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Speaking of "gifts," the chancery has given us a tremendous gift in their headline story (again) about the ownership of the seminary. And when I get done with them, they won't be worth throwing in the trash. I'm serious. Every lie from these liars begets a new and ever more grotesque and abusive lie. 

I'm a bit distracted right now, tending to the wedding of my daughter and a little R & R with the fam, but that's okay. It will be fun letting these people rot in their lies because they know what's coming and I'm not even talking about 1977. That's a separate issue. 

Let's start with this one just for fun.

No doubt that this was put out by the arch-villain David the VG. If I were him I wouldn't continue to demonstrate my stupidity, but since he insists...I'll help him. David the Villain attempts to bowl us over with this:
Bishop Arieta of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts (the highest judicial authority in the Roman Curia) who serves in the name of the Pope. 
LOL. Like serving "in the name of the pope" meant a damn thing to Apuron when in 2005, Cardinal Arinze, Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship and Sacraments told his silly cult to shut down their illicit communion rite. Apuron famously went on the air and called Arinze's credentials into question, even though Arinze's instruction began with the words "I am to inform you of the Holy Father’s decisions." (Here is the audio of Apuron's comments and here is the transcript.)

But let's get to the meat.

David the Villain calls the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts: "the highest judicial authority in the Roman Curia." LOL. And he's the Vicar General? If there's anything a guy with a degree in canon law should know he should at least know which Curial body is the "highest judicial authority." But David the VG once again demonstrates why it took him more than a decade to get one.

The "highest judicial authority in the Roman Curia" is NOT the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, it is THE SUPREME TRIBUNAL OF THE APOSTOLIC SIGNATURA. 

Google it, David. Seriously, you're a joke. 


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Fr. Pius Sammut, the archNeocatechist for Guam, insists that God demands nothing from us.  I wonder if Fr. Luis Camacho was conscious of any of God's demands when he took an altar girl to a secluded beach park in Guam to...Read more.

Monday, November 30, 2015



Most Rev. Mother Dawn Marie of the Annunciation, O.C.D., 

Mother Prioress of the Carmelite Order of Guam 

together with the Carmelite Sisters of Guam, 

Rosario Flores Untalan, Josephine Lujan Blevins, 

the Lujan, Flores, and Untalan Families

announce the passing of


reverently known as

 Sister Therese Marie of the Sacred Heart, O.C.D.

Sister Therese was born on January 15, 1931 and

 Returned to the House of the Lord on 

November 29, 2015 at the age of 84.


will be held, this evening, Monday, November 30, 2015 

at the Carmelite Monastery in Tamuning

4PM to 6PM


will be held on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Public Viewing

8AM to 12 Noon

St. Anthony Church, Tamuning

Mass of Christian Burial

St. Anthony Church, Tamuning

12 Noon

A private interment for Sister Therese will take place at the

at the John Paul II Seminary, the former Carmelite Monastery,

Carmelite Sister's Cemetery

in Malojoloj


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If you really want to get the goods on Kiko and his band of hucksters, you have to...

Sunday, November 29, 2015


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The Neo recruiting cycle on Guam has started again.  Notice that no mention of the word "Neocatechumenal" can be found on the sign at all.  Maybe they're afraid that mentioning the "N-word" would turn people off?

The initial recruiting effort involves 15 nightly sessions, followed by a high-pressure "convivence" or retreat, where they will try to form a new "community".  Those that opt out will be asked to leave the convivence immediately.

If any of your friends or family are inclined to "come and listen", then try to get some of this material into their hands as soon as possible:

