Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Yes I'm commenting years later,but what the heck. One simple observation from someone that knows a lot of people in the way, and has even been part of it in the past.
I have never met more judgemental people in my life. My mother & my aunts have been in the community for about 30 years. They don't speak to each other anymore & they are full of misery. I also have many close friends in the way. They are close minded & very judgemental towards anyone that doesn't follow their beliefs, and behind close doors they even recognize this. I always watch what I say around them for fear of being ridiculed. I always wonder how someone can be part of something "good" for decades and not change in a positive manner at all. Anyway this is just my experience & maybe not the case for everyone.


 While Tim is not active on JungleWatch - which was primarily oriented towards engaging corruption in the local Church, Tim still posts occasionally at his original blog: The Mass Never Ends

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

As Archbishop Byrnes is once again away for a long period of time, one of the consequence of that absence was made obvious in today's Guam Daily Post.

See Here

How on God's sweet earth have we fallen down so low, that a contemptuous, power hungry woman posing as Governor of our beautiful island, was able to feel empowered enough, to infringe on our rights?

"Congress (and by extension governors) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".....

What could be more clear, than that?

The answer is simple enough, and can be found right at the door steps of the Chancery.

This man, posing as a priest, and pretending to be a "lawyer", is (along with the prolonged absence of the Archbishop) the person responsible for the deliquescence, of our God given and Constitution recognized right to practice our religion, as we see fit.

Drunk on his own power, of being able to reach Adelup on the phone, he continuously agreed to the erosion of our religious rights, by admission but most of all by omission.

His back room deals have diluted, undermined, eroded, the rights of Catholics to take moral decisions, based on the teachings of our Church, as they saw fit.

The consequence of these successive capitulations is, that the administration of this power drunk governor, feels it is acceptable to demand a litmus test from people opting out of vaccination based on their religious belief.

The fact that some of these same members of the administration pose as Catholic in good standing, is even more egregious. Had these people have any self respect they should resign out of shame. Apparently shame is not a concept this administration has any notion about.

It seems that it is the exact opposite. This administration is replete with arrogance and condescension.

The adage tells us that : "Bad things happen, because good people say nothing, when confronted by evil" 

Let this sink in for a moment.

The issue is not about the right of not being vaccinated, the issue is about the overreach by government into religious affairs. This type of infringement , is exactly what we have seen happen in totalitarian countries, where you have to justify to hostile mobs:  where, how and why you worship. This should send shills through our collective spines. Yet there is a general lethargy from the population at large. Probably due to the constant drumbeat of Adelup's propaganda, relayed by the complicit media, denounced very justly by Mr Lee Webber in his weekly column posted yesterday.

At the same time we should not be surprised. Even as the Archbishop had published a good letter to the faithful regarding that particular issue, an interview published on September 25th with Tony Diaz (communication director for the Archdiocese) made it clear that the Archdiocese would not write exemption letters. Using his usual round about way, Mr Diaz (who mitigated Apuron for many years) made it be known that the Chancery under the leadership of Fr. Richards could not be bothered by such petty issues. Even going as far as using the excuse that some dioceses in the US did so, to justify their caving in, to the false morality mob.

It is clear from this disaster, that this diocese under the leadership of Fr Richards, shall not lead by example, but rather bend a knee to the ridiculously self inflated Governor of our island. Perhaps Fr Richards should ponder the Gospel of this past Sunday.

Mark 9-42:

"But anyone who is the downfall of one of these little ones who have faith, would be better thrown in the sea, with a great millstone hung around his neck"

Of course it would be delusional to expect Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook to comprehend this, in view of  her unabashed backing of the murder of so many little ones.

Yes my friends, real bad things happen when good people remain silent. 


Tuesday, September 21, 2021


(posted by Frenchie)

The Guam Daily Post Newspaper today brought forth their concerns regarding the use of the money raised by the Archdiocese, thanks to the sale of some significant properties, pointing out that the victims had not received any money, but that the lawyers had been paid substantial amounts.

For those of us who have been monitoring the Archdiocese bankruptcy proceedings, and kept track of the issues happening at the Chancery, this is not surprising, but for the general public it might be quite upsetting. Why are we not surprised? Because most of the actors at the Chancery are still the same people who worked, aided and abetted the corrupt Apuron administration.

While the disgraced child abuser and corrupt administrator Apuron might be sheltered by his patrons in New Jersey. While the disgraced and defrocked de facto leader of the Chancery for years Adrian Cristobal might continue to be on the run. The people that work with them and for them have remained at the Chancery. One might question why Archbishop Hon chose to do so during his short tenure, and why Archbishop Byrnes has continued to rely on these same people?

It should be noted that the problem at the chore of the challenges facing this Archdiocese can be traced back to these decisions. Basically, both Hon and Byrnes have chosen to use the same people to handle the issues they were responsible for in the first place. Einstein famously declared, that applying the same remedies to the same problems was the definition of insanity. This is exactly where we are. 

While last week, we complimented Archbishop Byrnes, to finally if not belatedly show some leadership in regards to the issues of abortion and lack of moral leadership from our political leaders, he was already on a plane, on his way back to Detroit, and not planning to return to Guam until around Thanksgiving. This is leaving us with Fr Richards and Mrs Shimizu in charge (at least on paper), while Mrs Villanueva continues to run rough shot on the parishes' pastors and school principals, and  while the Vicar for the Clergy continues to play silly and petty political games.

In the article, that your can read here ,    

 you can see that Dave Sablan from the CCOG is questioning the wisdom of letting the lawyers, run the clock, rather than trying to really find a solution for the victims. It is an essential and critical topic, which the Archbishop should address himself.

Unfortunately the person leading the negotiations is Fr Ron Richards, who considers (wrongly) that he is a brilliant lawyer. In the meantime, Mrs Villanueva, the CFO makes side deals with some firms, against the court wishes and rules, and keeps bombarding the parishes with Uhkaz of her own.

The big plan apparently is the implementation of Fr Richards, copy and paste scheme called the 

Community of Parishes.

What is a Community of Parishes? This is an idea that germinated back in Europe almost two decades ago, and has found favors in the mainland USA, specially in the Archdiocese of Detroit (where Fr Ron took the idea) and the Archdiocese of Chicago.


