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On 10/8/19, Bob Klitzkie - on his radio show TALL TALES - noted that the current public feud between Michael San Nicolas, Guam's Delegate to the U.S. Congress, and Lou Leon Guerrero, Guam's current governor, may go back to November 2013. (It occurs just after the top of the 2nd hour.)

On November 14, 2013, San Nicolas took on Guam's shameful culture of abortion - as championed by the current governor (since at least 1990) - when he went "off script" (i.e. the Democrat pro-abortion platform), and gave an impassioned speech in support of legislation which required "proper life-saving or life-sustaining treatment" for children who survive an abortion.

The bill had been vehemently opposed by our now-current governor (then-President of Bank of Guam) at a public hearing on October 10, 2013.

Leon Guerrero argued that with this bill, the Legislature was intruding on "the discretion, the responsibly, the acumen and the judgement of (the) Medical Professional…who is more equipped to make (these) decisions." (See Full Committee Report here.)

The bill was not about abortion. It was about infanticide. The child survives the abortion and is alive on the abortion table. The decision then is whether to kill the child, leave it to die, or provide medical care normally given to any other child struggling for life once born.

Bill 195-32 argued that a child, born alive, has the same right to life and normal medical care as any other child. However, Leon Guerrero argued that only medical professionals can make that decision.

San Nicolas' support of the Bill 195-32 pushed the bill to a vote:

Ten senators voted to let the baby live. Five senators voted to let the baby die. The bill was signed into law by Governor Calvo as PL 32-090

Given that this was about killing a child outside the womb and not inside, the bill brought into focus the hideousness that is abortion. There is little doubt that this bill, along with the steady stream of other bills brought to bear on the abortion industry by the The Esperansa Project, has resulted in the complete shutting down of an abortion industry on Guam which once killed 600 babies a year*, most of them Chamorro. 

* "Let me tell you, at the rate Guam Memorial Hospital is aborting children, between 400-600 a year, and most of them are not even reported. Where are the lives that we are going to protect and preserve? Here we go talking about indigenous rights and self-determination. What good is all that if we don't have our followers to follow and enjoy the fruits of our labor, of this generation's labor, of your labor and my labor to fix this island and have autonomous rights to govern our people?" Senator Elizabeth Arriola - quoted in: Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology, pg. 372, edited by Shirley Hume, Gail M. Nomura

And given the current governor's QUEST, and use of the public's resources, to find a "medical professional" to come to Guam to continue to kill mostly Chamorro babies (since no local doctor will do it), perhaps LLG has not forgotten MSN's  2013 "off script" finger to the face to his own Party power brokers. Speaking truth to power always has a price. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

PDN: "Capuchins...more Guam sex abuse claims"

Many Catholics on Guam want to grant an exception to the Capuchins. "We have an 'Capuchin' parish," they say. But they forget. Apuron was a Capuchin. And he learned his filthy trade early. And he was NOT ALONE. 

Capuchins, Boy Scouts offer confidential amounts to settle more Guam sex abuse claims

Capuchin Franciscans and the Boy Scouts of America offered confidential amounts to settle additional Guam clergy sex abuse claims, which are still subject to court approval. CONTINUED

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Last week, we did a post titled THE CRISTOBAL FACTOR. The post was motivated by an sudden uptick in the page views of a 2016 story about Adrian Cristobal's rejection of his being assigned to San Dionisio Parish in Umatac by Archbishop Hon, the Vatican-assigned Administrator. As we hadn't heard anything from or about Cristobal in awhile, we were curious as to the sudden surge in traffic. 

As some know, Cristobal, the bully who happily helped oust Fr. Paul Gofigan and Msgr. James Benavente, ran away - just like Apuron - at the first mention of an abuse allegation against him. And like Apuron, remains in hiding. Yesterday, there was news about Cristobal in the PDN: 

Archdiocese sends to Vatican Father Cristobal's case on alleged sex abuses of minors

To be continued

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Our "page views" have always told us a lot - and indeed - have been the main driver of this blog, which we now know eventually led to not just the overthrow of an evil bishop, but opened up the dark perverted recesses that have led directly to the heart of the Vatican. 

So why would a post from 2016 (per our page view stats) be getting the second most VIEWS this week...(September, 2019)?

Could it be an upcoming trial scheduled for November? 

