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Rumors had been running wild, in the Vatican for the last few weeks.
That is not really surprising in a place, where secret alliances, back stabbing and other shenanigans are held dear by a large part of some of the Princes of the Church.
Yet, the rumors became insistent  before the weekend,
and became official just over the weekend.
Cardinal Filoni, aka the red Pope was out of his job as head of the 
Congregation for the Evangelization of People.

That does not mean that Filoni is totally out of power, far from it.
He still sits on many important congregations, and has build an unparalleled 
network of patronage, and people that owe him favors.

Yet, his alliance with some of the conservatives in name only, in Rome, did not endear him to Francis or his cadre of liberation theologists.

While his former friend and temporary enemy Cardinal Pirolin suffered a 
one, two punch after the disaster of the negotiations with Beijing, where Filoni was also involved and severely criticized by Cardinal Zen, the emeritus Archbishop of Hong Kong and the de facto spiritual leader of Chinese Catholic; it put a damper on his stellar reputation of great diplomat.

There was also a long list of complaints by the Bishops of Japan about the authoritarian practices of Filoni.
We also are very well aware of the disastrous PR  that became the Scandal of Apuron, around the world, at a time when Francis did not need icing on his cake.
In fact the delaying tactics of Filoni, made several influential people very uncomfortable.

Finally his new tactic to open RMS under his direct tutelage and without really asking the local bishops, was a nail in the coffin.

The other defining factor was that Francis needed a high profile position to promote who is seen by many as an heir to the papal throne.

As you see, in Rome politics is always part of the picture.
The more it changes, the more it stays the same.

Next: what we can expect from his successor.

Saturday, November 30, 2019


Per Parts 1 and 2 of this series, blaming "The World," and in this case, "The Sexual Revolution," for the latest installment of clergy perversions (it's definitely not the first time - see Book of Gomorrah), is not just wrong, it lays bare the real problem.

And here it is: 
The refusal of our Church leadership to own the fact that "As the Church goes, so goes the World," ... and NOT the other way around. 
And this fact ("As the Church goes...") is never clearer than in the facts which led up to the so-called "Sexual Revolution" - which our Church leadership apparently now wants to blame!!

Long before Woodstock (1969), and "The World's" orgasmic lust for "The Pill" - which essentially precipitated the sexual nirvana of sex without babies (i.e. consequences) - our Church (specifically Pope John 23) opened the Box (Pandora's) which led to both Woodstock and the Western World's rabid rush to contracept and abort itself out of existence.

In 1963, the now sainted Pope established The Pontifical Commission on Birth Control to examine the question as to whether or not Catholics could morally use The Pill to avoid pregnancy. 

It was an absurd proposition to begin with. 

The Church could never change GOD's design for the union of the procreative act with its procreative ends.

But it was the 1960's, and it appears Papa John wanted to show that...well, at least he "cared."

It's easy to see that John never intended the Commission to go anywhere. He only commissioned six non-theologians as members and separated the Commission from the Council (Vatican II), keeping personal control over it.

However, within weeks of opening both the Council and the Commission, something happened that John didn't plan on.


His successor, Paul VI, had the opportunity to close what should have never been opened. But it appears Paul (now also sainted) was even more eager to show the 1960's that he too "cared."

Instead of shutting down the investigation into a question that could only have one answer:


Paul expanded the Commission membership from the original 6 members to 72!, and included several secular members who cared little about THE CHURCH.

As you might imagine, the then-progressives in The Church went wild with glee. Paul's continuance  and sudden exponential expansion of the Commission could only mean one thing:

Catholics would soon copulate without the "threat" of babies,  just like everybody else! 

In fact, Paul all but sealed the deal, when, upon expanding the Commission in 1964, he said THIS:

"We say frankly that so far we do not have sufficient reason to consider the norms given by Pope Pius XII on this matter [of contraception] as out of date and therefore as not binding. They must be considered as valid, at least until We feel obliged in conscience to change them." - Paul VI Acta apostolicae sedis (AAS) 56 (1964) 588-59, 1964 address to the special papal commission on the use of contraceptives.
Anyone familiar with "pope-speak" will recognize that Paul isn't just giving his personal opinion (as Francis is so prone to do on airplanes), Paul is using the Papal "We," meaning, he is speaking magisterially, doctrinally, even dogmatically, and in the name of The Church. 

