Thursday, January 17, 2019


Posted by Frenchie

While most of us where trying to abide by the traditional Peaceful Season of Christmas. Some continued their work of destruction, and policy of burnt earth tactics.

One just need to read some of the commentaries left on this website by the ever hateful and  the mostly condescending attitude of the Neo Cult followers, to see that nothing much has changed into the landscape of our island and of our Church.

While the Cultists have changed the figure head of their leadership locally, they continue to spread like a cancer. In fact they have become ever more dangerous, since they have completed their access to influencing our political leaders, after having had their religious pawns, silenced and taken out of contention for some time.

Friday, January 4, 2019

POST: Group urges pope to uphold Apuron sentence

Concerned Catholics of Guam is urging Pope Francis to uphold the entire sentence imposed by a tribunal that found Archbishop Anthony Apuron guilty of "certain" accusations lodged against him.

The Vatican has not revealed which accusations Apuron was found guilty of, and the sentence – banishment from Guam and stripping Apuron of his archbishop title – was suspended pending the final resolution of his appeal. CONTINUED

PDN: Concerned Catholics hopes Apuron sentence will be upheld

Grassroots group Concerned Catholics of Guam is calling on Pope Francis to maintain a Vatican tribunal's decision to have Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron exiled from Guam permanently and stripped of his title as archbishop of Agana, after Apuron was found guilty in a case involving the sexual abuse of minors. CONTINUED

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