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 Priest accused of sex abuse ordered to return by June 15 
PDN June 15
The Archdiocese of Agana instructed Father Adrian Cristobal,

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Note: This post is future-dated in order to keep it at the top of the blog. For now that's the only way it can be done. 

This post will stay at the top of this blog until these men receive justice. (For Sonny, it will be posthumously). We also know the identity of the boy involved in the "threesome" with Fr. Antonio Cruz (deceased) and then-seminarian, Anthony S. Apuron as described by Mr. Ray DePlata (here, here, here, and here). The boy is dead.

Roy Quintanilla: Video - StatementFile
Walter Denton: Video - Statement - File
Doris Concepcion (Mother of Joseph Quinata): Video - Statement - File
John "Champ" Quinata (Brother of Joseph Quinata): Video - Statement
Roland Sondia: Video - Statement - File

For the last 27 years, Mark Mafnas Apuron has held onto a secret, one that resulted in him being estranged from his immediate family members and left him ashamed and petrified. CONTINUED

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Relative to the recent news regarding my family, I can say the following:
  1. My attorney has asked me not to comment publicly.
  2. I will gladly speak with anyone personally. 
  3. There has already been a decision and order in the case.
  4. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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Image result for https://wonder womanJungle Watchers will remember one of our most frequent, persuasive and accurate commenters  named Janet B from Mangilao. Janet B has made contact through the JW hotline and offers several posts dealing with Fr. Adrian "The Fugitive" Cristobal. The first offering from Janet B follows:

Fr Adrian Cristobal: How One Priest Nearly destroyed the Church on Guam, or “Before the Neocatechumenal Way came to Guam vocations were totally dry!” 

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Image result for the fugitiveImage result for the fugitiveAttention drama critics!  We are now witnessing the latest sequel of The Fugitive.  First there was a 60's TV series with David Janssen in the title role. The 1993 movie starred Harrison Ford. Neither the TV series nor the movie were exactly literary masterpieces but, so what--they did well at the box office. Action, excitement and suspense built on the dramatic staple of the chase seldom disappoints nor does the local iteration of The Fugitive plot.

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So far, it appears that Adrian has more pressing business.

The rumor in Barrigada is that he visited some of his former community members, before heading to Rome with the usual delegation of Kiko's local cult followers for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of their movement.

As far as anyone knows at this time, he did not grace the Chancery by his presence during his short stay, just as he did not notify anyone except for the reps of the cult, during the latest convevience (knowing full well the Archbishop and the delegate to the clergy were absent during his visit).

We know Adrian is personally wealthy, thanks to the apparent fleecing of some of his relatives in an opaque and sinister plot a few years back, which allowed him to fatten his personal assets quite nicely. (Apparently he could settle with his victim without putting too much of a hit on his assets, unlike the archdiocese)

USA TODAY: Priest on sabbatical in Phoenix accused of sexual abuse in Guam

"Cristobal returned to Guam at the request of the Archdiocese of Agana, according to the Phoenix Diocese."

A priest on sabbatical in Phoenix is accused of sexually abusing a boy more than 20 years ago in Guam, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court Monday. 

The claim against Adrian Cristobal is the second in two months. The latest lawsuit was filed by a 33-year-old man who accuses Cristobal of abusing him from the age of 11 to 25. CONTINUED

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Not only did some neocat "missionary" families avail themselves of taxpayer paid social benefits such as WIC, the faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana also paid the cost for private school tuition for some of the "missionaries'" children as well as housing and utility expenses. And, once again, courtesy of Apuron's Archdiocese, even provided an "anchor baby" service. 

You're welcome.