In Europe, but also in the US many bishops have been faced with a diminution of Church attendance, as well as a lack of priests. At the same time, some smart bishops realized that they were seating on quite a substantial real estate portofolio. The idea was then, to consolidate several parishes together, and close parish buildings first. Then once the parishes were close and reshuffled, the Chanceries would target the endowments that some of these parishes were gifted with. The money was then transferred to the Archdiocese. Detroit and Chicago over the last 15 years have accumulated quite a substantial war chest, thanks to this bait and switch. 

This is the main reason the Chancery here, decided to divide the island in several geographic areas, and call them vicariates. This was supposed to be the first step towards imposing the community of parishes. Already some parishes in the south are sharing one priest. The perfect example, being  Merizo and Umatac. It would appear that Talafofo, might be included in this scheme, with two priest ending up having to handle 3 parishes. If this experience bears fruit, the model could be reproduced all over the island.

The problem is that the Chancery has not notified the priests, and that the advisory councils to the Bishop, notably the Presbyterial council and the college of Consultors have not met in a very long time.

This begs to ask: where is your vaunted Curia?

Basically the clergy has been sidelined, and their needed advises are totally overlooked and not considered in the least.

On the 16th of this month, Archbishop Byrnes released the Archdiocese financial report, which can be found on the Chancery website in a PDF format, despite the upbeat approach of Byrnes, there are many reasons to be concerned. The fashionable communication pattern of releasing bulletins, instead of truly addressing issues at hand, has permeated from Adelup to Agatna.  


It is welcome that the CCOG, gives us a sobering evaluation of these issues. We must assure the parishes and its priests that all their work and effort, will not be hijacked by the same devious characters that worked for Apuron, the lawyers and a few carpet baggers.

In the meantime, while the Archbishop is away once more, we are at the mercy of a career oriented priest, and two female civilians. All of whom have their own agenda, which have nothing to do with the well being of the Archdiocese.  

Friday, September 17, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

For Months now, this site has pleaded for the Archbishop to lead.

Lead the Archdiocese, lead on morality, lead about the challenges facing this Island, lead the Clergy.

Lead the Chancery.

After several years in the Shadows, it is good to see Archbishop Byrnes finally taking some cautious steps in the public arena of our Island. It is about time that he uses the Bully Pulpit of his office to give some clear directions for the Catholics of Guam, but also to challenge our civilian leaders, who are obviously so lacking at so many levels.

Yesterday, on September 16, 2021 Archbishop Byrnes in a letter to the editor posted in the Guam Daily Post , affirmed his strong opposition to the wanton killing of unborn babies, following last week poorly argumented and poorly researched decision of Federal Judge Tydginco-Gatewood, after several devious moves by Adelup's leading advocate for Abortion on Guam, who allied herself with local attorneys representing the Eugenic camp, and a couple of University professors from Hawaii with medical licenses on Guam, obtained at the last moment, in order to be able to file a couple of lawsuits. It is ironic to watch these activists circumvent the will of the people, (through their elected officials) by using the courts as a wedge.

While several of the Catholic groups tried to alert the public at large, the lackluster defense by the office of the Attorney General, the devious and deceitful manipulations of the administration of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero/Cook, and an unusually highly political maneuver by a Federal Judge, who is normally a lot more circumspect, all contributed to the ruling in favor of online "Morning After "prescription of pills for chemical abortion, by out of State doctors, who actually are medical professors/activists. Again ironic, to see people arguing for the "health of women" use a highly toxic chemical to force an abortion, while the data shows the long term dangers to the women taking that poison.

While all this was happening, the Chancery was asleep at the wheel. So it is a pleasant surprise to read the Archbishop's letter. Even if it is tantamount to closing the barn door, after the horses ran away..

You can read the letter Here

Another pleasant surprise was the letter to the faithful, which was also relayed in Friday's paper by the Post, in which the Archbishop gives good advises regarding several issues of contention facing the whole population of Guam during these challenging times.

These public statements by Archbishop Byrnes are very welcome, and definitely a step in the right direction for the Chancery. It has been too long since we had heard clear and concise guidelines by the leader of our local Church. Let us pray that this the beginning of a positive trend.

Thursday, September 16, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

This past Tuesday, the Chancery informed us of a very unusual, but not unheard of move.

According to a release by the communication director, we have a new Chancellor.

In a terse, poorly written memorandum addressed to the Clergy, Religious, School administrators, and Archdiocesan groups , it was announced that the Archbishop had appointed a new Chancellor.

As a premiere for Guam, we have now the first female Chancellor, in the person of Jennise T. Shimizu.

This should delight the woke crowd who were elated at having a first female governor, and a first openly gay Lt. Governor. (a first for any US State or Territory).

We were also notified that this was effective as of September 15, less that 24hours after the announcement.

We also learned through that memo that Fr. Ron S. Richards JCL, remains the Special assistant to the Archbishop/Episcopal Vicar.



What does that mean for us the peons in the parishes?

Apparently not much.

This is in fact a play of musical chairs which addresses one of the contradictions we pointed in July, with the rules of Canon Law, regarding the positions of Chancellor and Vicar General.

Since Fr Richards has become the de facto Vicar General, (after the "resignation" of Fr Jeff, and subsequent limbo) under the guise of Episcopal Vicar, it had become a little too obvious except to the blindest of the blinds, that one man was gathering all the powers at the Chancery, and pulling the strings behind the scene, by pretending to facilitate the work of Archbishop Byrnes.

Fr Ron S Richards

This slight of hands should not change anything to the bunker mentality and caustic atmosphere at the Chancery.

Jennise Shimizu, should remain a figure head, and continue pushing the paperwork for Fr Richards, Mrs Villanueva will continue to overreach her authority, and making the lives of Pastors and School directors a living hell, while the Vicar for Clergy will continue to be petty and backstabbing his brother priests. Meanwhile the Curia will remain a fiction, real only on paper, but never actually meeting.

It would have been nice and refreshing to see a real change. 

Unfortunately, all we got is more window dressing

Thursday, September 2, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)



Back in June we revealed the attempt by some actors at the Chancery, to rid themselves of the much appreciated and respected principal of Fr. Duenas Memorial School, Mr. Perez aka Temo.

