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PATTI: "Everything that came out from the chancery after the Louie Camacho thing is ABSOLUTE BULL!"



Aut Caesar, aut nihil*

LOL! Poor Thing Diana. So pathetically inept on all fronts. Hilarious! The restriction so clearly DOES NOT SAY that the property should be used as a seminary. Anyone can see that from reading it. But then the Thing Diana doesn't read. "She" only repeats what Pius the Putrid and Adrian the Inane tell "her" to write. 

But beyond the pathetic Thing Diana's usual drivel, the construction of the deed restriction is a true masterpiece of a land grab. It has to rank right up there with one of the most clever heists ever. So clever in fact, I'm sure Adrian and Apuron had nothing to do with it except to say "yes sir, yes sir, three black trash bags full sir" to their Neocatechumenal Master: the one and only Giuseppe Gennarini.

Gennarini is one clever former (?) communist. Pay careful attention to how the deed restriction  was written. Here is an exact copy of the restriction:

Here is the link to the full document.

It truly is masterful. I have renewed respect for Giuseppe Gennarini. He's no ordinary crook. 

Note that the deed dedicates the property, "to and for the use" of RMS, A non-profit corporation. Note that the deed only requires that the property be used by RMS. It does not require what the property is to be USE FOR!

Let me restate that: 

The deed restriction restricts WHO can use the property. It does NOT RESTRICT WHAT the property is to be used FOR. 

Understand that RMS is a legally constituted Guam corporation. Currently its founding documents say that it is incorporated to form priests "according to the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way." However, like any corporation, its articles of incorporation can be amended. Tomorrow, the RMS board of directors could vote to change the  purpose of RMS to something entirely different, even if it keeps the same name.

In fact, it is easy to see, given Kiko's penchant for the impressive and luxurious (e.g. the Domus Galilaeae) that he (via Gennarini) may have designs on turning the former hotel into a Neocatechumenal Mecca, the Domus Galilaeae of the East, raking in millions from neocat groupies who will journey here on pilgrimage to pay homage to a statute of Apuron the Benefactor, sleep in rooms adorned with Kiko art, buy Kiko trinkets in the hotel's gift shop, and visit the special room marked "Presbyter Louie slept here." 

So how's that! A money-making mega enterprise right there in little old Yona, gifted entirely free of charge by Apuron the Benefactor to the Beast. 

Masterful, Maestro Gennarini, truly masterful. You make your ancestors, the Borgia's, look like the Mickey Mouse club. 

And as for The Diana's saying "there was no transfer," I believe "she" is wise to keep her identity hidden since "she" is practicing law in Guam without a license and that will land "her" in jail. Meanwhile, let's copy here the decision of a real attorney:

Go here for the full document.

Note: the "subject restraint in use" is ONLY that it be "for the use of the REDEMPTORIS MATER ARCHDIOCESAN MISSIONARY SEMINARY OF GUAM." There is NO "subject restraint" as to what the RMS can use it for. Just like Gennarini planned it - and groomed Apuron to deliver. 

* The picture at the top is the coat of arms of the House of Borgia. The translation is "Either a Caesar or nothing." 


  1. I don't know if Pope Francisco is waiting until the moment Kiko will die...I only know Kiko is called the "Secular Pope". When I started the Way, in the 80's in Spain, we were looked as sectarians by the great catholic people, bishops over all. We had to beg help asking lots of priests if someone at least will celebrate the eucharist, for petitential celebrations, for the convivences...to find a place where to celebrate some neo communities at the same time. The attitude to do it was to supplicate, by the time it was near an impossible mission. Then there weren't any Redemptoris Mater priests and it took some large years to have first seminarians "walking" into communities. My community had six seminarians at all, from different places (the most from Latinamerican countries).                                 

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Vindication with the revelation from the Concerned Catholics of Guam 
The Concerned Catholics of Guam reveals proof that Archbishop Anthony Apuron gave away a multi-million dollar diocesan property to the Neocatechumenal Way sect. With Greg Perez, President CCOG.