Amazingly, Paul cast his comments as a response to a previous Pope (Pius 12), and then lets us know that said "opinion" is subject to change if "We" (the papal We) feel obliged in conscience to change them.

Read that again:

"until We feel obliged in conscience to change them." 

That one phrase opened the door for Catholics to, "in conscience," contracept, abort, divorce, engage in fornication and homosexual sex, vote for pro-abortion polices and politicians (i.e. the Kennedy's) and ultimately, for the Church's own priests and bishops, to rape and molest trusting young boys (and some girls) at will, in the name of "conscience" and "born that way." 

The now-dead, "Mass-Molester" (literally) of the Archdiocese of Agana, Fr. Louis Brouillard, even testified in a deposition:

"At that time, I did believe that the boys enjoyed the sexual contact and I also had gratification as well," 
Brouillard said in his affidavit


Paul 6 even further cemented the idea that Catholics could make up their own mind about contraception in the very document he wrote to refute it: Humane Vitae:

6. However, the conclusions arrived at by the commission could not be considered by Us as definitive and absolutely certain, dispensing Us from the duty of examining personally this serious question. This was all the more necessary because, within the commission itself, there was not complete agreement concerning the moral norms to be proposed, and especially because certain approaches and criteria for a solution to this question had emerged which were at variance with the moral doctrine on marriage constantly taught by the magisterium of the Church.
Read that highlighted part again. 

Paul tells the Universal Church that the only reason what has always been "intrinsically evil" must remain "intrinsically evil" is due to the lack of a "complete agreement" (i.e. a unanimous vote) by something called a "commission."  

Well it was almost unanimous. Only 7 member of the 72 dissented. The majority voted in favor of lifting the Church's "ban" on birth control.

Paul tried to put the horses back in the barn on July 29, 1968, the date he promulgated Humanae Vitae

Woodstock would begin on August 15, 1969. 

No. It ain't the "sexual revolution...:

And NOTHING will change until we, the LAITY...call our leadership to account. And Guam has a good beginning.


It's very interesting looking at these old posts with new comments.



West Virginia bishop calls for predecessor, accused of sex and financial misconduct, to pay $792,000 in restitution and to apologize

November 27, 2019 at 7:59 a.m.

West Virginia’s new bishop Tuesday called for his predecessor, Michael Bransfield, to pay the diocese $792,638, apologize to victims and to the diocese, and lose his place in the diocesan cemetery as part of a restitution package for alleged financial and sexual misconduct that some church experts say is a first for a bishop. CONTINUED

Saturday, November 2, 2019


Hey, don't blame him. 

He is the product of Kiko's theology (see "Kiko and Purgatory") and Apuron's (fake) seminary. According to Kiko, there is no Purgatory. And the only reason for All Souls Day (today in Guam) is to pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory.

So this priest makes the best of it... (sort of). 

However, let 's not get too excited about blaming Kiko or this priest or even the NCW. Almost all funeral sermons and nearly every funeral announcement in our local media - placed there by well-meaning families - misled by mostly cowardly teaching from cowardly clerics, canonizes their dearly departed loved ones as "already in heaven," or even an "ANGEL!" When in fact, they are probably suffering in Purgatory like most of us will.

Heaven, Probably Not Your Next Stop!

Personal note: Sadly. I like this priest. He normally celebrates the Mass in a reverential way which I seldom see anywhere else. Maybe the new archbishop will help. Meanwhile, the rest of us can stop "angel-icizing" and canonizing our departed relatives. They most likely need our prayers, not our platitudes.


As part of their quest to exonerate their man, Apuron supporters were hoping that David Sablan, president of the Concerned Catholics of Guam ("CCOG") - which played a main role in exposing Apuron and having him removed as Guam's archbishop, would be found guilty in the GHURA case. Unlike Apuron, Sablan didn't run. Sablan didn't hide. He stayed and fought for the truth. That's what you do when you have nothing to hide

Stand tall, Dave. 

Former GHURA commissioners not guilty

The verdict is in and former Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority Commissioners David Sablan, Cecile Suda and Roland Selvidge have been found not guilty. CONTINUED

Monday, October 28, 2019


From a culture of silence to cover-ups: How Guam ended up with 280 clergy sex abuse claims

A 9-year-old boy confided in his grandmother on several occasions that the parish priest was sexually abusing him.

