Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I received the following message. If anyone has facts related to this story or to anything similar to it, please contact the Apostolic Delegate immediately. You may also contact me and I will see that the information is forwarded to the Delegate.

There is a family on Guam. The father died and was survived by his wife. Fr. Pius pressured the wife to give him her land assets. He arranged the changing of the will and the wife signed. When the wife died the couple's children found that their parents property had been willed to Pius. According to one of the children, Pius had told the mother that if she failed to will him the property she was going against God. He told her that her kids were evil in not following the way. There were big fights between the mother and daughter before the mother died. Now the daughter is in emotional pain. There are other families being pressured by Pius to do the same. Pius even gives them the language to use in the will. People who are old and lonely need to be warned. There is a pattern to Pius' pressuring of the elderly and the sick.

Contact info for the Apostolic Delegate

H.E. Archbishop Martin Krebs
Apostolic Delegate
PO Box 22-004
Wellington 6441

Fax +64 4 4791046

Monday, June 29, 2015


I had to add the (s) because there's more than one. They're so stupid - thinking that we can't tell the difference in writing style. 

So here's some advice for you. Rather than playing your empty hand with all the threats, simply discredit me. I would have absolutely no ability to influence anybody if you do so. Show me where anything I have claimed is not true. In fact, show everyone. It's simple. Show everyone I'm a liar and I'll go away. Your beloved Apuron will be the restored hero and I'll have to live in shame the rest of my life. 

Here's a short list of things to discredit:


Aguon to re-introduce abortion reporting bill

SEN. Frank Aguon Jr. is expected to re-introduce a proposal to enforce abortion reporting, according to his office.
Aguon withdrew his Bill 129-33 on June 19 in order to revise it and include a provision for due process for providers who would be subject to fines for not complying with abortion reporting, according to a statement from the senator’s office.


"Jokers Wild" insists on giving us wonderful material to work with, and so we shall. We'll take his little thoughts apart one by one. Let's start with this one:
A Seminary formed in all of this. After ten years of formation, we started seeing the fruits, Priests! Not once was any priest ordained and assigned to a neo community. No, they were assigned to parishes, they filled the void of so many years. Parishes that were being managed by "borrowed Priests" or "contract priests" were now getting a taste of some consistency. 
So before we were using "borrowed priests". Really? What's different about the RMS guys? What's the difference between borrowed and imported? I'll tell you. At least the "borrowed" guys were already priests, ready, willing, and able to serve our diocese. The imported guys have to be brought in and educated for 6 years or more at $17,000 a year (as per Apuron's own number), not to mention their many trips "back home" and all around the world with Archbishop Sugar Daddy. And when you add in the drop out rate - a number Apuron would never share - the cost per badly formed "Jesus is a sinner" neo-presbyter is probably 10 times that. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I am posting the following at the request of someone I respect. I have some thoughts of my own as to the liability of our church leaders for permitting the development of a culture which has led to this, not the least of which is their role in the serious damage to our church over the many years they looked the other way while minors were sexually abused. I will share those thoughts another time. Nevertheless, while our own bishop plans his next trip with his boy toys and relegates the issuance of any moral statement to his ghost writer, we would do well to be reminded that there are still bishops in our church who are solicitous for our salvation. 

Supreme Court Decision On Marriage “A Tragic Error” Says President Of Catholic Bishops’ Conference

June 26, 2015


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DEAR ROME": 

Timothy! Timothy! Timothy!

