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Here's some fun stuff. Go to the RMS website:

Real informative, isn't it! And no live links to anything. Really? We're paying a million dollars a year for this?

So now go to the website for the so-called San Vitores Theological Institute:


LOL, a Theological Institute, the "Pope's University" and they can't even spell Departments. But anyway, so you would like to know more about the Program of Studies or the Depart-a-ments, or the Faculty. Go ahead. You see that the links appear to be live. Okay, go ahead and click on them. 

Voila! Absolutely nothing. 

Go ahead and right click and copy the links and paste into a new window. 

Voila! Right back to where you started. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. 

They deleted the information after I did an expose on this blog last year of all the false information they had in the categories including, under Faculty, the list of supposedly "permanent professors." In order for the Institute to maintain its affiliation with the Lateran it needs to have a certain number of permanent professors. The Institute obviously lied about its permanent professors because the list included one Giuseppe Gennarini, who, as he said today on the radio, is only here once a year to do a course, which is at max, two weeks. That's not a permanent professor. And before they deleted the tell-tale evidence, I saved a copy. LOL


Someone called into Patti's show and called Gennarini's bull___t, "SPIN". He was right. Gennarini is the master of "spin." And it was first pointed out by Jimmy Akin in January 2006.

Neocatechumenal Update: It’s Still Spin
by Jimmy Akin
in Liturgy

Now for my reply to Mr. Gennarini’s e-mail (see below for the text of the e-mail itself).
Dear Mr. Gennarini:


The links at the bottom of Mr. Akin's post may not work. Here are the related links:

Neocatechumenal Spin

ZENIT INTERVIEW: Neocatechumenate on the Holy See’s Guidelines. Interview With Giuseppe Gennarini

Neocatechetical Spin Update

CHIESA: Liturgy: Benedict XVI Brings the Neocatechumenals Back to the Right Way


Every time he said or says "misinformation" he is saying you are too stupid to figure it out for yourself.


Just because the morons on the hill are morons doesn't mean the rest of us are morons and you can lie to us like they do. Let's get this out in the open once and for all since the masturbating primatologist was stupid enough to get you on the radio.

You said that RMS is a "corporation sole" because RMS has only one member who has all the power. You're a liar.

The very first paragraph, the "formation paragraph," of the the RMS ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION say that Apuron "does hereby form a nonprofit corporation under and by virtue of the provisions of the Guam Nonprofit Corporation Act, 18 G.C.A. §10101..."

Link to full document.

Here is the beginning of the first page of 18 G.C.A.:

RMS was formed under §10101. A Corporation Sole must be formed under §10102. You are one nasty thief. Oh. P.S. That thing at the airport the other night? That's called "The Magellan Welcome." Courage.


