Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

As Archbishop Byrnes is once again away for a long period of time, one of the consequence of that absence was made obvious in today's Guam Daily Post.

See Here

How on God's sweet earth have we fallen down so low, that a contemptuous, power hungry woman posing as Governor of our beautiful island, was able to feel empowered enough, to infringe on our rights?

"Congress (and by extension governors) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".....

What could be more clear, than that?

The answer is simple enough, and can be found right at the door steps of the Chancery.

This man, posing as a priest, and pretending to be a "lawyer", is (along with the prolonged absence of the Archbishop) the person responsible for the deliquescence, of our God given and Constitution recognized right to practice our religion, as we see fit.

Drunk on his own power, of being able to reach Adelup on the phone, he continuously agreed to the erosion of our religious rights, by admission but most of all by omission.

His back room deals have diluted, undermined, eroded, the rights of Catholics to take moral decisions, based on the teachings of our Church, as they saw fit.

The consequence of these successive capitulations is, that the administration of this power drunk governor, feels it is acceptable to demand a litmus test from people opting out of vaccination based on their religious belief.

The fact that some of these same members of the administration pose as Catholic in good standing, is even more egregious. Had these people have any self respect they should resign out of shame. Apparently shame is not a concept this administration has any notion about.

It seems that it is the exact opposite. This administration is replete with arrogance and condescension.

The adage tells us that : "Bad things happen, because good people say nothing, when confronted by evil" 

Let this sink in for a moment.

The issue is not about the right of not being vaccinated, the issue is about the overreach by government into religious affairs. This type of infringement , is exactly what we have seen happen in totalitarian countries, where you have to justify to hostile mobs:  where, how and why you worship. This should send shills through our collective spines. Yet there is a general lethargy from the population at large. Probably due to the constant drumbeat of Adelup's propaganda, relayed by the complicit media, denounced very justly by Mr Lee Webber in his weekly column posted yesterday.

At the same time we should not be surprised. Even as the Archbishop had published a good letter to the faithful regarding that particular issue, an interview published on September 25th with Tony Diaz (communication director for the Archdiocese) made it clear that the Archdiocese would not write exemption letters. Using his usual round about way, Mr Diaz (who mitigated Apuron for many years) made it be known that the Chancery under the leadership of Fr. Richards could not be bothered by such petty issues. Even going as far as using the excuse that some dioceses in the US did so, to justify their caving in, to the false morality mob.

It is clear from this disaster, that this diocese under the leadership of Fr Richards, shall not lead by example, but rather bend a knee to the ridiculously self inflated Governor of our island. Perhaps Fr Richards should ponder the Gospel of this past Sunday.

Mark 9-42:

"But anyone who is the downfall of one of these little ones who have faith, would be better thrown in the sea, with a great millstone hung around his neck"

Of course it would be delusional to expect Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook to comprehend this, in view of  her unabashed backing of the murder of so many little ones.

Yes my friends, real bad things happen when good people remain silent. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2021


(posted by Frenchie)

The Guam Daily Post Newspaper today brought forth their concerns regarding the use of the money raised by the Archdiocese, thanks to the sale of some significant properties, pointing out that the victims had not received any money, but that the lawyers had been paid substantial amounts.

For those of us who have been monitoring the Archdiocese bankruptcy proceedings, and kept track of the issues happening at the Chancery, this is not surprising, but for the general public it might be quite upsetting. Why are we not surprised? Because most of the actors at the Chancery are still the same people who worked, aided and abetted the corrupt Apuron administration.

While the disgraced child abuser and corrupt administrator Apuron might be sheltered by his patrons in New Jersey. While the disgraced and defrocked de facto leader of the Chancery for years Adrian Cristobal might continue to be on the run. The people that work with them and for them have remained at the Chancery. One might question why Archbishop Hon chose to do so during his short tenure, and why Archbishop Byrnes has continued to rely on these same people?

It should be noted that the problem at the chore of the challenges facing this Archdiocese can be traced back to these decisions. Basically, both Hon and Byrnes have chosen to use the same people to handle the issues they were responsible for in the first place. Einstein famously declared, that applying the same remedies to the same problems was the definition of insanity. This is exactly where we are. 

