papal slap down. We know it was serious because after pastors around the world decided to capitalize on the slap down, Kiko went crying to Papa Francis. 

Here's what happened, in his Feb 1, 2014 address to the Neocatechumenal Way, Francis admonished the kiko's thus: 
"...have the utmost care to build and to preserve the communion within the particular Churches in which you will work. The Way has its own charism and dynamic, a gift, which like all of the gifts of the Spirit, has a profound ecclesial dimension; this means paying attention to the life of the Churches to which your leaders send you, to enhance the riches, to suffer for the weaknesses if necessary, and to walk together, like one flock, under the guidance of the pastors of the local Churches. Communion is essential sometimes it can be better to renounce living in all the details that your itinerary demands, in order to ensure the unity among those who form one ecclesial community, of which you must always feel that you are part." 
To the average Catholic, there is nothing extraordinary here, but to the militant kiko's and the pastors all over the world who had grown weary of kiko-crap, there was a lot. Let's look at it point by point:

"...have the utmost care to build and to preserve the communion within the particular Churches in which you will work."

Seriously, after more than 20 years of kikos on Guam, WHERE have you ever seen any attempt to build and preserve communion within our "particular" Church, meaning the Church on Guam? We all know that we have seen the absolute opposite. The pope knows this which is why he admonishes them to straighten up and fly right. 

"The Way has its own charism and dynamic, a gift, which like all of the gifts of the Spirit, has a profound ecclesial dimension..."

"Ecclesial dimension!" That means that The Way is not autonomous, but that in order for its "charism" to be valid, it must participate in the larger life of the Universal Church. Francis makes this clear in the second half of the sentence:

"...this means paying attention to the life of the Churches to which your leaders send you, to enhance the riches, to suffer for the weaknesses if necessary, and to walk together, like one flock, under the guidance of the pastors of the local Churches."

Aha! There it is! The are to "walk together, like one flock, under the guidance of the pastors of the local Churches." Again, in 20 plus years, have you ever seen the kiko's attempt to walk with us as one flock or do they separate themselves (ahem) like at the Easter Vigil? AND...(here it is, folks) they are to place themselves UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF THE PASTORS. Instead, what we get is their freaking Catechists forcing the pastors to shut up and sit down. 

Then comes the real MOAB (mother of all bombs):

"Communion is essential sometimes it can be better to renounce living in all the details that your itinerary demands, in order to ensure the unity among those who form one ecclesial community, of which you must always feel that you are part." 

Did you get that? The pope wants the kiko's to RENOUNCE the demands of their pathetic little itinerary if it conflicts with the unity of the ONE ECCLESIAL COMMUNITY of which they must be a part. But we don't get that, do we? Instead, thanks to Apuron and his boy-presbyters, we get the forcing of the demands of their itinerary (think Edivaldo) and the hell with unity. 

The Kiko's tried to play this part of the message down and played up the supportive things that the pope says to just about everybody. However, pastors around the world who were sick of kiko-crap saw the words UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF PASTORS and decided to actually demand that the kiko-communities in their parishes and dioceses actually OBEY legitimate ecclesial authority.

One of those demands was that the kiko's cease and desist with their make-believe hotel-room Easter Vigil's. Kiko went ballistic and went crying to Papa Francisco: "Whaaah, Whaaah, Papa. These pastors are being mean to me. Whaaah. Whaah!"

We know this because in the pope's April 3, 2014 reply* to Kiko, he says: "the celebrations of the Paschal Vigil and the Sunday Eucharist, mentioned by you..." The "you" here is Kiko. 

*The letter is actually written by Archbishop Angelo Becciu, whose position is that of "Substitute" at the office of the Vatican Secretary of State. But in any event, it is an answer to Kiko's letter to Francis.

Now watch what he says next: "...articles 12 and 13, read in their entirety, constitute therefore the regulatory charter of reference." 

This is typical Vatican speak, always in understatement, but in laymen's terms, the words "read in their entirety," mean: JUST READ THE DAMN STATUTE (i.e. the "regulatory charter of reference) AND QUIT BOTHERING ME.

