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Cardinal Timothy Manning d. 1989

Seriously, I was about to give the blog a rest. Fr. Paul's case is going to Rome. Things will be decided there. But then I get things like this:

Tim we all need to just relax, let go and let God. You are trying to retaliate at something that has wronged you, but in the end how will you benefit from this? (See comment under this post)

And, well, I just get motivated.

No one has wronged me. This has nothing to do with me. The Archbishop's going to the Grand Master of the Equestrian Order  to bully me into silence means nothing. I was quite clear upon being invited to join the Order that I did not want to join, but would join if it would be of benefit to the priest who asked me to join. He said it would, and so I did. That's that. 


First, don't come here. Every time you do you increase the page views, which in turn creates more interest.

Second, start your own blog and refute my claims. But see if you can do it by actually refuting claims rather than mere ad hominum attacks. Everything I've said is about what has been actually done or said, backed up with documentation. See if you can do the same. 

Third, stop giving me reasons to respond. You'll notice that I hardly every post something out of the blue. It's usually a response to something. Besides, responding to me gives me too much credit. I am completely powerless. I have no pulpit, no letters before or after my name. I'm just a lay person with an internet connection. And if my claims aren't true, then there's nothing to worry about. Soon no one will pay attention and I'll just go away. 

Have a nice day.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Anonymous asks:

"...why does Junee have to live elsewhere? Why can't he attend the seminary and live there, but choose to not participate in Saturday evening private masses and other strictly NCW events? 

"Junee" is Junee Valencia, a young man from Santa Barbara Parish who is studying for the priesthood and wishes to serve the Archdiocese of Agana as a "traditional" diocesan priest. "Traditional" in this context does not mean pre-Vatican II, or Traditional Latin Mass, but traditional in the sense of not being a "neo-priest". 

Yes, it is sad that there are now such labels, but people are using them: neo-priests, neo-parishes, neo-liturgies, neo-seminary, neo-catholic, neo-way, etc. The fact is that the "neo" does things differently, and the difference has naturally generated a label, so we'll use it.

But what are the differences?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


From The Esperansa Project
November 27, 2013
Dear Friends of the Unborn...and Born Alive:   

 Governor Calvo has signed into law both Bill 193-32 and 195-32. It is now possible to move the approval for the informed consent materials forward and it is now illegal to kill or let die a child who survives a failed abortion. Thank you Governor and Senators who introduced, supported, and voted for these bills. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In a comment to a previous post, Anonymous asks:

How was the Seminary obtained in the first place? Am I being selfish by only thinking of our church here on island? Should I be looking at the Universal Church, and how I can be of help to that mission? 

Let's answer these questions one at a time.

How was the Seminary obtained in the first place?

The story of the how the property that is now the Redemptoris Mater Seminary was obtained is a bit complex. But here's the outline. 

First, the property, the former Accion Hotel was, at the time of its sale, a "distressed" property. The company which owned it was in a state of financial collapse and needed to unload it, which they did at an extremely low price. 

However, even the extremely low price was still a lot of money for the archdiocese. Arrangements were made to purchase the property on terms, but the completion of the purchase was accelerated when the archdiocese received a large gift to assist in the purchase of the property through a religious order based in the states. 

The gift had the condition that the source remain absolutely anonymous. The condition of anonymity was critical because the donor did not want to hurt the religious order through which it came, and of which, there is a branch on Guam.

Monday, November 25, 2013


"Lou (Leon Guerrero) attributes her becoming pro-choice to her Catholic education..."

- Dames, Vivian Loyola. Asian/Pacific Islander American Women, A Historical Anthology/Chamorro Women and the politics of Abortion in Guam, Ed. Shirley Hune and Gail M. Nomura. New York University Press, 2003. Pg. 375. 

"The pro-choice advocates drew strength from the encouragement received behind the scenes from other women, including nuns, who could not express their support publicly..."

- ibid. Pg. 376

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The most traffic ever over the last 3 days: 1000 hits per day, twice the normal. (Thanks, June. Your post received the most hits. Looking forward to more phone calls like yours.)

And total page views just passed my other blog at However, I've had the other blog since 2006. I've only been using Jungle Watch since July of this year (though I've posted some older stories on it since). 