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 May 3, 2018, 7:47 pm
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  1. The event was not a Church-wide event, but specifically an event put on by the Neocatechumenal Way to celebrate itself. 
  2. The event was the usual annual event the NCW operators stage every year in Rome (aka "ad gentes"), though this year it doubled as a 50th birthday party.
  3. The pope is invited ever year and he usually accepts.
  4. The popes have used the occasion to say what they say to almost every group: a mixture of encouragement, blessing, and caution.
  5. The annual event is the centerpiece of NCW propaganda since it is staged to make it look like the pope is personally sending forth the NCW "missionaries." 
  6. The pope is NOT sending forth the NCW "missionaries," he is only blessing them as he does everyone else.
  7. It is Kiko and the neocat operatives who are sending for the NCW "missionaries."
  8. The NCW "missionaries" are not "missionaries," but usually parasites who suck off already well-established Catholic dioceses. 
  9. Here in Guam, so-called "missionaries" have even applied for and received WIC and other social welfare benefits.
  10. This year's event was NOT at the Vatican, but another venue in Rome.
  11. The event is usually held at the Vatican.
  12. The fact that it was not held at the Vatican is worthy of note, especially since this was the big NCW 50th birthday party. 
  13. The presence of Apuron on the same stage as the pope is typical NCW propaganda.
  14. The presence of Apuron at the NCW event is evidence of what we have alleged all along: that Apuron made a deal with the NCW to take care of him when the $*&% hit the fan.
  15. Apuron did not look near death in the pictures and in fact looked quite healthy.
  16. The pope probably had no knowledge that Apuron was there, just as he had no knowledge that Apuron was going to crash two recent papal receiving lines which Apuron used for a photo-op. 
  17. REMINDER: It was the pope who removed Apuron from office and banned him from Guam as only the pope had the authority to do so. 
  18. It is telling that Apuron was not introduced as he has been at previous NCW events.
  19. As far as JungleWatchNation is concerned, we don't care what Apuron does or where he goes as long as he never comes back here.
  20. As for his victims, we know for sure that at least one of them is looking forward to facing him down in court and seeing him palling around Rome with Edivaldo and the Neocats will only serve to harden his resolve.
  21. It is telling that the Pope did NOT celebrate Mass with the NCW.
  22. If Pope Francis had celebrated Mass with the NCW, we would already be seeing the pictures.
  23. Pope Francis most likely refused to celebrate "the Eucharist" with the neocats because he saw the garbage propaganda the neocats made out of the very few times other popes had made that mistake.
  24. Vatican authorities had better wake up to the fact that Apuron, Kiko, and the neocat operators intend to continue to play all of us for fools. 
  25. But while the Vatican might get played...there is one man who will have the last word, or should we say, "two words:" WALTER DENTON.


PDN: Apuron on same stage with pope during Neocatechumenal Way event
KUAM: Apuron spotted in YouTube video in Rome


PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Lawsuit: Former archdiocese chancellor Adrian Cristobal abused, raped boy for 18 years

Former Archdiocese of Agana Chancellor Adrian Cristobal has been accused of sexually abusing and raping a Catholic school student for about 18 years, from 1995 through 2013 at two parishes, the school, the priest's residence, his vehicle, and in his private beach in Ipan, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday. CONTINUED


Note. Live show times are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7am to 8:30am. The show repeats on the same days 4pm to 5:30pm. Tel. number is 475-4448. Please share this information.

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"Most recently, the Way has been in the spotlight in the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam after its main supporter on the island, Guam Archbishop Anthony Apuron, was removed to stand trial at the Vatican on sex abuse charges. 
Apuron's replacement, heeding criticism by ordinary faithful on Guam, placed restrictions on the Way, mandating a yearlong "pause" in the creation of new prayer communities, ordering that its members obey Vatican rules in celebrating Mass and launching a review into the quality of their training as Catholic teachers."

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis on Saturday urged one of the Catholic Church's biggest but most contentious missionary movements to respect different cultures and not try to conquer souls as it spreads the faith around the world.

Francis headlined a big rally marking the 50th anniversary of the Neocatechumenal Way's arrival in Rome. The community founded in Spain in the 1960s seeks to train Catholic adults in their faith and each year sends out families on mission around the globe.

The Vatican under the past two popes in many ways kept the Way at arm's length because of its unusual liturgical practices, which include celebrating Mass on Saturday nights, and its occasionally divisive presence in dioceses. The Way's statutes were only approved in 2008.

Francis though is less a liturgical purist and has insisted the church be more missionary in nature. As a result, he has seemingly embraced the Way, albeit with regular warnings, including on Saturday, to work for and not against unity in the church.

Francis warned the 34 new missionary groups heading out not to dictate to others or follow pre-ordained scripts, but to accompany the faithful patiently. He urged them to love and respect the cultures and traditions of other people.

"We go forward together, without isolating ourselves or imposing our own pace, united as a church, with pastors and all our brothers," Francis told the crowd that was expected to number more than 100,000 from 135 countries.

He recalled that when Jesus urged his disciples to find more believers "He didn't say conquer, occupy, but rather make disciples, share with the others the gift you have received."

Seated behind him were an impressive array of cardinals and bishops, a sign that for all its controversy the Way has its high-ranking supporters. Kiko Arguello, the Way's charismatic, guitar-strumming co-founder, made a point to identify by name each of the half-dozen Vatican-based cardinals on hand, giving each one rousing rounds of applause.

