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On August 22, I submitted the following "letter to the editor" to the PDN.
In his August 19 statement, Archbishop Hon accused Archbishop Apuron of defying a papal order to return the mega-million dollar “seminary property” to the Archdiocese of Agana.

While Apuron is probably guilty of committing an ecclesial crime by alienating the property without the requisite approval of the Holy See, the truth is he did not return the property because he could not.

On November 22, 2011, Apuron recorded a document at the Department of Land Management called “Declaration of Deed Restriction.” Despite its innocuous name, the document conveyed title to the mega-million dollar Yona property to the Neocatechumenal Way-controlled Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

This was confirmed by the Concerned Catholics of Guam in the Legal Opinion by Guam real estate attorney Jaques Bronze who wrote: “The Declaration…operates to transfer a present interest and is an absolute conveyance in fee simple of the subject real property…”

Hon was given this exact information during his January 2015 visit, both by the CCOG and by former archdiocesan finance council president, Richard Untalan, who was fired by Apuron for his opposition to the conveyance.

On August 11, 2016, it was explained to him again by the same Richard Untalan, joined by Attorney Robert Klitzkie, at a joint meeting with Hon and the presbyteral council.

At the meeting Untalan and Klitzkie spelled out how the title had been conveyed by Apuron to RMS in 2011, and how it could only be returned through a similar instrument of conveyance.

RMS is a Guam corporation, incorporated separately from the Archdiocese of Agana, and other than one vote on the Board of Directors, its decisions are not subject to the Archbishop of Agana.

In order for the Declaration to be “rescinded and annulled,” as the pope is said to have required, the board must first pass a resolution to convey title back to the archdiocese, and then compose, authorize, and record the conveyance.

But beyond the misfeasance of church officials, lies an even graver concern about the potential malfeasance of some Government of Guam officials.

To assist Apuron in his mega-million dollar cover up, Msgr. David C. Quitugua published a copy of a bogus certificate of title last November 29 in the archdiocesan newspaper.

The bogus certificate was acquired by the executive vice president of a local title company who is a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. The certificate was personally paid for by the same executive and Attorney Jacqueline T. Terlaje who is not only a member of the “Way,” but heads up Apuron’s neocatechumenal community.

The bogus certificate was issued by the Deputy Registrar of Titles, who, even after doing an abstract of title which included the Declaration only days before, released the certificate minus the Declaration, which as already noted, conveyed title to RMS.

After Attorney Robert Klitzkie brought this to the attention of the Director of Land Management, Klitzkie was advised that per the Attorney General’s counsel, the law required the Director to petition the court to correct the title.

The end was in sight. The property had been transferred to RMS in 2011 to protect it from a threat precipitated by Vice-Speaker Cruz’ 2011 attempt to lift the statute of limitations on sex crimes against minors. And as we now know, Apuron had good reason to be worried.

Subjecting the title issue to the court would expose the truth about Apuron’s big give-away and ultimately his secret reasons for doing so. We only needed the government to do its job. But then all went dark.

Two months later, we learned that the Attorney General reneged on her previous counsel and permitted a deal to be “worked out” with Attorney Jacqueline T. Terlaje. The issue never went to court and the truth remained safely hidden.

But then came May 17, and the first of Apuron’s ghosts from the 1970’s appeared in the flesh to call him to account.


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In today's PDN story, Pius the Samnut says something worth noting: 

“Besides, these former finance officers of the Archdiocese are all my friends, some of them very dear, and brothers in Jesus Christ and I do not feel comfortable in wrangling and arguing publicly with them,” Sammut said.

Pius has had no problem "wrangling and arguing publicly" with anyone else over the last 3 years. What's different about "these former finance officers" who are "very dear, and brothers in Jesus Christ." 



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Sept 1, 2016: UPDATED with links to supporting documents

Following is the statement given to the media today regarding the Yona Property by the members of the Archdiocesan Finance Council who Apuron fired in 2012.
Statement Concerning Yona Property
August 31, 2016
Download PDF copy here

We, the former members of the Archdiocesan Finance Council along with Deacon Steve Martinez, who was the Finance Officer during our tenure, make the following statements.


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Seminary Claims Debunked

Haidee V. Eugenio, Pacific Daily News, September 1, 2016


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CCOG Secretary Vangie Lujan asked that I post the following:

Funeral for Roy Quintanilla's brother Peter will be at Toto Catholic Church viewing from 9-11:30 and funeral mass at noon this Saturday, September 3rd.