  • [1st Day] Jesus's Clay vs. Kiko's Mud - Kiko twists a famous bible story in order to provide a principle of his catechumenate.
  • [3rd day] "Excuse me, may I ask a question?" - Details about Kiko's troubling teaching about "natural religiosity" taken directly from the first volume of the Catechetical Directory
  • [3rd day] Kiko's History of the Catholic Church - Quite a few things are missing in Kiko's presentation of the history of the Catholic Church.
  • [3rd day, 4th day, 10th day, and Final Convivence] Kiko's Last Judgment- a critical look at Kiko's teachings and iconography on the General (Last) Judgment
  • [4th day] Unsalted, Unenlightened. We're Judas! - The third circle, those who criticize the Way.  The development of the NCW's persecution complex.
  • [4th day] Judas is saved!- A critical look at Kiko's Doctrine of the Necessary Judas, and another esoteric teaching.
  • [7th day] Judge Not?- Three problems with Neo's interpretation of Jesus's teaching about judging others.
  • [14th day] Critiquing Kiko's Kerygma - Kiko's kerygma deliberately excludes the possibility of purgatory.
  • [Final Convivence and 3rd day] Kiko's Passover Problem, Part I - If Kiko is wrong about the celebration of the Passover in first century Palestine, how could he possibly be right about the worship of the first century Christians?
  • [Final Convivence] Kiko's Passover Problem, Part II- Wherein Kiko's teaching is found to contradict that of four Doctors of the Church.
  • Saturday, November 28, 2015


    Apologies, but this is EXACTLY what the front page of the U Matuna just did. 

    If RMS was truly in the control of the Archbishop of Agana, there would be no need to keep using what is supposed to be a Catholic diocesan publication to try to convince (i.e. "bull___t") us over and over and over. 

    In fact, according to Archbishop Apuron himself, he doesn't even know why people are protesting:

    "Apuron said he was aware of the group outside but did not understand why they were protesting at that event." (Pacific Daily News, November 2, 2015)

    It's a lie of course. But amazingly he proves he's lying about not knowing why people are protesting by (once again) using the U Matuna to try to bull___t everybody. If he really didn't know, then there would be no attempt to prove ownership of RMS. 

    But this time it is SUPER SICK. SUPER SICK because the article in this edition of the U Matuna is a gross insult to the Catholics of Guam. 

    These LIARS attempt to prove ownership by publishing a certificate of title. In real property transactions, certificates of title mean nothing unless they can withstand a challenge. That's why there are title insurance companies and title searches. 

    Land Management does not decide who is the legal owner of a property. Land Management only records what it is given and issues documents based on recorded information. The real determination of ownership is determined by title companies and their attorneys. But normally title companies do not get involved in title issues until there is a transaction affecting the property. 

    Let's make this really simple. 

    You are the legal owner of a lot, but you deed it to another party for "perpetual use." Your name may still show up on the title, but you legally have given up control of the property forever. Anyone knows this. And this is exactly what Apuron did - gave it to another party forever. 

    But Apuron's deed goes further. He just doesn't give it to them for perpetual use, he CONVEYS it to them. Apuron writes:
    "NOW, THEREFORE, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, THAT Owner hereby covenants and declares that the Property is and shall be held, used, transferred, sold and conveyed subject to the covenants and restrictions set forth herein..."

    If all Apuron was going to do was give it to RMS for their use, then he would have stopped at "used." But he doesn't. He uses the words "transferred, sold and conveyed." Why does he do this? Because his real aim is exactly that: to convey title to the property to RMS forever!

    Let's look at the "covenants and restrictions set forth herein..." 

    The only "covenant and restriction" is that it be used by RMS and the Blessed Diego Institute. 

    First, naming the BDI is a ruse. The Blessed Diego Institute is not constituted under Guam law as a legal entity - as is RMS. It's just a name. Only RMS is a legally constituted entity under Guam law - a non-profit corporation. So legally we are are only concerned with RMS, not BDI.

    So now read this:

    Note that the there is NO restriction that the property actually continue to be used AS A SEMINARY, but only that it be used by a corporation with the word "seminary" in its name, a name that can be changed with a simple board resolution. 

    Moreover, as the Bronze Opinion demonstrates, the use of the word DEED itself operates as the actual "conveyance" of title. Bronze writes:

    Apuron is betting on the stupidity of Catholics. He is assuming YOU ARE STUPID. He is saying YOU ARE STUPID in expecting you to believe that while he dare not publish the "Denver opinion" that supposedly proves his ownership of the property, he publishes a certificate of title.

    We'll have some more fun with this, but there is probably nothing that has confirmed the CCOG's resolve to press forward with their lawsuit against Apuron than this in your face insult to the Catholic people of Guam. 

