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Recently, I lost someone very dear to me to cancer. I was the primary caregiver and I am still haunted by this person's pain and death. 

Having lived through this terribly painful experience of my friend’s trial by cancer, I can’t help but see and be pained by the spiritual cancer I have come to learn about in Our Lady's Church on Guam. 

We all must do more. Not everyone is called to the same level of activism, but everyone must come up with their own resolutions to stop Apuron, Quitugua, and Cristobal. We must stop this cancer from spreading!

Be courageous, strong, and faithful. 


I know I WILL.



After only one month online, the letter from the family of Msgr. James Benavente to Archbishop Apuron expressing their disappointment and disgust at how Archbishop Apuron treated their family member has gotten 21,000 plus reads as of today. Average read for other files is about 25. Lots of people care.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


October 30, 2014

Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron
Archdiocese of Agana
196Cuest San Ramon Ste B
Hagatna, Guam 96910-4334

Hafa Adai Archbishop Apuron,

I’ve become aware of statements you made during a recent visit to parishioners of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church. When questioned about the abrupt closure of the National Museum of the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral- Basilica, I understand you responded that Monsignor James closed the museum. I must say I expected more from our island’s spiritual leader and I am disappointed that you continue to mislead people about this matter. After you made it abundantly clear that Monsignor James was not to have any authority over the museum, it hardly seems fair that you would now accuse him of closing the facility. In fact, Monsignor David is the only one who had the authority to either open or close the museum.

Below is a brief chronology of the events that transpired over the past few months with regard to the museum:

  • July 25:  Announcement that Monsignor David would now be responsible for museum operations.
  • Week of July 27:  I contacted Cathedral staff to find out if the museum would be opened as had been announced. Monsignor David, the new rector, and his administration did not respond.
  • August 1:  Mary Kidd gave me approval to move forward.
  • August 2:  Coreen Leon Guerrero, who identified herself as a representative of Monsignor David, informed me that the museum would in fact proceed as planned. At this time I noted that some families who had provided materials for the exhibits were concerned about the museum’s future and had already removed some of their personal collections. However, Monsignor Calvo’s family had agreed to loan their collections for a short while longer.
  • August 4, Father Adrian and Monsignor David contacted me about meeting to discuss opening the museum. Based on that conversation, it was quite clear that Monsignor David possessed the authority to open or close the museum. This fact was supported by statements made by Father Adrian Cristobal to KUAM News.
  • August 4:  The following item appeared in a KUAM News report:
“Today Archdiocese spokesperson Father Adrian Cristobal addressed the concerns of the island's Catholic community saying the museum's closure is only temporary. He added Monsignor David Quitugua is overseeing the transition, noting, "And in this change of administration Monsignor David desires that the persons that are you know involved with volunteering helping managing the museum that everything is order and that the transition process be taking place in such a way that we can assure that it will be open again and to assure to the public that the administration will be taking care of these things the new administration."
  • August 6:  A 10 a.m. meeting of museum volunteers was scheduled to determine the future for the museum. However, at 9:15 a.m., Mrs.  Kidd called to inform me that the meeting would be cancelled indefinitely due to other activities at the Cathedral. The former Finance Committee will be holding a press conference.

Throughout this situation, numerous announcements, including bulletin messages, have been made regarding the museum. Even if you did not actually write these messages, you, Monsignor David and Coreen Leon Guerrero must certainly have been aware of them. The fact that they continued suggests you condoned the messages, and it is disingenuous of you to state otherwise.

I was at the museum from 5:30 am to 2:30 pm, at no time did anyone informed me that the information announced was incorrect.

It is now October, months after this project began. I am troubled that you continue to blame Monsignor James and others for the museum closure. Neither Monsignor James nor the volunteers who spent countless hours preparing the facility have the authority or capacity to open or close the museum. I hope you will acknowledge this truth and proceed accordingly, rather than continuing to perpetuate falsehoods that have no place in our church or our community.

So you are now making your way throughout the various parishes making your pastoral visit.  For what? What is the purpose of this sudden decision on your part to hold these meetings, meetings such as the one at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament?  Is it to defend yourself and continue to malign Monsignor James?  When is all this going to end?  When are you and Monsignor David going to stop blaming everyone but yourselves for how you’ve destroyed this archdiocese?

