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Hafa Adai my friends and family,

Our island family has been through much these past several months. I hope that we can now move forward and begin the process of healing.

Just as Pope Francis called on us to pray for the victims of sexual abuse during a Worldwide Day of Prayer, I ask everyone to pray for our island’s victims of this heinous crime, most especially the vulnerable of our community, our children.

In the words of Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz: “This universal expression of healing and sorrow, joined by our brothers and sisters around the world, will be a powerful reminder that no survivor should walk the path toward healing alone.”

We pray that the survivors of sexual abuse begin the healing process. We pray they receive deep comfort in the support of their family and friends and from the community. We pray that what has been stolen and broken will be restored. Most of all, we will continue to proactively protect our children and our island from this horrible injustice, so that no individual will have to undergo this pain and suffering.

God bless our children, our families and our island of Guam.


One department accused of resistance to financial reforms is the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples – known as Propaganda Fide – that oversees and funds the Church in mission territories. 
The 400-year-old office has extensive property holdings and a degree of autonomy: the prefect in charge of the department – currently Cardinal Fernando Filoni – is known as “the red Pope”.

The Prefect oversees the Catholic mission territories and is traditionally dubbed the "Red Pope" as a reflection of both the power of his congregation and the red vestments of the Cardinal Prefect. The office's sizable resources (furnished by income from its long-maintained Roman real-estate holdings) provide a significant amount of funding to the efforts of the developing church, and the congregation's cardinals are responsible for recommending appointees to the episcopacy in mission areas, mainly African and Asian countries, a task that falls to the Congregation for Bishops in more established locales. Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai is Secretary (Filoni's deputy) of the Congregation. Their knowledge of China and the government-controlled Chinese church will be crucial in resolving diplomatic issues between the two entities.

NOTE: SMH. Hon can't even handle a small dispute between normally non-confrontational and peaceful Guamanians. How's going to handle Communist China???


Pesch: What happens after child sex abuse bill becomes law
Like many others on Guam, I woke up Saturday morning wondering what the future holds for us as a community. With Gov. Eddie Calvo’s signature of approval to Bill 326, we are on an unchartered course of attempting to hold a religious institution accountable for alleged acts that, if true, are both morally and legally deplorable. This is going to take some time to sink in.


Archbishop's alleged sex abuse could bankrupt Guam church

Guam leader Oks bill ending time limits in child sex cases

Guam Boss Oks Bill Ending Time Limits in Baby Sex Cases

Administrator urges Vatican to remove Guam's archbishop


Posted by Chuck White

Guam Daily Post, Monday, September 26, 2016
Neil Pang


This is from January 2015, when Hon first told us to shut up and sit down



September 26, 2016. GUAM DAILY POST
Church protest grows
About 150 Catholic activists – the most so far – turned out yesterday morning for the weekly protests held outside the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica in Hagåtña. Stretching to the driveways on both ends of the walkway in front of the cathedral, protestors were stalled at multiple segments of the picket line as they adjusted to the unprecedented turnout.

September 26, 2016 PDN
Pesch: What happens after child sex abuse bill becomes law

September 23, 2016. PNC
Archdiocese responds to signing of bill 326; thanks governor and senators

September 24, 2016. GUAM DAILY POST
Calvo signs sex abuse bill
Bill 326-33 has been signed into law by Gov. Eddie Calvo, opening the door for civil action against perpetrators of child sex abuse. The governor, in a lengthy letter, detailed his reasoning for signing the bill. CONTINUED

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Posted by Jose M.

You had one job.

It just wasn't the one you led us to believe you were here for.

And since you have thus far failed at both, it's time for you to leave.

HONestly, you don't have to go home, you just can't stay here.

Today, over 150 people wrapped around the sidewalks that border the Cathedral to display support for our brave outspoken, truth promoting, soul saving priests, and to give Abp Hon the boot.

The following are a few more photos documenting the will of these people and parishioners of the Catholic Church on Guam.


We'll lay off the Diaz comments...for now.


SUNDAY, SEP 25, 2016. HAGATNA, GUAM. Members of the Concerned Catholics of Guam and the Laity Forward Movement continue to their weekly picket line on the steps for the Hagatna Cathedral Sunday morning. Messages on their signs have changed slightly -- now calling Apostolic Administrator Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai a failure and demanding he go home to Rome.