    Catholics of Guam, if there ever was a time to seriously STOP THE MONEY it is now. This is a big middle finger to all of us. STOP THE MONEY. Fund the CCOG. Let's take this THIEF AND LIAR to court...and his thugs too. 

    U MATUNA, NOVEMBER 29, 2015 - L.O.L!



    Well then, restore the liturgy...and start with the MUSIC.

    Prima Luce is a group of Catholic musicians who wish to promote the beauty of the Church’s musical patrimony. The group seeks to participate in the revival of the Christian tradition of liturgical and devotional music – including Gregorian Chant, sacred polyphony, and other developments stemming from the tradition – through the performance of hymns, antiphons and other chants in a spirit of prayer. In order to partake in the ongoing growth and development of this great living tradition, Prima Luce also contributes contemporary compositions and encourages young musicians to learn from the musical riches of the past for the perpetuation of the Church's tradition into the future.

    Friday, November 27, 2015



    By Joe C. Nangauta

    ...the Way performs numerous liturgical abuses and engages in teachings that are, at their core, not Catholic. Not only have they lost the liturgy, but their actions call into question their foundation in solid Catholic doctrine... Read the rest in today's Pacific Daily News



    Posted by Chuck White
    I recently asked an ex-member of the Way, “LaPaz”, to share some of the phrases and expressions she often heard while walking.  Here is her list... read more.

    Thursday, November 26, 2015


    Happy Thanksgiving Day to the readers who celebrate the day!

    Collect from the Mass of Thanksgiving (Extraordinary Form):
    O God of Whose mercies there is no number, and of Whose goodness the treasure is infinite:  we render thanks to Thy most gracious Majesty for the gifts Thou hast bestowed upon us, always beseeching Thy clemency;  that as Thou grantest the petitions of them that ask Thee, Thou wilt never forsake them, but wilt prepare them for the greater rewards that still await them.  Amen.

    Wednesday, November 25, 2015


    There seems to be a little bit more going on here. 

    Apuron is never one to miss a photo-op, and normally wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the finest regalia. So what's he doing with what appears to be a starched sheet on his head? 

    It's rather obvious that this "impromptu miter" was slapped together by the Neos of Medellin for the purpose of "showing off a bishop." The Neo-cult, don't you know, collects bishops. And photo-ops with prelates - as Kiko has shown - is their standard trade. 

    So why does Apuron have a starched sheet on his head and a miter that neither fits his head nor matches his vestments - his normal attire?

    Most places, even seminaries, don't have miters laying around. As you know, only bishops wear them. Chasubles and albs are easy to come by, but not a miter. 

    A bishop would have looked out of place in this picture without a miter, since it appears everyone else is properly vested. 

    So they made one.

    But why didn't Apuron bring his own? Did Harold forget to pack it? Maybe. All the stress of "going on mission," and all that - or was it lying to DYA about going "on mission? Any way, Stress for sure!!

    But more likely, Apuron was not expecting or perhaps WANTING his picture to be taken, so he didn't pack a miter. But why not? Well we know why he doesn't want his picture taken - for the very reason that it would find its way to this blog. LOL! 

    Those boys down in Medellin don't know the absolute rot their fun visitor has made of his own diocese. They probably just think it's wonderful that a bishop would travel half way across the planet just to sing for them. So they of course wanted a pic and were eager to post it.

    But maybe there's something else. 

    It appears Apuron celebrated Mass here. Did he get the permission of the local ordinary, Archbishop Ricardo Antonio Tobón Restrepo, the archbishop of Medellin, to celebrate Mass in his diocese? 

    Did the Medellin archbishop even know Apuron was there? 

    If he did, then there should have been no problem borrowing a miter from the local bishop. But instead, Apuron shows up peering out from under a starched sheet looking like newly hired kitchen help.

    Oh well. 



    Of course this is exactly what Apuron did...or should we say, his handlers (blackmailers) had him do. Just insert RMS for "parishes."

    6) Have you transferred land to parishes? Why? Do you still exercise all oversight on those properties—choose pastors, approve spending, take a percentage of collections, pay the salaries of priests? Can you cite the exact canon law where it says that parishes should own their own land? Why does your lawyer contradict you—saying that transferring the land “reduces your legal exposure” in sex abuse cases? - See more at: http://theworthyadversary.com/3775-its-time-to-take-the-bishop-quiz#sthash.8x4xdIIS.dpuf


    Prepare to prove you're not Diana. And even if you're not, you had better keep your fingerprints far away from that blog from now on. (BTW - 42 days and counting and still no document, just your online dictionary?)