Since you refused my personal invitation to see the new layout of the museum during the Woman Chamber of Commerce presentation at the Government House in July, I have attached pictures of the museum to show you what you have destroyed.


Evangeline C.D. Lujan
Parishioner of Agana Cathedral Basilica
Museum Volunteer

PDF downloadable copy here

Go here to view the photos of what used to be our museum. Go here for a slideshow.

Here are a few of the pictures:


As part of Archbishop Apuron's current campaign to restore his image to some semblance of a pastor, he is attempting to reframe the original crisis that got him in trouble in the first place: his mistreatment of Fr. Paul Gofigan.

Recently we saw a public attempt to justify the Archbishop's firing of Fr. Paul in the pathetically inept letter to the editor of a person calling himself "David Mills" and claiming to be simply a casual observer from New York. 

Mills completely gave himself away as an Apuron/Neo-operative by providing a level of detail about the case that no casual observer from New York could access. (See my response to "Mills" on this blog here and in the PDN here.)

Having tried to discredit Fr. Paul by publicly re-condemning and punishing Mr. Lastimoza, Archbishop Apuron is now trying to make himself the victim in the Gofigan case by casting himself as the bleeding-heart father in the parable of the prodigal son by telling people "if only he would have come to me" (instead of filing an appeal with Rome), and then telling people that "it's out of my's in the hands of Rome."

I don't know about you, but I don't think I've every shaken my head (SMH) so much in my life as I have since Archbishop Apuron began this campaign to destroy his priests, and this latest LIE is no exception. 

Here's why it is a lie:

Even now, more than a year after the fact, Archbishop Apuron has only to restore Fr. Paul to his position of pastor of Santa Barbara parish and Fr. Paul's case would simply be dropped. It would be dropped because there would no longer be a case. Only the Archbishop can remedy that. But he chooses not to. 

(A side note: Even after restoring Fr. Paul to the position of pastor he can still have him legitimately transferred if getting Fr. Paul out of Santa Barbara is what he really wants. But obviously moving Fr. Paul out of Santa Barbara is not what he really wants. Apuron apparently wants to make an example of Fr. Paul for opposing the Neocatechumenal Way.)

But the sadder thing is Archbishop Apuron's saying "if only Fr. Paul had come to me." I say "sadder" because there can be no other explanation for the Archbishop's saying this, other than he has simply "lost it" - that he is now dangerously mentally incapacitated. And that's being charitable. Otherwise, we would have to label him a rapacious liar, if not calculatingly evil. So, I'd rather stick with "he's lost it."

Let's look at this "if only Fr. Paul had come to me."

Fr. Paul sent his formal Appeal of the Archbishop's decision to remove him to Rome on 11/07/13. Let's look at everything that happened before.

After threatening Fr. Paul on 7/16/13 with a demand for his resignation or "suffer a more arduous and painful closure to your assignment", Archbishop Apuron officially removed him as pastor the VERY NEXT DAY by issuing an Aviso formally replacing him with Fr. Dan Bien. So where was the time for Fr. Paul to "come to me"? THERE WASN'T.

Still Fr. Paul tried. After being replaced on 7/17/13, Fr. Paul wrote the Archbishop on 7/22/13:
Archbishop, I sincerely believe that your advisors failed to present to you all the facts necessary to make such a grave decision, and, in the interest of ecclesial communion and to prevent further disruption, harm, and damage being inflicted by this unjustified and illegal proceeding against the Santa Barbara parish, my family, and me, I implore you to relent and cease those proceedings immediately. 
Get that? "I implore you to relent..." Fr. Paul begs Archbishop Apuron to reconsider within a week of his being publicly and brutally removed from his office. That counts as a "come to me". The Archbishop's response? The usual. Nothing. He claims to have been off in Brazil (with his Neo's), but that's a pathetic excuse. One: he always has access to email and the phone. Two: not to be engaged with this very grave matter is a gross dereliction of his duty.

