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  1. An open letter to my long time friend father Paul AM Gofigan, pastor of Santa Barbara Church, Guam

    When you have known all
    and its contrary.
    When you have lived life to its fullest,
    and know that you are at its crepuscule,
    you are tempted not to share.
    Knowing that, each generation has its own pains.
    Knowing also, that search, doubt and second guessing
    are part of the nobility of existence.

    Even then you cannot escape, and
    must tell our younger friends:
    (remembering one of my preferred author)
    "You must not settle on your own truth,
    or want to share it as a certitude,
    but you must know how to deliver it
    trembling at his mystery"

    We are living a difficult period,
    where the basis of what we once called Moral,
    we now call Ethics,
    are constantly challenged;
    in particular in the domains of
    the Giving of Life,
    the Manipulation of Life
    and the Ending of Life.

    In these domains
    Harsh questions are awaiting,
    for several decades to come.
    Where systematic individualism,
    Profit at any cost,
    are gaining on the forces of spirituality

    Yes we are living a difficult period,
    Where it is always a matter of right,
    and never of duty,
    Where responsibility which is the
    root of all destiny appears to be forgotten.

    Despite all this
    You must believe in the greatness
    of Human adventure.
    You must know how
    Until the last day
    Until the last hour
    Push your own rock.

    Life is a struggle
    The labor of man is a harsh one.
    To live you must struggle,
    You must know that :
    Nothing is certain
    Nothing is given
    Nothing is Free
    All must be conquered,
    All must be earned,
    If nothing is sacrificed, nothing is gained.

    Modestly for myself
    I believe life is a gift from God,
    You must discover over
    the absurdity of the world
    a meaning to our existence.

    You must find
    past the difficulties and the challenges,
    this generosity, this nobility
    this mysterious and miraculous
    Beauty sprinkled across the world.
    You must discover these stars,
    which guide us when we are
    at the deepest recess of the dark of the night.
    You must feel the shivers of invisible things.

    Each man is an exception
    with his own dignity
    which your must learn to respect.

    You must believe against all odds
    in your country and its future.

    Of all virtues
    the most important one, because
    it is the engine to all others,
    and that it is necessary for the
    existence of all the others.

    The most important is Courage.
    Mostly the one which we do not speak of,
    which is to remain true to our own dreams.
    To practice courage is probably what is
    "The Honor of Life"

    I hope my old friend that you share this with the people of Guam in this dark hour, and that your courage will prevail over the forces of darkness.

  2. This is so TRUE...You have that courage, my brother. I am praying for your every day, every minute, every second. You have given me the courage to KEEP MY FAITH ALIVE!

    I LOVE YOU for BELIEVING and CARING for our people, for our faith, and most especially for our FUTURE!

    Love you, Sis

  3. Fr. Gofigan, you are our spiritual brother and we are continuing our prayers, our thoughts and support behind you. You are not alone in your battle. God bless us all fighting for what is right with you.

  4. In the words of a Priest....

    "The archbishop apparently has been trying to keep me away from my flock by advising the parochial administrator to keep me far away from Santa Barbara as possible. I was asked to stop coming to celebrate the Chamorro Mass on Sundays now. How pedestrian! Anyway, I am moving forward with my legal lawsuit against the archbishop for trying to assassinate my character with outrageous and false accusations. I simply asked him to retract his comments made to the clergy and to give a written apology, which he refused. I don't think he realized what we Gofigans are made of ---Fire!!! Form the beginning he has refused to acknowledge his guilt, which is why all this has become unnecessarily ugly.."
    (taken from facebook)

    1. I pray every day to Blessed Diego de San Vitores for two miracles, 1.) that Fr. Paul is exonerated and regains his position as pastor of Santa Barbara and 2.) that the archbishop stops "walking" in the NCW community-since that seems to be the source of all the problems. But I fear that Jesus Christ Himself might not be able to accomplish these two glorious miracles. I've never met you Fr. Paul, but I admire you and your courage immensely.

    2. Tim, document 7 is actually document 6. Could you please correcat? I would like to read the letter from Father Paul. Thanks

      THE DECISION Of THE ARCHSBISHOP IS failed to follow the appropriate procedure; suspends, investigation, hearing decision !