While last week, we complimented Archbishop Byrnes, to finally if not belatedly show some leadership in regards to the issues of abortion and lack of moral leadership from our political leaders, he was already on a plane, on his way back to Detroit, and not planning to return to Guam until around Thanksgiving. This is leaving us with Fr Richards and Mrs Shimizu in charge (at least on paper), while Mrs Villanueva continues to run rough shot on the parishes' pastors and school principals, and  while the Vicar for the Clergy continues to play silly and petty political games.

In the article, that your can read here ,    

 you can see that Dave Sablan from the CCOG is questioning the wisdom of letting the lawyers, run the clock, rather than trying to really find a solution for the victims. It is an essential and critical topic, which the Archbishop should address himself.

Unfortunately the person leading the negotiations is Fr Ron Richards, who considers (wrongly) that he is a brilliant lawyer. In the meantime, Mrs Villanueva, the CFO makes side deals with some firms, against the court wishes and rules, and keeps bombarding the parishes with Uhkaz of her own.

The big plan apparently is the implementation of Fr Richards, copy and paste scheme called the 

Community of Parishes.

What is a Community of Parishes? This is an idea that germinated back in Europe almost two decades ago, and has found favors in the mainland USA, specially in the Archdiocese of Detroit (where Fr Ron took the idea) and the Archdiocese of Chicago.


In Europe, but also in the US many bishops have been faced with a diminution of Church attendance, as well as a lack of priests. At the same time, some smart bishops realized that they were seating on quite a substantial real estate portofolio. The idea was then, to consolidate several parishes together, and close parish buildings first. Then once the parishes were close and reshuffled, the Chanceries would target the endowments that some of these parishes were gifted with. The money was then transferred to the Archdiocese. Detroit and Chicago over the last 15 years have accumulated quite a substantial war chest, thanks to this bait and switch. 

This is the main reason the Chancery here, decided to divide the island in several geographic areas, and call them vicariates. This was supposed to be the first step towards imposing the community of parishes. Already some parishes in the south are sharing one priest. The perfect example, being  Merizo and Umatac. It would appear that Talafofo, might be included in this scheme, with two priest ending up having to handle 3 parishes. If this experience bears fruit, the model could be reproduced all over the island.

The problem is that the Chancery has not notified the priests, and that the advisory councils to the Bishop, notably the Presbyterial council and the college of Consultors have not met in a very long time.

This begs to ask: where is your vaunted Curia?

Basically the clergy has been sidelined, and their needed advises are totally overlooked and not considered in the least.

On the 16th of this month, Archbishop Byrnes released the Archdiocese financial report, which can be found on the Chancery website in a PDF format, despite the upbeat approach of Byrnes, there are many reasons to be concerned. The fashionable communication pattern of releasing bulletins, instead of truly addressing issues at hand, has permeated from Adelup to Agatna.  


It is welcome that the CCOG, gives us a sobering evaluation of these issues. We must assure the parishes and its priests that all their work and effort, will not be hijacked by the same devious characters that worked for Apuron, the lawyers and a few carpet baggers.

In the meantime, while the Archbishop is away once more, we are at the mercy of a career oriented priest, and two female civilians. All of whom have their own agenda, which have nothing to do with the well being of the Archdiocese.  

Friday, September 17, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

For Months now, this site has pleaded for the Archbishop to lead.

Lead the Archdiocese, lead on morality, lead about the challenges facing this Island, lead the Clergy.

Lead the Chancery.

After several years in the Shadows, it is good to see Archbishop Byrnes finally taking some cautious steps in the public arena of our Island. It is about time that he uses the Bully Pulpit of his office to give some clear directions for the Catholics of Guam, but also to challenge our civilian leaders, who are obviously so lacking at so many levels.

Yesterday, on September 16, 2021 Archbishop Byrnes in a letter to the editor posted in the Guam Daily Post , affirmed his strong opposition to the wanton killing of unborn babies, following last week poorly argumented and poorly researched decision of Federal Judge Tydginco-Gatewood, after several devious moves by Adelup's leading advocate for Abortion on Guam, who allied herself with local attorneys representing the Eugenic camp, and a couple of University professors from Hawaii with medical licenses on Guam, obtained at the last moment, in order to be able to file a couple of lawsuits. It is ironic to watch these activists circumvent the will of the people, (through their elected officials) by using the courts as a wedge.