Six days later, receiving no response from the One who laments "if only he would have come to me", Fr. Paul again makes another attempt to "come to" Archbishop Apuron when he writes on 7/28/13:
In my letter of July 22nd, I have asked for the revocation of the decree removing me from my office as pastor…I am now proposing the recourse to the author of the decree in accordance with C. 1734.1. In accordance with C. 1738, I am appointing Father Adolfo N. Dacanay, S.J. as my advocate. The recursus and the formal papers will be submitted in 10 days.
Again, another opportunity for Archbishop Apuron to speak with Fr. Paul, an opportunity personally offered by Fr. Paul, himself. Fr. Paul had not yet "gone to Rome", and "proposing" recourse and naming his advocate at this point still means nothing since Archbishop Apuron still could have intervened and offered to work out an alternative. He did not.

The naming of an advocate, however, appears to have shaken the Archbishop because a few days later, Msgr. David C. Quitugua, the Vicar General, writes Fr. Paul in behalf of Archbishop Apuron with an astounding claim:
I am responding to your recent letter of July 28, 2013, in which you have stated that you are “proposing the recourse to the author of the decree…noting that in your letter of July 22, 2013, you had “asked for the revocation of the decree removing [you] from [your] office as pastor.” In response, it must first of all be noted that the letter sent to you by Archbishop Anthony on July 16, 2013…was not a decree of removal from the office of pastor as you have claimed. Rather, this letter was…to”persuade the pastor to resign within fifteen days….” Since no decree has, in fact, yet been issued removing you from the office of pastor of Santa Barbara Church, there is no basis in law for the proposal of a recourse by you…”
So the Vicar General (in behalf of the Archbishop) says that Fr. Paul has no grounds to pursue canonical recourse because he was not officially removed from his office even though he was officially removed from his office (by virtue of the appointment of Fr. Dan Bien).

This would be hysterically funny if it was not also so tragic as it reveals the disastrous level of either ineptitude or malignity of the men who run our Catholic archdiocese. Either the Archbishop and the Vicar General are simply horribly inept or they are willing to sink to the most staggering level of lies. (You decide.)

By the way, how do you like that "persuade the pastor to resign" when the language of the letter reads: resign or face "a more arduous and painful closure to your assignment." Wow. Get that? "Persuade!"

Then, on 8/20/13, Archbishop Apuron is presented with a formal Motion to restore Fr. Paul to his office as pastor. Bear in mind that Fr. Paul's case has still not "gone to Rome." In the Motion, Fr. Dacanay lays out the evidence of the case and requests the Archbishop to reconsider. 

This is another "come to me" moment. The Archbishop's response? A letter to Fr. Paul accusing him of everything all over again and giving him the required 15 days to respond.

Now, this is where we see why some call the Chancery "The Three Stooges". The Vicar General stated in his letter of August 2 that the Archbishop's letter to Fr. Paul of July 16 was a request to respond within 15 days. Obviously it wasn't because the Archbishop himself is now issuing that request over a month later. So either they lied about the first "request" or they tragically do not know what they are doing.

Fr. Paul, once again, responded to the false accusations of the Archbishop, and again asks to be restored to his office: ANOTHER "come to me" moment. The Archbishop's response? An official Decree of Removal.

So how many times, Archbishop, how many times did your son come to you? How many times did he ask you to reconcile? How many times did he ask you to reconsider? And yet you say "if only he would have come to me?" 

Wow. Still shaking my head...and so, now, are many others...many, many others. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


  1. Just an observation.

    Since the take over of the Pigo Cemetery, the Cemetery Chapel has not been kept clean.

    1. There are roaches and it is filthy. The floor is not even swept. When it was under Msgr. Benavente, the Chapel was always kept clean.
    2. Every 1st Friday of the month, there is rosary and mass said in the Chapel. Sad thing is, now, we have to stand throughout the rosary and the mass. When it was under Msgr. Benavente, the Chapel would be lined with folding chairs for those who came.
    3. Jessica Blas does not dress properly for someone who is in charge. Under Msgr Benavente, the workers where in uniform and the secretary was always dressed in a presentable manner.

    Jessica my dear heart, get on the ball! You are being paid to see that things are done in an orderly fashion. Keep the cemetery clean! Keep the inside of the Chapel clean! Bring out those chairs for the evening rosary and mass on the 1st of every month! There are some manamkos who need to sit. Earn your keep.

