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  1. then of course zoltan backs up Diana in the continued beating of a priest who has been alienated and still without a chance of DEFENDING HIS OWN PERSON. plus seeking transparency and other questions we ask but don't get answers. just plain dumb remarks, from the neo.

    Zoltan July 28, 2015 at 8:47 AM

    Dear Joane, please read the answers for your question by Diana. I only give a few more words.

    1. Hitting a desk with fist is a sign of emotion. It is no proof that it was related any any way to the much later firing of Fr. Paul by the Archbishop. Where is the evidence?

    By the way, I have my own copy of "Target = Priest" from the Agat meeting. It has NO AUTHOR'S NAME printed on it and no publisher's information at all. Another way to say this that this book was written by an anonymous coward who was so afraid of the repercussions that he did not reveal his identity!


While Apuron sucks us dry to pay for his 40 plus boys at RMS to appease the Neo-gods and to the tune of $17,000 per year (his words), there is no money for local kids.

Thankfully, at least the statue of St. Thomas found a home next door with the Dominican Sisters:


 Vatican City
NoJuly 21, 2015, 9:17 am

See more about what the Vatican is viewing.


This exchange between Mario Gomez and Frenchie deserves some attention so I am copying their comments to this post. Mario Gomez is responding to an episode in Frenchie's account of Kiko and Carmen's history

Frenchie's account and his replies to Mario are very important to our overall cause because, as I have emphasized from the beginning, getting rid of Apuron or even the NCW on Guam is not our sole aim. 



2. The finance board was removed because OBVIOUSLY their best interest was not in the Church due to the fact that they wanted to sell the seminary. The fact that they were unable to sell the seminary is irrelevant. A finance council is supposed to be a good advisor looking out for the best interest of the Church. Advocating for the selling of the seminary is NOT in the best interest of the Church.

This is the myth that these idiots are fed by Apuron and Pius. But even by repeating this Apuron-Pius lie, they themselves are calling Apuron a liar because in Apuron's letter of termination to each of the four people who were terminated, Apuron's stated reason for termination was that their five year term had "expired". So at least the Diana Fools are in agreement with us that Apuron is a LIAR. LOL.

Of course none of these idiots have actually spoken with any of the terminated members of the AFC to ask if they had ever suggested that the property be sold. However, I have. I spoke with Richard Untalan and he said that he indeed had suggested it and for good reason. 

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  1. tim can you pick at this? found this in the neo blog

    DianaJuly 27, 2015 at 9:59 PM

    Dear Joane Santos,

    1. Father Paul was removed due to disobedience. He was told to remove Lastimosa in 2011. Lastimosa was still doing the same duties as he had always been doing, so in 2013, Father Paul was removed. It never had anything to do with the NCW. If the Archbishop really wanted the NCW in the Dededo Parish, he would simply remove Father Paul from the Dededo Parish the day AFTER Patricia Cottman banged her fist on the table.

    2. The finance board was removed because OBVIOUSLY their best interest was not in the Church due to the fact that they wanted to sell the seminary. The fact that they were unable to sell the seminary is irrelevant. A finance council is supposed to be a good advisor looking out for the best interest of the Church. Advocating for the selling of the seminary is NOT in the best interest of the Church.

    As for the rest, I already covered that. 


While indeed this is ridiculous, the accusation nevertheless highlights why Apuron and his cronies feel quite smug and secure in their corrupt little holes:

So long as the majority of opposition to their demonstrably evil ways remains limited to anonymous comments on a blog - even tens of thousands of them...

...then there is absolutely no reason for them to worry in the least. 


This is the latest installment from Frenchie on "The incredible adventures of Carmen and Kiko." The full version with all the installments can be found here

Continued: the incredible adventures of Carmen and Kiko.

The idea that sold Archbishop Casimiro Morcillo to contact his good friend and vicar general of Rome Archbishop Angelo Dell'Acqua (the representative of the Pope as Archbishop of Rome) under Pope Paul VI, was that Carmen and Kiko could work the "miracle" they had achieved in Madrid.

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Two important books I always promote at the CCOG Village meetings are the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church

The Catechism so that we can know first hand what our Church wants us to know about our Catholic Faith, and the book Triumph because it is a very readable and exciting history of the Catholic Church - which helps us to better understand our current challenge.

In addition, I carry a small variety of other books. Here's what I currently have on hand. (Note: temporarily out of My Daily Bread and My Daily Life. Order is on its way.)

Check back on this page for updates.


The CCOG will be having a village meeting on July 30, 2015 at 6pm at the Barrigada Community Center across the street from San Vicente Church.


This is the latest installment from Frenchie on "The incredible adventures of Carmen and Kiko." The full version with all the installments can be found here

In 1963/1964 the Catholic Church was going through radical changes, unseen in centuries.