You just dont know when to stop. Im not sure why you would want to imply something wrong or even suppose something more worse just from a simple picture of the Archbishop and two priests. Im just in disgust by all the sexual comments that you do allow. 
My question to you is this:
Will you continue to fight for what is right even when the tables turn? When I meet with you and share with you the truth of an incident very central to Guam? Will you continue to fight for what is right even when it criminalizes one on your "side"? Will you?
What is so sad is that you and others have created a big divide in the church based on falsehoods. The neos have existed for quite awhile but have never tempted to approach the people with propaganda. It was simple, share the catechesis of the church, invite people to listen, ask them if they would continue, if not, move one. This happened year after year, catechesis after catechesis. There was never any ploy to divide.
A Seminary formed in all of this. After ten years of formation, we started seeing the fruits, Priests! Not once was any priest ordained and assigned to a neo community. No, they were assigned to parishes, they filled the void of so many years. Parishes that were being managed by "borrowed Priests" or "contract priests" were now getting a taste of some consistency. But this didnt satisfy you at all. So many fruits, enough to share with missions around the world and yet you still complain.
Instead, we now have a true and obvious divide. People being told to stop their donations. People being told to go celebrate the sacraments somewhere else. People printing shirts and stickers distinguishing themselves. All this divide. Never seen before til now.
You see, you ultimately want the church to return to an era that worked for you and many others but a few Popes ago, they decided that the church needed to move into a new era, hence the New Evangelization. When will you accept this?
Again, I do have some sense. Im not as dumb as you think and despite your attacks on Fr. Adrian I assure you I am not he.
So as I asked in the beginning, Will you continue the fight? Even when it is one of your own? Your answer to this will prove to me and others that this is not a war between two sides, its a fight for what is right.
Let me know.

-Jokers Wild 

**** MY REPLY****

Saturday, June 27, 2015


What's really sad about the picture below is that you will never see a picture like that with Apuron and his own local priests. He's only happy with his imported neo boys - because of what they do for him...and what he does for them. I'll talk about that soon. 


Thought you'd enjoy this shot of Apuron's bad ass boboy's. He sure does like these two. But then they're just his latest toys.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Diana is the gift that keeps on giving, exposing all that is supposed to be secret in the Neocatechumenal Way. It's supposed to be secret because the Kiko leaders KNOW that they have no permission to do what they do but have convinced their followers that the pope has given them said permission - convinced them by consistently lying to them. Check this out:

  1. And here's another revealing comment by her Diananess:

    "DianaJune 26, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    Dear Anonymous at 11:06 pm,

    It is our responsibility to be obedient to the Pope. He gave us permission to celebrate the way we celebrate the Eucharist. That permission had always been found in Kiko's 2006 thank you letter to the Pope. kiko thanked the Pope for many things, and one of them was giving them the permission to consume the Body of Christ sitting down. "

    So there it is - after all this time referring to some supposed verbal permission granted to the NCW by the pope, we can see that "she" is referring to a period of time immediately after the letter of Cardinal Arinze, and some two years prior to the promulgation of the final Statutes. If anyone needs reminding what those Statutes state, suffice it to say there is no permission for sitting down at the distribution and consumption of the Eucharist. In fact Cardinal Arinze's letter is referenced in the Statutes - but, you guessed it - Kiko's reply is not.

This little diatribe permits us to examine EXACTLY what was said. Upon the occasion of the letter from Kiko to the Pope to which Diana refers, the veteran Vatican blogger Sandro Magister had this to say (my comments in italics):


  1. This comment from Diana is not so funny, but more telling of why Fr. Paul was thrown out of Dededo. They claim 35,000 lost souls are there that need attending, but we all know the Neo pickings will come from inside the Catholic Church:

    AnonymousJune 24, 2015 at 11:06 AM

    "Why does Tim have lot of hate for the bishop "

    You should ask rohr why he hates the Arch Bishop personally. As a business man, be prepared to be sold on his adjenda.

    As for the Arch Bishop betraying his flock; his mission is not for the welfare of the whole but for the ones who have gone astray...lost.

    Think about it for a minute; 40 plus thousand people live in Dededo; maybe 5 thousand attend churches of different churches on Sunday. What are the other 35,000 doing? This is why God sent his Son to the world; to save those 35,000. This is the mission of the Arch Bishop TODAY.

    We have many, many Catholics who are blind to the mission of the Church. They don't appear to understand the mission of the Church. They do not practice the faith of Jesus Christ. They talk about their money but never talk about their faith. They want a nice Church, painted, decorated with air-conditioning and a Priest that respects their will, not the will of God. 

    Is this the flock you are referring too?