Friday, November 22, 2013


On July 22, 2013, Fr. Paul wrote a letter to his parishioners explaining his removal and asking for prayers. He also wrote a letter on the same day to Archbishop Apuron refusing to resign. Up till now we only had a draft copy available. Here is the final version signed by Father Paul.


Yesterday at 3pm, the Page View counter showed 35, 293. Today at 3pm it shows 37, 279.


"June" called in to the Patti Arroyo show and chastised Fr. Paul (who was on the air with Patti via phone) for speaking about his case publicly. 

It's a good bet "June" is a member of the Neocatechumenal Way since she refers to herself as "one of the worst" Catholics, language common to NCW members. And we can expect more "chastising" of Fr. Paul from other members as this case goes forward.

I will tell you why later. But for now, June, let's go over a few things.

Canon Law  (1742 §1) required the Archbishop to first discuss the removal of Fr. Paul with two pastors selected by the presbyteral council. And then, after the discussion, if the Archbishop judges that the pastor must be removed, he is required to first attempt to paternally persuade the pastor to "resign within fifteen days, after having explained, for validity, the cause and arguments for the removal."

The Archbishop DID NONE of these things

CHANCERY V GOFIGAN: PNC NEWS - Father Paul Interview with Patti Arroyo

Fr. Paul and Patti Arroyo discuss the Neocatehumenal Way at length and the problems that Fr. Paul has with the Way which he thinks may have contributed to the basis of his removal. 

Go HERE for the PNC page with the interview.

CHANCERY V GOFIGAN: Father Gofigan Removed from Santa Barbara, but Appeals his Case to the Vatican

Posted at Pacific News Center:

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 November 2013 17:27
Written by Janela Buhain Carrera
Thursday, 21 November 2013 17:12

Guam - Ousted pastor Father Paul Gofigan is not giving up without a fight. Father Paul was officially removed from the Santa Barbara parish on November 12 by Archbishop Anthony Apuron. The Archbishop cites Father Paul’s refusal to discharge a Santa Barbara employee who was also a registered sex offender. Father Paul is now taking his case up to the Vatican as he maintains he has never disobeyed his superior.

The Archdiocese of Agana issued a decree of removal on November 12 against Santa Barbara Pastor Father Paul Gofigan. In the decree, Archbishop Anthony Apuron states that a canonical reason for removal has been determined, stating that it was an “act of disobedience refusing to terminate  the de facto employment of a registered sex offender working in the parish, therefore causing Father Gofigan to act in a manner which brought grave disturbance to ecclesial communion.”


Read the rest of the story here

CHANCERY V GOFIGAN: "His bags are packed but Father Paul Gofigan is not ready to go without a fight."

Guam - His bags are packed but Father Paul Gofigan is not ready to go without a fight.  
It was the last day of moving for the priest as he loaded the last of his belongings, but adding insult to injury Fr. Paul says he feels he is being blacklisted. "I am being ostracized and if you want to use a very good word that describes everything I'm being blacklisted," he told KUAM News.
Father Gofigan was asked to cover his former classmate's parish in the states for a month and while he gladly accepted. "All of a sudden I had a response from my classmate saying that his bishop had denied my request so I can only suspect that something was said to that diocese," he recalled.
According to Gofigan, he has a history of issues with Archbishop Anthony Apuron and the recent action is an attempt to cover his tracks. The archbishop signed an official decree of removal of Father Gofigan as the parochial administrator [our correction: pastor] of Santa Barbara Church in Dededo, but Father Gofigan says the decree fails to mention the first letter he received on July 16.
"It is really an attempt [with] this particular decree to correct in writing what was erroneously done and bundled [bungled] up in the first place," he said.
And while the decree of removal stated that Father Gofigan did not respond in the allotted time, he says he did and the letter was prepared by his canon lawyer on November 7.  "The church is always compassionate when it comes to these matters and of course this was something beyond our control. It is a force of nature the courier service did not get here on time," he said. [He is referring to the storms in the Philippines.]
Father Gofigan is now a priest in residence at Saint Anthony and he says that just means he has a place to sleep in the meantime as his canon lawyer has filed an appeal for a hierarchical recourse and review of his case. He adds that an appeal can take up to a year but if Rome agrees with Father Gofigan's plight he will be restored to pastor of Santa Barabara Church. However if denied he says his position as a priest can be short lived as it will be left in the hands of Archbishop Apron.
"I will continue to be obedient to the archbishop continue to celebrate mass, be obedient to Monsignor Bibi, who is the pastor of Saint Anthony Church, and continue to do whatever he ask me to do within reason of course," he said.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is not a private matter between a bishop and a priest. A pastor has a special office and is in fact a shepherd (pastor) to his own flock, which is also directly affected. This is why Canon Law provides for a special procedure for the removal of pastors (can.1740-1752). 