By "The Way"....where is he?

Monday, September 9, 2019


In the first installment of this series, I noted that the bishops at Vatican II (for the most part) "partied, drank, and signed" where the "Periti" (the theological experts) told them to.

The point is, that while Ben 16, et al. may want to blame the 60's and its so-called "sexual revolution" ... the "Church" (aka, it's Leadership) has...

NO AUTHORITY to blame "The World."

Jesus Christ, God, Himself, Incarnate, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, SMOTE himself upon the Wood of the Cross and leaked every last ounce of HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD into the DIRT of Golgatha - that we might have every power "in Heaven and on Earth" to OVERCOME THE WORLD.

Thus, we, ESPECIALLY CATHOLICS, and ESPECIALLY our BISHOPS, have NO RIGHT to BLAME "THE WORLD," which the Lord, Himself said that we "are the light of..." (Mt 5:14). 


WE, Catholics, like no others, have the power of THE BODY, BLOOD, SOUL and DIVINITY -  of OUR DEALY BELOVED, LORD,  JESUS CHRIST, CRUCIFIED - to OVERCOME this sordid, pathetic, shameful, little "World." 

How dare we blame this temporal, diabolical diversion from the stupid, sex-soaked 60's for the FILTH IN THE CHURCH, when in fact it was the FILTH IN THE CHURCH which gave us "the stupid, sex-soaked 60's and the "sexual revolution" in the first place?

What don't these pretty Prelates get? 

But then BAD bishops...and priests...started with Judas...and, 

...Jesus picked him.


Sunday, September 8, 2019


Recently, both Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and our own archbishop (of Agana, who was probably just echoing Benedict) have lain at least part of the blame - for what Benedict himself once called “the filth in the Church” - at the feet of “The Sexual Revolution.”

Reuters reported that Benedict wrote:

“Among the freedoms that the Revolution of 1968 sought to fight for was this all-out sexual freedom, one which no longer conceded any norms.”

As much as I love and respect Benedict 16 (and our new archbishop), Ben 16 must be fingered as one of the progenitors of the problem which he now wants to criticize at age 91.

Several years before 1968, and "Woodstock (1969), there was Vatican II (1961),  the Original Revolution.

Now, hang on, hear me out. I'm not the Latin Mass reactionary that some think I am (I don't even attend the only Latin Mass available on Guam - for reasons I may reveal someday).

Ben 16 himself said that he participated in throwing out the "schema" of John 23 on the FIRST day of the Council.

I copy here part of a column I wrote for the Umatuna, and titled "The Lost Synod,"  published on 3/3/13:

Pope Benedict is one of the last living major figures who was present at the Council and he has spent much of his pontificate orienting the church towards its true meaning. Thus, the news that he would be holding an informal “chat” (as he called it) about the Council just days before retirement, had the air of a sort of “tell all” - a sharing of thoughts not normally shared in the otherwise careful and restrictive world of papal statements.

The pope did not disappoint - and left us much upon which to reflect. But the comment which caught my attention was his passing reference to the “Roman Synod”. It caught my attention because the Roman Synod is rarely if ever referenced by church authorities, and is considered by some to be a “lost synod” - erased, actually.

According to the Italian historian, Romano Amerio, there is no trace of the texts of the Roman Synod in any diocesan curias or archives, and can only be found in secular libraries. (1) Given the significance of the Synod, it’s erasure from church records is a clue to why disorientation appears to plague the legacy of the Council to this day.

The Roman Synod was convened by Pope John XXIII in January, 1960. It was meant to be the “solemn forerunner of the larger gathering (Vatican II) which it was meant to prefigure and anticipate” (2), and at which, the schema, the plans for the Council, as prepared by the pope’s preparatory commission, were finalized and promulgated.