May 5, 2016. About 8:39am

Edivaldo doesn't want to be seen but is in the studio. The new puppet master.
He is NOT  a visitor.
What does he plan to achieve now.
LOL. He's staying with his "professor" facade.
Affiliation with the Lateran. Ummmm, they cannot show it.
I have come here to make a in the past years.
People fed false information - in other words the people are stupid.
He was never addressed directly because he always snuck in.
First time it has happened. I'll explain that.
Tit for tat. So the Archbishop hides.
These are real problems....that would be the archbishop.
Not the only one - not true for Guam. It is the only one.
It is not enough to go to Mass.
Great. Go out! Go out Giuseppe. But YOU GO IN GO IN GO IN to our churches and TAKE OUT TAKE OUT TAKE OUT.
LOL The bishop has done a great work fighting against casino. LOL
Fought for defense of life...umm since when?
He's filibustering because he's not used to be asking questions.
He doesn't live here but yet he's supposedly a "permanent professor" at RMS.
Claudia : don't they celebrate mass "normally"
Ambrosian Church. Sorry - we are in the Latin Church.
Sign of peace - discussion in the vatican.
the adaptation that is not allowed is to NOT consume the host immediately
Claudia getting shrill
Oh here we go with the born again story
No documents only the statute - everything else is speeches.
He doesn't quote the speech of Francis which tell them that it is better not to have the way than to create division.
LOL. "The way is for those who are far away from the church - BUT THEY EVANGELIZE IN THE CHURCH.
Not because I have any interest to come to Guam.
He's only been directing things for 25 years.
Claudia had a failed childhood and Catholic formation.
REach out. Well then go ahead. Reach out. Get the hell off the pulpits.
Thank you Edivaldo. These people are sinking their way
Land grabbing.
Every person has to renounce his goods so Gennarini can stay at a Hyatt suite.
There he goes. Gennarini trying to shut Bob down.
LOL. You have the wrong documents.
He says I don't know who drafted the papers. HE SURE AS HELL KNOWS.
He said he had NO role in the deed restriction.
In order to protect the the property assign it to RMS.
Good job, John Taitano: WHERE IS THE ARCHBISHOP
Good job, Patti. They have probably never been asked tough questions before.
And LOL. For someone who had NOTHING to do with the formation of the corporation, he knew which article said way, even though he was wrong about the number.
More later. Courage.


Mr. Gennarini was asked by talk show host Travis Coffman to provide links to the documents Mr. Gennarini says show papal approval of the NCW - something to which the neocats constantly resort to authenticate themselves. 

The word "approval" is the trick. There is "approval" in the sense of words of encouragement and appreciation, and then there is "approval" in the sense of an official stamp. 

The neocats like to point to nice words and even a few letters but none of these are official approval of the neocats or anything they do. The only official approvals the neocats have is of the 2008 version of their statute and the 2011 version of their catechetical directory. But try to find either!

Here is an example of how deceptive they are. The official neocat site is: 




You will get the neocats logo but no statute. Click on the logo and you get a blank page.*

By contrast go back to the Home Page and again click on STATUTES


Click on Text of the Statute

Voila! You get the text of the statute. 

However, this version should NOT even be on the website since it NOT the approved Statute. Yet it is obviously the one the neocat hierarchy wants you to see. In this version of the statute, sitting to receive communion is permitted. In the APPROVED version, sitting to receive communion is NOT permitted. 

There are also many references to documents and statements from before 2008. Actually, none of those documents and statements apply since the NCW did not undergo a full Vatican review until the ad experimentum period of 2002 to 2007. The only documents and statements that apply to any current approval is what has been stated and said since 2008. And what has been said is actually very severe - albeit via papal pastoral language which seeks not to condemn but to continue to attempt to shepherd in the right directions. However, as you have seen on this blog for more than two years, the neocats totally rely on the lack of public condemnation as their "approval." 

*The only way to get to the 2008 Statute is to "right click" and open link in a new tab. Notice how hard it is to get to this versus the 2002 Statute which is made immediately available to the visitor to the site. The unwary would not know that the 2002 Statute was in fact DISAPPROVED and REPLACED by the 2008 Statute.

The entire NCW mode of operation (at its hierarchical levels) is full of this type of slippery slime. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

I recently received a copy of a letter from a Catholic in another country to his bishop regarding the "spiritual violence and extortion" that he experienced at a Neocatechumenal convivence...Read more


These are running notes. I'll assemble them later.

apuron wanted to start a seminary asked ncw to help
university of the pope
50 seminarians
majority for guam
no univ for formation of priests
he didn't know jesus
born again experience
save my life
impossible without the ncw
new evangelization
little by little
it doesn't change nothing
only changes relationship
the mass is according to what the church prescribes. 