We now have verification of what we have suspected from the beginning: a full and complete Neocatechumenal takeover of the Archdiocese of Agana. 

We also have verification of our suspicions that Hon was never here to bring reconciliation and unity but to continue that Neocatechumenal takeover after things went askew with Apuron.

All of this is clearly laid out in David the Rector's September 7 letter to Fr. Jeff San Nicolas wherein Fr. Jeff, the "competent ecclesial authority" for the Archdiocese of Agana in Hon's absence, is told by David the Rector, that Cardinal Filoni, Prefect for the Congregation for the Evangelization of People and "Kiko's best friend in the Vatican," that he (Jeff) has no jurisdiction over the so-called Archdiocesan seminary, otherwise known as RMS. 


Posted by Bob

IS IT TIME FOR HON GO HOME? We came close to finding our this morning when a record 150 picketers showed up. We had our usual DEFROCK APURON, NO $$ FOR RMS and HON ?? signs. The 15 AB HON GO HOME signs went really quickly. Some folks brought homemade GO HOME signs. Had we had 150 HON GO HOME signs it would have been just about enough!


Posted by Tim

Posted on HERE'S WHAT HON IS GOING TO DO, Anonymous writes:

An accusation of sex abuse...hon has so many accusations that he refuses to follow up on. I hope he initiates those before he picks on pale Mike. 
Well, since apparently the other alleged victims are already all lawyered up, here's one Hon can work with, and some say, he already is. 

On June 27, 2016, at the first public hearing for Bill 326-33, Jonathan Diaz orally "testified" on....well I don't know what he testified on. 

After a lengthy story about everything from being molested by a seminarian, to losing his job, to not making enough money to live on, to being denied entrance to a seminary, to no one believing him, to no senator came to his aid, to being "ostracized by this community," to being called "mentally ill because I am a bisexual man," to losing the election against Madeline Bordallo in 2010, to... Mr. Diaz finally wraps up his testimony in favor of "adding another year to the window," (there is no "window in the bill, the bill lifts the statute of limitations permanently) and a protest against the "Vatican's decision concerning the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa" (a reference to the recent appointment of Ryan Jiminez as bishop-elect.) You can find Mr. Diaz' testimony on pages 23-27 of the Committee Report.

So have at it, Hon. In fact, I heard he missed his first appointment with the new SARC. No surprise. Oh, and here's a few other things to help your research. 

On August 28, 2014, Mr. Diaz left the following comment on my blog accusing "our Ordinary" of sexual assault on a former seminarian, and calling - before anyone else did - for Apuron to be "defrocked." 

Tim, this is Jonathan Diaz. It is my understanding that Rome has been contacted concerning an incident of a former seminarian of our Archdiocese for a sexual assault by our Ordinary in the 1980's at St. JOSEPH'S College, in Moutainview, CA. I encourage all seminarians past, priest or not, to please contact Rome about this incident vis a vi Our Nuncio. We had several of them and I believe That there are substantial people who can vouch for this and is not gossip. This is fact because as a Catholic Sexual Abuse Survivor on this island of Guam, who is very much still a Catholic, I firmly believe with all my heart, mind and spirit that Apruon must be defrocked! It is time to move Rome with not only our prayers, but with actions. I am kindly asking people to not receive Holy Communion from Apuron until things get resolved. He cannot be allowed to stomp all over us because these scandals are scandals, not gossip! And if they continue to use the pulpit for politicking, just know that they will be challenged by me and everyone else who have the right to know where our money is going! We are not dumb sheep anymore!

On November 24, 2014, Mr. Diaz went further, claiming that for Apuron "one boy was not enough," and demands for Apuron to tell "the truth" because "God is demanding it, not me."

And yes. Archbishop needs to speak up and why one boy was not enough. He needs to answer the people and he must be redeemed. God wants his people healed, but let us all please wait. Trust God. Trust the Holy Spirit. He is afraid to tell the truth. Let us all hear the truth. And he will answer because God is demanding it, not me.

So, Archbishop Hon, there you go. But then he is accusing Archbishop Apuron, so I gues you can't touch this one right? Oh, what to do, what to do?