According to Amerio, Pope John believed the Council would be completed in a couple of months. The pope’s hope for a speedy council was prompted by his belief that his preparatory commission had adequately prepared the schema for the Council. Thus the Council itself would be a rather simple and straightforward affair of fleshing out the schema and ratifying the final documents. “Over by Christmas”, said the Pope on October 11, 1962, the first day of the Council. (3)

Of course the Council was NOT “over by Christmas” nor the next, nor the next. The Council carried on for three years during which Pope John died. But it could be said that his plans for the Council died first. For as Amerio recounts, and Benedict reflects, the bishops’ first order of business at the Council was to set aside every one of the prepared schema, effectively negating nearly two year’s of work by the pope’s preparatory commission and nullifying all that he promulgated at the Roman Synod. (4)

In fact, as if to emphasize that this was their Council (the bishops) and NOT the pope’s, Amerio records that not only was the Synod never referenced in any Council document,  every trace of it was deleted from church archives. It was treated, as Amerio says, “tanquam non fuerit” (“as if it had never been”). (5)

Throwing the pope’s agenda in the trash is a pretty profound way to commence an ecumenical council, especially one of the size and impact of Vatican II. However, even Pope Benedict saw this as a good thing. In his “chat”, Benedict labeled the Roman Synod a “negative model” - a view which implies that he saw the tossing of its texts overboard (even if they did contain the papal desires) a sign that the Holy Spirit was present at the Council from the beginning.

In short, the Council, immediately upon convening, unmoored itself from the pope who had convened it. And while such an action may well be evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding the Council beyond the mere wishes of a particular pope, it calls into question the credibility of those who insist that the effects of the Council were envisioned by John XXIII. As we just saw, and as Benedict affirmed, they were not.

In fact, not only did the final documents of the Council NOT embody Pope John’s vision as promulgated at the Roman Synod, according to Amerio, the papal agenda “was contradicted and negated in almost every detail.” (6) Nowhere is this more obvious than in the liturgical legislation called for by Pope John at the Roman Synod.

Later, both John Paul II and Benedict XVI, would be warriors for "Tradition." However, at Vatican II, in the sex-soaked 60's, they were both young revolutionaries - members of the "Periti" - the theological "experts" who ran Vatican II while the bishops, descendants of the Apostles, partied, drank, and signed (remember: Judas was an Apostle) wherever the Periti told them to - for much less than "30 pieces of silver."


Friday, August 23, 2019

POST: Inquiry into Guam abortion doctor continues

Guam has over 300 doctors. If not one of our local doctors will perform abortions, then what does that say? And what is the Governor NOT hearing?

Bureau of Women’s Affairs Director Jayne Flores said her office has made inquiries with various associations to find an abortion doctor to serve the island.

She said the bureau has reached out to the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League and Creating a Clinician Corp (C3). CONTINUED


Sunday, August 18, 2019


I confess to not watching or listening to ANY local news. Perhaps it's because I WAS local news for too long of a time, and perhaps because it has cost me too much. Thus, for better or for worse, I have little interest in most of what goes on locally anymore. 

The only time I am aware of anything is when someone "tags" me in a post or sends me a link to something they think I may want to know about. Such was the case with a recent Kandit News post, wherein the host, spends most of the last half of the newscast addressing our "horrific" (the word was used by the Associated Press) clergy sex abuse scandal. 

Around 26 minutes or so into Kandit's newscast, the host, Troy Torres, plays Patti Arroyo's interview with me from a few days ago. And around 42:00, Mr. Torres talks a bit about his personal case against the archdiocese and notes that he believes that "at least as of 1994" there was a conspiracy between the Government of Guam and the local Catholic leadership to keep quiet in this diocese what Pope Benedict once called "the filth in the Church."

NOTE: Torres attempts to finger the "Calvo's," and his well known animosity towards that name is obviously at work here, but it wasn't the "Calvo's" who owned the house near San Francisco that Apuron was found hiding in January 2017.

Mr. Torres is probably right. As I pointed out in a recent address to the Rotary Club of Guam, stats show that as of 2013, when I did the research, Guam's "child maltreatment rate" (i.e. child abuse and neglect) was nearly double the national average. And as this sad fact is in the news almost daily, it's a fact we don't need a study to tell us about. 

So, the problem is NOT just "in the Church." But then nor is it just with Guam. National studies show that children who suffered abuse (usually sexual) were almost always abused by a family member or someone known to the family. 

However, with Guam, there is the multiplier effect that is the descendant of a culture (perhaps Spanish) that, in the interest of not bringing shame upon the family, "the family" chooses to shame the child and not the abuser (and especially if the abuser wore a collar or a mitre). 