After the story ran, and was subsequently picked up by Kandit News, and several radio talk shows, the shadow people at the Chancery did a 360 degrees, as they were left out to dry when the proposed replacement, who had not even been made aware of the messy situation, declined the position.

The parents of schoolchildren and the powerful allumni association, were quick and efficient in letting their strong displeasure known to the Chancery, which led the shadowy operators like Fr Mike,  Fr Richards and Josie Villanueva, to demonstrate their great talent at CYA.

This left Mr Flores the Super Intendant of Catholic Schools being thrown under the Bus for a second time in less than a year. Think what you want about Mr Flores, but having carried the water one too many times for the back stabbers he reported too, the writing was already on the wall.

Mr Flores has now taken his talents somewhere else. 

The consequence being that the Catholic School system on Guam does not have a Superintendent dedicated to oversee the schools. Rather the job is open, and its duties are temporary filled by Sr. Angela Perez RSM who was already quite burdened as the Pres. of  the Academy Our Lady of Guam School.


While we are still facing reorganization under Chapter 11, under the diktats (do what I say, not what I do) of Fr Richards (back on the mainland again)  and Josie Villanueva. There is a definite vacuum of power. Luckily  Father Duenas Memorial School, was able to keep the able leadership of Mr Perez. 

Lets pray Temo does not end up the way of Mr Flores, after people have forgotten the two puppets  masters behind the curtains at the Chancery

Thursday, August 26, 2021


 The Guam Pacific Daily News

which has long been a mouth piece for certain very identifiable political leaning, outdid itself today.

Trying to come to the rescue of the questionable governing by decree of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook, the editorial board of the PDN, decided to enroll the "support" of Pope Francis, to justify the immoral, and illegitimate segregation of one part of the population, and the vilification and division of Guam's population. Government by fear, aided and abetted by what is loosely called the local press.

Using dubious, poorly argued facts, which the population at large has been bombarded with since the proclamation of this manipulated medical emergency, the PDN hammers away at the Catholic faithful who so far have refused to bend the knee to manipulated science and false gods. In doing so they did what most hypocritical and profoundly anti Catholics usually do, they argue around moral teachings.

 Gov. LLG-C and Lt Gov JT, in front of their self- prophetic campaign logo
Indeed we are " All IN"..... deep trouble.
What the Pacific Daily News does, in this argument around moral teachings, with their shameless, distorting enrollment of Pope Francis amounts to such a high level of hypocrisy, that we had to make an official statement against what is false and flawed Catholic teachings.
In introducing their argument the editors make several assertions that are either arguable, or completely false, and advance them as science. Which they are not. Lets review the assertions.

"the vaccines are safe, developed by using science that has been around for decades, according to the CDC."
These vaccines safety have not been proven so far, the CDC and the FDA having refused to release statistic about side effects and death attributed to the vaccines. As of now only three nations, worldwide, and one territory (Gibraltar) have published their studies. These studies are subject for debate, because the results they show are not encouraging, regarding the usual safety levels of vaccines.

The claim that the science has been around for decade is in itself a white lie, since these vaccines have nothing in common with traditional vaccines, but rather are using a new and untested approach of activating RNA, to trigger an auto immune reaction from the patient. RNA biology, and RNA Synthethis, are a fairly new field of research related to Genome sequencing. It has possible applications in the field of Oncology, Fibrosis and NGS technology. Some of the challenges with RNA Biology are modification and purification. There are several sub-Studies of RNA, notably mRNA, tRNA, small RNA, Inc RNA and so on...... It is hardly what the PDN is wrongly advancing, by hiding behind edited work from the CDC. Here lies the problem, too many people since the beginning of said pandemic have manipulated and massaged the very little available science allowed to be shared, to making it fit their narrative. This is exactly what the Governor has done, by pretending to listen to her medical advisory board (which we now know is a lie), and this is exactly what the PDN continues on doing despite its change of ownership.

"The vaccines are effective, preventing most from contracting and spreading the virus"


Another white lie from the PDN. While the vaccines were fairly effective against the original variant of the virus, their efficacy with the Delta variant (which we are experiencing on Guam now) and the Epsilon variant is drastically less effective (almost by half). This is the reason that Big Pharma, is now recommending a third booster shot to prevent contracting the new variants. Furthermore, the viral loads of vaccinated people is 40 to 50 times higher among vaccinated individuals, than among non-vaccinated people, making them more likely to spread the virus around them. This fact in itself negates the value signaling and shaming argument to vaccinate to protect "the people you love, coworkers and others in the community"

"the vaccine is also effective against the Delta variant, which the CDC states causes more infections and spread faster"


Again another white lie, since the CDC also states that the virulence and severity of the Delta variant is also much less serious.  Please refer to the previous argument about Delta and Epsilon variant.



After this initial introduction of white lies and half truth, The PDN decides to be condescending and insulting.

 The level of  anti-catholic feelings expressed by the Editorial board of the PDN, cannot be hidden .

Their obvious contempt, resentment, and hatred oozes through from behind their poorly disguised reasonable face mask. Even the way the phrasing is done is contemptuous. It is actually what reveals the ugly truth behind the mask.

"If those simple, sensible reasons are not good enough reasons to convince the Catholic community on Guam to get the vaccine, how about this one: The Holy father says its a good idea"


Lets look at this closely. The way the phrase starts, is implying that Catholics that refuse to bend a knee in front of failed temporal powers are of course against reasonable scientific arguments. This is the old Marxist charade that religion is obscurantist by nature. Of course since these arguments are also "simple" it implies therefore that Catholics are not very smart, because they cannot recognize simple arguments. The Hatred is clearly visible and hardly contained. Lets continue

The PDN basically tells us: since you guys do not believe in science, you should listen to the head of your movement. Then to underline the power of their argument they used a specific term to re enforce their point, in case anyone would still disagree with  their value signaling . They use the term

"Holy Father, rather than Pope"  It is not accidental, it is a deliberate choice, to give more weight to their illogical argument. First, we demonstrated earlier, that Catholics are not against science, rather we are for a humanist science, based in truth and moral. But we are also against trans-humanist  science based on false pride and superiority.