I didn't understand it - catechism
these are the same stories you hear from protestants and born agains
everything is about me, my, my life, I , I I
travis is asking about ownership of assets
gennarini is going to say he doesn't own anything
wow. listen to him weave.
6 million
2 million
theological institute is a "university"
corporation - one member - all the powers
corporation sole
bullshit - board of guarantors has full veto and approval power over every decision
there it is. "we cannot ask for any money."" LOL
statute forbidden to own anything. not true.
LOL . depending on providence. oh geez. a miracle.
they were fed false information
boy are we going to have fun with this
they can see the document
yes, here is what it says:

the property is transferred, sold, and conveyed.

form of distributing eucharist approved by benedict. LOL
he just said that the mass isn't different but now says that it is different for a reason
approved by benedict - again - LOL. i have a record of gennarini personally opposing benedict
no, not anyone can come.
wow. listen to him switch to world youth day.
travis staying on juanita's questions. good travis.
LOL. he's turning benedict's january 2012 speech which was a slap down to the ncw into benedict praising the ncw. geez.
gennarini is now going to slam magister
see that
2012 - investigated and nothing happened. says who?
francis spoke "very well" of the ncw - that's all they have
OOOPS. "I'd like to thank Fr. Edivaldo for MAKING this interview happen."

Whoah Giuseppe. We got you to planned. Thanks to the masturbating monkey zoologist with a collar.


Buenas All,

Laity Forward Movement (LFM) and Concerned Catholics are staging an islandwide motorcade Saturday, May 7, 2016. Congregate at Agaña swimming pool at 9:30 a.m. and    Lock and load at 10:00 a.m. Please pass word around.

God bless us all,



Following is last night's PNC news segment with Cordes and Gennarini. My comments are in red.

Cardinal Paul Cordes and Professor Giuseppe are on Guam to teach some courses at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona. [If "Professor Giuseppe" is here to "teach some courses" then what explains his being accompanied by his wife and Angelo Pochetti, who, along with Apuron, make up the full four members of the Board of Guarantors who have absolute control over RMS? Okay, maybe his wife came along for the free vacation and the $1200 a night suite at the Hyatt. But why Pochetti? And why even Apuron - as he was said to be very sick and in the states. He is not here to "teach some courses."] We had the opportunity to sit down with the cardinal and professor, both of whom are considered key individuals in the Neocatechumenal Way. They talk about “the way” as they are often referred to. Cardinal Cordes speaks about how the neocatechumanal way was born.


Today. K57

frenchie has left a new comment on your post "GENNARINI ON TRAVIS COFFMAN": 

Do not underestimate Genarinni, he is a master of the double talk. Plus he most likely will have his troops lined up to ask leading questions.
He is an enemy, but never underestimate that enemy. He must think the situation is dire since he agreed to a public interview. His son is better at it. But he must think that the situation warrants it.
Plus you don't know what the station management has told their people.

Be on your guards


The following information was released to the media today.


According to a report issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Vital Statistics on March 17, 2016 (attached), The Esperansa Project is reporting the following abortion data for 2015. 

The total number of abortions reported for 2015 was 263 - up from 209 in 2014.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The two of you could not have had better timing.


I get a kick out of all the haters trying to guess my motivations. Let's just say I am motivated to oppose Apuron and his thugs for the same reason I am motivated to oppose abortion.


PNC used a portion of this interview for its news cast, here is a more complete version. Thank you to those who stood up and stood long against the abuses of Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron.

Peaceful Protesters at the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.



Monday, 02 May 2016

Protesters Gather Outside as Cardinal Presides Over Mass at Cathedral

Written by  

Cardinal Paul Cordes is on Guam to teach some courses at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona. 
Guam - A visiting cardinal presided over mass at the Dolce Numbre de Maria Cathedral Basilica on Saturday as dozens of other Catholics stood outside the church holding signs in protest. Continued



Sometime ago, a certain “Raymond” wrote, urging people to shed their anonymity, and to come out openly in support of our Catholic Church, being invaded by an outside cultic religion that teaches heresies.  Though his comments had been said and written about often in the past, he kind of PUT A LID ON THE COFFIN!  How much more, and how often more, does it need to be said: “Catholic People of our Church – ARISE!”   It is totally insufficient to just sit back and read/listen about what’s been going on – and offer our “Good job! Go get ‘em, Tiger!”  remarks to those in the forefront.   YOU (HAGU) MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Monday, May 2, 2016


Inside Intel says the IP address for most of the "very confident" votes for the PDN poll came from inside the Chancery. LOL. Well they have nothing better to do. 