The grandmother spanked the boy, identified in court documents only by C.B.D. to protect his privacy. She lectured him that the priest was "God's representative and not capable of such actions."


Wednesday, October 9, 2019


On 10/8/19, Bob Klitzkie - on his radio show TALL TALES - noted that the current public feud between Michael San Nicolas, Guam's Delegate to the U.S. Congress, and Lou Leon Guerrero, Guam's current governor, may go back to November 2013. (It occurs just after the top of the 2nd hour.)

On November 14, 2013, San Nicolas took on Guam's shameful culture of abortion - as championed by the current governor (since at least 1990) - when he went "off script" (i.e. the Democrat pro-abortion platform), and gave an impassioned speech in support of legislation which required "proper life-saving or life-sustaining treatment" for children who survive an abortion.

The bill had been vehemently opposed by our now-current governor (then-President of Bank of Guam) at a public hearing on October 10, 2013.

Leon Guerrero argued that with this bill, the Legislature was intruding on "the discretion, the responsibly, the acumen and the judgement of (the) Medical Professional…who is more equipped to make (these) decisions." (See Full Committee Report here.)

The bill was not about abortion. It was about infanticide. The child survives the abortion and is alive on the abortion table. The decision then is whether to kill the child, leave it to die, or provide medical care normally given to any other child struggling for life once born.

Bill 195-32 argued that a child, born alive, has the same right to life and normal medical care as any other child. However, Leon Guerrero argued that only medical professionals can make that decision.

San Nicolas' support of the Bill 195-32 pushed the bill to a vote:

Ten senators voted to let the baby live. Five senators voted to let the baby die. The bill was signed into law by Governor Calvo as PL 32-090

Given that this was about killing a child outside the womb and not inside, the bill brought into focus the hideousness that is abortion. There is little doubt that this bill, along with the steady stream of other bills brought to bear on the abortion industry by the The Esperansa Project, has resulted in the complete shutting down of an abortion industry on Guam which once killed 600 babies a year*, most of them Chamorro. 

* "Let me tell you, at the rate Guam Memorial Hospital is aborting children, between 400-600 a year, and most of them are not even reported. Where are the lives that we are going to protect and preserve? Here we go talking about indigenous rights and self-determination. What good is all that if we don't have our followers to follow and enjoy the fruits of our labor, of this generation's labor, of your labor and my labor to fix this island and have autonomous rights to govern our people?" Senator Elizabeth Arriola - quoted in: Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology, pg. 372, edited by Shirley Hume, Gail M. Nomura

And given the current governor's QUEST, and use of the public's resources, to find a "medical professional" to come to Guam to continue to kill mostly Chamorro babies (since no local doctor will do it), perhaps LLG has not forgotten MSN's  2013 "off script" finger to the face to his own Party power brokers. Speaking truth to power always has a price. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

PDN: "Capuchins...more Guam sex abuse claims"

Many Catholics on Guam want to grant an exception to the Capuchins. "We have an 'Capuchin' parish," they say. But they forget. Apuron was a Capuchin. And he learned his filthy trade early. And he was NOT ALONE. 

Capuchins, Boy Scouts offer confidential amounts to settle more Guam sex abuse claims

Capuchin Franciscans and the Boy Scouts of America offered confidential amounts to settle additional Guam clergy sex abuse claims, which are still subject to court approval. CONTINUED

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Last week, we did a post titled THE CRISTOBAL FACTOR. The post was motivated by an sudden uptick in the page views of a 2016 story about Adrian Cristobal's rejection of his being assigned to San Dionisio Parish in Umatac by Archbishop Hon, the Vatican-assigned Administrator. As we hadn't heard anything from or about Cristobal in awhile, we were curious as to the sudden surge in traffic. 

As some know, Cristobal, the bully who happily helped oust Fr. Paul Gofigan and Msgr. James Benavente, ran away - just like Apuron - at the first mention of an abuse allegation against him. And like Apuron, remains in hiding. Yesterday, there was news about Cristobal in the PDN: 

Archdiocese sends to Vatican Father Cristobal's case on alleged sex abuses of minors

To be continued

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