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Tim, I am confused. Recently I saw Msgr. Bibi and told him I've heard that the NCW members do not believe in the Real Presence. He emphatically insisted they do. Other NCW members have insisted that they believe in the Real Presence also. Do they believe in the Real Presence in a different way than the rest of us?
Actually, your question sounds like a set up. Nevertheless, I'll take the challenge.

First I would ask Msgr. Bibi how he knows. Is it because he simply believes they do? Is it because a catechist told him so? Does Msgr. Bibi have a copy of Kiko's 13 volume Catechetical Directory so he can check? 

Of course, as the pastor of the parish wherein the Neo's have had communities for many years, nothing should be taught in the name of the Catholic Church that the pastor is not completely aware of, so he should in fact have a copy of Kiko's catechism. 

So ask him to see it and point out where it teaches, as our own Catechism does, that at the point of consecration, the bread and wine become the actual Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. 

Unfortunately, Msgr. Bibi will most likely not be able to show you. And this is a major part of the problem. Kiko's catechism is reserved only for the catechists to see. Pastors do not qualify, unless of course they are full-fledge Neo's and catechists themselves. 

This is a very grave situation for a pastor. He is ultimately responsible before God for the eternal well-being of the souls in his parish, souls who are entrusted to his care. People attend the catechesis or join the communities because they are presented under the auspices of the parish which by extension incurs the de facto nihil obstat of the pastor. 

In short, people are led to believe they can trust the catechists and all that they teach because they FIRST trust the pastor who has presented and sponsored them. However, we can be sure that most pastors who sponsor the Neocatechumenal Way in their parishes DO NOT have access to Kiko's catechetical directory and thus do not fully know what is being taught. In fact, pastors are made to join communities as ordinary members (like the Archbishop has) and to sit at the feet of the catechists. 

This situation is not just severely disturbing, it is a grave danger for the pastors who both allow and submit to this. On Guam, the problem is magnified because of the Archbishop's complete seduction into the Neocatechumenal Way and his obvious willingness to put an "arduous and painful end" to the assignment of any priest who even questions it. 

Because we do not have access to Kiko's teachings in writing, and because we don't have thirty years to hang around and find out, we are left to surmise what is taught by what the members tell us and show us. 

In the matter of the Real Presence, we can be sure they do not believe the same thing we do because the do not DO the same thing we do. They sit to consume. We stand or kneel. And they do this despite the constant direction from Rome not to, a direction that is included in their statute, specifically in footnote 49. 

There is a theological reason why they sit, and it is Kiko's theological reason. We find it in his January 17, 2006 response to Pope Benedict wherein he refused to conform his manner of receiving communion to the liturgical books as Benedict had required:
...that in the Holy Eucharist the Lord makes present his love, dying and rising for them; and not only that, but prepares a table, an eschatological banquet, which makes Heaven present and where He himself, full of love, has them sit down and comes to serve them...
Kiko is a wordsmith and he has a lot of practice in making things sound legit, so one might wonder what is wrong with the lofty sounding language. Here's the short course. The "eschatological banquet" is the "Wedding Feast of the Lamb". It is heaven at the end of time. In heaven at the end of time, Christ will no longer be present under the appearances of bread and wine because he will be present to us REALLY. (Apologies to the theologians out there. This is an extreme abbreviation.)

So for Kiko, Christ is not SUBSTANTIALLY present under the appearances of bread and wine because his "eucharist" is already a participation in the eschatological banquet wherein Christ comes to serve him.

But of course we are neither in heaven nor are we at the end of time. This is why the Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks only of the "eschatological character" of the the sacraments (2776), and of how the Kingdom of God which has come in the person of Christ must grow "mysteriously in the hearts of those incorporated into him, until its full eschatological manifestation (865). And paragraph 1090 speaks specifically to the eschatological anticipation inherent in the Mass.

This is why in our Mass we do not presume to sit and be waited on by the Lord. Rather we approach the Lord in fear and trembling (at least we should) to receive him Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. And even though the Church permits us to receive him standing and in the hand, Paul VI, the pope who gave the permission in Memoriale Domini, despaired that reverence for the Eucharist would be lost if we did so. (And how much more so if we sit!)

And then we must also ask the Neo's what they mean by the Real Presence. For us of course, the Real Presence means that Jesus Christ is SUBSTANTIALLY present under the appearances of bread and wine. He is not just "mystically" present or "especially present", nor is he simply "really present". 