Andrew said plenty 'bout RMS on Monday but he ain't finished yet.

Turn the page for the rest of the story.


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Don't worry, we're here to wade through the muck, shovel the manure and endure the stench so you don't have to.  Pius and his NCW cohorts, produce so much, you can say it "fuels" this website.  Ha!

Before the end of  the day of that very informative expose by the former Archdiocese Finance Council (AFC), Pius, through his herald, "Diana," was already beginning to churn the crap mill and began to excrete enough nuggets to keep a sewage worker employed through retirement.

Where to begin?

Let's start with the low hanging "fruit." No explanation needed:

More after the jump!


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At the root of Msgr. James' Canon Law case is whether or not he, as rector of the Cathedral, was also in fact the pastor of the Agana Cathedral parish. If he was, then he has canonical rights that were violated by his abrupt removal by Apuron and the evil step-sisters (David and Adrian). 


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To laicize or defrock, that is the question.  For months Catholics asked that Archbishop Anthony Apuron resign. Then they asked that Archbishop Apuron be removed. When Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland came forward  and Apuron publicly trashed Roy and Doris the signs changed to:


Yigo church priest Patrick Garcia dies

The Rev. Patrick Garcia, who served as parochial vicar at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Yigo, died Tuesday, the Archdiocese of Agana announced in a press release.



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In response to the CCOG criticism that RMS only has 3 "permanent" professors for 7 listed departments, Pius the Samnut told KUAM today:

"Eight permanent professors and five adjunct professors are teaching at the Institute. In addition, three priests, former students of the Institute, Fathers Miguel Angel, Julio Caesar and Edivaldo have already acquired the Licentiate in Theology at the Lateran University in Rome or at the Lugano University in Switzerland; Father Fabio is studying to acquire the licentiate; they will continue their studies toward their Masters and eventually make part of the permanent faculty of the Institute."


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Dear Cardinal Filoni,  the Catholics of Guam are not stupid!


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Pale' Mike discusses the appointment of Fr. Paul Gofigan to be the rector of the Agana Cathedral Basilica.  Will Fr. Paul be allowed to exercise authority over the Neocatechumenal Way there?

Monday, August 29, 2016


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"Our sole focus at the seminary is the formation of diocesan priests," he (Pius) stated.

Article III, Articles of Incorporation, Redemptoris Mater House of Formation

“The purpose of the Corporation shall be to establish and conduct a House of formation to prepare men for the priesthood for the new evangelization following the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way…”


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Obviously Alberto has to keep holy his holy day, Saturday, and push what is supposed to be the Saturday "Vigil" Mass up to a time which doesn't conflict with his sacred Neo-fake-Eucharist.


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CCOG Secretary Vangie Lujan makes this announcement:

"We will have the next village meeting on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Mangilao Senior Citizen Center - same side of the street as the Santa Teresita Church –(next to the Thursday Night Market area)."

Here's a picture of the Senior Citizen Center.



Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Today I only have a question for your eminences, bishops and cardinals who support the Neocatechumenal Way. 
First, I want them to help me count. I need an approximate number of patens showed in picture below and my glasses are broken.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Ever since I began writing posts dealing with the Neocatechumenal Way, I have in faith and in charity been compelling to become immersed in their theology. I knew there was grave error present if only from the de facto liturgical schism on Guam as well as the shockingly prideful statements of the superiority of NCW member faith over “traditional Catholics” whom they regard as quasi-Catholics, half-pagan and wholly immature in everything Christ.

So we had to get into the nitty-gritty, and man, this is nasty, pungent stuff!



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In today's Guam Daily Post, page 7:


Posted by Webster.

One day before Apuron issued his Declaration to Archbishop Hon and the media, Fr. Pius made an identical statement to the media. The press release made by Fr. Pius as Rector of the Neo RMS is acutely embarrassing to the current leadership of the Catholic Church in Guam. It defies our Apostolic Administrator, Archbishop Hon, and he was even smug, arrogant, and condescending about it.  

Pius has basically told our Apostolic Administrator, our clergy and religious, and the rest of Guam's Catholics, to shove it where the sun don't shine. He tells Archbishop Hon he is wrong about the property transfer to the RMS. He had a hand in the firing of the former AFC members. He had Apuron sign the deed giving the property away to the Neo RMS for free.