While appreciating the movement's religious zeal, bishops in Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia and Europe have accused the movement of wreaking havoc in their dioceses and have tried to limit the Neocatechumenals' activities, shutting their seminaries and complaining to the Vatican. Critics point to the Way's secretive, sect-like ways and of alleged cultural insensitivity by missionaries, who by some estimates number 1 million.

Most recently, the Way has been in the spotlight in the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam after its main supporter on the island, Guam Archbishop Anthony Apuron, was removed to stand trial at the Vatican on sex abuse charges.

Apuron's replacement, heeding criticism by ordinary faithful on Guam, placed restrictions on the Way, mandating a yearlong "pause" in the creation of new prayer communities, ordering that its members obey Vatican rules in celebrating Mass and launching a review into the quality of their training as Catholic teachers.

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3 new clergy abuse lawsuits against Cepeda, Brouillard

Three new clergy sex abuse lawsuits were filed on Monday in local and federal courts, two of them alleging abuse by former priest Louis Brouillard in the late 1960s,  and one alleging abuse by the now deceased former priest Raymond Cepeda in the mid 1980s. CONTINUED

Nearly 170. 400 times larger per capita than Boston. And "they" still call me a liar.

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On May 17, 2016, the Umatuna posted a story about the upcoming ordination of 4 transitional deacons (a step towards the priesthood) who were the product of Guam's Redemptoris Mater Seminary, which, as we have long since learned, was established to form priests "following the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way" (RMS Articles of Incorporation, Art. III).

The 4 seminarians who were supposed to be ordained on June 4 were:  César Javier Izaguirre González (from Nicaragua), Kenneth Paul O’Reilly (from Ireland), Preston Daniel Peredo Perez (from Guam), and Victor II Luna Vitug (from the Philippines)

On the same day of the story, May 17, 2016 (providence??), Roy Quintanilla became the first person to publicly allege that then-Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron had molested him in the 1970's when Apuron was the pastor of the parish in Agat and Quintanilla was an altar boy.

52-year-old Agat man alleges archbishop molested him from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

The ordination of the deacons, per the May 17, 2016 story, was set for June 4. But by June 4, 2016, Apuron, apparently spooked by this lone allegation, had already "skidaddled out-a-here" and had run to Papa - where he crashed a papal receiving line - as caught on film by a Vatican photographer:

Archbishop Apuron runs to the Pope from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

Two days after the ordination of deacons was supposed to happen, Apuron would do a video-selfie-address, with the grand Basilica of St. Peter's in the background, and assure us that all was well, and that he had merely been paying the pope a visit to request the appointment of an apostolic administrator while he exonerated himself to Papa.

Archbishop Apuron from Rome: "The Holy Father has granted my request..." from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

In hindsight, with over 160 abuse allegations and a clergy abuse scandal 400% larger (per capita) than the infamous Boston scandal which precipitated the award-winning movie "Spotlight," not to mention the now 5 (that we know of) accusations of Apuron personally (including one which places him raping a teenage nephew in his chancery home bathroom while the nephew's family lounges just feet away in Apuron's living room)...

....we can clearly see why Apuron was spooked after one, little, measly 40 year-old allegation from a guy who hadn't lived on Guam in decades.

Nevertheless, the reality was, that with his midnight flight "out-a-here," there was no bishop to ordain the 4 deacons. And with the arrival of Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai on June 7, 2016, the same day that Walter Denton came forward with his bombshell allegation of RAPE...

....the ordination was given the kibash.

However, at least one of the four who was supposed to be ordained on June 4, 2016 by the former Archbishop Apuron, has finally found his way to ordination. Victor Luna Vitug II was ordained by Cardinal Sean O'Malley in Boston this past April 20.

O’Malley, like the other U.S. Capuchin bishops (Apuron and Chaput) has been very Kiko-friendly:

In fact, the main money-arm of Kiko’s cult funnels through O’Malley’s diocese:

"Domus Jerusalem, Inc. is a registered US non-profit charity under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Boston and the Roman Catholic Church. 
The board of Trustees of Domus Jerusalem, Inc. includes Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, chairman, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, together with Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez, and Fr. Mario Pezzi, initiators of the NeoCatechumenal Way."

The Domus:

The Domus is the Neocat "vatican."

I'm not sure what to make of O'Malley. Personally. I like the guy. In 1984 he was an answer to prayer.

I had been involved in a very dangerous and very ugly outing of a very dangerous "dude" in the U.S Virgin Islands. A "dude" who was connected to O'Malley's predecessor as Bishop of the U.S. Virgin Islands. I met O'Malley then and liked him. I wrote about it here.