Thus, if Fr. Paul, is in fact guilty of the charges leveled against him by the Archbishop, then all should know. Fr. Paul does not believe he is guilty and has chosen to fight the charges and has thus issued his permission for this letter to be released. According to Fr. Paul, his canon lawyer, Fr. Adolpho Dacanay, S. J.,  has completed the appeal of his removal and will present the appeal before the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome. Most lawyers do not take cases they think they will lose.

A pdf copy of this letter can be downloaded here.


The decree accuses Father Paul of an "act of disobedience refusing to terminate the de facto employment of a registered sex offender working in the parish." It is noteworthy that the decree includes the term de facto since no previous notice from the archdiocese refers to the subject person's employment as de facto

De facto means "in practice or actually, but not officially established". In 2011, Fr. Paul was ordered to terminate an officially established (on the payroll) employee NOT a de facto employee. Father Paul immediately complied with the order and terminated the employee on October 26, 2011. See the termination letter here

If the archdiocese actually ordered Father Paul to terminate a de facto employee then let them produce the document which shows that. If they do not, then the fact is the subject person was NOT a de facto employee, but an actual employee, and the person was terminated as ordered. 

The addition of the term de facto in the present Decree of Removal is evidence that the archdiocese is attempting to make a case where there is none. In fact, the attempt to trump up the charge by adding the term de facto is an act of serious dishonesty. The question is why? Most people know why.

CHANCERY V GOFIGAN: Archbishop Apuron makes Gofigan removal official

This story appears in today's Marianas Variety here.

KUAM has the story here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here's the kind of thing that motivates me. I actually have better things to do, but the other side just keeps taking shots. What are they thinking? That I'll back down? Sorry. I've been toughened by years of fighting with some of our nastiest senators. Here's an example of "a shot".

In today's PDN, there is a story entitled "Senator's upset by unknown fiscal windfall" which included a paragraph I thought interesting:

"Cruz, D-Piti, said knowing the local government had $20 million more than what was anticipated would have allowed senators to discuss the best use of that money. Most of it was used to pay tax refunds."

To this I replied in the comments section: "Umm, did you have a better use for it, Senator", meaning of course that the best use of any available money is to give it to the people to whom it is owed, and that it's rather amazing anyone would think otherwise. 

However, Tasi Mantanona replied to my comment on tax refunds with the following:

"A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. Biba Apuron!"

So on a comment about tax refunds, an Apuron supporter decides to accuse me of being angry and being a fool. 

Of course, anyone who has read anything on this blog can easily see that none of what I have posted is "venting" or "angry". In fact, even this post is not an angry response. It is an amused response, just like every other response, even the one I sent to Cardinal O'Brien

On this blog, I have simply posted mere facts. But this is what people do when they are caught living a lie, they go "ad hominum" on you, they attack the person, the messenger, because they cannot negate nor disprove the message. 

But ATTACK AWAY, I have much more to share...much, much more. I only need a reason. And whoever is advising the giving me a lot. 


On 10 October 13, Tim Rohr received a letter from the Office of Edwin Cardinal O'Brien, Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, of which Rohr is a member. (See the letter here.) The letter ordered Rohr to "desist from this scandalous activity", i.e. the reporting of the events surrounding Archbishop Apuron's firing of Father Paul Gofigan. Rohr sent two replies. Following is the first one.


Timothy J. Rohr
PO Box 9001
Agat, Guam, 96928

21 October 2013

Edwin Cardinal O’Brien
Office of the Grand Master
Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem
Prot. #768/2013

Via email: Segreteria del Gran Maestro dell’OESSH:


Your Eminence:

I must confess that I am disappointed in your letter of October 10, 2013 1, accusing me of denouncing my Archbishop and attempting to undermine his authority. 