    Do not say that there is no fund. Under the guidance of Msgr Benavente, the Cemetery was in tip top shape.

    BTW, why is the mass at Pigo at 3PM instead of 4PM? Heard that AAA is saying the mass in Agat..Where is Birdie (Alberto)? Did he go back to the Canary Islands to ring in the Jewish New Year?

    Please remember not to put in your donations at any of the cemeteries.


Archbishop Apuron,

From March 30, 1999 to March 29, 2002, Joseph B. Lastimoza performed the same duties at Santa Barbara Church under YOUR purview that you fired Fr. Paul Gofigan for permitting him to do between 2011 and 2013. But that wasn't the reason, was it? 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The Esperansa Project has posted its list of pro-life preferred candidates. 

The list is based on the legislative activities, statements, and actions of the candidates. The information was gathered from legislative records and from

Candidates are welcome to update their positions or make further comment on them via email to

See the full report at Download a PDF to take to the voting booth here.

Reminder: The Esperansa Project is dedicated specifically to advancing legal protections for the unborn and their mothers and supports electing candidates who support this end.


By Chuck White

The leaders and responsibles of the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam recently concluded what one member called their “Beginning of the Year Retreat.”  The retreat, or “convivence“, started on October 16, 2014 and ended on the afternoon of Sunday, October 19, 2014.


Monday, October 27, 2014


On Friday, October 24, 2014, Deacon Steve Martinez was removed by Archbishop Apuron as the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator (SARC) for the Archdiocese of Agana and replaced by Deacon Larry Claros. Deacon Martinez had some unfinished business that we hope Deacon Claros will now complete, and promptly. 

In  July of 2014, Deacon Martinez had reminded Archbishop Apuron that the Archdiocesan Policy on Sexual Misconduct requires the Archbishop to "promptly" notify the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator of any allegation of sexual misconduct. (Sec. IV.A.2.b.)

Deacon Martinez advised Archbishop Apuron that in the case of Fr. John Wadeson, it had recently been reported in the news that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles had contacted "Guam church officials about the sexual abuse accusations against Father John Wadeson in 2011", and that as the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator he was to be contacted "promptly". However, three years later, he had yet to be "contacted" by Archbishop Apuron.



From The Esperansa Project
OCTOBER 27, 2014

In our first two Voter Guides, we examined the records, statements, and actions of the senatorial candidates relative to the issue of abortion and pro-life legislation. 

Voter Guide No. 1 - For the office of senator: current and former senators

Voter Guide No. 2 - For the office of senator: new candidates

Today we examine the records of the two gubernatorial candidates in


Here is the response from Fr. Emanuel Schembri, O.C.D. to the letter sent by Chuck White regarding the petition to remove Fr. Pius from service in the Archdiocese of Agana.

From: "" <>
Date: Oct 25, 2014 11:46 PM
Subject: Petition re: Fr Pius Sammut
To: <>

Dear petitioners,
I have personally looked into the petitions presented both by those who believe that Fr. Pius Sammut, Discalced Carmelite, has a negative effect in the archdiocese of Agana (Guam) in his leadership role within the Neo-catechumenal Way, and those who cherish his presence and ministry in the archdiocese and elsewhere in the Pacific. The former carry over 300 signatories, and the latter over 1000.
At this point in time, one must remember also that as such the Neo-catechumenal Way and its statutes have been approved by St. John Paul II on May 11, 2008. Thus, as a Way within the Church and of the Church, the bishop is the Pastor responsible for the communities. Father General OCD, with regards Fr. Pius is well aware the he has served the Order for several years as Provincial in Malta, and his involvement as a dedicated Discalced Carmelite has been appreciated by his confreres in Malta throughout the years. It was with the permission of the then General of the Order and his Provincial, that Fr. Pius offered his services abroad.
Our Father Superior General has now passed on to me to reply to the request mailed to him, as Fr. Pius’ direct superior. This petition seems to be presented on the grounds of what one believes is happening (or happened) rather than objective reasoning. I have spoken to Fr. Pius on the matters presented, and keeping in mind that His Grace the Archbishop of Agana is appreciative of his presence and ministry, it results that there is no serious motive to accept the petition regarding his removal from his present ministry in Guam.
And finally, dear petitioners, we wish God’s blessings on you, your families and friends, on one and all. May the gift of reconciliation, with respect and love for one another, reign supreme.