Professor Jerome Lejeune

Perhaps the PDN should research the life work of professor Jerome Lejeune 1926-1994, pediatrician and geneticist, considered by many as the father of gene therapy. They could also read the work of Bishop Nicolas Steno, a leading Danish Scientist, and of course St Thomas Aquinas. If they kept their biases aside, they might be able to learn something about that religion. 

But perhaps this is too much to ask from narrow minded partisan people, who are happy to be big fishes in a small pound, and who obviously think very little of their readers.


The final push by the PDN is typical of the practices of the former owners of the paper. 

You pick and chose excerpts from the declaration of the subject at hand, (here Pope Francis), you juxtapose and link part of the declaration in order to make it sound exactly the way you want it to appear, then you conclude by using a statement, to finalize your point, sealing this way your narrow, twisted and dishonest argument.

This is exactly what the PDN did concluding : "getting vaccinated is a simple but profound way, to care for one another, especially the most vulnerable."

Who could resist such a strong emotional appeal, coming from the Holy father himself?

This type of dishonest manipulation in fact just prove the total lack of knowledge the PDN  has about the Catholic religion.

Lets make it easy, for those who kind of forgot the ABC of Catholic teachings, to navigate this grossly primitive, yet effective propaganda tactic used in general by enemies of the Church, or sometimes by some of the sects within the Church itself, in order to advance their narrow agenda.

How does the Pope communicate? Are all the things a pope says a directive and/or a command? 


Pope Francis is what many would call, an unusual Pope. He speaks a lot, he speaks often. And often there is little perceived logic behind his declarations, or at least it seems that way. If you want to understand where he is going and what he is trying to teach, you really need to make an effort to put things in context, and not jump to conclusion. At the same time Francis (aka George Bergoglio) is not a classic Pope, he is the first non European to sit at the helm of the Boat of Peter, and also the first Jesuit. Jesuits are renowned for their often convoluted approach to issues, and their thought provoking challenges.

This is why, it is of great importance to understand the Magisterium. The word Magisterium comes from the Latin Magister, which means teacher. Therefore the Magisterium is the teaching authority of the Church. This is manifested either by the Pope alone, or by the Pope with the Bishops worldwide.

The Church differentiate between two types of Magisterium: what is called the Ordinary Magisterium, and the Extraordinary Magisterium. Both form of Magisterium are considered as infallible. 

The Ordinary Magisterium :

This teaching is the most common, hence its name. It is constant, consistent and universal. It is communicated through letters, encyclicals and other traditional forms, such as:

\Papal bulls, Papal encyclicals, Papal briefs, Papal exhortations, Papal constitutions, Apostolic letters, Motu Propios.

Encyclical are the day to day, consistent teachings of the ordinary Magisterium.

I shall not go into the extraordinary Magisterium which covers councils (which is not what is at stake here)  Needless to say, the off the cuff remarks of the Pope during an audition, or in passing with a group of people are not part of the Magisterium. They are the mere opinions of the Bishop of Rome at a certain moment in time. It falls very short of any infallible teaching. If you want to know the official position of the Church on Vaccines and  taking "immoral vaccines" you would have to refer to the official Note on the morality of using some anti covid 19 vaccines, published on 12/21/2020 by the Prefect for the Congregation for the doctrine of Faith, Luis Ferrer Cardinal Ladaria SJ (hardly a conservative) and the Secretary of said congregation his excellency Monsignor Giacomo Morandi, Titular Archbishop of Cerveteri.At the Behest of Pope Francis.

If you are interested by the whole document, you can find it


Please feel free to download it and keep it for your own knowledge. 

I shall finish with the beginning of alinea 5:

"At the same time, practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary." 

 It is obvious to most, except for the radical partisans of our failed Governor, that trying to turn Catholics as scapegoats for the lack of foresight of Mrs Lourdes Leon Guerrero Cook, is not acceptable. The Editorial Board of the Pacific Daily News by showing their true anti-catholic colors did not help their champion's cause, because they used flawed science to make a political point. 

Many of us are fed up with value lecturers who dare  forcing on us their narrow point of view , under the pretense that they know what is good for us.

We are not some helpless island bumpkins and dimwits who need to be saved against their will, by those who pretend to know best, and cannot hide their disdain for our faith. 


Perhaps this is the reason  the people pushing for that fear, have little to no faith

Monday, August 23, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

Many people appeared shocked by the latest contemptuous and capricious edict from Adelup this past Friday. To me, the question was: why are you so surprised?

It is almost a logical continuation of the chain of events that were set in place with the election of the most vocal and most active abortion proponent on Guam in the last generation.

LLG, the embodiement of what a local oligarch looks like

How is it, that people who voted to elect such an extremist, such a callous proponent of the selective cold decision of ending the life of an unborn child, could then be surprised, that this same leader, whose moral values are more than questionable, be the proponent of segregation,  social apartheid, and value lecturing of the most dubious fashion?

If you still have any question about abortion, you can listen to this latest Judicial watch report. 

(as it is a multi-subject  video, the portion regarding abortion is between Minute 13.30 and 27)

It can be found


A word of caution, if you are of a sensitive nature, you might want to pass.

Like many of her close council who belong to the NCW would say, you need to judge the tree, by the fruits it produces. Well you were warned, now you have to deal with it.

The other question of course remains: where is the Chancery?

Come on Archbishop Byrnes... we need to hear from you, stop hiding.

Thursday, August 19, 2021


(posted by frenchie)



What is going on in the Archdiocese?
When Archbishop Byrnes first arrived on Guam, he made the solemn promise that he would be running a transparent administration, unlike his failed predecessor.
Move forward 5 years, and we are still waiting for this transparency.

Whenever one has a question forwarded to the communication office, held by a holdover from the Apuron administration, the best you can expect is an adknowledgement email. Yet, you better not hold your breath, because you would get blue in the face, and nothing would happen. 

When was the last time we got an official communication outside of the occasional letter from Byrnes to the faithful? When was the last press conference?
So far, it looks like the Chancery's communication strategy, is the same as the NCW on Guam:
Radio silence.
So lets make it public:
Where has Fr. Richards flown to, just after a few days of returning to Guam? And Why?