What is now known as Vatican II, had been a long, drawn out fight between the different currents of philosophy of the Church. In Spain, like in most of the Spanish speaking world, the leaders of the Church were for the most part against reforms, seeing it as an unholy intrusion of Masonic and Jewish moles in the Vatican. (this whole section would merit a whole book). They had supported Franco in the civil war and its aftermath, because he was opposing such intrusions.

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There has been something bothering me that I wanted to get back to: Archbishop Apuron's response to a Toto parishioner about the neo-priest (who Apuron pretended not to know) who taught the permanent diaconate candidates that Jesus was a sinner. Here's the exchange again:


Some may think that the incomprehensible and outrageous comments of Zoltan are just a distraction and should be disregarded. I maintain that error must be exposed and gutted wherever it may be found, no matter how ridiculous and no matter the source. Kiko Arguello was once a distraction. The Neocatechumenal Way on Guam was once a distraction. The Rhino beetle was once a distraction. But Zoltan is more than a distraction. He is a window into the KAKA-filled mind of a kiko-ite. And thus...very useful.

After posting TIM ROHR: THE BUSINESSIST and noting that Zoltan had mockingly used the term in his oft-repeated accusation of my being in this just for the money, Zoltan sent the following comment:

Monday, July 27, 2015


Speaking of Zoltan - who has accused me of being a "businessist" and only in this to make money selling my books. LOL, Zoltan, here's the statement from my publisher for my second quarter earnings. Maybe I shouldn't allow customers to set their own price. 


  1. What is really frightening is the advanced technique and psychological mechanism CCoG operatives employ to stir hatred and demonize people at these meetings for fund raising purposes. We read a lot about violence, even murder, in the mainland by people who believe those who demonize others. Tell me, who is really responsible, those who pull the trigger or those who demonize others?

    Well, by reason of group dynamics, these haters can only succeed if nobody counters them at the spot. They must be exposed as riding on other people's emotions in order to raise funds for personal gain. Now, they need money to pay attorneys so that they can bring lawsuit against the church. But their manipulations are so transparent. The audience is always willing to hear the opposite side, as well, if there is somebody there to present the opposing views. Then, hatred becomes an option among many others and eventually will die out. No sane people choose hatred when there are other choices.


So as not to miss any episode of Frenchie's serial expose of Kiko and Carmen's personal history, I will publish the most recent episodes as individual posts as well as copy them to the post which compiles all the episodes. Below are the episodes received today thus far (2), and here is the link to the full version. 

Continued (7/27/15)

As we mentioned earlier, most information regarding Kiko and Carmen is very scripted, from almost the beginning. Wikipedia for instance, is obviously an advertising page, straight out of the NCW webpage.


Are you ready for some side-splitting funnies???

ZOLTAN: During the meeting, someone yelled at me, I was accused that I am a colonizer and should go back to my country. Nobody countered that. I requested opportunity from Vangie Lujan to respond, who moderated the discussion, based on personal attack. Vangie wanted to allow me to respond to the charge, but Greg Perez overrode her and closed the discussion. It was after the end of the meeting when I told Vangie that I was denied to respond to a personal attack and this could come out in the newspapers.


I received a call from Fr. Jeff this past Saturday. He advised me that there was no correction regarding the decree renaming the Boy's Chapel in this week's U Matuna as "expected." Here is what Fr. Jeff wrote last week:
On Thursday July 16th, I called Fr. Adrian to follow up on the “correction.” I was told that the correction has not taken place but I could expect it by the July 26th issue of the Umatuna Si Yu’us. I am hopeful that a new decree (without the name change) will be issued soon.
Fr. Jeff explained that despite the fact that there was no "correction" in the "July 26 issue of the U Matuna," Fr. Adrian was "working on it." 

I explained to Fr. Jeff that all Fr. Adrian was "working on" was his next lie. Fr. Jeff declined to say any more...which was a smart thing to do. There really is nothing else to say. Fr. Adrian lies and lies and lies.

Now let's look at something else in Fr. Jeff's original explanation that should be a red flag to Rome:

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Chuck White is being very accommodating in only suggesting that this "professor" is an "academic hack". The "professor" is not here to teach at the University of Guam. He is here to do the same thing his kiko-beast-presbyter counterparts are here to do: destroy the Catholic faith from within and replace it with Kiko's heretical theology. 

And due to Apuron, Guam just happens to be the most hospitable place in the world for this disease to fester.

The "professor" and his kiko-beast-presbyter counterparts, like the good alinsky-ites that they are, do this subtly at first under the guise of appearing to be credible and normal. Thus the disguise as a university and RMS professor. But the "professor" is really a kiko-beast-missionary. And one doesn't have to look very deep to discover Kiko's rotten agenda.