One of the things I have found fascinating in this mess is how so many people are always trying to figure out my motivation. I find it fascinating because I have none. There is simply right and wrong and right needs to be stood up for. When the Archbishop was on the right side of things (or so it appeared) during the same-sex union battle in 2009, no one was more public in his defense than I was. (Hmmmm, wonder where Diana was?) Now that the Archbishop is on the wrong side of things - insofar as his violation of canon law and his mistreatment of certain persons - I am opposing him. I have no loyalty to persons, only to principals. 


Abortion doctor speaks out

Dr. Griley is reported to have said that the only space on the reporting form he has not filled out is the space for “Date of the last live birth. 

Point 1: the Abortion Report for 2014 shows that the abortion doctors entered “Not provided” for the following:
  • Patient’s Age 3
  • Patient’s Ethnic Origin 3
  • Place of Residence 2
  • Previous Pregnancies 10
  • Highest Education 172
  • Blood Type 6
  • Last live birth 57
  • Method of Contraception used 4
  • Type of procedure done after abortion 1
  • Abortion procedures 2


From the comments on the PDN poll

  • I am so happy - yesterday
    I am not part of the hate group...haters of Archbishop and NCW... all that negative emotions damage their hearts, souls, and bodies.. as for me.... I sleep well and know that God remains in me and has His hands on me... for I offer praises and blessings to HIM and pray for my enemies... I am at peace.

This comment made me think of Luke 18:

To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

“But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

“I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Glad you can sleep well, "I am so happy". Get plenty of it. You're going to need it.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


The following is a letter written to the religious superior of Fr. Pius Sammut after a petition was circulated on Guam calling for his removal. The petition was sent to the superior by the originators of the petition and the superior responded, declining to recall Fr. Pius from Guam. A person identifying himself as Frenchie then wrote the following to the superior.

To:          Father Emmanuel Schembri
Date:      October 28th, 2014
Subject:  Petition for the removal of Fr. Pius Sammut from the Archdiocese of Agana

Dear Father Schembri,

I have taken note of your answer to the petitioners regarding the request for removal of Fr. Pius Sammut, Discalded Carmelite from the Archdiocese of Agana (Guam), which was forwarded to your General Superior P. Saverio Cannista, O.C.D



LOL. I can hardly keep up with them.

I'll let Jose tell the real story. But in short, he refused to live a LIE. We should all follow Jose's example.


The PDN poll has left us with a wealth of data. I say "data" and not just "comments" because the context of the comments, the poll, affords us the opportunity to look at the comments as data - a true study of the deformation of consciences and minds by Kiko's theology. Let's start with this one:

  • J. Bautista - yesterday
    PDN asked to rate our confidence in the Arch Bishop but we are mistaken if we assume the position is to filled by popular vote. It was by popular vote that Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross; crucified. Let us also not forget that it is Jesus Christ who is the head; the leader of his Church that we should be following.
    I have little confidence in any man but ask me if I have faith in Arch Bishop Apuron and I will tell you YES. We may not like or accept the message God sends through his servant the Arch Bishop Anthony Apuron but that is our problem.


So J. Bautista, you would rather have faith in Apuron than "any man". Well there's your first problem - apparently thinking that Apuron is more than a man. 

J. Bautista, some news for you:

Bad bishops started with Judas, and since then there have been an untold number of Judases who have held the office of "bishop" - prompting one of the Church Fathers to comment as early as the 4th century that the "floor of hell was paved with the skulls of bishops."

In the same century, St. Jerome, the translator of the only version of the Bible the Catholic Church still holds to be without error, wrote "the whole world groaned to find itself Arian". This sad comment was prompted by the  defeat of "trinitarianism" at the Council of Ariminum where most of the world's bishops opposed the essential Christian doctrine of three persons in one God...as Kiko cleverly does.

Kiko's Arian heresy was manifestly documented by a Kiko priest actually teaching our deacon candidates that Jesus Christ was a sinner and that he too "experienced the forgiveness of the Father", just like us. This is the belief that Apuron - and apparently you - uphold: JESUS CHRIST IS A SINNER. That's some serious crap, J. Bautista.

More news for you J. Bautista:

In January of 2006, your beloved Apuron publicly and brazenly rejected the authority of Pope Benedict on KOLG by rejecting a very clear directive from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. Apuron has since refused to obey the same directive he was given then. You can read about it here and actually listen to him say it. He has never apologized, and in fact, recruited me and several others to lie for him to cover this up. 