Where is Msg. James? Is he all right?


Is Fr. Mike Crisostomo kept in his functions, despite the many questions surrounding him?

Lets find out if the Chancery under Archbishop Byrnes is really transparent as Archbishop Byrnes promised it would be, or if it is the same old machine run by Apuron and his stooges.

Better yet, is the Archdiocese of Agana going to be run like the Archdiocese of Detroit, where lies and deceptions are so common, it no longer shocks anyone?


Monday, August 16, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

The original three of the NCW
The Trinity of Evil

While Carmen has left this earthly environment, creating a huge vacuum in the organization of the NCW, because she was the brain trust of the operation; the inside struggle for power continues with the Genarrini brothers jockeying for the control of the money machine, and its propaganda wing.

Carmen was not yet in the ground, that Kiko's backers were already clamoring for the Sainthood of the departed. This of course was received with great enthusiasm by the followers of the sect, while most real Catholics were shaking their head in disbelief. This is why it is essential that we understand how the Vatican proceeds, and how Kiko and his ilks are using corruption and influence peddling to influence and divert the process to their advantage.

The infamous Diana
This blog, thanks to its countless readers and participants has been able to unveil some of that process over the years. Recently we were contacted by a concerned Denver Catholic, whose parish is being slowly taken over by the NCW. This concerned Denver Catholic ended up reading many posts from this blog, as well as the "Thoughtful Catholic" blog, in order to comprehend what he was facing.
He was particularly interested in a post I made on the feast of St Michael the Archangel (September 29, 2016) almost 5 years ago. This post was titled : "it really makes a lot of sense, when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together". It can be found 

What is so interesting in that inquiry by a Concerned Catholic  from Denver, (which is one of the original point of development of the NCW in the USA)....is the fact that good honest Catholics have no clue about what is going on in their own Diocese of Denver, after so many years of presence and work by the Neos, and how deeply rooted the NCW is in Colorado. It demonstrates the great duplicity and excellent talent of the NCW leadership to hide in plain sight, until it is too late when the laity finally realizes what is going on, in their own parishes. The cancer has already spread all over.

Perhaps many Catholics in Denver are still unaware of Kiko's church within the Church. We on Guam cannot pretend we do not know, yet despite their coverup for Apuron, their using of the Chancery as a political tool, their diversion of funds at several levels, the Neos on Guam have not been held to account. Despite a public stance, demanding obedience and abiding to canon law, Archbishop Byrnes has done almost nothing to bring the Neos to the fold. No longer able to meet at the fake seminary in Yona, they opened a new center in Asan in October of 2019. Many Neos when thinking they are in a friendly environment refer to this new "meeting" place as "our Church".

All this has been reported, yet Archbishop Byrnes has done nothing. Again, he has been empowered by Cardinal Filoni, with instructions, unknown to us officially. If we believe the neo's saying: " you can judge the tree, by the fruits it produces". If that is the case, it looks like Archbishop Byrnes real mission was to buy time and provide cover for the NCW on Guam. If you have any doubt, please look at the fruits..... Still prolytising, still recruiting, still undermining, still celebrating their heretical services, still advancing an agenda of conquest and submission of the Church to their sect.


It is certainly not the priests that Archbishop Byrnes is surrounding himself with, that are going to make a difference. Fr Ronald is too busy gathering power, and preparing the next victim to be thrown under the Bus (any bets?), and he is fairly close to several Neo presbyters. While the vicar of the Clergy Fr Mike has been so compromised by Fr Harold, that he has become their latest little puppet. 


Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo

Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated life and Societies of Apostolic Life

It seems that the Vatican is fully aware of the type of challenges the NCW and other groups like them bring into the equation, as stated by the Above mentioned Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo in a recent interview which you can find


While the NCW was abetting Apuron on Guam, they also use their strong relationship with Cardinal Mc Carrick to open two seminaries, and expend their footprint in the USA. They also used his influence to open missions in several locations, and allow many of the NCW presbyters to be Pastors of parishes who were left at the mercy of the Genarrini mafia. Of course they made sure to cover up his proclivities, when they did not facilitate his sins, as they did with  Apuron. The best proof, being that they even built a nice suite in one of their seminary for him to retire. Knowing full well of his strong attraction to young seminarians.

Now that the Michigan administration is back on island, let see if they will address the continued disrespect the NCW has for them, or NOT?

Lets watch also if the failed priests like Fr Mike, will be called to order, or if Archbishop Byrnes will overlook these grave issues in order to advance his new upcoming agenda? 

Monday, August 2, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

Disgraced , laicized and pervert extraordinaire, 

Former Cardinal Mc Carrick


Late last week the Boston Globe broke the story about the criminal filing against Mc Carrick, in the State of Massachusets. Despite what many believed was the protection given to that poor excuse of a human being by the status of limitation, it appears that the prosecution found a legal loophole in the system, by which when Mc Carrick left the State after his misdeeds, the status of limitation paused, as soon as he crossed the State borders.  

Click here

We have to go back to 2018, to recall that it was the ever growing Mc Carrick scandal, and the final downfall of the prelate, which made it close to impossible for Francis to sweep the Apuron scandal under the rug. To the great chagrin of Apuron of course, but mostly of his puppet masters at the NCW in New Jersey.


What few people noted then, and up to this day, is that Mc Carrick himself had been supported, abetted and financed by the NCW for decades. You have to give it to the Neos, but as far as coverup, nobody can match them, they seem to always fall back on their feet, no matter what the scandal. Of course it does not hurt to have a dedicated, zombie like following, that drink the cool-aid of information fed to them by their leaders.

It was Mc Carrick who allowed the first NCW seminary in Newark to open, and it was Mc Carrick who allowed for Washington DC to also open a Redemptoris Mater Seminary...... Guess where Mc Carrick ended up retiring after he left Washington DC?? ....You got it he retired: in a specially built Suite at the Redemptoris Mater in Washington.( at least until the scandal became too much for him to remain at that location.) This is a very strong indication of the privileged relationship the NCW leadership in the USA  had with the now defrocked Cardinal. It was definitely a type of :" you scratch my back, and I'll scratch your back" kind of situation. Like in all incestuous situation, nobody is willing to talk about it, or even agree there is any relation at all.

click here

While the 91year old pervert, appears that he might face human justice; from all what we have learned since his downfall, it is probable that he shall have a much harder case when it is time to face the almighty.