Once again, Chuck scratches through the thin disguise of the kiko-beast in our midst.


by Chuck White

Friday, July 24, 2015


Dear Dora,

I know you personally and know that you are a very sincere and loving individual, and I am sure that you truly believe what you wrote in the opinion page.  I am one who has been very critical of the actions of Archbishop Apuron and have made numerous postings on Junglewatch.  I would like to use a different analogy to reflect why we feel strongly about the Archbishop’s actions that have led to the struggle that we Catholics are facing.

Let me compare the Archbishop’s role to that of a father of a family for indeed he is the father of Guam's Catholic family.

How would a man's family feel if he left his wife and 10 children for a “younger wife” (NCW came to Guam in 1995) and abandoned his wife of 25 years?  And not only abandon his family, but also sold the family home (RMS) and the assets now belong to the new family. And on top of that, he publicly humiliates his own sons in public.


Vangie Lujan has left a new comment on your post "ZOLTAN: "BULLSHIT"":

My recollection of the conversation with Zoltan was not as he suggested. First he threatened me because I didn't want to give him more time to defend himself. He said someone personally attacked him. I suggested that he go over to the person and speak to him directly. He didn't want to, instead he told me that I better WATCH OUT because he is going to get me in the PDN. He was going to tell the PDN all about it. I asked him to make sure he spells my name correctly. My understanding was that he was going to publish how bad I was to him.

He then followed me as I was leaving and said CCOG should try to bring peace. I told he we made every effort to speak to the AAA to resolve our concerns, but that AAA does not want to meet with CCOG. I suggested that he meet with the AAA. He said he does not want to.

CCOG has made numerous request to meet with the AAA, but he refuses to meet with us. His ad hoc committee also does not want to meet.


LOL. He says the CCOG should try to "bring peace" after he threatens Vangie. Zoltan, you are to be pitied.


As usual, I do not just publish Zoltan's comments, I feature them as their own post. No one has been more helpful than Zoltan in helping us understand the real problem of the Neocatechumenal Way (which is why he even has his own tag-label). So here you go. Read the whole thing first and then I'll provide a version with comments. 

First of all, I thank Tim for giving green light to my comment below.

Dear Joseph, for the record, as a lay person speaking for myself I gave thanks to God that He allowed me to be there in Agat last night. I am not an NCW leader. FYI, I haven't even passed the scrutinies. What I called a superstition at the meeting, spread by radicals, was that Jesus was a "sinner". How could he have been one if He was born of a holy women and being holy himself? Jesus is the Son of God who died for the sinners! It is also a superstition that NCW has a teaching like that. If it would be an official teaching of the NCW, I would stop attending immediately.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Come to the CCOG meeting in Agat tonight to learn more.

The following conversation was excerpted from a transcript of Archbishop Apuron's visit to the Toto parish.

...I’m confused because being born a Catholic and being raised a Catholic Jesus is not a sinner. But on his homily, he said that He was a sinner. So is this the Neo way of how we perceive Jesus? As Jesus being a sinner? And if it is then I think this whole thing has confused a lot of people and it has probably caused a lot of things the way people perceive their homily and how they preach their way. So I just wanted to confirm with you and ask if Jesus is a sinner.

ARCHBISHOP (01:01:34)
Well I’d like to know who that priest is… protestant. (Conjecture) But I did ask the question in one of the Confirmation kids when I tested, and sometimes I test the kids before Confirmation in the church, and the kid goes to school at Father Duenas and my question to him was, “Did Jesus sin?” and he said, “Yes.”, and then I said, “Wow.”

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Concernced Catholics of Guam will be hosting a village meeting Thursday night, 6pm at the Senior Center across from Mt. Carmel School. Learn about the issues and what you can do.


Many are frustrated that Rome hasn't removed Apuron for demonstrable gross mismanagement. The article copied below will explain why Rome has not only not removed Apuron but why it has also been mostly silent - not to mention why Apuron continues to dance around his office singing "no one can get me!" 

But it also explains why Apuron is so desperate to prove that he did not alienate the Yona property.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BEING VICE-RECTOR DOES HAVE ITS PERKS - ER I MEAN ...":

Interesting note from Diana:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


As per the May 9, 2014 story in the U Matuna, FATHER DUEÑAS BOYS CHAPEL BORNE OF ANGELIC INSPIRATION, not only was the building of the new chapel at Father Duenas Memorial High School believed to be the fruit of a divine inspiration, so was its name: The Boys Chapel. And its sudden renaming by Adrian and Apuron appears to be not only a violation of the donor's intent, but an affront to a sincerely experienced angelic message.