With prayerful wishes,
Fr. Emanuel Schembri, O.C.D.
(Superior Provincial)

My response.

Dear Fr. Schembri,

Your order has just fallen greatly in my estimation, or at least the branch of it of which you are a part. No wonder we have people like Pius floating around, you don't even know that John Paul II DIED in 2005, yet you have him approving the "statutes" (It's Statute, by the way) of the Neocatechumenal Way IN 2008! Apparently you don't even know who the pope was in 2008. What a mess.

And check out this stupid statement:

This petition seems to be presented on the grounds of what one believes is happening (or happened) rather than objective reasoning. 

DUH! "Objective reasoning" is what we were asking YOU to do. The point of the petition was to ask you to consider the problem and OBJECTIVELY examine it. But the extent of your investigation is (AND THIS IS AMAZING): speaking with the Archbishop who is bigger problem, speaking with Pius who IS the problem, and noting that the other side had more signers (which consisted mostly of people's kids). HUH!

Well, Fr. Schembri, we gave you a chance to show some integrity and at least a modicum of intelligence. But you have failed at both. Now you have forced our hand. The explosion of division in this archdiocese can be directly traced to Pius' arrival in this diocese, and we will hold you personally responsible. Keep your eye on the news.

By the way, do yourself a favor and have someone who knows who was pope in 2008 write your letters (or did Adrian write this one too?).

Tim Rohr
(No Title and don't need one.)

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Okay, we're about 150,000 views away from 1.5 million which is where I said I wanted this to be over. I'm doing my part. You do yours.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Deacon Steve Martinez removed as Sex Abuse Response Coordinator for Archdiocese of Agana. Replaced by Deacon Larry Claros.

Well now, that didn't take long, did it Archbishop? Will Deacon Larry be investigating the cases in which you have been named? Guess the "meeting" didn't go so well. You think Larry is going to cover your ___? John, are you seeing this? The gig is up. Time to leave town. Take Pius. Harold, too. It's going to all come out. It's time. You destroyed that family. How many others?


Firstly, thank the Holy Spirit for another wonderful day!  

We need to understand that the Archbishop does not and will not abide by any rules from wherever they come.  This is a "Holy War"!  We cannot continue to ask him - "Please Mr. Archbishop, would you step down, you are hurting us".  We will force him down!  I'm in!  Are you?

Manainahu, my father's father was killed by the japanese during the 2nd World War.  They stayed in an encampment in Ma-e-mong, he and his brothers.  He was always reading and learning something new pretty much every day that I grew up on Guam. - And I always thought he was the brightest on the planet.  I don't tell him that too often because that means sitting and listening to his stories for no less than an hour to two.  He knew the ravages of war and I am sure you do!  This is one more WAR!  You need to fight and not be courteous, polite, apologetic, and deferring.  DO NOT WAIT FOR HIS ANSWERS - YOU MAKE THE ANSWERS!

For the young people, this is your island!  You need to save it and its Church!  Use your tech skills and be creative.  We need global pickup!


I wish I knew the name for anonymous who suggested tying a white ribbon to your car antennas; PLEASE continue to do so!

Except for Tim, Tommy Tanaka, and a small number of others who put their names in print, one can feel solo.  I give you my name, please give me your name.

I've since contacted MSNBC with Rachel Maddow, The National Catholic Reporter, The National Catholic Register, EWTN, and Catholic Culture.Org.  Please help me, and flood the two email addresses to be listed to please "Pick Up the Story on Guam".  Attn: Rachel Maddow  Attn: Amy Smith

Spoke again with SNAP yesterday and they assured me they are on it!

Apuron is showing signs of desperation and is already trying to pre-empt anything that could "pop" out.  Haha!  He hasn't seen this chamorro guy in a very long time and this chamorro has taken after his dad!