Pius is smug because he knows that the NEO now owns and controls the most valuable piece of property that this archdiocese has ever owned. He's in the driver's seat. And he is not worried about Apuron because he has Apuron in his pocket. Who else can immediately get Apuron to issue a Declaration that backs up the statements and position that Pius issued the day before? I mean, Apuron's whereabouts is unknown to Archbishop Hon, but Pius can get Apuron to issue a declaration within 24 hours of his? Imagine that! That is power and control indeed.

Think about it. Apuron is backing up Pius, not the other way around. Just who is in control here? Pius of course.

Fr. Pius must be immediately removed as Rector of the RMS, sent back to his order in Malta, and ban from taking part in any Catholic activity in Guam.  The Presbyteral Council must pass a resolution to that effect, and Archbishop Hon must issue a Decree of Removal.

We need to take back our Church in Guam from the likes of Pius and his putrid cronies.

Pius has indeed become putrid to Guam's Catholics.

Archbishop Hon: Are you getting this?


Posted by Webster.

The Declaration of Apuron is in itself an act of defiance against the Holy See. It defies the Pope through his representative Archbishop Savio Hon, the Apostolic Administrator. It subverts and undermines the authority of the Holy See. It is total disobedience.

This is a grave and serious matter. It cannot be ignored. This is grounds for the immediate removal of Apuron as archbishop of the Archdiocese of Agana.

It is time that the Episcopal See of the Archdiocese of Agana enter a period of SEDE VACANTE.



Posted by Tim Rohr

While the pay raise issue probably figured into part of these results, no doubt, the bill permanently lifting the statute of limitations on sex crimes against minors appears to have played a part as well. Senator Frank Blas introduced the bill and Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. shepherded it through his committee, holding a total of three public hearings. Both figured at the top of their respective heaps. 

Looking at the incumbent Democrats from the bottom, Respicio didn't bother to show up for any of the hearings. Won Pat appeared visibly critical of Bob Klitzkie's public testimony, and Barnes was a no show. The same seems to hold for the Republican side. Of the incumbents, McCreadie was not present at any of the hearings and was absent for the vote to report the bill out of committee. The rest of the incumbent republicans were present for at least one of the hearings. 


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“High Noon (1952) [starring Gary Cooper] is possibly the all-time best Western film ever made - a successful box-office production by Stanley Kramer and director Fred Zinnemann (who also directed From Here to Eternity (1953) and A Man For All Seasons (1966)). The Western genre was employed to tell an uncharacteristic social problem tale about civic responsibility, without much of the typical frontier violence, panoramic landscapes, or tribes of marauding Indians.” AMC Filmsite
                                     My plot summary

In a territory a man was sent in to clean up a really bad situation. He does and sends the really bad dude away. Just as he’s about to begin living happily-ever-after news breaks that the really bad dude has been let out and will arrive at high noon.  The man is faced with a choice. He can face down the really bad dude and in what amounts to a winner-take-all battle or move on and leave his honor behind. 

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... with his collar in someplace other than his pocket? Makes him look like Edivaldo.


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

JAZZ HANDS: Kiko's Bob Fosse-esque addition to his "New Aesthetic"

So why exactly do we have so many issues with NCW-catechized folks being unable to break free from such spiritual violence? The answer lies in what drew them to the NCW in the first place: bad (or no) initial catechesis, the support of the local bishop, and the emotional and spiritual dependence fostered in believers. And it's all confirmed in the community's unspoken belief that they are special.



Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondent from Spain.

Luis Astúriz is a Jesuit who uses to write about an actual famous person through a letter supposedly sent from another famous one in the past. For example, he wrote a letter for actual Pope Francis as it was sent from another jesuit, Cardinal Martini, from Heaven. This time, Luis Astúriz elected Saint Francis of Assisi to send a letter to Francisco, Kiko, Argüello. It was published in 2013 in Zoomnews, but til now things stay the same. It could be said loudest but not clearest.

"Brother Francisco, I am your brother Francisco.

I do not know if you remember me. Sometimes almost certain you don't.

But my heart aches for you. I do not know where you are going or where do you take all those people walking behind you, even when they will run whereever you send them. I do not know why do you gives them orders. Or what for.

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Is this a game?  Will Archbishop Hon capitulate to the Neocatechumenals?