Vindication with the revelation from the Concerned Catholics of Guam that the archbishop gave away a multi-million dollar church property to a controversial religious sect. With Tim Rohr

Group may sue after lawyer says church no longer owns former hotel
The former Accion Hotel, worth tens of millions of dollars before an anonymous donor donated it to the Archdiocese of Agana almost a decade ago, is no longer an asset of the local Catholic church, according to a Guam law firm retained recently by Concerned Catholics of Guam Inc.

Help the CCOG raise funds to get the property back: 


Rodrigo has left a new comment on your post "EXPELLED NEOCAT, LAPAZ, VERIFIES OUR VIEW OF CHAPU...": 

Lapaz states in her post the two main reasons why I think the ncw is wrong. 

First, the liturgical issue, which I think is the least bad thing and could eventually be corrected after stubborn kiko dies and the new leaders will finally be forced to obey.

But the second issue is definetely worse and should be considered a crime, and that is the psycologycal harm the ncw does to people. 

Lapaz and I are good friends, even though she lives in Europe and I live in Mexico. We both have experienced very similar abuses inside our communities. I am not authorized to tell the full story of Lapaz, but I can tell you she is an extraordinary human being, a very brave person and a beautiful soul, and what she has gone through with her cathechists is despicable. These sons of bitches should be in jail for what they caused, take my word for it. To illustrate this point, Lapaz just commented that this dude (one of kiko's 12) mocked her and expelled her from the Catholic Church. He literally, with no authority whatsoever, excommunicated her! These people are something else, and the worst thing is that these things are happening in many places, and if boot licking bishops such as Apuron, OMalley and Chaput keep bowing to kiko, he will be empowered to continue his abuse inside the Church.

This things, such as what happened to Lapaz, need to be known everywhere. Kiko has to be stopped. 


LAPAZ has left a new comment on your post "CHUCK TO CHAPUT: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKIN...": 

Hello from Spain, I use to write with pseudonym LAPAZ in Cruxsancta blog about my experience of more than 20 years in the Neocatechumenal Way. I was expelled by one of the 12 Cefas, the 12 elected around Kiko, Carmen and Mario like Christ's apostles. The reason given was my negative to obey the catechists over my well formed conscience. I had finished the Way with my neocat community some time before being expelled. And more, that priest (one of the 12 Cefas) expelled me from the Catholic Church while shouting me among my brothers and sisters "in the Name of Jesus, son of David, I expelled you, Devil, go out of this saint assembly"...Dramatic! I was only able to respond I was going to visit my Bishop, then he was Cardinal Rouco, and that priest started to laugh out loud "go....go....I have just been with Rouco today for lunch, run, run and look for Rouco to tell everything!". 

Cardinal Rouco was in "a marriage of convenience" with Kiko, as everybody in Spain could noticed some years after, when Kiko started showing his power each Family Day's Mass with his neocats in Madrid, carrying people even on bus from the Way in Polland to Spain and from other places in Europe, to make President Zapatero (socialist) an exhibition of political preasure. Disgusting...

Cardinal Chaput has played the role that Kiko wants...to be a perfect marionette. Anything new...Kiko loves using bishops and cardinals, parrishes and priests not to make the catholic faith growing up, but the neocat faith, not the universal Church, but his neocat idea of neocat Church...a community of communities, neocat, of course.
The Way moves a lot of money in "envelopes" from the infinite "bag of filth". The Way is money...money for a parish, for the head of the parish just for allowing the Way to land there, money for the priests who service their neocat mass, money for the dioceses, money for everything! And all just for one thing: allow the Way to start the new evangelization, that is, allow new neocat communities grow up. 

The thing is the Way in Europe is dead...whatever Kiko does in America now, for example, he had already did the same in Europe. The only communities which grow in Europe are plenty of the son's of the son's of the first communities, but nobody from the "normal" people from the parishes. The middle age in new born communities is 13-14-15 years old. And Kiko has invented a lot of methods to try to successfully rearrange, but failed. 
It's the high prize he has to pay to be so servile of power and influence...common people, even secular, know "the kikos" as much sectarian as the Mormons and the Yeovah's Witnesses. 

See what happened in Rome last July with Kiko in Family's Day. That is the common and extended feeling about the kikos in all Europe. 