Inside Intel says that the dinner party for Cardinal Cordes was at the Dusit Thani. 

So Gennarini's stay at a $1200 per night suite at the Hyatt and Apuron throws a dinner party at the Dusit. Well at least now you know where the money you are contributing to "OTHERS (AT THE ARCHBISHOP'S DISCRETION) is going. Hey Brother Tony, save some of that for your legal defense fund!


While over 100 people, many of whom were well into their senior years, stood outside the Cathedral for nearly 3 hours, most of the people inside the Cathedral, many of whom were nowhere close to their senior years, apparently could barely stand for a moment to accept the communion bread (since that is what Kiko believes it to be - just bread).

Reception of Holy Communion by members of the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.


The Diana's rant continues: 
We celebrated the Eucharist the way we had always celebrated it with the exception of the echoes......and lo and behold......this Cardinal who is NOT a "Neo" did not object to the way we celebrate it. This Cardinal who was assigned to GUIDE the Neocatechumenal Way since 1986 did not say that we are committing liturgical abuse. 
So you see folks, the Neo's idea of approval is that there is no disapproval, and said disapproval is supposed to be public and immediate otherwise said silence is an imprimatur. 

For thinking people, this is, of course, the height of immaturity. It's like saying to your friends at work, "You know, I was going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone and I went right by a cop and didn't get pulled over."

I am so glad I am not raising my children anywhere near these poor imbeciles where not getting spanked is the equivalent of a papal indult. LOL. 


As part of The Diana's rant following the desecration of the Body of Christ at the Cathedral this past Saturday was its (The Diana's) gleeful discovery that Cardinal Cordes was not a Neo:
"One of the amazing things we learned that night was that Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes is NOT a "Neo Cardinal" as the jungle claimed. He was never walking in the Way nor a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. What a surprise! And all along, the jungle claimed that he was a "Neo Cardinal." The Cardinal was assigned by Pope John Paul II to follow and guide the Charismatic Catholic Renewal in 1985 and then to also follow and guide the Neocatechumenal Way in 1986. He was only there to follow and guide us, but he was never part of us." 
As Marilu later pointed out: WHY? If the NCW is not all Cordes apparently believes it to be - especially since he participated in the above mentioned desecration - then why is he not "walking?" Obviously, he must be smarter than Tony. Cordes gets all the perks - wined and dined, feted and frittered about the Neo world, and Tony, the faithful "brother," well, he doesn't even get a red hat. Well then, maybe a striped one. 


It's hard for me to believe that someone who holds himself out as an "academic" asks a  question like this when only a modicum of research would have supplied the answer, so I'm left to believe that Mr. Guile here is just trying to corner me. However, for the sake of those who may really want to know the answer and are not playing games, I shall provide one. 

Cardinal Cordes is not a Neo-cardinal; instead, it is claimed he is a Kiko-cardinal.
But if the cardinal was appointed by the Vatican to guide the Way, then why not refer to the most recent popes as Kiko-popes? Why stop there, one of them is a saint, so I guess JPII must be a Kiko-saint if Cardinal Cordes is a Kiko-cardinal. Your thoughts, please.

First, Cardinal Cordes is RETIRED. R-E-T-I-R-E-D. That means he no longer holds any official Church position and is no longer the appointee to "accompany" the NCW. That means he is NOT here on Rome's business or Church business, but only KIKO's business. 

He was brought here for one reason. TONY IS GOING DOWN. And the Kiko's are desperate to salvage their situation. They are going mad trying to get a neo-successor to Tony and to do that they are desperately trying to present some semblance of legitimacy to the Day Care they call RMS. 