In addition to providing no evidence of “denouncing”, the letter is so awkwardly written that I had to seriously question whether or not you are in fact its author for it seems to have been written by someone for whom English is a second language. 


In today's Opinion section of the PDN, Diane tells us that Catholics shouldn't pray to Mary. I shared a reply. View the letter and my reply here.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Report for the Clergy of the Archdiocese of Agana

The confusion that was generated by the change from one Bishops Conference to another pales in comparison, however, to the widespread division that has arisen since the introduction of the Neocatechumenal Way 16 years ago. The Neocatechumenal Way was brought to Guam by Fr. Pius Sammut, a Carmelite priest (who was on “itinerancy” as the group calls their missionary endeavors) in 1994. He soon enjoyed the full support of Archbishop Apuron who, according to many priests and deacons, joined the group as well. Five years after their arrival, a Redemptoris Mater seminary was established in 1999. Those who are members of the Neocatechumenal Way feel that the Archbishop is very close to them while non-members feel that he treats them poorly, like second-class citizens. Not only has there been opposition to the Neocatechumenal Way by many clergy, but one priest spoke about a large (and embarrassing) public demonstration of lay people against their presence on the island. (It is interesting to note that in neighboring Japan, several bishops forced the closure of the Neocatechumenal Way’s seminary in Takamatsu in 2008. According to Catholic News Service, “Bishop Francis Osamu Mizobe of Takamatsu and the diocesan pastoral council wanted to shut down the seminary because of concerns that the activity of the Way's members was damaging the unity of Japan's small Catholic community.”) - pg. 45



Imagine a young man who grows up on Guam, then moves away. He studies for the priesthood in another diocese and is ordained for that diocese. 

And then upon ordination, he shows up back on Guam, with the bishop that ordained him, to let everyone know, in the place that he left, that he is now a priest in another diocese. 

While we might be happy for his vocation, I think we'd wonder what business he has in Guam. He was not ordained to serve here. He's not "our priest". He left Guam permanently and chose to live and be ordained someplace else. He has a new home.

Sure it's fine to come back for a visit, but with a bishop in tow it appears to be more of a victory lap than a visit. And what's with the bishop? Doesn't he have a diocese to tend to? What bishop has the leisure to traipse about the world every time a seminarian in his diocese is ordained? 

Just voicing what everyone is asking.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Edwin Cardinal Obrien

10.10.13: Tim Rohr receives letter from Edwin Cardinal O'Brien, Grand Master  of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem (of which Rohr is a member) demanding that he "desist in this potentially scandalous activity" if he wishes to remain a member of the order. The "potentially scandalous activity" is Rohr's posting of the documents and events relative to the firing of Fr. Paul Gofigan as pastor of Santa Barbara Parish and Fr. Paul's subsequent actions and canonical appeal. In the letter, Rohr is accused of denouncing Archbishop Apuron and "undermining his authority". 

10.21.13: Rohr replies to the Grand Master and asks for evidence of the charge. There is no response.

11.04.13: Rohr sends another reply to the Grand Master in which he provides the background and evidence for a serious division in the Archdiocese of Agana which is the backdrop for the Gofigan firing and asks for assistance from the Grand Master. There is no response.

11.15.13: Rohr sends an email to the Grand Master giving him 24 hours to respond or he will begin to go public with his correspondence with the Grand Master. 

11.16.13: The Grand Master does not respond. Rohr posts the letter of 10 October from the Grand Master. Rohr's letters to the Grand Master are forthcoming. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013





From Father Paul Gofigan's Facebook page:

St. Anthony Parish here I come! My case has finally made its way to Rome. I will be a priest in residence pending Rome's decision.

My note: It's do or die for Fr. Paul. If he loses this case, not only is he finished as a priest in this Archdiocese, he is sure to be blacklisted so that he cannot be a priest in any diocese. In fact, the blacklisting has already begun.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


During the discussion of the INFANT CHILD'S RIGHT TO LIFE ACT (Bill 195-32), Senator Mike San Nicolas gives an impassioned pro-life speech. Immediately behind him, and through the window, sits Anita Arriola, one of Guam's most famous abortion champions.