By the chance, I would like to ask Bishop Chaput what does he really think about drinking milk with honey in the eucharistic celebration, just a few minutes after drinking the Blood of Jesuschrist, as the communities which have ended the Way do each day during the fifty Easter days. So, I would like to ask him so many things neocats do when they close the door...What I really think is Mr. Chaput doesn't know about a 10% of the things done by neocats, because in the Way people are trained to hide the most for "foreigner's eyes" and behave like being good boys! Greetings from Spain! Here I link Cruxsancta with Guam and the problem with Apuron.



The following comments are all from the same guy. So since he wants so badly to be heard I thought I'd give him his own post.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "TODAY'S "SILENT" PROTEST HAS A NEW MESSAGE!": 
The division s the people on this blog who continues to fight against the local ordinary. Truly sad that people are outside protesting during mass, rather than attending the mass. Stop dividing and start adding more to the mass. 
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "TODAY'S "SILENT" PROTEST HAS A NEW MESSAGE!": 
Next topic for the blog is the 1st foundation anniversary mass, the feast of Saint John Paul II and the Installations of Junee Valencia to acolyte on October 22. You are all invited but oh wait. Instead of supporting the seminary, Tim says its only a scam to shut people up. Instead of being happy for the seminarian and helping them, Tim tells them it's a way to shut them up and that their formation is a fraud and that they should go to Fiji. Haha. The seminarians are happy. Let us be happy for them. This is what start the division, all the drama. Just because you don't like it and its not your way. Haha 
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CHUCK TO CHAPUT: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKIN...": 
Lol. Looks like the capuchin bishops have some part in the Neos. Even the capuchins in the Philippines are Neos as well. With regards to the bishops being neo. So what! Maybe the capuchins on Guam should follow suit and be Neos. I bet the people will follow suit as well if Eric Forbes pushes it. But wait, he's always off island. Don't forget. Party in the Bay Area. 
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THOMAS TANAKA & PETER ONEDERA WEIGH IN": 
Fr. Blockley, you are a disgrace to the priesthood who keeps insisting to persuade the catholic faithful of Guam to go against the church of Guam. Rather than being a humble servant and a true priest, you continue to cause harm and division in the island and to the diocese that you are not part of. 

Protesting during Mass? What Mass. The bishop belongs to a cult that teaches Jesus is a sinner. There's no Mass.

Seminary, what seminary? Tell me one class that is taught at the JP2 seminary? LOL. Oh, but all that matters is that the seminarians are happy. Never mind that they don't learn anything. That's obvious from the product.

So jealous of Fr. Eric. Adrian, is that you. I can tell you this. The one way to enrage the majority of Catholics on this island and many more elsewhere, especially Chamorro Catholics is to try to take down Fr. Eric. Few priests have served the people more or better. Adrian, you should have learned this by now. But for the record. Fr. Eric, and every other Capuchin, has NO duty to the diocese other than what they choose. Capuchins are a religious order who have their own Superior who is NOT the bishop. This is how the Neo's should have organized themselves since their Superior is NOT the bishop either. But then, oh wait, they wouldn't have access to diocesan dollars. 

LOL. Go "against the church of Guam"????? Who has been desecrating our liturgies and sacred spaces with their heresies? Who has been teaching that Jesus Christ is a sinner? Who has been lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering the reputations of good priests? 

And who has been violating the bodies of innocent, little....

Best pack your bags. Fast.

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Like Apuron, Archbishop Chaput is a Capuchin. Like Apuron, he is also discredit to the Capuchins because he also a Kiko. And, like Apuron, he apparently knows nothing of the early Church. 

  1. Even the Bishops are learning from the WAY!
    There is no group in the church today that reflects the life of the Acts of the Apostles better than the Neocatechumenal Way,' Archbishop Chaput said to the communities gathered in the arena. 'When the bishops and the lay faithful look at you, they learn how to be the Church;

Dear Archbishop Chaput,

With all due respect, I can think of at least 3 ways in which the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way departs greatly from that of the early Christians:

1) Early Christian communities were composed of people at all stages of Christian growth, and they regularly welcomed newcomers, catechumens, into their midst. In the Neocatechumenal Way, on the other hand, communities are closed and all members of given community walk in lock-step through set stages after being judged by catechists. Newcomers are put into “younger” communities. The early Church did NOT do this.