Well, no worries. Mr. Diaz has already foreseen your dilemma, because when some seriously credible Apuron victims came forward this past May and June, Diaz, on June 10 - three days after Walter Denton shared his horrific account of being raped by Apuron - officially proclaimed Apuron's innocence on the PDN's Facebook page:

Jonathan Blas Diaz His Excellency The Most Reverend Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM., Cap., Doctor of Divinity IS INNOCENT!
LikeReply1June 10 at 10:18am
Augustus Francus Lmao!!!!
LikeReply2June 10 at 10:56pm
Tina Lg Bongat Batshit crazy!
Jonathan Blas Diaz Let us continue to believe in the words of the Archbishop of Agaña that claims he is innocent for he, (and all of us, myself included) must practice what he preaches!

Archbishop Hon, you have no idea what you're in for. You best call Papa Francis and ask for a reassignment.



Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Yesterday I made a mistake in my last published post. An anonymous told me and I had corrected it. It was related with the name of the Cardinal Filoni, Prefect of Congregation for New Evangelization.

I also want to say yesterday my neocatechumenal nose was right. I wrote that neocatechumenals of Guam had started to send some "messages" and today we know their first messenger pigeon has hit the target.

I do not know how do you say in English when somebody obtains high score with dart game, but in Spanish we say DIANA!

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Posted by Tim

This guy is tricky. Hon will get his revenge on us and here is how he is going to do it. He's going to bring up an accusation of sex abuse against Fr. Mike Crosostomo. He's going to use someone who "makes his bed with whoever will sleep in it." Stay tuned. This is one evil dude.


Posted by Tim

Note: Okay, I've tamed the original title of my post a bit. No need to add to Efren's words. Sure would be good now though to see our priests rise up so we can see who the real ones are. So far we have Efren and Mike C. Any other takers?

Before anyone makes assumptions, let me briefly (yeah, "brief" hardly describes my comments, right?) say something I was told, not from the grapevine but from the "grape" in person. Fr. Mike Crisostomo is a hardworking priest and is a valuable asset in our community. Very few people have my respect, and he is one of them. Realistically there might be issues ahead of him but we must allow the process to take its due course. At any rate, I am standing up for him because he is a brother priest. That is what we do, stand up for people we love and care for.

An outraged Archbishop Hon pointed his fingers at him and banged the table during the Presbyteral Council on Friday afternoon. He accused him of being disobedient for not reading the letter from the pulpit. In full view of the other members at the meeting. Why Archbishop Hon singled out Fr. Mike is beyond me. I heard Fr. Jeff also got berated in private earlier. Many priests, including the NCW presbyters, did not read his letter and did not get a scolding. Truth be told, I DID NOT READ THE LETTER EITHER! Did I get called? Well, not yet. Fr. Mike was forced to write a letter of apology. The sad thing in that scenario was that NOT A SINGLE MEMBER STOOD UP IN SUPPORT OF FR. MIKE. Except perhaps for the Amko Msgr. David IA Quitugua. Why am I writing this? Because the gesture of Archbishop Hon is not becoming of one who is trying to establish unity and reconciliation. Because he has disrespected a fellow local priest in public and reduced him to a whimpering bull pup because "he has the power and he was sent by the Vatican"! Given the circumstances surrounding his failure to bring resolution, I sincerely doubt that.

If Archbishop Hon continues to quibble and remains duplicitous, he hampers the process. He is better off admitting that he is the wrong person! He may retire to his office where he can push paper and kiss rings! Archbishop Hon is costing us money we do not have, and is railroading the slow progress towards resolution. He has done a lot of damage just this last weekend, splitting our Catholic people into loyalties and confusion by demanding the reading of his letter. He is blaming priests for something he should have resolved on Week One of his arrival. He failed to act, which is why we are in a bigger mess than if we ousted Archbishop Apuron ourselves! I support Father Mike and I protest this indignity. A pastoral bishop should respect his priests and seek out their welfare, not shame or embarrass them in public because the priest does not conform to his agenda. A pastoral bishop does not hide behind people he had appointed and leaves them to do the dirty job. A pastoral bishop seeks consensus and invites laypeople to be part of the discussion. A pastoral bishop is beyond censure, and if Archbishop Hon cannot accept that, then he is part of the problem. He might try out for a popularity contest instead. I am confident that with the newly-minted law, the local Catholic Church will earn integrity and credibility. The action of our legislators sent a clear message that they stand behind the people but, more importantly, they respect the rule of law and justice.

