Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Recently, in a letter published in this paper, a well-known local physician asserted that abortion “should be the right to a personal choice and not prohibited by a government pushed by religious fanatics … ”

The belief that religion is the motivation behind anti-abortion legislation in Guam is unsubstantiated and untrue. CONTINUED

Monday, May 23, 2022


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Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco crossed the proverbial Rubicon of the Woke totalitarian agenda, which forces people to use words intended to blurr the original meaning and/or intention.

On May 20th 2022 the Archbishop, took the extra ordinary step to sanction one of the most powerful person in the United States.

Both the president and the speaker of the House like to put forward their belonging to the Catholic faith, as an argument to support some of their actions in the political arena, which are in direct contradiction to Catholic teachings and Canon law.

The Archbishop had tried on several occasions to hand an olive branch to Nancy Pelosi, despite her repeated scandalous positions. He wrote to her highlighting the path to redemption, only to be greeted by scorn and derision. Leaving Archbishop Cordileone, no other choice that the one he took


In doing so, he has become an exception among Bishops, (including the Archbishop of Rome) in being willing to call a cat a cat. The lukewarm  USCCB has mostly shined by its silence and lack of courage.

You can read all the details of the situation Here

A couple of weeks ago, I  questioned why the Agana Archdiocese had not taken the same actions in regards to two local activists who continue to bring scandal and discord, to the Catholic Church on Guam, for advocating the same things that the Speaker of the House

Both Governor Lou Leon Guerrero

and her pitbull at the BWA

Jayne Flores

Have brought Scandal and division in the Catholic Church of Guam

The question therefore is where is Archbishop Byrnes?



Before you leave Archbishop, why don't you do the right, and the courageous thing for your flock?

Friday, May 20, 2022


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Apuron the disgraced former Archbishop of Agana and accused child rapist

apparently has not stayed still while the Archdiocese is reeling from 30 years of mismanagement, and when many good will people try to find a meaningful way to give some sense of closing to the victims of sexual abuse .

Kandit News, the Breaking News Organization run by Mr Torres (himself a victim of sexual abuse) reveals some of the Real Estate shenanigans  Apuron has engaged in, just before and after leaving the island.

You can read the article from Kandit News Here

Apparently Kandit News has dug into the real estate transactions of Apuron, and found these new revelations.

For those of us that are familiar with the depth of depravity of Apuron, it will not be surprising. To those who still think he was the "victim" of a cabal, perhaps it will be a wake-up call

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


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Shireen Abu Akleh, a Christian Palestinian American veteran reporter of the Middle East was shot through the head on Wednesday May 11th by Isreali Forces in the Occupied West Bank territory while she was covering Israeli army raids in the city of Jenin in the Northern West Bank.

On Friday  morning as the funeral cortege was attempting to leave the courtyard of the St Joseph hospital in Jerusalem, IDF charged the crowd under the pretense that they had received stones.

During the charge, people were bitten with truncheons, including the Pall bearers, who at one point dropped the coffin to the ground. A man carrying a large flower cross was beaten to the point he dropped the cross on several occasion.

You can see one of many reports Here

Finally a hearse was authorized to take the coffin to the Cathedral of the Announciation of the Virgin of Jerusalem Old City (under Israeli military presence) for a funeral Mass.

Sadly this assault of a Catholic Funeral march did not even raised a protest from the Vatican.

After the funeral Mass, the procession was allowed to proceed to the Mt Zion cemetery where she was buried next to her parents.

The White House reacted to the death of an American journalist, with the bare minimum. Jen Psaki stating :" we regret the intrusion into what should have been a peaceful procession. We urged respect for mourners and family"

The relentless persecution of Palestinian Christians over the last 75 years has resulted in the immigration of millions from Jerusalem and the West Bank, with only lip service given from the Vatican and the West who have abandoned the oldest Christian communities in the World as de facto victims of Ethnic cleansing. 

Lets pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters

Thursday, May 12, 2022


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Pope Francis

who is supposed to be the shepperd of the whole Catholic Church, betrayed the Chinese Catholics a couple of years ago, while the world was in the lock down generated by the campaign of fear provided by the Wuhan virus pandemic.


After sending his chief of the Vatican diplomatic corp, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, (the former best friend of Cardinal Filoni, before becoming his worst enemy) to the People's Republic of China, Francis reached a secret agreement with the Communist Government. Something that no other Pontiff  had done before. Even the least intelligent of them had a profound understanding of the intrinsic  evil represented by the Communist doctrine.