Feel free to follow your beloved Apuron, J. Bautista. For my part, I  refuse to live a lie or follow a liar. 


Frankie found this:





Context for comment here.

While the NCW is in itself a scam to deceive the faithful, it is also a money laundering machine. In fact this is where they get their power from. (buying the silence, and/or the complicity of people in power in our Church).


...what this is about. :)

Relax. Just having some fun with the guy who constantly calls me "Satan" and who even regularly attacks me from the pulpit. Well this is MY pulpit. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


A translation by Joe R. San Agustin

To all my brethren here in the Marianas Islands – Christians, Catholics – kindly allow me a bit of your time so I can relay to you my feelings about what is happening here within our Church.  



A translation by Joe R. San Agustin
 of Mr. Ben Meno’s call-in radio talk to show host Jesse Lujan

… God will likely shower down on earth fire from Heaven on account of our Archbishop (Señot Obispo).  How is it, Archbishop Apuron, that a priest comes out and tells us in the pages of the Umatuna Si Yuos… What is the reason why there is there a seminary in Maloloj? There is (already) a seminary in Yona!   We are barely able to take care of the Yona seminary because of its size… That’s a hotel, you know (Senator Jesse Lujan), and there is not even a hundred seminarians there… and yet we open up another seminary in Maloloj… and they are crying out because of (the failure of) the Appeal !  What?  You, Archbishop (and I know you are listening) – you come out and tell the people!  Stop lying!  Stop lying!  Stop sending us Pale (Adrian) Cristobal!  Where are you, huh?  Why are you hiding?  Clearly tell us the truth!

Let your heart be truthful.  You get up on the pulpit, and you preach to us about Jesus Christ; about the Lord.   Why are you afraid?  Why don’t you want to come out, and tell the people the truth of what you did – that you gave away the land in Yona (RMS) – you gave it away, for free!  And the Carmelites (Sisters) are crying out.  Because the Carmelites are involved (in this issue). [You know about that – right, Senator (Jesse Lujan)]?  (JL:  Hunngan, hunngan.)   The Carmelite (Sisters) are involved!  They are praying 24 hours (a day).

You, the bishop – you, who claim to be the bishop…  you get up (on the pulpit) every Sunday, and you preach about God.  Me – I believe in God, and I will not let go of my religion on account of you, because the Catholic Church is not yours!  I shall continue going to Mass, but when I go to Church and I see you there, I turn around and go to another church – because I cannot bear to even look at you, you who are lying to the people!

And all I am asking is that you step down so that there can be peace – because the Catholic Faith is divided on our island.  It is divided!  There are things that both the old and the young do not understand why our Faith is like this today!

But it should be loud and clear – and we are seeing it – Where is the bishop who is called our archbishop?  Why hasn’t he come out, and let him be the one to speak to us those 10 items which were written [in the Umatuna] as problems?  Why is he sending out a priest [Fr Adrian] to do his job?

Fr Mike was summoned to the Office (Chancery); Fr Gofigan was removed… There are many wrongdoings; there are many abuses; there is no amity; there is no amity (peace).  You, who is the archbishop, ought to come out (to your people), and cleanse your heart, your soul, because you are holding… you are the one given the Staff [sign of leadership]… and why are you lying to your people?  Why are you lying to those who are following God?

Thank you. [Manana si Yuos]  I hope I had not harmed anyone.  Senator, and Kin – I am very grateful to the Calvo family for this radio station, for it is through this station that is poured out both the bitterness, the fragrance, the sweetness, and other sentiments.  Thank you.  [Adios.  Manana si Yu’os.  Adios,  asta ke.]


Dear Archbishop,

You now have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING other than have your people write "johnny-come-lately" letters. 

For many years the president of the bank which you do the most business with has been Guam's most outspoken opponent of critical moral teachings of the Catholic Church you profess to lead. 


A picture of a recent siting of Janet B over Guam
OMG! There is wailing and gnashing of teeth throughout the kiko world, especially at the Chancery. Expect frantic meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. Their poster boy bishop sell out just totally flopped by a world wide poll of “NO CONFIDENCE”!