For now the cardinal that hobnob with the some of  the most powerful people in the world, and who was willing to sell his influence to abet the NCW in his succeeding dioceses, will just increase his chances to finish in the dustbin of History. While his former protege Apuron still enjoys the comfort of the house of his puppet master in New Jersey.

Friday, July 23, 2021



Pale Mike Crisostomo

Today, we posted an article which revealed the troubling teachings of Fr Mike.

We put in the article the link of the Mass celebrated by Fr Mike for the LGBTQ community.

This was the Facebook posting of the life stream of said Mass, which took place on the feast day of St Peter and St Paul, June the 29th at 17h30. It was purposed to close the end of the LGBTQ month which is always allocated to the month of June in the USA, and most of the western world.

Just a few hours after this posting, the link was removed by someone at St Anthony's parish.


What do you have to hide Mike?


It is too late to hide the dirt under the carpet. This video was seen and passed among hundreds of people around the island, before it was send over to us by angry and shocked faithful.

If  YOU Mike are strongly believing in what you preached that evening, leading astray dozens of people that looked up to you, why removed the delicto? 

I think we all know the answer.

It is way too late to close the barn door. Many people are already privy to your shenanigans.

I was hoping you would not stoop to the level of the likes of the disgraced Adrian Cristobal. Unfortunately, it looks like you have decided to go right down that pathway. Perhaps you should ponder what happened to our disgraced and defrocked former Chancellor, before you make a total fool out of yourself.

It is still time to be contrite and beg for the Archbishop forgiveness, but most importantly for the forgiveness of your parishioners, and the Catholic faithful in general. You can still do the right thing, or you can follow the road of the thousands of prelates, St Augustine warned us about.

Be a man Mike, most of all be a real priest!




After suffering directly and indirectly from the catastrophic 30 years administration of  the corrupt and deviant Anthony Apuron, we have had great hopes during the past five years, that something would change for the better. After a promising start, we are awakening with the feeling of a very bad hangover.

While we are discovering with horror a succession of gross errors, and a total lack of reactions from the Chancery, to what is nothing less than gross deviations by some of our priests, and the continued open rebellion to the authority of the Archbishop  by the NCW; it has become apparent that Archbishop Byrnes, for reasons not quite fully clear at this time, is not really in control of a situation deteriorating fast. We are at the eve a powerful storm, and the Captain of our ship is not here.

We have seen in a previous article, that both the Archbishop and the Chancellor are off island, and that the Vicar General gave his resignation. Ergo, there is nobody in charge at the Chancery, beside the same usual suspects who are left over from the Apuron Administration.

This is the reason why the latest incident regarding the Pastor of one of the largest and wealthiest parish, is so disheartening.

Pale Mike Crisostomo.

Pale Mike is the Pastor of the St Anthony and St Victor Parish in Tamuning.

He is also Vicar for the Clergy.

Beside these two very important positions, he also sits on the following: 

College of Consultors

Presbyteral Council

Liturgical committee

Plus he is also the Executive Director for the Ministry to the Homeless

Basically it is hard not to bump into Pale Mike, if you hang around the Chancery, or participate in the many activities of the Church.

This hyperactivity does not seem to stop Pale Mike, for being involved in the running of the School at St Anthony, despite his obvious conflict of interests with his brother as the School Principal, and the privileged relationship he has with the School board president.

Another involvement of Pale Mike, is his strong ties with the GLBTQ "community".

Mike is a good friend and strong supporter of Lt Governor Josh Tenorio, highly lauded in his "quality" of the first openly gay Lt Governor in the United States. Granted, there is nothing wrong being friend with the Lt Governor. Yet a priest like Pale Mike, with such a public and moral standing, should according to Catholic teachings, use his influence to try to save the soul of his friend and the cohorts of SJWs that hang around his coat tails, rather than abetting a lifestyle contrary to Church teachings. Many of our brothers and sisters with strong attractions for people of the same sex, do try to live a life of self effacement and prayers, in communion with the Church. It is a constant struggle for countless good Catholics whose cross it is to carry. Guam being a small island, we all know of friends or familly members who face that daily, and very personal struggle. Jesus taught us to love the sinner, while hating the sin. As far as priests with the same proclivities, just like their "straight" colleagues, they have taken a vow of celibacy. We have seen with Apuron, Cristobal, and many other priests that some of these priests put little value onto their vow. Just as we have seen other priests engaged in scandalous relations with some women, some of them siring children left to suffer in silence. None of these failures should be accepted and/or condoned. On paper at least, the Archdiocese condemn such behaviors. This is why it is so shocking and disheartening when you find out that a priest, in this case Pale Mike Crisostomo engaged in a serious violation of these principles.


So? What are we talking about?See Here ( Homily around 40')

 Pale Mike took it upon himself to celebrate a mass for the LGBTQ "community". Basically, a step forward in introducing  the CRT hateful divisions into the only true Catholic and Apostolic Church. In his homily he basically used the Judeo-Protestant canard of WWJD (what would Jesus do) to justify blaming the Church for its teaching, and endorsing the "victim" status of the  LGBTQ minority, going as far as to label  one of the local activist  (aka Glenn) as a modern St Peter!! He also allowed as lector a person who obviously is not in good standing with the Church.

Reaching to the LGBTQ community in a pastoral way might be useful, (even though I believe a person to person approach is more efficient than a group characterization) it is after all the role of the Shepperd to bring his sheep  back into the fold. Some have done so in the past. Unfortunately the exhortation to find the right passage back to the Church cannot be confused with the wanton endorsement of sin, the apology of the sinner, and the endorsement of a lifestyle contrary to Jesus teachings.

 Pale Mike is gravely erring when he attempts to mimic the infamous (and well connected) Fr. Martin SJ, who has all the cunning of a Jesuit upbringing, (which  Fr Mike is so painfully lacking). His poorly worded homily, his confusion about what would Jesus do, rather than what would Jesus teach, instead of helping the community he tries to reach out to, ends up shocking the common faithful who are for the most part offended and confused, as well as comforting his intended target in their errors. This type of gross deviation of the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, coming from someone who likes to picture himself as the next Bishop is extremely disheartening to the Guam Catholic community, it brings divisions,  and tensions where none were needed, at a critical time in the history of this Archdiocese.