I stand behind this comment and will accept any consequence of my words and actions. I do not speak for my peers who may need to own up to what they proclaim in public. I often speak my mind, and it does not get me a lot of invite to clergy meetings. I am fine with that. As the saying goes, "you are defined by the company you keep." A Spanish saying is even more apt, "Da me con quien andas y te dire' quien eres." St. Michael, protect us in battle.
Father Efren Adversario


You sent Hon here to "restore unity"??? Really? Apuron only raped our children. Hon is raping our Faith. He has now targeted a priest who the people will rally to protect like no one else. In fact, for Hon's own safety, it is time you remove him. The people will explode when they learn about this. Take this message seriously. 


Hon, I guess you want violence.


Posted by Chuck White


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Today Guam Governor has given a step foward against of the "discourse of fear" fed by neocatechumenals during the last few days.  

The Neocatechumenal Way has never showed special compassion with any victim of any kind of abuses, since the moment its own ideology explains every abuse as an event of God -not caused by permitted- for the conversion of the victim, who is ordered to forgive her/his abuser and, at the end, the conversion of the abuser when he/she is forgiven.

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Posted by Webster.


What a difference three words can make and do. As inspiring and moving as, I love you.

And what a difference one man can do when he picks up a cause and runs with it. Inspired by the righteousness of these three words, Joe Santos started the Silent No More movement. As he felt a duty early in his life to serve his country in the United States Army, he felt a duty later in his life to serve the cause of justice for child sex abuse victims.

He put a Silent No More sign on the back of his truck and took it everywhere he went, from morning to evening. He initiated a petition to have the Statute of Limitations lifted to protect our children. He collected signatures. He took his message everywhere and anywhere, even to places where he was not welcomed. People listened, and people responded. He amassed a following.

He drove his message all the way to the Legislature and then to the Governor, who signed the bill into law several hours ago. A knight in shining armor indeed.

We all became a part of Silent No More, willingly or unwillingly, by being reminded daily that our silence and our lack of inaction can easily lead to the destruction of others. We all watched in silence as certain members of our clergy abused our defenseless and innocent children.

We cannot afford anymore to be silent in the face of injustice and depravity. Our Church learned that lesson today.

Let us thank the Joe Santos of this world, and let us pray that our Church will take this lesson to heart.

Will our Church leaders take heed? That remains to be seen.

Archbishop Hon and Fr. Jeff: Are you listening?


PL 33-187


Posted by Tim
There is a huge chance that the history of the Catholic Church on Guam will be rewritten … by Catholics. And it’s pretty awesome. 

Continued at:


Posted by Tim

In today's Voice of the People, Fr. Ken Carriveau attempts to excuse the archdiocese's absence of testimony on Bill 326-33 by saying that to do so would have been against "federal guidelines" banning political activity for tax-exempt organizations"
"I suggest that it is not a “case of fear mongering,” but rather, as in my case, a matter of following federal guidelines. Confusion over the ban on political activity by tax-exempt organizations has existed ever since it was first imposed by Congress in 1954."
It's funny to see Carriveau reference "confusion over the ban on political activity by tax-exempt organizations" when Carriveau himself is even more confused. He apparently does not know the difference between political activity and legislative activity. The IRS itself makes this distinction:


Posted by Tim

Bill 326 threatens nonprofit institutions (submitted by Ken Carriveau)
I wish to comment on Mr. David Sablan’s statement made in a recent Pacific Daily News article: “Where was Archbishop Hon and the other members of the clergy when the Legislature held public hearings and comment period on the bill? This is a case of fear mongering.” I suggest that it is not a “case of fear mongering,” but rather, as in my case, a matter of following federal guidelines. Confusion over the ban on political activity by tax-exempt organizations has existed ever since it was first imposed by Congress in 1954. CONTINUED

To which I left the following comment:

Seriously, Ken. You mean to tell me that all those years you priests turned your pulpits into podiums to lobby against gambling, you were actually violating IRS rules? And if a ban against churches participating in political activity kept the archdiocese from submitting testimony against Bill 326 then you are then admitting that it is now violating that ban by submitting petitions for the governor to veto the bill? People of Guam. Do you see why we need Bill 326 to become law?

P.S. I'll be back with more

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