Posted by Webster.

And so we continue with the wondering....


It was Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje who, behind closed doors, negotiated and had the Department of Land Management reissue several Certificate of Titles in an attempt to prove that the title of the seminary property is still under the Archdiocese, not the RMS Neo seminary corporation.

Through the tireless and courageous work of former Senator, Judge, and still Attorney, Robert Klitzke, he exposed that the Certificate of Title printed on the front page of the November 29 issue of the Umatuna, the local Catholic newspaper owned by the archdiocese, was bogus---a false Certificate of Title.

It was Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje who personally paid the fee for the issuance of the bogus Certificate of Title.


Posted by Webster.

I once had the privilege of meeting and talking to Attorney David Lujan, Guam's most successful defense attorney, having won about 90% of his cases, an incredible record that no other attorney comes remotely close to matching. So, he knows what to do to best represent his clients, and a CARDINAL RULE he said of best representing his clients is to SHUT THEM UP. A client SHALL NOT talk about the case or any related matter no matter how remote or irrelevant it seems, to family, friends, and ESPECIALLY to the MEDIA because the less said, the less that a prosecutor or the opposing side can use your own words against you.

Now, why on earth is Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje not only allowing HER CLIENT, ANTHONY SABLAN APURON, to spill his guts to the media, but to have a direct hand in doing so by preparing and submitting his client's declaration to the media?


Posted by Tim Rohr

When I saw the headline "Hon: Apuron defied pope" on the morning of August 19, I already knew what the Kiko's were going to do. And sure enough, they did it. 

I say "they" because the letter from Apuron released yesterday by his attorney, Jackie Terlaje, was not written by Apuron. It was written by "they." But let me get back to who "they" are another time. 

What I knew they were going to do is exactly what Apuron was made to say in his letter, a clear denial that he "defied" the pope:

"I wish to declare that this is absolutely false…I have always obeyed the Holy Father…”

Once again, if you understand the Neocommunist ethic of the "ends justifies the means," there is no contradiction here. They simply make words mean what they want them to mean. 

Here's what happened.


We all know Kiko Argüello is a multi-faceted man. He is a painter, a singer, a musician, an architect, a liturgist, a theologian, a designer of furniture, a book writer, a decorator...

He is able to give instructions from how to cook the eucharisty's azim bread until which prayer you have to recite during the process, from how the tunic for Elected might be (couture dressmaker) to how the responsible has to bless sons and daughters of his community during Laudes prayer.

One of his least commented talents is his work as a teacher during time of his youth: "I bless the Lord I have been for ten years a teacher in a school and I have had much contact with kids" (Kiko, Mamotrete for Didascalons of Neocatechumenal Way, Madrid, 1985, original in Spanish here).


Posted by Webster

Imagine that. A serial child sex molester, a rapist, wants a canonical trial to clear his name and reputation over the disputed Yona seminary property transaction, as though that will clear his name and reputation!

Is he sane?

It looks like the NCW(Pius/Gennarini) is not only pulling his strings, they have thrown him under the bus.

And the pitiful and tragic thing about it: Apuron has no idea he is being used and sacrificed by the NCW.

Poor Apuron. How pitiful. How delightful!  

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

Archbishop Apuron wants his name cleared

Apuron is planning to come back. Hon messed up. He was supposed to keep quiet while Tony rounded up his troops. However, Hon got cornered by the People who would NOT back down. Now Tony is attacking Hon for not doing what he was told. What a joke the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Agana is to eyes of the world.

From: Jacque Terlaje <>
Date: Friday, August 26, 2016
Subject: Declaration of archbishop Anthony Apuron
Cc: Jacqueline Terlaje <>


Hafa Adai! As the legal representative of the Archbishop of Agana, Archbishop Anthony S Apuron, he has requested that I provide you his enclosed statement.


Posted by Bruce Williams

"And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." (Genesis 3:15)

The NCW downplays the role of the Mother of God, who by her FIAT, bore the Son of God, Jesus Christ. This was made possible by her "Immaculate Conception." Her womb became a spotless vessel for the God made man. 

She is the Co-Redemptoris, the New Eve, whom the serpent has no power over. The NCW is an enemy of the Church and like a snake who hides in the grass, will be crushed beneath her heal.


Posted by Tim Rohr

The following is in reference to the KUAM news story "Seminary's rector says Archdiocese of Agana is rightful owner."