At the beginning of San Nicolas' speech, she is speaking with someone else. At about 3:38 into the speech she apparently notices that San Nicholas isn't keeping with the script. 

As a Democrat and a former employee of Guam's other most famous abortion champion, Bank of Guam President, Lou Leon Guerrero, we're sure they expected San Nicholas to at least keep his mouth shut if he had any pro-life leanings. 

However, San Nicolas gives one of the strongest pro-life statements in recent memory on the Session Floor. And Arriola is clearly not amused.

The juxtaposition of one of the strongest ever pro-life speeches on the Session Floor against the backdrop of the face (and facial expressions) of Guam's most prolific pro-abortion champion is, well…"we could not have planned it better." 


And thank you Senator San Nicolas. We look forward to your continued advocacy in all matters of protecting our most innocent and defenseless brothers and sisters, both born and unborn.


...we will allow this.

Consider where you bank.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


There are some things that shouldn't be joked about. Removing priestly faculties is one of them. That's like a spouse joking about the "D" word.

(No. I didn't hear this from a member of the clergy.)


From The Esperansa Project
November 13, 2013
Dear Friends of the Unborn...and Born Alive:   

Yesterday, the Legislature passed both Bill 193 and 195. Bill 195, which requires medical treatment for children who survive an abortion procedure passed 10 to 5 in its original form despite attempts to amend it. Bill 193 did not survive the "Floor" intact. Let's see what that means.

Bill 193 was introduced to facilitate the implementation of Bill 52-31 which was signed into law over one year ago. Bill 52 required that a woman seeking an abortion be informed about the abortion procedure and her rights and alternatives. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013



The Legislature will vote today on two abortion-related bills: 193 and 195

Sunday, November 10, 2013


This is an incredible statement…even for Won Pat. 

In arguing AGAINST the INFANT CHILD'S RIGHT TO LIFE ACT (Bill 195), Won Pat laments the loss of doctors who will perform abortions:

Thursday, November 7, 2013


From The Esperansa Project
November 6, 2013
Dear Friends of the Unborn...and Born Alive:  

One Year ago today, Governor Calvo signed into law an act which would require women seeking abortion to be given information about the procedure as well as their rights and alternatives. Across the nation, abortion numbers have fallen where ever this type of legislation has been enacted, not just because women become more aware about the life within them, but because they learn that they cannot be coerced to have an abortion which accounts for as many as 60% of abortions. (See Forced Abortion in America)
 Amillia Taylor. Born at 23 weeks and 283 grams
At the 11th hour of its passage, opponents of the bill, realizing they could not continue to oppose such common sense legislation publicly, inserted a provision requiring the informational materials to be subjected to a rule-making process which would tie up the implementation of the bill indefinitely.
Their plan worked. The law has never been implemented. And during this one year during which the law was successfully hobbled, another 286 children have been carved up and thrown in a dumpster. (5 year abortion average)
Note: The picture is of Amillia Taylor, born in 2006 in Miami at 23 weeks weighing just 283 grams.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


From The Esperansa Project
November 5, 2013
Dear Friends of the Unborn...and Born Alive:  

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, on November 4, 2012, Senator Rory Respicio was presented with the following question:

If the Office of the Attorney General opines, or a court of competent jurisdiction finds, that neither the printed materials nor the checklist certification constitutes a rule or regulation AND if presented with a bill that amends the Law so as to delete the following language from Section 4: "and, pursuant to its rule making process set forth in Title 5, Chapter 9, Article 3 of the Guam Code Annotated," will you take all reasonable steps available to you to pass such a bill in a timely manner without revision or amendment such bill?
Senator Respicio answered: YES. His reply can be read here.

Today, November 5, 2013. during a legislative discussion on Bill 193-32 - "a bill that amends the Law" as per the above question - Senator Respicio said the following:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013


The current manner of distribution of Holy Communion in the celebration of the Eucharist in the communities of the Neocatechumenal Way is as follows:
The neocatechumens stand and remain in the their places. The minister of Holy Communion places the consecrated bread in the hands of each communicant. All communicants continue to hold the consecrated bread in their hands until everyone has received. A period of reflection ensues. It is consumed together upon a signal from the minister.
The manner of distribution of Holy Communion in the celebration of the Eucharist for the universal Church is as follows (from the General Instruction to the Roman Missal):