2) The primitive Church certainly had catechists within their communities, but these catechists submitted to the authority of their bishops (episcopos). The Neocatechumenal Way, on the other hand, has established an independent, global hierarchy of catechists, with Kiko at their head. The early Church had nothing like this.

3) The catechumenate in the early Church lasted only a few years, while members of the Neocatechumenal Way are locked into a series of stages that lasts several decades.

Chuck White

One wonders if Chaput was made to sit on a chair in front of his community and forced to say publicly how many times he masturbated by Pius the Putrid (real stuff, folks), if he'd still spout this pandering garbage. 

The truth is Kiko's "vocations" (aka "immigrant scam") has made Chaput a superstar bishop, which is why Chaput elsewhere said "gimme more, gimme more," begging Kiko to send him more migrants for his pathetic episcopal resume. Only thing is, Chaput is smarter than Apuron: at least he got an advancement out of it while Apuron is made to shut up and sit down by his babysitters. 

Chuck (politely) knocks Chaput on the head, but I'm going to add a little more. 

Chaput says, "there is no group in the church today that reflects the life of the Acts of the Apostles better than the Neocatechumenal Way." LOL. He doesn't seem to know it, but that's an insult. 

The church during the Acts of the Apostles was an infant church. It was supposed to grow up. It did. But Kiko, with the help of the likes of Apuron, Chaput, and O'Money (O'Malley), wants to recreate the infant church so he can treat you all like nurslings and force you to pay for every suck from his neocatechumenal teat. 

Chaput then says, "When the bishops and the lay faithful look at you, they learn how to be the Church." MORE LOL. Do you all see what has become of Apuron and every other member of the clergy who has suckled up and "learned how to be the Church" from this bag of disease? 

Have a nice day. 

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The parishes are receiving thousands of dollars in bills from a French publishing company for something they did not order: the Jubilee book, i.e. Apuron's legacy in hardcover.

 A "foreign guy" is personally delivering the bills. 

Pastors (except for Apuron's pets) are being caught off guard. They had no input into this. The "foreign guy" is simply showing up at parish offices and presenting the bill.

Apparently this is the punishment for those "bad pastors" who did not "meet their quota" for the Appeal.  

Obviously this STINKS of NEO. 


Rudy, let me help you out. Try posting at a different time so you're not so easy to spot. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "FOUR HOURS OF IDOLATRY": 
All 1those young people!! you old people from CCOG will be gone soon, no worries. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "LIARS": 
Jealousy..... People who have no LIFE will always try start Drama in yours, jungle Monkeys ccog hahahaha 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CAPTION THIS": 
That was a nice picture of the bishop, better then that picture of Tim with a cigar in his mouth, ,Or was that a cigar ? I think I will have a drink. LOL!! 


The Kiko's posted this on their official Neo website:

The problem is the Wells Fargo Center arena in Philadelphia only holds:


Miracles happen: Faith Andrew Quitugua Bamba


"Apuron and your sect has wreaked enough havoc on our church. Apuron, please drop Kiko and his minions and preserve what little respect you have left." - Thomas Tanaka

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CNN: Gay priest to be stripped of duties at Vatican

Monsignor Krysztof Charamsa is a small piece of loose thread, and with a few small tugs, the whole thing could come unraveled. Let's hope so.

  1. Fr.Matthew Blockley.October 6, 2015 at 12:01 PM
    What is interesting to me Tim is that Monsignor Charamsa is a personal friend of Tony. Tony was feeding information into the CDF through this very source. Charamsa became friends with Tony as far back as 2005. I'm sure in a short time we learn more details about this.

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Good news. The good owners of Java Junction in Hagatna have agreed to facilitate the distribution of good Catholic books. If you would like a copy of any of the books I promote just message me and I will leave however many copies you'd like at Java Junction. Payment can be left there when you pick them up. And while you're there, sit down and enjoy their coffee. 


Tune in to THE BUZZ this Wednesday, 6:30on KUAM, Channel 8. Teri Untalan and Mae Ada will be on with Jesse Lujan. LOOK OUT!


And that's bad news for Kiko...and Apuron.


For those who were sexually abused as minors on Guam, civil action against their abusers is probably not possible so long as the statute of limitations is not again lifted. However, it appears that there is nothing to prevent a "Church trial."

Pope promises Church trial against alleged Spanish sex abuser

More to come.