  1. Joseph A. SantosJuly 20, 2015 at 2:20 PM
    Dear John Toves,

    Should the need arise, please establish a Go-Fund Me account and I will be one of the first to contribute $50 (fifty dollars) as a start for your defense fund. There Diana, I will give him "even $50..." So blast off!! (I told my wife I would not use profanity) We need to bring out all the documents, beginning with the use of the Appeal funds and the travel expenses of the RMS to name a few. So yes please pursue the law suit and the truth shall set you free, or maybe not.
Yes, "travel expenses of the RMS to name a few."

Taken July 9. Morning.
(picture not taken by the commenter above)

Monday, July 20, 2015


Fr. Jeffrey C. San Nicolas has left a new comment on your post "SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ARCHBISHOP HON TAI-FAI": 

Dear Tim and readers,

After reading this post and the many replies, I was saddened by what I hope is a terrible misunderstanding regarding the intention of the Archbishop's decree and this week’s errata. 

On July 12, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. many in the FD community celebrated a Mass at The Boys’ Chapel to mark the 71st anniversary of Pale’ Duenas’ death. The Mass was well attended and I shared with the people that our Archbishop chose this special day to issue a decree that removed certain restrictions from the chapel allowing it to be used more broadly by the Catholic faithful. I went on to let the assembly know that the Archbishop hoped that the chapel might serve as a catalyst to advance the cause of Pale’ Duenas so that one day Pale’ Duenas might be raised to the dignity of a venerable martyr. Pale’ Duenas' legacy of courage and faithfulness is still honored and admired to this day by many, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. For this reason, as principal of FD and an alumnus, I was happy about this part of the decree. Moreover, I knew that it was the fulfillment of the lead donor’s stipulation.


  • Tim Rohr LOL. That's just the point. He had nothing and was going away when Apuron made him a hero. There are lots of people who will fund an attorney for John, not to defend John, but to bring Apuron to justice. Now they have a reason.


Now that Apuron is officially threatening to sue John Toves for defamation, let us recall Apuron's own defamation of Fr. Paul Gofigan.

In October of 2013, at a diocesan retreat in Tagaytay, Philippines, Archbishop Apuron, Metropolitan Archbishop of Agana, in front of approximately thirty members of the clergy who had gathered thinking they were to be addressed by their chief shepherd on spiritual matters, instead were treated to Apuron's harlequin narration of what sounds like orgiastic homosexual night-long trysts complete with "cases of beer and what not" and even a secret stairway:

Saturday, July 18, 2015


In this weekend's U Matuna:

Really? According to Fr. Jeff and Fr. Adrian? What?

Let's revisit the wording of LAST SUNDAY'S Decree:
In virtue of canon 1223 of the Code of Canon Law and by reason of my authority as Archbishop of Agaña, I hereby erect the PÅLE’ JESUS BAZA DUEÑAS ORATORY at the Father Dueñas Memorial School in Ta’i, Mangilao.
So just one week ago Apuron was invoking his full authority as Archbishop of Agana under the Code of Canon Law to change the name of the chapel of a school, but this week the principal of that school and the Chancellor change it to "also known as the Boys Chapel"?


Archbishop's lawyer sends warning to accuser

Dear Archbishop,

Just yesterday I was explaining to someone why Rome hasn't removed you yet. I explained that Rome needs hard evidence that you are no longer capable of doing your job and that you are a danger to the faith.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Archbishop retains stateside lawyer, demands end to harassment

Oh dear, dear, dear Archbishop. Truly. You should call me before you do these things. I never cease to be amazed at the astounding inadequacy of your advisors. (Or maybe they really are trying to get you into trouble?? Hmm. Imagine that!)

Don't you see? There was no need to threaten poor little Mr. Toves with a big bad letter from a big bad lawyer who you probably paid with our big bad money. I mean, seriously. Mr. Toves had already marginalized himself. 


...that Mt. Carmel School students are forbidden by the pastor of Mt. Carmel Church to step on church property or go into the church. The reason reportedly given by the pastor of the church is that the school and the church are separate entities. The pastor is Fr. Alberto. 

Can someone clarify as to whether this is true or not. You can post here or if reach me via email at



10:59 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING":Keep blogging Tim, your not getting anywhere. 



Can't say more right now. You'll just have to stay tuned. :)

Michelle R Neal - #130146

Current Status:  Active

This member is active and may practice law in California.
See below for more details.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


We are posting this today at 3pm because two years ago today, July 16, 2013, at 3pm, Fr. Paul Gofigan's life was destroyed with this letter....or so they thought. They didn't expect Fr. Paul to stand up to them. They thought he would slink off into the gutter where lay the lives of the other priests destroyed by Apuron and his cowards.


"Stolen" from Zoltan's Facebook Page

DonaMila's comment, which Zoltan is responding to, is at the bottom of this post. The underlined will be commented on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


...which homily Archbishop Apuron will download (literally) this Sunday to deal with this...or will he blame the scattering of the sheep in his pasture on JungleWatch.