Before my personal thoughts, I spoke to a neighbor of mine who is a UOG professor and familiar with polling. These are his thoughts:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "NEW JOKER'S WILD NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK":  
''WOW'' Timmy Timmy Jimmy all this hate you bring with these people. Satan still loves you. }:-<> 

Nice to have you back, Rudy. Missed your little "Satan loves you" greetings. By the way, recognize this? It's your car.


This first screen shot of the poll from 6:04AM shows what's really going on. The PDN goes online at about 4am and most of the people that had voted by 6am are Guam locals.



Hope they have a way to permit people to vote only once. Pius will surely call forth his world wide syndicate of Kiko's to screw with this. No matter. Poll or no poll, truth will win.


LOL. "Twisting Words From the Jungle". Ummm, yes you are. LOL. That's so funny, Diana, you actually accuse yourself of "twisting words from the Jungle" in how you titled your post. You should have said "twisting words IN the Jungle." LOL. Thanks for the daily funny. 


The Redemptoris Mater doesn't teach the Neocatechumenal Way, Cristobal said.

"Seminarians are trained for ministry in the church, they are not trained for the Neocatechumenal Way as was falsely noted," Cristobal wrote.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "LOOKS LIKE WE'RE GETTING TO ADRIAN":Timothy! Timothy! Timothy!

Monday, June 22, 2015


No wonder he signs his diseased comments as "Joker's Wild." At least in the U Matuna this weekend, he actually signs his real name to more of his diseased commentary. 

In the headline article for the U Matuna (June 21, 2015), Adrian writes:
“The Archbishop met with his pastors…to discuss the preparations of the Jubilee celebrations…and the financial summary of the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal.” (See copy of full article at the end of this post).


Ummm, Dr. Freeman, the law says that you are supposed to report the total number of certifications received MONTHLY, not "first thing Monday" after you have been caught red handed and exposed for non-compliance.
However, according to the law, "all physicians who perform abortions shall report the total number of certifications received monthly." 
"At my clinic … the patient signs her certification list immediately before having the abortion — after the 24-hour wait — so the certifications always equals the number of abortions done per month. I am in compliance on this," Freeman wrote in a follow-up email. "I will send monthly numbers over to the statistics office first thing Monday."



  • You shouldn't have a problem with a priest from elsewhere involving himself with Guam matters. Last I checked, Father Pius Sammut is not from Guam.
  • Dear Anonymous at 3:26 pm

    First of all, you do not see Father Pius making comments on my blog. And last of all, Father Pius also resides on Guam.....unlike Father Blockley.

  • So funny, Diana. In a blog where even the blogger hides behind a pseudonym, why should we expect Guam's greatest con man to use his name. But of course, he doesn't have to make comments, you do that for him. 

    But thanks for letting us know that Pius "resided on Guam". Ummm, why? Is he incardinated here? NO. What does he do here? Does he work? Does he get paid by us? Who pays for his room and board? Who pays for his many trips? I thought Apuron said we didn't have the money to send Aaron Quitugua to a real seminary. But we have money to harbor this pathetic excuse of a cleric who is an exile from his own order? 

    One day soon all of this ugly cancer will be gone. But then it will be up to the Catholics of Guam not to let it in...ever again!


    Note to Hoy Father Francis: This is the Guam priest who believes he has the divine right to be Guam's next bishop.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DONT MESS WITH THE WOMEN OF TOTO (or LARRY, YOU'RE...": 

    Saturday, June 20, 2015


    I have received a few comments about why certain priests are not doing more to lead the opposition against Apuron. Never mind them. This is our battle.