And the Statute, the "regulatory charter," as regards the celebration of the Easter Vigil, refers the kiko's to footnote 46 where it says: See CONGREGATION FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, Circular Letter, Paschalis Sollemnitatis, 39–42, 77–96.

"Paschalis" is all very standard stuff, standard, because as regards the Easter Vigil, the Church does not assume that there are "special groups" like the kikos doing their own thing in hotel ballrooms or in the Bishop Baumgartner gym (where the kikos often had their illicit affair). 

However, just in case there might be any "special groups" thinking of doing what the kiko's always do (or did), paragraph 94 of Paschalis states:

"The celebration of the Easter Vigil for special groups is not to be encouraged since, above all in this Vigil, the faithful should come together as one and should experience a sense of ecclesial community."

And now that we finally have a bishop who seems intent on actually carrying out the pope's demands (perhaps the first bishop in the world to publicly do so), Kiko, per Chuck White's most recent post, is telling his little kikos to "walk away from the parish," and do a do-it-yourself Easter Vigil at home. 

Kiko Arguello is everything we said he was, folks: a schismatic and a heretic. And now that he's been found out, he's not even trying to hide. 

Note: Other posts about this issue can be found here, here, and here

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Posted by Chuck White

I found Kiko Arguello’s “Easter Announcement 2017” in my inbox this morning. Wow. He is exhorting his followers to celebrate the Easter Vigil liturgy in their homes! Read more.


Dear Friends,

Please share this number for the Hope and Healing Guam Hotline. For those who are skeptical, you are going to have to trust me on this. For those who are really skeptical, I ask you to examine my blog for the last four years and ask yourself have I ever been wrong.

I don't say this to brag. I don't need to. I have information that others don't have, much of which I cannot share. That's why I have been absolutely right about everything. 

I was right and have been proven right about Fr. Paul, Msgr. James, the Yona property, the lack of permission for the NCW communion rite, and I will be proven right about Apuron. 

And I'm right about this too. 

As you may have seen in the news, there may be a problem with the institutional liability aspect of the law. And even if it survives, challenges to the law could hold up litigation for years. 

Our goal when we first supported this law was to force the leadership of our local church, at the time, to take responsibility (more on this later). 

We have achieved that goal. 

Rest assured we will remain vigilant. But Hope and Healing Guam (though I prefer a less warm and fuzzy name) is the best way to go for those who suffered sex abuse at the hands of Guam's clergy. And the fact that Attorney David Lujan is supporting the same should be the only endorsement we need. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS. Archdiocese: Dismiss clergy sex abuse lawsuits

Posted by Tim

This is an unfortunate headline and I believe we will get the rest of the story this afternoon at a press conference. The archdiocese is actually very near working out an agreement with attorneys for the plaintiffs that will be more beneficial to both sides than going through the courts (except for the Apuron cases). 

Yesterday, April 10 was the deadline to file to defend or dismiss. The archdiocese had asked for an extension because of what it had planned to announce today, but it was denied. Also, from what I was told, filing a motion to dismiss is pretty much a requisite action for the counsel representing the defendant. 

As you may be aware, this blog has been the force behind all of this, and I personally pushed and fought for the law lifting the civil statute of limitations. The law needs to stay in place as it is what protects the victims as they come forward. However, the court process is not always best for the victims and an alternative is in the making.

This is especially true in the Brouillard cases where the 95 year old priest with nothing to his name has already admitted guilt, and in the cases where the perpetrators are dead. I make an exception for the Apuron cases. Those cases DO need to go to court. And Apuron also needs to be held liable for his thirty years of covering up the abuse cases like Brouillard's. 

Note: There will NOT be a picket on Easter Sunday as stated in the article. The PDN was notified and a correction will be printed.