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 107


Received the following from an informant. I'm only posting it because it is almost common knowledge. In fact, we have alluded to this suspected plot many times. We know that in order for the NCW to maintain power in Guam they need Adrian to succeed Apuron whose time - with or without Rome's help - is short. 
"Pius and Adrian are working to remove Apuron. They believe that Kiko's people in Rome will be able to convince the pope to appoint Adrian as the next archbishop. Getting rid of Msgr. James was an important part of the plan."
As mentioned, much of my intel comes directly from the chancery - recordings, documents, etc. However, I never get them directly from the chancery source. It passes through hands and I often get them anonymously. 

Maybe Adrian is the actual mole? If so, Thanks, Adrian! Good work. 


 " is tempting for leaders – and I repeat, I prefer the term servants, who serve -; and this temptation for the servants is of the devil, the temptation to believe that they are indispensable, whatever the position.  The devil leads them to want to be the ones who command, those that are at the heart and so, step by step, they slide into authoritarianism, glorifying a single leader (“personalismo”), and leaving no living communities renewed in the Spirit. This temptation makes “everlasting” the position of those who consider themselves in an irreplaceable position that always has some kind of power or dominate over others."

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Uh oh, Adrian, did you get the Archbishop in trouble again? Did you get authorization from the donor to rename the Boys Chapel? 


Couple confers sacrament of matrimony


It has now been three days since we gave the opposition the opportunity to prove which side is really "twisting words" and which side respects the intelligence of their readers. 

They say that Apuron has documents which exonerate him in the RMS scam. We say that we have documents which implicate him. They accused us of twisting words so we posted our entire source document because we respect the intelligence of our readers. They posted only more of their own words.

Now who are you going to believe?

Here is ours again:

Monday, July 13, 2015


The alleged transfer of title to real property valued in the tens of millions to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary is a major scandal and is causing grave turmoil and religious doubt in the Archdiocese of Agana.

If in fact title to the property is no longer in the name of the Archdiocese of Agana, and if in fact the Archbishop of Agana (a corporate sole) no longer controls this property, then the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agana has been significantly harmed and the scandal is justified.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


...let's make this easy...

Rather than telling readers what our source documents say and going back and forth with this "he said - she said," why don't we help everybody out and you publish yours and I'll publish mine. Oh, that's right, I already did. So I'll do it again. Your documents supposedly exonerate Apuron and state that he is still in control of the property. Our document says he doesn't.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

BEN MENO REMARKS ON RADIO (#3) – July 6, 2015

BEN MENO REMARKS ON RADIO (#3) – July 6, 2015
A translation by Joe R. San Agustin
 of Mr. Ben Meno’s call-in radio talk to show host Jesse Lujan
Manana si Yuus (Good day). To the two of you there at the radio station (former Senator Jess Lujan, radio host and another person), and to all who are listening.   Let me indicate to you who is calling in – Ben Meno, from Inarajan.


More opportunities to educate ourselves at "Diana's" expense. LOL. Too much fun!

Alas, more from the mentally kiko-demented Diana

Not having a board of directors is one of the features of a corporation sole and the Archdiocese of Agana does not have one. But the real matter is one of election. Some religious organizations elect a legal construct known as a corporate sole if they meet the requirements of the particular jurisdiction in which they wish to form. Others opt to legally form under the provisions governing non-profits and also can elect for the additional tax-exempt 501(c)3 status.

Now read the following from the opening and founding paragraph of the RMS Articles of Incorporation:


First there is a matter of an anonymous person publicly accusing Msgr. James of criminal activity - which this "Diana" has done many times. This "Diana" refuses to use his or her actual name because "she" claims that they are the ones being persecuted. That's funny, because for almost a full year now it has been Msgr. James who has been publicly persecuted, first by his own bishop, second by the new Sanhedrin at the Cathedral (Msgr. David the VG, Jonathan Bordallo, & Sr. Marian Arroyo), and third, by this cowardly neo blog.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Let's use the poorly formed comments of our separated brethren (and that's being charitable) to educate ourselves.

The comment outlined in yellow below refers to the fact (not a complaint) that Archbishop Apuron is named personally, and not in his capacity as Archbishop of Agana, as a guarantor on the Board of Guarantors for RMS.

Note: I'll get to the other stupidities later. Let's just deal with the one in yellow outline for now.

Even after Archbishop Apuron leaves the position of Archbishop of Agana, he will forever be referred to as Archbishop Apuron. This is his title and name (despite the shame and tarnish he has brought to the office which gave him the title).