As the Apostle John reminded us:"Every spirit that divided Jesus, is not of God; and this is the antichrist, of whom you have heard that he comes; and is now already in the world." (I John4:3)

The Catholic faithful of the Agana Archdiocese did not need this, at a time of difficult reorganization during the bankruptcy proceedings, and when we are facing continued and renewed challenges from that Sect called the NCW. The question now is: What will Archbishop Byrnes do to correct his priest? 


Archbishop Byrnes! We need your undivided attention!

Please take the right step to teach your priests, unburden Fr Mike of the obvious load he cannot carry, and help him find the right path. There is no way such a failed theologian could be of any help to you and the archdiocese in any other capacity, but a Parish priest. (even this remains to be proven)

Fr Mike! if you have any sense of decency, you should resign from the many hats you are wearing!

You have just proven to all of us, that you are not capable.

Your obvious conflict of interests, and some of the personal decisions you have taken are disqualifying you in the eyes of many Catholics on Guam. Being a Pastor, a Shepperd, takes a lot more than what you can offer at this time. Beware not to become a new Adrian Cristobal. I would personally hate to see you fall to that level.

Meanwhile I shall request that we all pray for Pale Mike and our brothers and sisters of the LGTB tendencies.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


 Pope Francis Coat of Arms

One thing about Pope Francis, is that he never leaves people with a feeling of neutrality. Almost always people react to his statements with very strong sense of disagreement or a strong sense of relief. Seldom does he leave you bored or unconcerned. Very often Catholics are left confused by his questioning of well established Dogma, often, in off the cuff statements rather than from a teaching position.

It seems that most of the members of the Curia at the Vatican, have taken their cue from Pope Francis, in how to communicate. Leaving us more troubled, rather than enlightened.

As many of the Cardinals, who have been steadfast defenders of the faith are retiring, they are being relentlessly replaced by Social Justice Warriors, rather than by Religious Leaders. While this is true in Rome, it has also happened extensively in the USA, thanks to stealth bishops and cardinals like Mc Carrick, George,Wuerl, Cupich, Gregory or Dolan, and the dozens of their minions who were entrusted with Dioceses and Archdioceses, despite their unabashed coverup of the evils done by their former bosses. (when they were not active participant themselves, as it is advanced now)

The Pope, the Vatican, the US conference of Bishops have rushed to give us the impression that they took things seriously in regards to the inexcusable wanton sexual abuses in the Church at large. We on Guam, have been the witnesses to this abuse at the hands of corrupt clergy, and their efforts to keep it from being exposed for all to see. Per capita, Guam has more victims that came forward, than any other diocese around the world. Even Francis, who seemed to want to sweep our scandal under the proverbial rug, could not not take action against the depraved and corrupt Apuron. Our new Archbishop took very good administrative measures to ensure such situation would not repeat itself. We were given directives on how to proceed if made aware of any abuse. The whole personnel apparatus working for the Archdiocese of Agana has had to go to sensitivity training, and were made aware of the dos and don't of what is appropriate behavior.


Yet despite all these measures, we are left with a sense of discomfort, because many if not most (in many cases) of the people that aided and abetted these abuses are still in position of power and responsibilities. Often these same people have taken retaliatory measures against good priests that denounced their wicked ways, using too many times the pervert  process of spreading doubts on people, by questioning their mental abilities. This criminalization by psychiatric process also seems to gain favor within the left side of the political arena. This is highly disturbing to observe when you know how the Soviet Union used this terrible weapon, and how Communist China still does, often against religious people they persecute.This problem is particularly acute in the Archdiocese of Detroit, where Archbishop Byrnes and Fr Richards come from, and where they were an active part of the administration of AOD (Archdiocese of Detroit) 

  The Catholic Channel "Church Militant" has been particularly vociferous regarding Archbishop Vigneron 's administration, his coverup of a lavender mafia at their main seminary, and the retaliation against good priests coming forward and denouncing abuses.(there are also many issues regarding the closing of parishes and some solutions brought forward) Looking at the way Fr Richards advances forward several agendas and policies, in a unilateral and dictatorial way, while Archbishop Byrnes seems strangely detached from the minutia of the Archdiocese's administration, many people are now questioning the legitimacy of said policies, and the validity of the Fr Richards diktaks.  Indeed, this top down approach by two of the most powerful people at the Chancery, Fr Richards and Josephine Villanueva, was at the center of the fiasco that led to the attempt to remove the principal of father Duenas Memorial School, who apparently pushed back on some of the duo's pronunciamentos.

What we are now facing is a mountain of doubts.

Doubts about who is in charge.

Doubts about the real participation of Archbishop Byrnes.

Doubts about the intentions and goals of Fr Richards

Doubts about the background of the Chancellor

Doubts about the real intentions in the writing of the Archdiocese policies.

Doubts about the seriousness with which the NCW is monitored.

Doubts in the true calling of some of our priests

Doubts about some of the key members of the Episcopal council.

Doubts about the professionalism and Catholic identity of certain members of the financial council.

Doubts about the commitment by the Chancery to the well being of the Archdiocese

Doubts about the commitment to the salvation of the souls of the faithful.

Doubts about the necessity of a communication director who remains mute about everything all the time.

This is only a short list of the issues we are getting on a daily basis from concerned parishioners and faithful throughout the diocese. The aloof approach of the Chancellor/ Episcopal Vicar/ Special council to Archbishop/ member of the Financial council/ member of the Episcopal council/ confident in chief is starting to become more and more detrimental to his increasing role.

Lets hope and pray the confusion will be lifted by the Archbishop, and that the very concerning rumors coming from the Archdiocese of Detroit, will be proven wrong. Perhaps this is why both the Archbishop and the Chancellor are off island at this time.

By the way, who is in charge when they are both gone, and the Vicar General has resigned?

Is the Archdiocese of Guam a rudderless boat left without a captain with some nasty weather in the forecast? 