    1. Indeed, it is action or inaction that is gravely morally evil (mortally sinful).

      Contrary to the recent calumny by Diana, I have never said the NCW Cult itself was evil.

      If she doesn't retract, correct, or edit her post, perhaps I should file a federal diversity John Doe defamation lawsuit and then get electronic and other discovery about the Guam NEO Cult blog?


    • Let's assume I am wrong.
    • Let's assume CCOG is wrong.
    • Let's assume the protestors are wrong.
    • Let's assume CCOG's attorney is wrong.
    • Let's assume the former finance council is wrong.
    • Let's assume Archbishop Apuron's legal counsel is wrong. 
    • Let's assume the donor's representative who told Archbishop Apuron that she had never heard of the Neocatechumenal Way is wrong.
    • Let's assume Aaron Quitugua is wrong. 
    • Let's assume John Toves is wrong.
    • Let's assume Msgr. James is wrong.
    • Let's assume the financial professionals who defended Msgr. James are wrong.
    • Let's assume that the presbyteral council and the college of consultors were wrong when they said that Archbishop Apuron had never consulted them about the termination of Msgr. James when Archbishop Apuron said he had. 
    • Let's assume Fr. Paul is wrong.

    Tuesday, November 24, 2015


    LOT 240-10

    The taxes owed by Archbishop Apuron on MO3 L240-10 for 2013 and 2014 are inconsequential. The property is vacant land, measuring only 513.91 square meters, and has an assessed value of only $29,754. 

    There's a good chance that the reason it is not paid is because the Archbishop doesn't even know he owns it as it was given to the "him" through a DEED OF GIFT in 2010. I put "him" in quotes because in fact it wasn't given to "him," but to the Archdiocese of Agana and specifically to the Cathedral Basilica. 



    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DEAR JACQUELINE T. TERLAJE, ATTORNEY AT LAW":
    Tim ,you and your jungle monkeys, talk so much SHIT I don't know whether to offer a breath mint, or toilet paper.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WONDERING IF APURON WILL BE THERE...":
    We know TIM loves dark'' Chocolate '' 


    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "SAVING NOT-SO PRIVATE TONY":
    Death Threats to the Archbishop now, you're one sick puppy Tim wow you're the cause of all this Tim. 


    Ummm, on that last one, you idiot, I'm trying to save his skin.  It's your thugs who want to dump him. P.S. Check with Adrian. Anybody know where he is????

    Monday, November 23, 2015


    The announcement of the pope's trip to Kenya and my recollection that this is the current station of Archbishop Charles Balvo, the former Apostolic Delegate to Oceania your beloved Archbishop Apuron likes to take credit for getting rid of, brought to mind the Delegate's admonishment of Apuron of March 7, 2012.

    It is a letter I believe you should pay careful attention to in light of your fake press release of November 17, 2015 in which you claim that the Yona property is firmly in the control of the Archbishop, and, in which you also discredit the Legal Opinion of the CCOG attorney who found that the Deed signed by Apuron on November 21, 2011 was "an absolute conveyance in fee simple of the subject property." 

    From the full letter, it is clear that Balvo is addressing Apuron's attempt to alienate the Yona property, and Balvo tells him point blank that he cannot do so. Apparently, even Balvo is not aware that Apuron has ALREADY done so. 


    ...with another box of chocolates!

    "Pope Francis will be in Africa Nov. 25-30, and is scheduled to make stops in three countries. He will set foot in Kenya first, where he will stay from Nov. 25-27..."


    Presbyter Louie may have grounds for the equivalent of a marriage annulment of his ordination. Given what he said upon being ordained, it is clear that he was under some sort of coercion to become a priest. Even if that is not the case, it appears that he was hesitant to go forward. Imagine getting married with the same feelings about "messing up", i.e. cheating on your spouse:


    Because he is loved and adored and fawned over and feted and petted...much easier than staying home and doing the hard work of actually growing his own local vocations and tending to his own flock.