  5. What I could see in this case is all against the Teaching Of the Churches 1- Against 10 commandments. 2.NOT FORGIVING IF THERE IS AN OFFENSE TO BE FORGIVEN . 3. Failed to follow the appropriate process before just unkindly throwing Fr. Paul on the street . 4. Not being Christian.5. Outside the churches the process is the same : HEARING, COUNSELLING, WARNING, TERMINATION FROM JOB . ALL OF THESE NECESSARY STEPS ARE OMITTED IN THE CASE OF FR.PAUL." UNJUSTLY FIRED, LEGAL RAMIFICATION ?"

  6. Your right ! Anonymous May 20 , 2014 3:07 am


    Fr.Paul is a good priest and he is very good with his homilies . God Bless that Man ! I do not mean to question the authority of His Excellency Arch.Apuron , but why did they have to announce Fr.Paul removal every after mass . It is humiliating for the man who did not DO anything wrong .

  7. This is sooo sad. Thank you to Tim R. who is documenting all of this. May God continue to give you the Grace to persevere and stand for the real truth. I happened by chance to be informed of this site, and I'm glad I read it. My dear family in Christ, we must continue to remember to pray for our priests daily because they are subject to malicious acts like this. Allow me the privilege of reminding you how to fight such battles --Confession/Reconciliation, Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary and Holy Eucharist. It is also important to remember to pray for those who persecute us. These atrocities to Fr. Paul is what is referred to as Spiritual Warfare. So we fight as St. Pope John Paul II did with truth, love, forgiveness and prayer. If you will recall, the Capuchin Friar --St. Padre Pio was persecuted and exiled because of his holiness and goodness. This holy and humble priest who was loved by many, persevered in prayer and offered up his pains and sufferings by uniting it with Jesus on the Cross. During that time of persecution and exile --God granted him the grace of saving souls and releasing many in Purgatory. St. Padre Pio was the great victim soul. Let us not waste our suffering; let us by St. Padre Pio's example, offer up our sufferings for the protection and perseverance of our priests, religious, and our Holy Father. Let's also as a community pray the Divine Mercy at the appointed 3 o'clock hour for God's Love and Mercy to pour out upon our community and the whole world. Let us say and believe as a Community of Believers, "Jesus we trust in you!" Invite one other to go to Adoration in Front of the Blessed Sacrament to pray the truth come out. Let us walk the walk with Fr. Paul by carrying up our cross and offer it up in reparation. Fr. Paul, you are God's beacon calling all of us to return to our Mother Church and the Sacraments. God has recognized you as I will personally pray for you and your intentions. May God's grace continue to flow upon you and give you strength to carry this His Cross.

    1. See the latest installment. Also, as you can see, this page has been modified to show links to each chapter of the story since it has gotten too long for one page. Thanks for your thoughts. It is important to note that Padre Pio did not "stay silent". While he himself stayed silent, he had an advocate, as does Fr. Paul.

  8. I have known Fr. Gofihan for over 30 yrs, I was in the Seminary with him and was one of his closest friends. We shared many personel experiences together. We spent alot of time discerning our call together the priesthood. I can trully say that Fr.Gofigan is a man of God and would never ever put anyone in His Cogregation in any harm or disobey a direct order from the Archbishop. He is a man of great faith and would always follow his beliefs in accordance with the Church and could never put a child in any kind of danger. May God Bless Fr.Gofigan during His darkest hour and Lord Jesus Christ remain in his heart during these trying times.

  9. Dearest Friend and Newly apointed Rev.and Rector of The Basilica.
    As I stated before I always knew and beleived in you and your innocence concerning all tbe allegations were unjust and witbout merit.
    My consant prayers have always been with you.
    I miss you greatly, and all we shared togetber and bonded us brotbers forever
    As God continues to watch over you and tbe flock intrusted to you.
    May you continue to keep me in your heart and prayers.
    Until we meet again, All Gods Blessings, Your Dearest and Closest Friend, Lupe Vielma...