    Friday, June 19, 2015


    1. Diana says the RMS is self sufficient- here is my response which I know she will not post- 

      What a load of bull. I can show you how the chancery supports RMS. (got tons of leaked documents- years of it) I will forward to the Jungle for publication. Billing statements of various companies, fuel, travel, insurance, banking, wholesale, rentals, and so on. Lots of statements, notices of "non-payment and over due" and other information. The intricate web and back channels that neo parishes have in supporting the seminary, seminarians,and shifting costs so the classify as "parish" employees. Apuron should be careful who he trusts to keep his "secrets" because they are leaking everywhere. Locking file cabinets, limiting access? That is a bit too late. Do not be afraid. I will redact private information but the last names, location of services, amounts will remain to show the TRUTH. The off island contributions are a lie- very rare and 99% sure it came from ncw black trash bags. The archdiocese pays for it well, wait a minute more like doesn't PAY and just owes a ton of vendors.


    The path to a law requiring women seeking an abortion to be fully informed and made aware of alternatives to abortion was long and painful. The first attempt was in the latter part of the 29th Guam Legislature after a bill banning partial birth abortion was signed into law.


    Listen to it here:

    Read it here:

    or here:


    We have heard that the Chancery is saying they will terminate Catholic chaplain position at GMH because the Appeal did not provide enough money to fund the position. 

    Really? What a joke. 

    So now we're going to let people die at the hospital without access to the sacraments while Apuron flies around the world with his boys. 

    That's SICK! And I'm not referring to the patients in the hospital. 


    Note: Sadly, one of the reasons the Neo's feel free to take such liberties with the liturgy is because "self-celebration" has, in many places, already replaced "the action of Christ", which can only be the One, True, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

    “The liturgy is essentially the action of Christ,” he noted.

    “If this vital principle is not received in faith, it is likely to make the liturgy a human work, a self-celebration of the community.”


    Wednesday, June 17, 2015


    1. Deacon Larry is nothing but a little worm. Larry, is this how you treat women, by yelling and pointing a finger at them? We do not tolerate actions like that. What do you think we are..scumbags? No wonder you needed to join the NCW...you little worm. You have trouble with women. Who booed and booted you out? The WOMEN!

      What did you say when you were all flared up and sat down. ..did I hear right...SHIT...not becoming of a Deacon. You need to go on a retreat and reflect. Just wondering if your wife serves you hand and foot! 

      Glad you blew up...now we see your true colors! You are a fake and a phony. Did you join the Deaconate to prove yourself to the world? Did you think that being a DEACON would earn you the respect you do longed for? 

      A word of advice...DON'T MESS WITH THE WOMEN OF TOTO. 


    Dear Anonymous at 12:29 pm

    The jungle have always been blasting the Archbishop, so that is nothing new. However, Anonymous at 10:38 am pointed out that the jungle is also blasting Rome. They're saying that Rome doesn't care. They do not understand the reason for Rome's silence. Rome remains silent and does nothing because they support Archbishop Apuron. The Archbishop already said that he has the support of the Pope. Yet, they continue to write their letters and continue to be frustrated of Rome's silence simply because they do not understand. They see Pope Francis removing other Bishops due to graft or corruption, but Pope Francis does not remove the Archbishop of Guam. They do not understand that the Archbishop has done no corruption in removing Father Paul and Monsignor James. There was no corruption in having a perpetual deed on the RM Seminary. There was no corruption in setting up the RM Seminary or the John Paul II seminary. And there was no corruption in denying sponsorship to Aaron Quitugua.  

    To the Archbishop, have courage. You followed the Pope when he told you to meet with the parishes. We are all praying for you. Continue to meet with the parishes and remember that the jungle is only a very very small group. They do not represent the entire Catholic faithful. The majority has always been with you. 

    LOL. So Apuron is not meeting with the parishes because he cares and because that's his duty, he's meeting with the parishes because Rome told him to do so. Of course we knew that. Apuron hasn't cared about the people of this Archdiocese for three decades, but nice to have Diana confirm this. Oh, and by the way, Diana, THAT's the REAL corruption!

    P.S. There is a difference between those who comment on this blog and its administrator, me. I DO KNOW why Rome is silent. Rome is always silent. They do not broadcast what they are going to do. BTW, your dear Apuron got a call last Friday. Apparently they received one of the shoes and thought they'd let Brother Tony know. 

    Tuesday, June 16, 2015


    Just something to think about on your next trip or while you frolic with the Tall Woman in the Dead Sea. Over the last five years one of every 12 children have been aborted. And this year 73% were Chamorro, meaning they were probably Catholic. More fruit of your 20 years of believing that the Way was the answer. Stay tuned.