Monday, July 5, 2021



Fr. Harold , aka boboboy

According to the last Aviso from the Chancery, Fr Harold was supposed to take over as Parish Administrator, in Talafofo's San Miguel Church, effective July 1st 2021

Apparently when the news reached the shores of "God's country" as the locals self describe their beautiful parish, people were not too please, with the arrival of someone that many Catholics consider as a poorly educated (a product of the fake seminary the NCW ran in Yona) and morally dubious character (thanks to his not so discreet "relationship" with the disgraced Apuron) which earned him the moniker of Boboboy.

Whatever the kind of push back the Chancery ended up getting from different quarters, the appointment was then rescinded, without any explanation.

We shall wait to see, what changed the Chancery's mind, or what type of outside scandal attached to Harold (there are several) made the Chancery do such an about face.

Will there be more surprises in Talafofo?

If I was a betting man.......but I am not.

Meanwhile Fr Harold did not seem too disturbed by this set back, as he booked a plane ride back to New Jersey, where he is supposedly attending a "retreat".

Vicious rumors are suggesting he went to see his two old pals, in the NCW's US capital of Newark

The old adage might be right after all:" Birds of the same feathers, flock together"

Wednesday, June 30, 2021



Dr Ricardo Eusebio

In the years leading to the departure of the failed and discredited Apuron, several members of the Neocatecumenal Way

 took the lead, in defending their protector, even though they knew of his sins and failures.

Of course no one can forget the infamous Diana and her blog, but also the strange professor, Magoo like Zoltan, the unsufferable Jackie Terlaje (the local attorney who is still representing Apuron, in his defense of civil suits), but no one came close to the arrogant, dishonest and zealous "Crazy Ricky", who during his leasure time poses as a respectable surgeon of the local medical community.

As I mentioned in my previous column, Ricky graced us with a letter to the Editor of the Guam Daily Post on Thursday June the 24th of this year, titled "Another option for the Manamko"

In his expose, Crazy Ricky first establish his argument that the island has a specific problem.

"For some who have fallen ill requiring hospitalization and prolonged postoperative care. This traumatic event creates a significant change in the direction of their lives, becoming more dependent on others. It may be temporary, but for many, depression with subsequent cognitive changes, leads to their decline and hastens their demise. Family support is critical to avoid the dire consequences of this dramatic event." 

Here Rick tells us something we already all knew, which is the consequence on aging for the individuals and their respective families. Most boomers are very familiar with this issue, and have faced this problem in their families or among their friends..... the "good" doctor to continues:

"Without family support, however, there are not too many alternatives in Guam. St Dominic's Senior Care Home in Barrigada is about the only option available, to my knowledge. Security deposits, insurance, the level of care mandated, availability and uncovered expenses are still required. Those unable to find placement or afford specialized care, can languish in the hospital for days and months incurring more hospital charges." 

As you can see the good doctor appears to be " very worried" about this whole situation, or is he? To me it looks like a solution looking for a problem. A solution the "good doctor"  most likely will share with us, out of his Christian moral duty. So here you go, better put your seat belt on.

"Thus I am elated to hear that the "Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly" desires to establish a mission here on Guam.

Their Mission is to care for the poor disabled elderly in all their needs, both spiritually and physically. They establish houses to cover the daily basic needs of the elderly, living by donations and welcoming anyone regardless of their financial situation".

As I guessed, the good doctor had a reasonable solution to this extremely grave issue.

Why would the great Ricardo Eusebio encourage the establishment of a new congregation of sisters on Guam, while he spends every ounce of his energy fighting for the supremacy of the NCW?

Who are these Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly? That is a very good question, and as you shall see, there is not a clear answer. 

 The congregation of the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly was created in Spain in 1872 in the City of Barbastro by St Teresa of Jesus Jornet. The Generalate of the Congregation is located in Valencia Spain. There are around 2400 sisters around the world in 210 communities, located in 20 countries.

Their Motto is : Cuidar los Cuerpos para salvar las Almas.

meaning : taking care of the bodies to save the souls.

The Generalate of the order is where St Teresa of Jesus Jornet created her first community, Valencia.The first development overseas was in Cuba in 1885, with the sending of their 10 newest recruits.

As you see nothing out of the ordinary for a Catholic order, except for its relatively small number of Sisters and geographic impact.

That is until you start looking beyond the varnish.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s the congregation,like other religious organizations around the world was facing steep challenges, namely the aging of its members and the lack of vocation to replace the aging sisters, which led to mounting financial challenges.  Enter the smartest and most ruthless founder of the NCW, Carmen Hernandez. As we have seen in other exposes, Carmen hails from one of the most prominent commercial family in Spain. That same family has many interests in the city of Valencia where the little sisters have their generalate.

Carmen always a shrewd negotiator and a consummate politician, saw a golden opportunity in this situation, at a time when the NCW was planning to open their first Seminary. The plan was basically the same as for the seminaries. Develop a system where, you bring plenty of new recruits, and generate fundraising campaigns to support these non profit organizations, with the intent of capitalizing on the goodwill generated, show a recruiting success and generate opportunities for a free flow of cash, under the cover of charitable work

Thus Carmen was able to co-opt an hailing organization, give it a new life, and get a perfect cover for their work of evangelization. The only true giveaway being that almost all the installations of the sisters are located in Dioceses that are either run by the NCW,or NCW friendly Bishops

Now it makes more sense when Eusebio in his letter to the editor, declares:

Let us welcome these nuns from the congregation of the Little sisters of the Abandoned Elderly. They do not seek financial support from the Archdiocese but a mere welcome and acknowledgement of the requisite need to care for our elderly. We have everything to gain for our Manamko. Encourage your pastors, friends and government leaders to have the archdiocese roll out the welcome mat!

Unfortunately the Neos have already played that movie several times. When they first arrived on the island, when they opened their fake seminary in Yona, when they used Apuron and the Archdiocese (plus some other well known businesses around town) as a money laundering scheme. For my part I shall pass on that fake opportunity, and I will encourage all Catholics on Guam, not to fall for that bait and switch. Let your friends and favorite politician know what is at stake here, which is nothing less than a full fledge come back of the Neos and their corrupting ways. Hopefully the Chancery is not asleep at the wheel, like it has been for the last 18months.