After reading The Stinking Monk's answers to reporter Krystal Paco's (KUAM) questions, my first impulse was to do my usual "LOL" and have some fun mocking the lying, green-toothed Samnut. But it's time to get serious here. Pius is no ordinary liar. He is an evil, rancid, vile, pervert of a man - if he can even be thought of as a man.

But more importantly, he is a window into the rotten core of Neocat methodology, and as such, he is our best weapon to expose and explode this money laundering, power usurping, property grabbing international Marxist-Communist syndicate, masquerading as a benign itinerary of adult faith formation.

The Neocat modus operandi so parallels Marxist-Communism that it is tempting to just label the likes of Gennarini and Pius as such. However, it is much worse than that. Marxist-Communism held the Church and Christ himself in open contempt. The Neocommunists drape themselves in the garments of the Church and advance their agenda to "abolish the present state of things" (Marx), 'neath the mantle of the Gospel and the skirts of bishops.


Posted by Chuck White

Pacific Daily News, August 26, 2016, p. A03
Haidee V. Eugenio


Posted by Bruce Williams

The Greatest Love story of all time is contained in a tiny white host.
-Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

We go to Mass to adore, worship and receive the Body of Christ in the Eucharist. This fact is so evident at a 6am Mass during the week. No bells and whistles. No homily or music or altar servers or congregation is necessary for the priest to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass. 

The NCW DO NOT believe in the Real Presence! This is the principle cause of the division in the Church, on Guam, and where ever the WAY sets up shop!  


I translate here a letter asking for help in relation with the Neocatechumenal Way, published today (August 24 in Cruxsancta), from a Mexican man who lives in Colorado.  It is quite sad because he refers the exactly same things as many parishes around the world where the Neocatechumenal Way sows confusion and division. 

Neocatechumenate: the bad tree gives bad fruit


Posted by Chuck White

Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner for the "Comment of the Day" award over at the Thoughtful Catholic!  A person who identifies themselves as "Sara Green" from Toronto, Canada, submitted this message today:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The president of the Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG), Dave Sablan, spoke with Patti Arroyo on Guam's K57 talk radio station today.  The topic:  retrieving the Redemptoris Mater Seminary property.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Now that the title issue is on the front page again, this would be a good time to review the questions I had back in March for Kristan Finney, the Assistant Attorney General who "worked something out" with Jackie the Trained Lawyer, which kept Apuron's secret, a secret a little longer. A secret that is now burning a hole in Hon's brain. 


And to catch up on the whole saga, see the Tab above CERTIFICATE OF TITLE FIASCO


Posted by Tim Rohr

...we have been defrauded into pouring into this "institute" and they can't even spell "Profesor" (sic) on their website. In fact, it has been misspelled for nearly ten years. Fr. Jeff, how's that "dramatic and shocking" report coming?


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Normally, I would never post something like this for fear of squelching genuine discussion of such huge issues , but this one comment took me back in a way that illustrates the point we've been making all along: 

To make sure everyone understands what's going on here (and this comment doesn't get lost in the shuffle), here's my open reply to Mr Guile, but in particular  to all who may have reservations or confusions about things:


A couple of friends from Spain, former members of the Neocatechumenal Way, wrote this in Cruxsancta blog. I want to translate it for you because it reflects quite well what means being an outsider of the Way and the inner fight you live learning to be a normal person again (if possible) and even a humble catholic. 

"A ping-pong game -always unpleasant between "you do not see, you do not understand" arguments- seems to be installed many times in some blogs like Cruxsancta with apparently unsuccessful strugle. However, it is only appearance, because between the lines and sometimes directly, neocatechumenals' commentaries are leaving traces of those behaviors which make Cruxsancta necessary and other similar blogs too.

A "problem" added to my permanence on the neo-path is that I have in the "hard disk" of my head the most of the neo-ghostly verbiage installed. Of course, it is such a "conversion table" which I was not able to understand during the times I stayed walking, but at least I could analyze it after my departure from the "quagmire", the NCW. Testimonies and explanations by former members I found in internet helped me a lot.

If something annoys those who know "the background in the backrooms of the neo-iter", it is precisely when "translations" come to put black on white about the real meaning of their perorations and reiterative speeches that occur in each neocatechumenal encounter, announce , convivence of the year, etc. ...