    More here


    I haven't forgotten. It's coming. Patience, patience.


    From AAA's meeting with the Toto parishioners last night:

    Listen on Soundcloud:

    • VERY HEATED CONFRONTATION with AAA by the parishioners of Toto
    • bang, bang, bang from the very first speaker
    • a SUPERB DISPLAY of displeasure of the people for what AAA is doing/not doing in the on-going saga of division within the church. 
    • No words minced, albeit in general respectful. 
    • His answer to the pointed question "Don't you see the division that is happening within the Church?", his answer was "yes; there is this perception..." Say what?? Perception???
    • When asked what he is doing to bring unity with the Church, he said he is doing this and that, and then added "we are meeting with the CCOG to try to  work things out" 


    Memento Mori et Carpe Diem.
    Remember that you are mortal, so seize the day.

    Monday, June 15, 2015


    This is interesting. Santa Barbara has "pledged" $16,800"? Really? Pledged? Or were they "billed"? According to one observer:

    During announcements at a mass on Sunday, he (Fr. Dan Bien( pointed out an article in the Umatuna that Guam's largest parish 'owes' the largest amount to the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal. " 

    Really "owes"? A pledge is money already committed but not yet collected. This is no "pledge". This is a quota given to Fr. Dan by the chancery bullies. 

    Agafa Gumas - $3,300. An interesting number. Not only because it is high for what is little more than a chapel, but also because it is even. Hmmm. This suggests that "somebody" is throwing some money into the pot to round the number up. The high number also suggests that somebody or somebodies are anxious to please Apuron since he recently made them a parish. 

    Saturday, June 13, 2015


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    Hope to see you there!
    Jessica Rohr

    Friday, June 12, 2015


    Oh, Rudy, you were fun for awhile. But I now find your small-man comments immensely boring. Yawn. Go ahead, comment away. They're all set to go directly to the spam file...as is your sad little life, so obsessed with JungleWatch.  Bye.



    Send your letters of concern to:

    Marc Ouellet, P.S.S., Cardinal, Prefect for the Congregation of Bishops
    Mailing Address: Palazzo della Congregazioni, 00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 10

    (Address him as "Your Eminence")


    According to those present at the prayer-protest in support of Fr. Mike Crisostomo Wednesday at the Chancery, the Archbishop came out and said that "Nothing is going to happen to Fr. Mike." LOL. Of course, not, not with all those people staring in his window. 

    Imagine if we had been able to do the same on the days he ambushed Fr. Paul and Msgr. James!

    The archbishop was also reported to have said that the meeting was "just a regular meeting with some priests." 

    Well it probably became "just a regular meeting" after the archbishop saw the crowd. But we can guess that it was NOT a "regular meeting with some priests" to begin with because the archbishop generally does not meet individually with his priests which is one of the major criticisms of him. Normally he only calls a general clergy meeting and even when he does call a priest to a private meeting he usually has others there do the talking (or threatening) for him. 

    The Gennarini threat to Fr. Mike aside, we can pretty much guess what the meeting was going to be about from the Archbishop's letter to Fr. Mike in which he said:
    "We will discuss how the AAA was organized at your parish, what strategies were taken to promote the appeal to the people, and what we can do to meet your parish’s suggested goal." 
    It's right there: "what we can do to meet your parish's suggested goal." 

    So it's just like I have been saying. He is going to force those pastors to cough up money from their parish general fund or take out a loan. There are no other options. It is clear that the people are not going to give. There wasn't a change in strategy from previous years. There was a change in public knowledge about Apuron's abuses. 

    This is why the only way to keep Apuron from taking your money to support his neo-boys is to stop giving altogether and be prepared for outdoor Masses like after the war, because in fact, this IS war. 