Whenever Archbishop Apuron transacts business in the name of the archdiocese itself and not himself personally, especially in matters subject to civil law such as a real estate transaction, he must be named in his capacity as the incumbent Archbishop of Agana. As an example, here is a part of the warranty deed conveying title to the Accion Hotel property from the then-owners to the new owner, who is Archbishop of Agana, A Corporation Sole, Anthony Sablan Apuron, Incumbent:


Pontius Pius
Now that we have an Opinion of Counsel regarding the TRUTH about RMS, let us revisit the lies told by Fr. Pius to the Pacific Daily News on August 2, 2014. (The full article is no longer freely available on the PDN but fortunately "The Diana" has copied the lies for us here.) I have indicated each point I wish to address with a number in parentheses.
PDN: Did the Neocatechumenal Way attempt to influence the transfer of title to the former Accion Hotel property in Yona from the Archdiocese of Guam to an entity whose officers are members of the Neocatechumenal Way? 
PIUS: Actually it is the other way around. The purchase of the Accion Hotel was proposed by the Neocatechumenal Way to the archbishop, (1) because in order to start the seminary and an institute, there was a need for rooms for 30 to 40 seminarians, 10 faculty professors, four classrooms, a library for 20,000 volumes, a chapel. The money for the purchase of the hotel was donated to the archdiocese by an off-island benefactor who offered it with the explicit intention of erecting the seminary and the theological institute. (2) The previous owner of the hotel sold it for just $1.9 million with the proviso that the building be used as an educational facility. Actually, the archdiocese did not put down a penny. 
Regarding the transfer of the title, the legal adviser of the archdiocese, five years ago, asked that the title be transferred to the Redemptoris Mater Corp. to respect the intention of the donor and to safeguard the property. (3) This corporation is a 'corporation sole' where there is only one member, namely the archbishop, who has all power. (4) He is assisted by a board of directors who (oversees) the daily administration. The only member, namely the archbishop, chooses all directors. Then there is a board of guarantors that guarantees that the corporation follows the original purpose for which it was created. The Archbishop chooses, confirms, or dismisses freely these guarantors. (5)

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Pregnant Mom Told Her Baby Will Only Have A Few Hours to Live

Tina Rose Quitugua's unborn son, Faith Andrew, was diagnosed with anencephaly--a rare birth defect that affects the baby's brain.

Please see the rest of the story at the Pacific News Center, and help however you can.


CCOG will be having the next village meeting in Merizo on July 9, 2015 at 6 pm. Location is the Senior Center. Please invite your family and friends to attend.

Directions: From Rte 4, turn uphill on JA Cruz Ave., towards Malesso Elementary School which is on left side of road. The Mayor’s office and Senior Citizen’s Center are located across from school.

- To set up a meeting in your village contact Vangie Lujan at

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


  1. Tim.
    Should Rome take action regarding this situation is there any way that they could DEMAND that they return the title back to the Archdiocese? Or is this lost for good? such sadness....


Joke's on you Guam. We screwed you. - Lv Giuseppe & Kiko
I have taken very little personal credit for all the atrocities we have exposed on this blog, mostly because the data and documents were provided by others and all I had to do was post and comment on them. However, just for fun, I would like to take credit for blowing the whistle many months ago on the clandestine presence of the Board of Guarantors in the RMS Articles of Incorporation.

While Fr. Adrian and others continued to protest that RMS was fully under the control of the Archbishop and the Board of Directors, I continued to cry foul, demonstrating over and over again that Apuron was NOT in control of RMS, that the Board of Directors were mere puppets, and that Giuseppe Gennarini had reserved all power to the Kiko's.

When it was discovered this past January that Apuron had in fact deeded The Property to RMS four years earlier, it became even more clear why Gennarini and his neocatechumenal bullies had masterminded the corporate structure as they did: The Property is now fully in the control of, not RMS, but Giuseppe Gennarini himself.

Attorney Bronze spells this out in Section II of his opinion which you can read in full here. Below is the relevant section which I separated into paragraphs for easier reading and added emphases:

The establishment of the Board of Guarantors by this non-for-profit corporation calls into question as to how the Board of Guarantors are to be elected or removed from such position once he/she becomes a member of said board, as the bylaws do not address the election or removal procedures of such Board of Guarantors and neither does Guam law. 

Since Guam law does not recognize a Board of Guarantors* and in the absence of any provisions for the removal or election of such board in the articles or by-laws of RMHF, the Archbishop, despite being the sole member of the not-for-profit, cannot remove the members of the Board of Guarantors unless the Archbishop files for an application for the dissolution of RMHF.

Even the filing of such petition for dissolution has its own legal complications as 18 GCA § 5105 requires a majority of the board of directors or “other officers having management of the affairs of the corporations” to execute the application for dissolution.

In such a case, if the Board of Guarantors objects to the action of the board of directors or officers in relation to such possible dissolution application requested by the Archbishop, it could veto their action per Article X of the Amended Articles of Incorporation.

It is the opinion of the undersigned that the drafter of these organizational documents purposely and deliberately designed the structure of the organization so that the Board of Guarantors shall have veto power over all decisions including the decisions of the archbishop and his successors.