Sunday, April 9, 2017


Posted by Lino Lista and Chuck White

A treasure trove of Kiko Argüello’s secret catechisms has recently been found in Italy. This is quite a blessing because these secret documents give us more proof of the twisted interpretations of Scripture that form the foundation of the Neocatechumenal Way. Here's a prime example...Read more.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Apuron's latest myth about why he is on the run is that evil Chinese businessmen are trying to establish a casino in Guam, and because he was such a powerful opponent of casinos (LOL) a conspiracy was organized to frame him as a pedophile with each of his accusers being paid $40,000. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Last night I was invited to give a talk entitled THE FOURTH CUP as part of the Lenten series hosted by Fr. Andre and the St. Francis Parish in Yona. 

THE FOURTH CUP is a very profound and illuminating talk given several years ago by Dr. Scott Hahn on the sacrificial foundation of the Eucharist. 

My talk was a summary of Dr. Hahn's with the aim to encourage listeners to explore Hahn's original talk which you can find on YouTube here or order the full version from St. Joseph Communications/Augustine Institute here

Dr. Hahn's "call to action" with this talk is to investigate, appreciate and restore the sacrificial foundations of the Holy Eucharist as a means to true renewal. 

I also shared some statistics which demonstrate the need for such a rediscovery and renewal. 

Collapse of the number of priests and especially the number of religious sisters as well as a severe decline in baptisms. 

A Gallup poll showing that only 30% of Catholics "believe they are actually receiving the Body and Blood, soul and divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ under the appearance of brad and wine." 

I noted to the audience that we don't need polls to show that there has been a long exodus from our pews. And that we cannot blame "the world" for this, and that through Jesus Christ, His Church, and His Sacraments, have everything we need to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth if we discover RIGHT WORSHIP. 


Apuron's  famous saying was, " Nobody can touch me".  Well, for the last 41 pickets on Sundays, we have been touching him by calling for his removal  and defrocking. 

So far, the Yona property is returned to the Archdiocese of Agana, Fr  Paul Gofigan and Msgr. James Benavente's names have been cleared. Thank you  for your commitment and dedication!!

Folks, we may be very close in getting Apuron removed. Battles are won one step at a time..just a few more steps. Please show up Sunday, April 9 at 9:00 a.m. in front of Cathedral Basilica. Bring your friends and family. Onward Christian Soldiers!

St. Michael  the Archangel Defend Us in Battle,
Lou Klitzkie, LFM


Posted by Tim

(courtesy Jose Martinez)

Actually, Diana, with the exception of Apuron, I have treated the accusation against Mr. San Agustin the same way I have treated every other accusation: by posting the news stories. 

I treated the accusations against Apuron differently because I personally got to know his accusers, heard their stories from them first hand, got face to face with them, and determined they were telling the truth - which was necessary for me since I was going to go to war publicly for them. 

And there was something also very different about the accusations against Apuron: his accusers came out BEFORE there was any law to protect them or any potential for compensation. In fact, when each of those 4 people came forward, there was every reason, given Apuron's threat against John Toves, that Apuron would use all the resources of the church to sue them into silence. 

The willingness of these three men and one woman to risk a certain law suit from Apuron - which in fact Edivaldo threatened to do on May 31, 2016 - with no law lifting the statute of limitations in sight to protect them or potential compensation, was proof enough for me to call out Apuron on this blog and in the media. 

I have no such proof for any of the others who have come afterward, all of whom have come forward with both the protection of the new law and the potential for compensation.

One last thing. We hardly needed to condemn Apuron. He did that to himself by running. And he's still running. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

KUAM: Archbishop wants child sex abuse lawsuits filed against him dismissed

It was almost a year ago the first survivors of clergy sex abuse went public. They are former Agat altar boys Roy Quintanilla, Walter Denton, Roland Sondia, and Joseph "Sonny" Quinata who reportedly told his mother on his death bed he was sexually abused by beloved priest Archbishop Anthony Apuron. CONTINUED



April 5, 2017. KUAM
Archbishop wants child sex abuse lawsuits filed against him dismissed

April 5, 2017. KUAM
Apuron's attorney files motion to dismiss

April 5, 2017. KUAM
New priest named in new lawsuits against Agana archdiocese

45 victims claim abuse, new priest named

April 5, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Judge denies archdiocese's third request for extension

April 5, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Former altar boy fought abuse, called priest 'bad father'