    1. Marilu Diaz MartinezJune 12, 2015 at 10:08 AM
      When our local sons -- who do not wish to pursue a vocation in the ncw and therefore seek diocesan seminary formation in the U.S -- are NOT ONLY turned away by this archbishop and are refused financial support, BUT ALSO, AREN’T EVEN GIVEN a letter of recognition and acknowledgment by their archbishop (seeing as, such acknowledgment is required for them to pursue a seminarian formation in the U.S) WHY THEN are we non-neo Catholics, expected to support and give to a fundraiser which ignores our local sons but supports (100%) foreign residents in a religious movement which is not an entity that belongs to our island’s archdiocese and are -- ironically -- in opposition to authentic Catholic Teachings and Beliefs especially with regard to major Catholic Doctrine!

      These local sons who were turned away by the archbishop were willing to assume the cost of their seminary formation in the Mainland, yet this archbishop still refused them a simple letter of support, recognition and acknowledgement. Our local sons want, more than anything, to pursue a religious vocation -- and you denied them that, Archbishop!

      Archbishop, do you see why we have boycotted your appeal and fundraiser? You selectively provide support and give credence only to neo formation and neo ways! This is also why we will continue our financial boycott so long as you refuse to provide us with bonafide financial and program service transparencies! The failure of your appeal is our doing and the doings of your non-neo Catholic congreation, Archbishop -- do not fault our good non-neo Pastors!


    Apuron meets pastor over parish appeal

    Catholics Rally at Chancery Office to Protest Archbishop's Letter

    Toto parishioners gather in support of Father Mike


    My goal last year was to hit 500,000 views by July 16, 2014, the one year anniversary of Archbishop Apuron's trashing of Fr. Paul Gofigan and the real launch of this blog. We hit it a few days before that date. 

    Now, only 11 months later, we are going to hit 3,000,000 views a whole month before the 2nd anniversary of that horrible day. 2,500,000 page views in less than a year. That's an average of a quarter of a million page views per month or about 7,500 views per day. 

    That's a lot more interest than what just a local story about a bishop's mistreatment of his priests can generate. The interest is there because Kiko Arguello is a worldwide problem, and - not surprising - our weak and often personally corrupt church leaders are his enablers. 


    Thursday, June 11, 2015


    Jessica and Michelle Rohr with Patti Arroyo


    Chuck White again pulls back the curtain on Kiko's evil ploy to remake the Church in his own image and suck thousands into his black hole with him.



    by Chuck White


    This is the chart from last year's appeal showing the goal amount and where the money is supposedly going. The archdiocese did not publish one this year. We can assume the numbers for this year are nearly the same.

    We must question the amount going to the chaplains. There are only two chaplaincies: GMH and the prison. The normal priest stipend is $900 per month or $10,800 per year. Together that's $21,600 per year. Yet Apuron wants $73,300. In addition, as we have already posted, the Navy pays Apuron $27,000 per year for Fr. Tom's services at the Navy hospital.


    1. Ummm apuron came out, multiple times to diffuse the situation "for sure, for sure." Can you see right through that!? Saving face, patronizing the peaceful rallying people. That's apuron and the neos tactic, for the past 20 years. Lie to people's faces, point blank, just to shut you up, while the neos steal your money and have sex with Catholic children!

      Just a little too late, don't you think apuron?
      Apuron insists there is no division and all the evil come from "that blog," this blog.

      You naive Toto Parishioners! You think it's that easy, pray here and there and your pastor will be protected? Prayer won't protect your beloved priest, like the others (gofigan and benavente) because they don't pray to the same God you do. apuron and claros, along with the neo leadership are going to hurt you and your pastor more, where it will count. maybe not today, but it will come...for sure, for sure.

      Katolikus, is that all you got? Weak! You are so easily fooled and appeased, you dumb Catholics! Those are surely what apuron, claros and the neos are thinking (oh and saying too, by the way).

      apuron, you want the Catholics to believe you?
      -Put the neos in their rightful place. Leave them as a group within the Catholic Church, not put them in to lead FOR YOU!
      -Exonerate Msgr. James and Fr. Paul, with all others you've maligned, and publicly set things right!
      -Be the Shepherd you claim you are in your 'not self-written' letters

      Show them, Katolikus, no taking naps now...stay awake and stay vigilant!
      No money, no honey!!! Get those neos out of here, especially that poor excuse of a bishop, apuron!!!