Thus, we are faced with the unusual practice of a separate, unelected, and un-removable board having veto power over a board of directors, the officers, and the sole member, the Archbishop of Agana and his successors.

*Attorney Bronze earlier demonstrated in Part II that Guam law does NOT recognize a Board of Guarantors in a corporate structure, ONLY the Board of Directors. However, the presence of a the Board of Guarantors is valid until a court invalidates Article X of the RMS Articles of Incorporation.

So there you have it. Just as we thought from the beginning. Apuron completely gave this deca-million dollar property to the Neocatechumenal Way since the RMS by-laws mandate that the Neocatechumenal responsible team for the United States always be a part of the board and can never be removed.

That Neocatechumenal responsible team is Giuseppe Gennarini, his wife, the Kiko-presbyter Angelo Poschetti, and guess who? Anthony Apuron personally! and NOT the Archbishop of Agana, Incumbent.

This means that even if Apuron should be run out of town, he, along with his Kiko-buddies, remain in control of RMS and will have authority over the next bishop in any matter relative to the running of RMS. That means, as I have said before, Apuron, as Archbishop of Agana, has deeded control of The Property TO HIMSELF personally and FOREVER!

And now, are you ready for this?

Gennarini cleverly structured the language of the Deed Restriction so that RMS does NOT have to operate as a seminary and can morph into any business he and Apuron want to run.

Check out the deed restriction again. Here it is:

Note that the Declaration does NOT say that RMS must operate as a seminary, ONLY that is for the USE of RMS and Blessed Diego Institute. RMS is a corporation. It can amend its articles to do anything its directors want it to do. In this deed Apuron did not guarantee that we would have this seminary forever. He only guaranteed that the property would belong to a particular corporation forever and to the Neocatechumenal responsible team that controls it, which includes HIM!

With this fact in mind we can now see that the rumor that RMS is talking to investors may be true. RMS is horribly in debt and hemorrhaging. There never was any long term way of keeping such a massive operation going on this tiny island. The directors are seeing the same writing on the wall that the former AFC is alleged to have seen: either sell the property or turn it into an income producing property and use the proceeds for the true betterment of the archdiocese.

Except now the property no longer belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana. All the proceeds which could have once gone towards the betterment of the diocese of the people who supported it for many years will now go to the crooks who, with their Apuron puppet, set up this scam from the beginning. 

Quoting again from Bronze:
"...the drafter of these organizational documents purposely and deliberately designed the structure of the organization so that the Board of Guarantors shall have veto power over all decisions including the decisions of the archbishop and his successors.

Dear Rome:

This has now gone beyond the atrocities of just these local crooks. The Neocatechumenal Way would have no authority in our Church if not for the sanction you gave it. You (specifically the relevant congregation and/or dicastery) have the duty of policing it and calling them in when they abuse the faithful as they have done in Guam through the groveling willingness of their puppet bishop. In matters like this where the competency of the local Ordinary is so obviously compromised, the good of the local Church falls to you. Or has Kiko bought you too?

I'll leave it at that...for now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Sometime in  2011. Archbishop Apuron is directed by Giuseppe Gennarini and Pius to convey title to The Property to RMS. (1)

Because of the value of The Property, Canon Law requires the consent of the archdiocesan finance council (as well as the college of consultors and the Holy See), Apuron submits his request to convey title to The Property to the AFC. (2)

September 7, 2011. The AFC places the matter on its agenda for September 7, 2011. (3)

According to the meeting agenda, Apuron is fully aware that he does not have the same "ultimate powers" over RMS as he does over the archdiocese and that a transfer or conveyance of title would mean that he "relinquishes ultimate control of the asset."

He is also aware that his legal counsel, Atty. Ed Terlaje, has advised that should there be a transfer of title, RMS Articles and By-laws would need to be amended in order to keep The Property an archdiocesan asset.

According to the agenda, Apuron, ignoring the advice of his counsel, refused to amend the RMS Articles and By-laws, and required that "the assets be deeded to RMS without modification."

Four of the five members of the AFC vote not to convey title to The Property to RMS.

September 8, 2011. Richard Untalan, then-president of the AFC, writes the rector of RMS the following day, advising him of the AFC's decision. (4)

It is important to note that it was the AFC which notified the RMS rector of the denial of their request and not the archbishop. If the AFC's role was merely consultative - as the Vicar General later alleged - then it would have been the archbishop's responsibility to inform the rector. However, because the AFC's role in this particular matter - as per Can. 1292 - is determinative, then it was appropriate for the AFC president to inform the rector.