So Tim - The Rohrshock Rock, Tommy Tanaka, Frenchie, and all the others - "Let's Do This Thing"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John's video message
Archbishop does the money dance

Note: Rather than view John's video on this blog it is better to go to John's own You Tube post as he has some additional notes there. For those who take offense to this, I wasn't going to post it until I heard what happened yesterday. Plus, I will post what people take personal responsibility for and he's not some "David Mills from New York." But you can thank David Mills for this anyway.


In Gofigan case, wrong cleric removed

Print out. Make copies. Share. Educate others.


By coincidence (?), today is the feast of St. Antony Mary Claret (1807-1870). Guam could use someone like him just now.

He was born at Sallent in Catalonia. After becoming a priest he spent several years preaching to the people throughout Catalonia and also in the Canary Islands.

Returning to Spain, he established a missionary order, and founded a great religious library and publishing house in Barcelona which published millions of cheap copies of ancient and modern Catholic works.

In 1851 the Pope appointed him Bishop of Santiago de Cuba. The diocese was in a terrible state and everything needed reform and renewal.

He reorganised the seminary, enforced clerical discipline, and regularised thousands of marriages. He built a hospital and many schools. This was not done without opposition and he was the subject of fifteen assassination attempts.

Recalled to Spain in 1857 by Queen Isabella II to act as her confessor, he did further great work for the Church. His health began to fail, and he died at the Cistercian abbey at Fontfroide.

Learn more about this saint at The Life of Saint Antony Mary Claret.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Now that the Archdiocese has "erected" the St. John Paul the Great Seminary in Malojloj, I would be happy to say "you're welcome", but no one from the seminary as yet has said "thank you". In the spirit of charity and good sport, however, I'll give them a "You're welcome" anyway.

Let's review why a "You're welcome" from me is appropriate.

Since 1999, the Catholics of Guam were told that the Redemptoris Mater Seminary was "for Guam". In fact, a 2010 publication celebrating itself declared the seminary to be "A Miracle for Guam." In the publication we are told that the seminary was both diocesan and missionary. There's nothing unique about that, the Church by its nature is "missionary". 

So, no problem. The people of Guam continued to pour lots of money into the seminary thinking all the time that it was their seminary and it was producing priests for Guam. It did occur to some that there were a disproportionate amount of foreigners coming to the seminary. But since we were told that they were coming to serve the Church in Guam, most figured "no problem". 


The following was relayed to me this morning and the person gave me permission to retell it:

I was invited to go to a Neocatechumenal Way meeting by my friend who told me that if I would go she would approve my loan, so I went.

Fr. Pius was conducting the meeting and he was "yelling" at people shouting "Why are you here?"

Several people answered because they were "broken" or "sinners", etc.

Then he pointed at me and shouted the question. I didn't think at first that he was pointing at me so I didn't answer. Then he came closer and shouted "Why are you here?"

I said "Me?" He yelled "Yes. Why are you here?" I stood up and pointed to my friend who had invited me and said "Because she said she would approve my loan."

Pius shouted "Sit down!" Then I left.


Fighting evil in the Church is nothing new. In fact, that is where Christ warned us where we'd find it. (Mt. 24:15) We shouldn't be surprised. Satan hates Jesus Christ. And while he can't attack Christ directly, he does attack his Bride. 

To give some perspective to what we're going through, recently we canonized a pope who unknowingly protected and assisted the very growth of the "filth in the church" that his successor finally confronted and dismantled. 

One of Pope John Paul II's most favored and protected groups was the Legionaries of Christ, and he often bestowed great words of blessing and encouragement on its founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel. 

It was easy to see why. At a time when vocations around the Catholic world were vastly declining, Maciel built a veritable empire of vocations. No one was producing more priests than Fr. Marcial Maciel and because of it, he was elevated to a special place of personal favor by Pope John Paul II. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


By Chuck White

Upon joining the Neocatechumenal Way, Kiko Arguello says that “Jesus will put mud in your eyes so that you will sense that you are a sinner, so that you may discover that you are dirty.” 

In a classic example of his many half-truths,  Kiko Arguello twists a familiar bible story of Jesus curing a blind man (John 9) in order to explain a basic principle of the Neocatechumenal Way’s  post-baptismal catechumenate.  


Also, go here for a complete list of related articles by Chuck White on the Neocatechumenal Way.