But it is not just the RMS on Guam that is in trouble, it is the whole Neocatechumenal Way. The nasty NCW lobby that has held sway in the Vatican for three decades is beginning to erode, and you can bet that what is happening in Guam is playing a large part in its collapse, for nowhere in the world is the evil program of Kiko Arguello and Giuseppe Gennarini more on display.

The amazing thing is that they thought they could get away with it. They must have mistook Guamanians to all be like Tony, David, and Adrian, three individuals who are not just a discredit to the Chamorro people, but a disgrace to the Catholic priesthood - as you will all soon learn. Well they "mistook" badly. Guamanians may take longer than others to respond because of their traditions and cultural respect of the Church, but when they respond - well let's just say that Magellan made the same mistake. 

Second, the papal appointing of someone to "accompany" a group, particularly a lay group, as is the NCW, does NOT imply approval. It could actually imply suspicion or disapproval which is why the group needs to be accompanied - to make sure they are kept in line. A recent example of this is when Pope Francis appointed an Apostolic Commissioner to "accompany" the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate last year after receiving complaints from some of its members. 

Even papal approval can be horribly wrong. It is well known that one of John Paul II's favorite groups was the Legionnaires of Christ, and due to JPII's personal protection of its founder, Marcel Maciel, the monstrous atrocities committed by Maciel could not be investigated until after JPII's death. 

Third, there is credible evidence that Cordes was part of the conspiracy in 2012 to sneak approval for the NCW liturgy past Pope Benedict. When Benedict discovered the plot, he turned the tables on the NCW and reportedly had a falling out with Cordes, who, a fellow German, he had been known to have been close to. 

Fourth, Cordes was given the duty of being "responsible" for the Charismatic Renewal and the NCW, two groups already known to be trouble, because at the time (1980-1995) he was Vice-President of the Pontifical Council of the Laity. This means that while he has continued to lobby for the NCW, he has NOT "accompanied" the NCW in any official capacity for over twenty years. 

Fifth, his presence here means nothing unless one is stupid enough not to see what is going on. The Gennarini's are taking advantage of the natural deference the Catholics of Guam have for men of the cloth, particularly those who wear red hats (Cardinals), and once again using us to shove the NCW in our faces. 

Most of this was already spelled out in THE STINKING MONK RAMPS IT UP and it is hard to believe that Guile does not know this. And even if he doesn't, his "academic" credentials (we are told) would seem to imply that he could have figured out for himself that the appointment of a prelate to guide a particular group does not cast the pope who made the appointment as one of that group or even an advocate. 

Lastly, I will say that it pains me to paint Cordes into the Kiko corner he has chosen for himself. In the main, he is a conservative and I support his efforts to keep the Church connected to the Sacred Tradition that is under attack - even at the highest levels. It is hard to believe that a man like Cordes can be a defender of the faith on one hand and contribute by his presence to a "Protestant-Jewish heresy with a Catholic decoration" on the other. But that is what we saw this past Saturday night. 

We have seen this happen over and over again. Kiko's billions (administered by Gennarini) speak loudly. To be sure, we will see Cordes, wined and dined, feted and frittered, all about the Neo world, propping up what's left of it. This is the retirement Tony had hoped for. If Cordes is smart, he'll get out of Guam and never come back. In a few weeks he will not want his name anywhere near Apuron's. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016



REPORTER: About 100 Catholics answered the call.  They began arriving before 7:30 and stuck it out till nearly 10:00 PM. They peacefully stood, prayed, sang Chamorro hymns and in small groups strolled across the street to peer in the front door to observe the "spectacle" inside.