November 16, 2011. Archbishop Apuron writes Richard Untalan informing him that the matter... not clearly "alienation" but an assigning of title of a property that is transferred and renamed from one public juridic person subject to the Ordinary to another public juridic person subject to the same Ordinary. (5)
In short, Apuron attempts to make the case that both the archdiocese ("one public juridic person") and RMS ("another public juridic person") are both equally subject to him. Apuron attempts to make this distinction because as long as the matter can be considered "alienation", he cannot move forward without the consent of the AFC.

Apuron also knows that what he states is not true. As per the Sept 7 agenda Apuron's legal counsel made it perfectly clear to him that as regards his control of RMS he was only "one of six votes," which is why his Counsel advised that the Articles and By-laws be amended if he wished to retain control of The Property.

Apparently Apuron knew his attempt to play fast and loose with legal language would be challenged so he decided not to send the letter until after he had already transferred title to the property.

November 21, 2011. A day that will live in Infamy. Archbishop Apuron signs the deed conveying title to The Property to RMS. The deed is recorded at Land Management the next day. (6)

November 25, 2011. Apuron has his letter delivered to Richard Untalan and does not tell Untalan that he has already recorded the deed.

Richard Untalan assumes that Apuron wants the AFC to revisit the issue so he calls a meeting for December 6, 2011.

December 6, 2011. For placing the matter on the agenda, Untalan is accused by the Vicar General of a "vulnus" towards the archbishop, of disrespecting his person, and harming "the dignity of the Ordinary." Apuron himself accuses Untalan of creating "nonsense." (7)

It was obvious why the Vicar General and Apuron went ballistic. They had already recorded the deed and they both knew they had done wrong. We know that because if they hadn't done wrong they would have happily informed the AFC and the rest of the diocese of what they had done. But they did not.

January 12, 2012. Apuron subsequently terminates the membership of the four members of the AFC who voted against the transfer. (8)

The matter remains a secret until...

January 5, 2015. The deed conveying title to The Property is discovered at Land Management, cleverly disguised only as a deed restricting the use of the property to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

However, in the language of the deed, operative words such as transfer, convey, and deed, are used. These are words used to transfer title to real property.

Because the consent of the Holy See was required to transfer title (alienate) property of that value, Apuron knows he is in trouble now with Rome.

January 29, 2015. To cover himself he sends a letter to the representative of the donor who, in 2003, gave the archdiocese two million dollars to pay off the note on the property. Apuron includes a self-addressed letter stating that the donation was for the specific purpose of purchasing the property for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and the Blessed Diego institute. 

February 2, 2015. The donor wrote Apuron back stating that she had never heard of either institution and refused to sign stating that what Apuron wanted her to sign was "not true." (9)

April 2015. Desperate, Apuron is set up (probably by Gennarini) with a Denver law firm, which we are told opines in Apuron's favor. However, if this were true, Apuron would have published the report in the U Matuna or at least posted it to his website. He did neither. In fact, Attorney Bronze, who is the only person we know who was able to view the report, writes:
The Archdiocese through its “Civil Law Report” which no church member can get a copy of, but can only stand and read a 19-page document... (10)
And, after Bronze viewed the Report, Apuron had it withdrawn completely from public view.

Why, if the report exonerates him, did he do this? 

It's rather simple:
  1. Knowing that it was not licensed to practice law in Guam, the firm most likely wrote the opinion on the condition that Apuron would not publish it or present it as an authentic legal opinion. And, given what we know of the report, it appears it was written only to convince Roman authorities that Apuron had not violated Canon Law.
  2. However, Apuron, anxious to redeem himself at home, opted to publish a portion of the report in the U Matuna, and then to give it credence, pretended to make the full report available at the chancery, not thinking anyone would dare come and look. 
  3. However, the CCOG had Attorney Bronze take a look. Upon his first visit he was told to come back. Apparently they weren't ready for him. Upon his second visit he was made to stand at a counter and read the entire 19 page document in the presence of a chancery watchdog, and was not allowed to make copies, take pictures, or even write notes.
  4. The report was then withdrawn from public view 1) because making the report public probably violated the original terms of the Denver law firm - creating a huge potential liability for them; and 2) because the report did not exonerate Apuron as he has intimated.
May-June 2015. The Denver opinion was Apuron's last available move, which explains why "the Dianas" are clinging to it. The Bronze opinion is simply "checkmate". It
  1. demonstrates the deed to be an "absolute conveyance" of title
  2. demonstrates that Apuron does not control RMS (which we will see soon)
  3. demonstrates that the transaction is not just a church matter and is not exempt from civil law 
However, even though it is checkmate, the game isn't over until the checkmated king is taken off the board. How that happens will be Apuron's choice. He can leave now under his own free will, or he will be made to leave - if not by Church authority, then by what will happen after a civil suit.

(1) "The Property" is the former Accion Hotel property currently occupied by the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.
(2) Canon 1292
(10) The Bronze opinion will be published in full soon.