This fact was attested to by a mother who tearfully testified at one of the public hearings for the bill to lift the civil statue of limitation on sex crimes against minors, confessing to not believing and even punishing her son who had told her what "Fr. Apuron" had done to him. A brother of the now-deceased victim later corroborated the story.

After Torres recounts a bit of his own case against the archdiocese, he quotes a certain archdiocesan official who, after labeling him a "moth...fu..." quotes the official as saying "...the archdiocese will not engage with you..., etc." Torres then proceeds with more profanity and more fun at the expense of the official, who "engaged" the very person he said the archdiocese would not "engage." 

I'm not sure if Kandit News (aka Troy Torres) learned this little trick from JungleWatch, but, back in the day, in our efforts to out Apuron and all the disease that was festering in the halls of the chancery, we did precisely what Kandit News did: provoked archdiocesan "officials" to respond. We then ran with those responses, put them on this blog, and ultimately, what they themselves said, led to their own downfall. 

Torres tell us that he wrote back to this "moth...fu.." etc. etc. etc. and he labeled the Catholic leadership "pedophiles and pedophile defenders." I've addressed this elsewhere, but so long as the really bad guys can keep us thinking that this is about "pedophiles," then they will keep us shooting at an enemy that is not there while the real enemy is already within the gates. 

In short, clinically "pedophilia" is a disorder wherein adults of either sex are inordinately attracted to prepubescent children (i.e. nine years old or less). However, as demonstrated by the 2002 John Jay College of Criminal Justice Study, only 6% of the clergy's victims were prepubescent. 94% were adolescents or older. In fact, 'seminarians" were reportedly the favorite sex partners of the now disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington D.C. and one of the Church's most influential prelates. You get the picture. While legally still "children," biologically, almost all of the victims were adults. 

But let me get on to the point of this post. 

In response to what the "moth...fu..." from the chancery wrote Mr. Torres, Torres proclaims that, though he had been going to Mass recently, he "obviously ain't going back to Mass, not in the Catholic Church, but however, that doesn't mean I've lost my faith in Christ, that doesn't mean I don't believe, I just need somewhere to go.

Here Torres gives voice to the real issue. For most of us, in our heart of hearts, we know we are going to die and face The Judgment. We know there is a Heaven and we know there is a Hell. But, even short of that, we at least know that we are loved by a "someone," and barring complete abdication of our hearts and minds to Satan, we are irresistibly drawn to that Love. Thus, St. Augustine wrote: "our hearts are restless O Lord until they rest in you."

What Torres is attempting to give voice to is man's deepest need: to WORSHIP. 

Torres can't be faulted for thinking he can do this in some other "church." Torres, like most Catholic kids even since I was in Catholic School (1969) have not only been filled with the most obscene crap under the guise of "religion class," but, like Torres, many of us (including me) were groomed as sex objects for at least two generations of satanic infiltrators. (Read Goodbye Good Men if you want to know more.)

But specifically to answer the quandary of Mr. Torres, since it is on the minds of so many (i.e. "I just need to go somewhere...") To go elsewhere is to let the Devil win. It doesn't matter how Satan separates you from the Body of Christ. It only matters that he does. 

At my recent address to the Rotary Club of Guam, I was asked pretty much the same question in other words, i.e. what do I say to people who are losing their faith over this. I was ready for the question only because I get it a lot. And my answer is ALWAYS: "You don't leave Jesus because of Judas," and that "bad priests (and bishops) started with Judas...and Jesus himself picked him!" 

I fleshed out my answer a bit by paraphrasing something the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen often said, i.e. that we can know the True Church by where Satan spends most of his time. I quipped that Satan isn't spending a lot of time on the Baptists these days. 

The bottom line is that Jesus said "DO THIS." And as far as I know, for better or worse, there is only one place where the "THIS" is done.

Friday, August 16, 2019


(Posted by Frenchie)

We have often shown how the Neo Leadership spends a lot of time and energy in selecting their potential candidates for the priesthood, and how they also use their knowledge of morally bankrupt clergy members, in order to use their savoir and network for the advancement of their Church within the Church, in exchange for protection, promotion and/or facilitation of their proclivities.

One of the profile they often use for recruiting potential candidate for RMS, is usually to identify a poor family from a developing country, or newly arrived immigrants to a country, in order to groom one of their sons, and make that grooming palatable to the family, by advancing the argument of a beautiful opportunity for their son to join the priesthood, and how nicely it would reflect on the family. The candidates usually fall in one or two out of three categories.

