Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Yes I'm commenting years later,but what the heck. One simple observation from someone that knows a lot of people in the way, and has even been part of it in the past.
I have never met more judgemental people in my life. My mother & my aunts have been in the community for about 30 years. They don't speak to each other anymore & they are full of misery. I also have many close friends in the way. They are close minded & very judgemental towards anyone that doesn't follow their beliefs, and behind close doors they even recognize this. I always watch what I say around them for fear of being ridiculed. I always wonder how someone can be part of something "good" for decades and not change in a positive manner at all. Anyway this is just my experience & maybe not the case for everyone.


 While Tim is not active on JungleWatch - which was primarily oriented towards engaging corruption in the local Church, Tim still posts occasionally at his original blog: The Mass Never Ends