I also like the fact that O'Malley sort of stood up to Francis on the Chile thing.

Oh, and there's the fact that he was born in Ohio...the state I identify most with. 

Though I was born and raised in California (East LA to be exact), I developed a deep affinity with my father's birth state of Ohio, where my father, Martin Henry Rohr, was the 8th of 11 children, and I am one of 60 Rohr grandchildren.

(Just thought I'd share that :)

So maybe O'Malley is okay after all...being from Ohio and all.

Hope so.

All the best to Victor Vitug. Let's hope he got a real formation and not Kiko's.


A friend sent me this post from The Diana.


I had posted about it before here, but thought I'd complete the story now that the property (as far as I know) has been sold. 

Here are the facts:

1. The former Carmelite Monastery property was never the property of the Archdiocese of Agana, so Monsignor James would have had no authority over it. The November 2016 Ownership and Encumbrance Report shows the property is owned by LITTLE FLOWER GUAM, LLC CARE OF MOTHER STELLA MARIS FREUND, OCD.

If the name "Mother Stella Maris" rings a bell, it is because she is the Carmelite Prioress from St. Louis who gave Apuron the $2 Million to pay off the Bank of Guam loan he had secured to initially purchase the former Accion Hotel Property. The Neocats own catechist, Ric Eusebio, spoke loudly about that fact in a Guam Daily Post article here

2. While I was initially retained to list the property for sale by the property owner, I did not sell it. The listing agreement was cancelled in October 2017:

3. So, not only did I not make a dime on this property, I spent at least $1000 on an open house, advertising, and many hours of time. So much for me being a greedy real estate agent. LOL.

4. I do not know the status of the property. I heard it was sold. But not by me. 

COURAGE, Diana. 

P.S. This was kind of fun. Just like the old days: using facts and documents to expose the lies and lies and lies from the other side. I think I'll see what else I can find to expose now that the VATICAN has decided. :)

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PACIFIC NEWS CENTER: Archdiocese still has not heard from Father Adrian Cristobal

Guam – Since being accused of sexual abuse, former Chancellor to the Archdiocese of Agana Father Adrian Cristobal has still not returned to the island.

This despite being summoned to return back to the island since last week. Archdiocese Spokesman Tony Diaz says their current Chancellor, Paul Fisher, has not heard from Father Adrian.

The former chancellor was named in a sex abuse lawsuit filed against the church by a 35-year-old man with the initials L.J.C. who alleged that Father Adrian sexually assaulted him when he was a teenager at the San Vicente Church in Barrigada.

Father Adrian left the island to the Diocese of Phoenix over a year ago after he refused an assignment to the San Dionisio Church in Umatac.

The archdiocese has opened a preliminary investigation which examines the allegations and other related information. That report will then be forwarded to the Independent Review Board for review.


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A little late. Listen in. Important stuff. Will be back on air, Monday morning, 7:00AM

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There is a movement afoot to collect the signatures required to endorse me (Tim Rohr) as a candidate for senator in the next election.

You will not find a copy of the petition for said signatures linked here (nor shall I tell you where to find it) because my position thus far has been:

1) If I do nothing to collect the required signatures, and yet
2) the required signatures are obtained, and
3) if I do not campaign a single bit, and yet,
4) get elected,

I will take it as a sign of God's will that I take the seat....which is kinda how I approach everything in this life (by the way.)

One might think that with this post I may be campaigning, but it's a risk I'll take.

And I am willing to take said "risk" to broadcast a CAMPAIGN PLATFORM I think worth broadcasting.

And here it is:

If elected to the next Legislature, I will immediately introduce the following legislation:

1) A bill to change any street name that contains the name "Apuron" (I am aware of two - Adacao and Santa Rita. Apologies to his relatives) to anything BUT "Apuron."

2) A bill to rescind Resolution 259-30, honoring the now discredited, disbanded, dysfunctional, dissolved, and generally "dissed..." Redemptoris Mater (fake) Seminary. The resolution read:

"Relative to expressing Biba Complianos and congratulations to the Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary of Guam celebrating its Tenth (10th) Anniversary and to extend a sincere 'Un Dangkolo na Si Yu'os Ma'ase' for their continuous contributions towards improvement and betterment of the quality of life for our Island Community and its people."

As we now know, thanks to the honoree in this "resolution," the "quality of life for our island," not long after this resolution, soon descended into chaos, making Guam the scandal of the world in terms of clergy sex abuse, and with RMS...the head of the snake.

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