And from the DIANA

Sunday, May 1, 2016
The Special Mass With The Cardinal
The Mass last night was beautiful. We arrived 45 minutes early, and the front rows were already taken. There were so many people already there, and the church was filling up fast. We quickly had to find a seat, but I did not like sitting in the way back. We found a couple of brothers from our community we knew, and we squeezed into the pews with them. The church was packed. Although the Mass was opened to the public, I saw only the brothers in the Way. 

The Gennarinis and Father Mario were there, and they did the admonitions and the readings. Father Julio sang the Gospel. Because the crowd was too large, there were no echoes. The NCW on Guam has approximately 1, 200 brothers. There were many people taking photos of the catechists of the U.S. and of the Cardinal. At the end of the celebration after the priests have all walked off the altar, the brothers formed a circle and danced around the pews. 

One of the amazing things we learned that night was that Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes is NOT a "Neo Cardinal" as the jungle claimed. He was never walking in the Way nor a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. What a surprise! And all along, the jungle claimed that he was a "Neo Cardinal." The Cardinal was assigned by Pope John Paul II to follow and guide the Charismatic Catholic Renewal in 1985 and then to also follow and guide the Neocatechumenal Way in 1986. He was only there to follow and guide us, but he was never part of us. 

We celebrated the Eucharist the way we had always celebrated it with the exception of the echoes......and lo and behold......this Cardinal who is NOT a "Neo" did not object to the way we celebrate it. This Cardinal who was assigned to GUIDE the Neocatechumenal Way since 1986 did not say that we are committing liturgical abuse. 
Diana at 7:00 AM


First, as to DIANA'S breathless account implying that the church was packed. The following picture shows that the Cathedral was maybe half full and there was no need to "squeeze in.":

Second, the number "1,200 brothers" is laughable. And if there are then it looks like they aren't very faithful since maybe half of those attended this "special Mass" which was not a Mass of course (Kiko hates that word). Also, after twenty years all you can produce is 1,200 brothers  - even if we accept that number? Yet, the Masturbating Primatologist masquerading as a Catholic priest wants us to believe that WE are the minority? LOL. 

Third, I never said that Cordes was a "Neo cardinal." I've been very clear that there is only one bishop in the world (a Cardinal is a bishop) STUPID enough to do that and that is Apuron. In THE STINKING MONK RAMPS IT UP posted on April 12, I made it clear that Cordes is a KIKO CARDINAL - he is one of the bought and paid for Vatican primates who is part of the "powerful lobby established thirty years ago in the Vatican," described by Archbishop Athanasius Schneider, which is responsible for advancing what Archbishop Schneider calls a "Protestant-Jewish heresy with a Catholic decoration."

Fourth, what they are doing above is distributing what is supposed to be Holy Communion. You can be sure that Mass goers this morning are not aware that the floor they are walking on is littered with pieces of our Lord. 


Just got back from the demonstration outside what used to be the Cathedral Basilica of Guam. The visiting Cardinal and our lost shepherd authorized the Neo mass in our basilica. The distribution of "communion" was given at the pews as was the grape juice. The former shepherd of the 1% that does not matter has shown his true colors. He "performs" Masses for the money you give him but his heart is with his Neo brethren. Wake up Catholics!!! We have lost the Mother Church of Guam, albeit temporarily, and you go about your faith business as usual. If you let this continue you are going to go into what was a Catholic church and you won't know what the hell is going on. What I witnessed was disgusting and to know that our church leadership not only condones this but revels in it makes it that much more disgusting! If people wonder why we 1% are so vocal then come out and join us and you will see. Thank you to those who joined for the first time. We need more and we need you fast. Break out of your anonymous mode and stand up and be counted. BTW, wherever the former shepherd of Guam is presiding, my advice is to run away. He no longer believes in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, it's just a meal so therefore the "consecrated" bread is just that, bread. When you pass around bread like you are at a fiesta then that is not the Body of Christ. I am glad the Neos have their protestant worship services in private, because I really don't want to see it again. Now if they would only build their own temples and leave our churches alone that would be great. However, it means replacing the lost shepherd and that we need your help with.