Perhaps it was George Bergoglio's past as an activist in the Peronist movement in his native Argentina that blurred his judgement.

Perhaps it was the embrace that his order gave to the doctrine of the Liberation theology, which had earned  one of its main proponent, Jesuit Jon Sobrino to be publicly rebuffed by then Cardinal Ratzinger

Only God and George Bergoglio know for sure. But the end result is a shameful accord with the totalitarian regime of Xi Xinping.


This accord was strongly denounced by Hong Kong Archbishop Emeritus  Cardinal Zen, the de facto leader of the Chinese Catholic Community. A man of great moral presence. Small of stature and at times looking frail, he is actually a giant among the dwarfs of the Vatican.

We learned that yesterday evening the Hong Kong Police detained the now 90 years old Cardinal under sedition charges and working for a foreign power.

The most disturbing about this whole episode, is that just last week, the Cardinal despite his advanced age had traveled to the Vatican to ask for an audience with Francis. But Francis was too busy planting trees and lecturing Catholics on Global Warming to be bothered  by such menial issues, and refused to meet with the Cardinal. Upon his return to Hong Kong the Cardinal was arrested by the Communist regime goons.

Is it me? Or is this strangely similar to the kiss of Judas in the Garden of olives? The parallel is disheartening.

You can see more information from the Remnant by clicking here

It looks like the warnings of Our Lady of Fatima have fell on deaf ears. At a time when the pagan hordes that advocate for Abortion for the murder of innocent unborn children, are fire bombing women pro life offices, tagging Catholic Churches and desecrating said churches, while threatening harm to the supreme court justices; with the full acquiescence, if not encouragement from Catholics in Name Only like President select Biden, or the old vampire Nancy Pelosi .


Here on Guam Lou Leon Guerrero the most ardent pro Abortion advocate on island is running for a second term, while her head of "women affairs" continues her relentless and disgusting advocacy for the murder of innocent  children, while continuing to received communion.


The silence of the Bishops, including the one of Rome is absolutely deafening. Do not be fooled, the persecution of Catholics in particular, and Christians in general is coming at great speed towards us.

It is time to pick up the gaunlet and say no to this evil.

Monday, May 2, 2022


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What is this scandal we are talking about?

Well it has been front and center in the local media for the last four weeks.

We are talking about the legislature's bill #  291-36  introduced by a bipartisan  group in order to give more protection to the unborn.


This has led to a vociferous and vicious campaign of white lies and gross mis-characterisation, from the radical feminists advocating for infanticide under any circumstances.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook fearing that this time her candidacy  for re-election could run into trouble with some of her base, has chosen to unleash her pitbull: Jane Flores to lead the charge against this legislation. Her daughter Dr Cook-Nugyen even wrote a letter to the editor trying to give cover to the" fly by your pants medical arguments' against the bill. Only to be schooled in an adverse column by Dr Shieh.

This has not slowed down the campaign against proposition 291-36 .

Yesterday Sunday May 1st, Jane Flores decided to go to Church in my local parish with her family, which is not her regular parish. Apparently she has had some issues with some of the parishioners there, because of her advocacy which brings SCANDAL  and created tension in said parish.

Yesterday, Jane Flores had the audacity to present herself for communion, and taking advantage of the mask, she received it in her hands. Bringing more SCANDAL around another parish. When I asked the priest after the office, why he had granted communion to the person responsible for bringing chemical abortion on the island, he seemed absolutely shocked and dismayed, that he had been lured in doing so.

This pastor and several others contacted earlier today, agree that the Chancery and the Archbishop  not taking any action on this subject has created a situation of lose, lose for all the priests,as well as parishioners being distraught by such situation. 

Here we have an individual, who advocates vociferously against the teachings of our Church, but also against the most simple and basic moral issue of infanticide, who deliberately flaunts her arrogance, and brings scandal, shame  and discord to parishes around the island. All the while putting her own soul in danger of eternal damnation for receiving the Eucharist while not in a state of Grace.

Why does the Chancery not react accordingly?

Is it because we have no chancellor? Or is it because the multi hats wearer from Detroit Fr. Richards has left us? Is it because the new Vicar General is still not up to speed with his duties?

Or is it because the Archbishop is ready to resign due to health reason?

 The Umatuna Si Yu'os 

is encouraging people to join the "Rally for life" tomorrow May 3rd.


The question remains, why is the Chancery doing absolutely nothing about people like Jane Flores who insist on bringing SCANDAL into the Church?