While several of the Catholic groups tried to alert the public at large, the lackluster defense by the office of the Attorney General, the devious and deceitful manipulations of the administration of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero/Cook, and an unusually highly political maneuver by a Federal Judge, who is normally a lot more circumspect, all contributed to the ruling in favor of online "Morning After "prescription of pills for chemical abortion, by out of State doctors, who actually are medical professors/activists. Again ironic, to see people arguing for the "health of women" use a highly toxic chemical to force an abortion, while the data shows the long term dangers to the women taking that poison.

While all this was happening, the Chancery was asleep at the wheel. So it is a pleasant surprise to read the Archbishop's letter. Even if it is tantamount to closing the barn door, after the horses ran away..

You can read the letter Here

Another pleasant surprise was the letter to the faithful, which was also relayed in Friday's paper by the Post, in which the Archbishop gives good advises regarding several issues of contention facing the whole population of Guam during these challenging times.

These public statements by Archbishop Byrnes are very welcome, and definitely a step in the right direction for the Chancery. It has been too long since we had heard clear and concise guidelines by the leader of our local Church. Let us pray that this the beginning of a positive trend.

Thursday, September 16, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

This past Tuesday, the Chancery informed us of a very unusual, but not unheard of move.

According to a release by the communication director, we have a new Chancellor.

In a terse, poorly written memorandum addressed to the Clergy, Religious, School administrators, and Archdiocesan groups , it was announced that the Archbishop had appointed a new Chancellor.

As a premiere for Guam, we have now the first female Chancellor, in the person of Jennise T. Shimizu.

This should delight the woke crowd who were elated at having a first female governor, and a first openly gay Lt. Governor. (a first for any US State or Territory).

We were also notified that this was effective as of September 15, less that 24hours after the announcement.

We also learned through that memo that Fr. Ron S. Richards JCL, remains the Special assistant to the Archbishop/Episcopal Vicar.



What does that mean for us the peons in the parishes?

Apparently not much.

This is in fact a play of musical chairs which addresses one of the contradictions we pointed in July, with the rules of Canon Law, regarding the positions of Chancellor and Vicar General.

Since Fr Richards has become the de facto Vicar General, (after the "resignation" of Fr Jeff, and subsequent limbo) under the guise of Episcopal Vicar, it had become a little too obvious except to the blindest of the blinds, that one man was gathering all the powers at the Chancery, and pulling the strings behind the scene, by pretending to facilitate the work of Archbishop Byrnes.

Fr Ron S Richards

This slight of hands should not change anything to the bunker mentality and caustic atmosphere at the Chancery.

Jennise Shimizu, should remain a figure head, and continue pushing the paperwork for Fr Richards, Mrs Villanueva will continue to overreach her authority, and making the lives of Pastors and School directors a living hell, while the Vicar for Clergy will continue to be petty and backstabbing his brother priests. Meanwhile the Curia will remain a fiction, real only on paper, but never actually meeting.

It would have been nice and refreshing to see a real change. 

Unfortunately, all we got is more window dressing

Thursday, September 2, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)



Back in June we revealed the attempt by some actors at the Chancery, to rid themselves of the much appreciated and respected principal of Fr. Duenas Memorial School, Mr. Perez aka Temo.

After the story ran, and was subsequently picked up by Kandit News, and several radio talk shows, the shadow people at the Chancery did a 360 degrees, as they were left out to dry when the proposed replacement, who had not even been made aware of the messy situation, declined the position.

The parents of schoolchildren and the powerful allumni association, were quick and efficient in letting their strong displeasure known to the Chancery, which led the shadowy operators like Fr Mike,  Fr Richards and Josie Villanueva, to demonstrate their great talent at CYA.

This left Mr Flores the Super Intendant of Catholic Schools being thrown under the Bus for a second time in less than a year. Think what you want about Mr Flores, but having carried the water one too many times for the back stabbers he reported too, the writing was already on the wall.

Mr Flores has now taken his talents somewhere else. 

The consequence being that the Catholic School system on Guam does not have a Superintendent dedicated to oversee the schools. Rather the job is open, and its duties are temporary filled by Sr. Angela Perez RSM who was already quite burdened as the Pres. of  the Academy Our Lady of Guam School.


While we are still facing reorganization under Chapter 11, under the diktats (do what I say, not what I do) of Fr Richards (back on the mainland again)  and Josie Villanueva. There is a definite vacuum of power. Luckily  Father Duenas Memorial School, was able to keep the able leadership of Mr Perez. 

Lets pray Temo does not end up the way of Mr Flores, after people have forgotten the two puppets  masters behind the curtains at the Chancery