Awhile back, our professor friend, Zoltan, presumed to explain what Kiko teaches regarding the Real Presence. And we have no reason to doubt that this is what Kiko actually teaches:
Actually, Kiko has an excellent explanation as of what happens when the bread turns into the Body. In fact, the texture of the bread remains bread and the make-up of the wine remains wine. But the Body of Jesus will appear mysteriously in it in a real sense. The same real sense as he is present in the communities and in His Church.
You should be able to see the problem here. For Catholics, real ones, Jesus Christ does NOT "appear mysteriously" in the bread and wine at the moment of consecration. The bread and wine become his ACTUAL Body and Blood. He is not mysteriously present. He is ACTUALLY present. Neither does he appear "in it". This way of speaking of the Eucharist is akin to Luther's belief in "sacramental union" wherein Christ unites with the bread and wine and mysteriously appears "in it". 

Zoltan clarifies this error further in his next sentence where he refers to the "same real sense" (his Real Presence) as the same Presence that is "present in the communities and in His Church." 

So yes, the Neo's do believe in the Real Presence. They believe that he is really present in the Eucharist in the same way as he is really present in the communities and His Church. The problem is that the Catholic Church doesn't teach that. Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharistic species is NOT the same presence as he is found in our communities or even in our proclamation of the Word. 

In fact, this belief in a wholly unique presence in the Eucharistic species is what separates us from most non-Catholic Christians and it is why non-Catholic Christians are not invited to participate in our communion. 

In the end, our real problem when we go to a Mass celebrated by a neo-presbyter is that we really can't be sure what they believe or intend. Their catechism remains hidden, and given the sermons of some of these recently ordained presbyters, we really don't know what they believe about anything other than the Neo saved them. 


  1. Tim your not building bridges but evidently you are burning bridges. Nuncio suggested this but your the cause of this. I really hope you don't receive the sacraments seriously.
    1. You are right. I am not building bridges. I am burning them. I am burning them because I am doing exactly what the archbishop is doing. Within 10 days of the being told by the delegate to “build bridges”, AAA publicly trashes Monsignor James. Why? Because Giuseppe showed up and told him to. So who does the archbishop respect and obey, the delegate from Rome or Giuseppe, that is to say the Roman Catholic Church or the Neocatechumenal Way?

      And the sacraments? Typical Kiko-kook.
    2. BTW, Adrian. I know that's you.


The account in the following comment is why we need to record at every opportunity. Record every homily from these guys. This is the kind of thing that has to be sent to the Nuncio so he can hear for himself the grave abuse from the pulpit. 

  1. ...the preacher man talked about the DEVIL! "The devil is present today. Just look at what is happening our diocese. Just look at ISIS!" Was he comparing the problems of our diocese to ISIS? I think so! Talk about beheading....who is beheading whom...preacher man?
So WHAT is happening in our diocese? Here's what's happening in our diocese. People, long abused by this archbishop, are standing up and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The office of the bishop does not give him the authority to cheat, lie, slander and malign. And people have had enough. 

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It seems that the words "disobedient priests" has become a regular refrain for our Archbishop, inserting it out of nowhere even into his homilies. The refrain also appears to be regularly repeated by his neo-presbyter defenders, also into their homilies, with the addition of a lecture on how the Archbishop is being persecuted. 


First, just WHO is disobedient? Fr. Paul was not given a chance to be disobedient. He was asked to resign immediately and if he did not resign immediately, Archbishop Apuron instructed him to "supply your reasons as soon as possible". 

Friday, September 19, 2014


The discussion about holding funeral Masses at the Veterans Cemetery chapel has brought several matters to light that can serve as an occasion of instruction. 

There is of course, the central issue of when can a Mass, any Mass, be celebrated outside a "sacred space" and away from a "blessed altar" as church law requires

This matter is a central issue in the debate about the Veterans Cemetery ONLY because Archbishop Apuron regularly permits the neocatechumenal communities to celebrate their "eucharist" (Mass) in a variety of generic spaces and on ordinary tables, yet refuses to allow a funeral Mass in the "generic" (non-denominational) chapel at the Veterans Cemetery.  


A Saipan observer noted that yesterday was the 81st birthday of Bishop Tomas Camacho, the former bishop of the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa, Saipan. Bishop Camacho retired on April 6, 2010 and is now "bishop emeritus" of the diocese.

More than four years later, his successor has yet to be named, and the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa remains on the official list of "Vacant Sees". 

Normally, upon (ore even before) the retirement, transfer, or death of a bishop, the process of identifying a successor begins without delay. Apparently, there was such a process. But according to some who are "in the know", it has not only mysteriously stalled, there is no initiative from Rome to even restart it. 