Handsome but fragile young men,that can easily be manipulated

True believers of their Heretical form of worship

Scarred individuals that need a sheltering organization

From time to time they find  a rare gem, which allows them to recruit a particularly talented individual.
It seems like Msgr Figueiredo fell in that last category, while  exhibiting some of the "qualities" looked for, by the Neo Leadership.

The son of new immigrants to Britain, originally from two of their colonies.
(India by lineage, Kenya by birth)
He was raised in a deeply religious family.
His parents had refused to abort the baby, even after they learned, he would come to the world with a severe disability.
An obvious brilliant intellect, mixed with an deep physical complex...
Which led to a strong desire for social ascension, as revenge on a cruel start.
The young Anthony was a perfect fit  for the Neos.

This is how he was selected to go study in the newly minted RMS of Newark, the first such establishment in the USA
Apparently he also did very well in his Studies at Seton Hall.
An uncommon quality in most RMS.
As we showed you last week, he was chosen to be Mc Carrick personal secretary as soon as he graduated from RMS Newark in September of 1994 until June of 1995.
Not a particular long time. But apparently long enough for Mc Carrick to feel very comfortable sending him very personal and detailed emails.
The two got along quite well, to the point that Figueiredo would personally assist Mc Carrick  when he passed through the Vatican, on many occasions.

From his new position at the Cor Unum Pontifical Council, and later as spiritual director of the Pontifical American College, the new mole of the NCW, was very useful to his masters.

Fr Figueiredo was fast becoming a rising star at the Vatican.
 One particular occasion to shine, came up after one major natural disaster hit the Sichuan province of southern China.

Genarrini's pet student, was now ready for more important roles.
On the occasion of the Chengdhu earthquake of May 2008, then Archbishop Filoni 
saw the opportunity to capitalize on something dear to his heart:
While attached to the Nunciature of the Philippines from 1992 to 2000, the Archbishop was actually located in Hong Kong. As such  he was Pope John Paul II personal point man for overtures to China.
So in 2008, while he had risen through the ranks (thanks to an impressive career as a diplomat, and his burgeoning friendship with the NCW), to become the "Substitute for general affairs" and key post within the Vatican; he saw the opportunity of the Earthquake, and the massive losses in human lives, to give a positive signal to the Beijing government.

The tool for this would be the Cor Unum Pontifical Council. The council is in fact the agency which distributes papal relief funds. 
What a better candidate then, than one of Genarrini's protege Fr Figueiredo, who had already shown a lot of promises, and had acquired a good reputation around Rome? To top it all Figueiredo was a member of Cor Unum.

This also fit perfectly with the story telling of Evangelization of China propagated by the Neos.
Along on the "mission" was another rising star of the NCW, inside the Vatican's diplomatic Corp.
Fr. Carlo Alberto Capella.
Capella, was around the same age and  background than Figueiredo, but born and raised in Italy
After being posted in India, with its growing Catholic population, he would be posted in Hong Kong, just like Filoni had been a decade earlier.

For Filoni and Genarrini, this was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.
Not only they would be able to prop their protege's curriculum with this wonderful "missionary work", but on top of it, they were building credentials at several levels.

Indeed, the Neo media, and the contact of Figueiredo with the MSM, would run several nice stories on these Missionaries of the 21st century going bravely to evangelize in the mouth of the Chinese dragon.
By the same token, Filoni was positioning himself well, for his effort of overture to China.
He would be rewarded nicely by Pope Benedict three years later as the Prefect for the Evangelization.
Both Filoni and the Neos had scored very nicely.

As you see, outside of the communities, and the itinerants, the NCW is very active with their inbeded agents. Yet we know from many of the NCW dropouts, that the communities have a deep need to be given great examples of Missionary work by the Way This is done often through testimonies, during meetings, through their large media network, and also by word of mouth. 
Apparently many Neos in Britain, used to brag about having very powerful Monsignors inside the Vatican. 

UMMMMH! how would they know this?
Apparently the Neos tam tams are also sending sublimal messages to the believers.....

In our next article on Msgr Figueiredo, we shall see about his temporary downfall, the more final downfall of Msgr Capella, and how they are all tied together.

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