3 new clergy sex abuse cases filed

Man alleges sex abuse on Boy Scout camping trips

April 5, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
43rd suit filed, names Boy Scouts, archdiocese and Brouillard

April 5, 2017. KUAM
43rd alleged victim files suit against church, Boy Scouts

April 5, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Lawsuit: Cathedral priest abused girl when she was 12

April 4, 2017. KUAM
41st and 42nd victims come forward; first woman files suit against Church

April 4, 2017. KUAM
Parent wants Bishop Baumgartner school's name changed

April 4, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Parent asks school to drop bishop's name

April 4, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Former Boy Scout alleges abuse during 1973 camping trip

Woman is 42nd to file clergy sex abuse lawsuit

April 3, 2017. KUAM
40th person accuses church of sex abuse

Archbishop launches ‘Updating the faithful’ series


Original PDF copy here

There are some who are wondering whether the 9:00 - 9:45 AM Sunday picket line in front of the Cathedral-Basilica should continue over the next two Sundays:  Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  

First, the picket line is a Laity Forward Movement activity, which CCOG supports, of course.   It is "Catholics in Action", petitioning the Holy Father through this public display of serious concern, to please laicize--defrock--Anthony Sablan Apuron, and remove this disgraced priest as the Archbishop of Agana.  

The picket line is respectful and reverent.  It is a form of public prayer.   The participants pray the rosary in solemn reverence during the picket march.  They sing beautiful Chamorro songs of our Catholic faith.  I have attended the picket march several times over the past year.  During that prayerful march, I felt inspiration from the Holy Spirit in performing my duty as a Soldier of Christ.   

It is the duty of all Catholics to defend and protect our Church.  We were commissioned to do so when we were all marked with the sacrament of Confirmation.   Defense and protection of our Church against the forces of evil is what the picketers are doing each Sunday, rain or shine (I have attended one in the rain, and it was invigorating!).   It is no different from a procession honoring the patron saint of a village, except in one aspect:  We are petitioning the Holy Father to remove and laicize Apuron as Archbishop of Agana.  We must continue praying and offering up our sacrifice (walking in this prayer march is a sacrificial offering to Our Lord) each Sunday when marching in the picket line.

On one Sunday in January, one of the picketers checked to find out how a group of first communicants from Bishop Baumgartner Catholic School would process into the Cathedral-Basilica.  Their procession would not conflict with the picket line.  An official from the school actually encouraged the picket marchers to continue their prayerful march because it was a great example for the young first communicants to see the Defense of the Church in action!  

I believe the march of the picketers is just as respectful and reverent as the procession at the beginning of mass on Palm Sunday.  It also will not affect the Easter Sunday mass.  There is much honor in the picket march, and we should all be encouraged to participate, and with Our Lord's promise:  "Ask, and you will receive . . . For everyone who asks will receive. . . "(Matthew 7:7-8), our prayers will be answered, God willing.

Nothing should sway the desire of our Catholic Faithful to petition the Holy Father to defrock Apuron.  Picketing for his laicization is protecting the Church, an important duty of all Catholics.  We encourage the Laity Forward Movement and the Concerned Catholics of Guam members and supporters to participate in this Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday picket line.  

Monday, April 3, 2017


Complaining to the Bishop or the Vatican is, unfortunately, unlikely to have any effect, because the group is large and influential. But it could be tried. Avoid this group and spread the word about its errors and dangers.


Apparently there was another neo-shindig this weekend, and, according to reports, "Fr." Krzysztof Szafarski, "pastor" of Santa Rita parish, chose his neo-shindig over his pastoral duties of providing Sunday Mass at his Santa Rita parish. In other words, HE DIDN'T SHOW UP. 

Parishioners were left to their own devices so they did the readings and someone distributed communion. 

I understand that Krzysztof's absence is part of larger neocat plot to pull back their (fake) priests and let more instances happen like what happened at Santa Rita so we will supposedly know how much we need them. LOL. 

We are not surprised by the behavior of the Kiko's. Remember, THEY ARE NOT CATHOLIC so why should they feel any responsibility to real Catholics? They don't. Our churches and our money were only useful to them while they had Apuron by the #$%^&, but now that that's gone, and their property too, they have no use for us. 