The "in the know" people say that Saipan will get a new bishop when Guam does, and...Rome has its reasons. The end...maybe.

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Patron of the City of Agana : St Ignatius of Loyola (San Ignacio de Loyola)
Patroness of the CHURCH of Agana : Our Lady under the title "Dulce Nombre de Maria" - The Sweet Name of Mary


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It is extremely sad to read the last line of this letter, a plea to our archbishop: "Help me help them." The least Archbishop Apuron could have done is respond. However, I understand that he neither replied to this letter nor to the previous letter from Governor Calvo, which was sent in July. If this is incorrect, you are welcome to send evidence of the correct account.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I was notified by a member of the family who gave the statue of the Nina Maria to the Cathedral for use at this year's novena that they have decided to take it back. I have received many comments about the statue and questions about its origins as well as its reported former use which I have decided not to publish. While devotion to the child Mary is legitimate, given its apocryphal origins it is mostly a matter of private devotion and probably should stay that way. By the way, does anyone know which saint is the actual patron saint of Agana?

Monday, September 15, 2014


This year, the new administration of the Cathedral decided to do something different for its annual devotion to the Sweet Name of Mary. As per a parishioner's report, a statue of the Nina Maria was brought out on the final night of the Novena and the parishioners were informed that the annual devotion to the Cathedral's patroness would heretofore be directed towards a celebration of Mary's childhood.  

According to this comment, Archbishop Apuron offered an explanation:
Anonymous September 14, 2014 at 6:02 PM
The archbishop explained at last night's fiesta mass that the Nina Maria statue had been used for processions before WWII and that a family had donated the statue to the church. And that in the future the statue will be used in processions. He said it is important to remember that Mary was a child first before she was the mother of Jesus. And that we are celebrating Mary's childhood.

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By Chuck White

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and Kiko Arguello, an artist and the founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, certainly knows how to use them effectively in his teaching. (Continued.)

Friday, September 12, 2014


There was a reason why I said "sorry to offend" when I addressed the issue of removing children from their parents and educating them in the faith in isolation from their family. And I expected to get the replies I am getting. However, I do not intend to engage those replies, for it is not a matter of good or not so good teachers, or good or not so good programs, or whether or not some parents use CCD as a cheap babysitting service, it is a matter of what the Church teaches, and has taught and continues to teach. And I copy here its most recent formulation by a pope:

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Newest Country

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Okay, since this person wants his/her own post, I'll give it to him/her, and reply.

  1. Tim, nobody is forced to join the NCW. They NCW Is not for everyone, of you don't like it, then leave. Maybe the reason for the other reacting the way she did was because she felt that she would her daughter. Tell me Tim, if one of your kids decides to Join the NCW, how would you react? Please make this a post :)

My reply:


On THE BUZZ with Jess Lujan, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Part 1 News: On Air. Online. On Demand. Part 2 News: On Air. Online. On Demand. Part 3 News: On Air. Online. On Demand.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


The Catholic Evidence Guild was first organized in England in 1918.  Its most prominent proponent was Frank Sheed (1922-1981)*. The Guild was founded to train lay Catholics to share and defend the Catholic faith, particularly in secular settings. 

In 2003, Dr. Robert Morgan, a Navy Captain, a physician, and a friend of Archbishop Apuron, founded a chapter of the Catholic Evidence Guild on Guam with Archbishop Apuron's blessing. The concern at the time was the proliferation of non-Catholic Christian churches on Guam and Dr. Morgan's desire to counter the exodus of Catholics to these other churches by giving "clear and compelling" reasons to be Catholic, as is the mission of the Catholic Evidence Guild. 

When Dr. Morgan left Guam in 2004, Chuck White took over the administration of the Guild. Other than maintaing an informational website and hosting a conference in 2005, the Guild is not active and does not have a membership.

*Frank Sheed wrote dozens of good books, but here are three that give particularly good explanations of the truths of the Catholic Faith:

All three are currently still in print.

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Jesse Lujan interviews relatives of Msgr. James on The Buzz. KUAM



You get TWO Parochial Administrators. That's not canonically legal, but hey, who cares, right?


What B said is true, my community finished the Way two years ago after 32 years. I left after 22 years, i had enough of so much BS along the way. As itinerant catechists change, it was doubly difficult to just be Obedient, because they contradict each other in their scrutinies. Good job B. Hope to meet with you as i did stop at Reditio myself.