Additionally, their pulling back is to meant to teach Byrnes a lesson. How dare he actually exert his authentic magisterial authority over their sect! 

But now comes the real test. And once again (as with the Guadalupe statute) the Catholics of Santa Rita are at the forefront of this ugly war and they can choose to lead or acquiesce to this evil. 

First, unless you were severely impaired, physically or otherwise, from driving to another parish for a legitimate Mass, objectively, if you did not "hear Mass" this Sunday, you did not fulfill your Sunday obligation. But given the severe lack of any real teaching in this diocese for decades, it is probable that the majority of Santa Ritans did not know this or were partially impaired by the confusion. 

Nevertheless, if you were in fact capable of going to a real Mass and chose not to, I would still confess it to a "real" priest and let him decide, or at least absolve you just in case. Missing Sunday Mass is still a MORTAL SIN, even though you probably haven't heard that in a while. 

As for next Sunday, if it happens again, there will be no excuse. 

For two years, we have been warning that this war may bring us to the point where parishes collapse, and as real Catholics who only care about our eternal destiny with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that we should be willing to attend Mass celebrated on the tail gate of a pickup truck in an abandoned field if it came to that. 

Fortunately, for most, except for the very few who are truly incapacitated, a real Mass celebrated by a real priest, is only a few miles away. 

Meanwhile, let us let Archbishop Byrnes take care of these impostor presbyters while we take care of our souls and the souls of our children. 

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Guam Catholic Church sees a "perfect storm" of controversy

FILE - In this November, 2014 file photo, Archbishop Anthony Apuron stands in front of the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica in Hagatna, Guam. The Catholic Church on Guam has been devastated by allegations that its longtime archbishop sexually abused altar boys. But even before the scandal broke, Guam's church was torn over another divisive issue, the presence of a controversial lay movement on the island _ that became so toxic that a community of nuns fled for the mainland U.S. in despair. (AP Photo/Grace Garces Bordallo, File) CONTINUED

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Ishizaki: Catholic Church must be transparent
Zol Székely · 
In my humble opinion, if there were some chances to come to a standstill in the controversies around the church, these chances were blown by a small, very arrogant and well organized group, gathering aorund the Jungle Watch blog site, that pushed forward a pre-meditated agenda with no regard to reason or basic decency.

At my testimony at the Legislature on Public Law 33-187 on August 1st 2016, I warned against inflicting unlimited damages on the Catholic Church. While I expressed my sympathy for abuse victims, I pointed out that a flood gate of open-ended litigations for reparation is a bad idea. More care should have been paid to the wording of the bill. But legislators did not heed this warning.

In addition, I internally expressed my displeasure with the handling of the Yona real estate property by the local leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way. Yes, it is true. The membership of NCW were not all happy about the questionable dealings around this nice piece of gift from a wealthy benefactor for a Catholic Seminary. But we could not make an impact from inside. Archbishop Byrnes had to use his authority to settle the issue. The Catholic Church has power to use with authority to reign in on waywards elements of any religius movement inside it purview.
Tim Rohr · 
LOL. Zoltan was the guy who started this all by calling me a liar on facebook. So I decided to tell the truth. The whole island thanks you, Zoltan...that is except of course, kiko zealots like you.

CULT FICTION - Protestant cuckoo in the Catholic nest, or what you see is most definitely not what you get.

We've referred to this blog before, however, it's been awhile and it's time to refer to it again. The title says it all. Next to Satan, no one is better at posing as an "angel of light" than Kiko Arguello.

"Traditional Christianism, with Baptism, First Communion, Sunday Mass, Commandments of God, was not Christianism.  It was dirt.  We were pre-Christians. (...) God called us now to found a catechumen movement turned towards rebirth (of real Christianism)."  

- These words are found in the Neocatechumenate Orientation Guide, a 373 page manual written by two Spaniards, Kiko Arguello, an artist and flamenco guitarist, and Carmen Hernandez, an ex-nun.  Kiko and Carmen are the founders and leaders of the Neocatechumenate Way.