Some days ago, the last neocatechumenal troll in Cruxsancta helped me to refresh my memory of one of the most used levers within the kikian-machinery. It was in his following comment:

"I feel what they did to you, really.
Sorry if I offended you at something.
I wish everyone could speak with the freedom you speak.
Although I see some pride and resentment, and that does not help you.
Maybe from the outside you can not do anything, maybe God asks you to fight for the truth from within.
Cheer up.
The truth will make you free"

Let me highlight this:

"Maybe from the outside you can not do anything, maybe God asks you to fight for the truth from within"...

This led me immediately to a past time, it is what happens when someone "click" on a "shortcut" slept in my "hard drive", the words, mixed with memories are activated, and remove everything. Because it is inevitable, they also set in motion equations and results.

In the background, they begin to surface the wreck, and although I grip "my" table, desperate but hopefully, I see desolation around when others are struggling to grip with the terrible shipwreck and without more support than their only courage. I instill courage, admiration promoted in a half by pain and love. And I can do nothing, or maybe yes ....

That man, in that marked part of his commentary, puts at stake the lever of fear that so often drives from the neo-lecterns. A brief look at my memory and I think you will understand me.

I climb the lectern and as if in the middle of the blahblahblah of any neo-talk

"....... maybe you are in crisis, brother, also God allows it, the Devil does his job and makes you doubt about the things you hear here on the Way, this is the combat where the Lord calls you, because many times, instead of obeying what we your catechists say, you prefer thinking how to build a religion made to your own measure, this "yes", this "no"....But do not lie to yourself again, brother, Devil wants you to leave the Way and miss these graces the Lord wants to give you on the Way...Just look at history and see. And I'll say, I anticipate: we have seen other times, in other brothers, they felt tired because of the Way, they find it heavy, they do not come into obedience, they will not hear the voice of God, they resist, they do not enter into the rest because they live all in their own forces, they want to convert themselves by their fists, and what happens is they end up being the mighty of Yaveh...

We had put an image on the board, remember it, at the end of the Way you will be the servant of Yaveh, but if you live this in your strength, without walking as we have told you, cheating're cheating, then you will get tired, and you will left the Way... Well, go out! Go to the world! What do you think? What will happen? .... Well, go on a Sunday Mass, but as you may have heard the catechesis of the Devil, and you've left from where the Lord called you, do not lie yourself anymore. You know what will happen? That just as you have rebelled with the Way with the story that God wanted for you and your family, you will pass only a few Sundays, as the Devil wants: first you leave the Way and then...also, brother, then Devil will get away with it, because you've belived him, and YOU WILL LEFT THE CHURCH. That is what the Devil wants you to do when you walk into a crisis with the Way!

- And right now, I get off the lectern, neocatechumenal way off and I return to the blog.

I have omitted on purpose that thing about those who are called and chosen to allow the Master of the seven escrutinies and ten dipped tunics into milk and honey, Kiko, to talk about them, after reminding in Spanish we use to say "tell me of what you presume and I will tell you what you lack of"....

"God raised Him and has made Him Lord of both, the living and the dead. And He comes. He asks us to live as He lived, following the traces He left us in life. He left for us luminous traces, says Sant Peter. Look at their tracks: insulted, He did not respond with insults; Slapped, He referred justice to the Father; He became sin, let falling evil upon his flesh. "Christians, do we accept to fall on our flesh the evil of our son, the evil of a husband, the evil of that one at work? -No!, I do not accept anything that. But man, if you should have left the Way a long time ago, how many years have you been here warming up the chair, taking the site of another? 

Because in your deep, in the pride of your inner justitialism, there is you do not accept injustice. This is the point, brothers. God shows us the way as Christians. In the catacombs the Christians are painted like sheep; in the apse of a catacomb in Rome you have a slaughtered lamb center surrounded by little sheep right and left. - Who are these sheep? - It is that I am a sheep? - Yes sir, you are a sheep. - Well, I do not wanna be a sheep! - That is fine, then leave! Go out of here to be a wolf, a tiger or whatever you please.

We are talking about quite serious things. You left because you were not called to this. "Many are called but only a few are chosen". Then comes the persecution and quickly we see those who have faith because those who do not have it, they escape, blaspheme, fall away, do whatever to avoid others will hit them. They were called "the lapsi", those who, after such suffering, when peace had come, shouted at the gates of the churches to be admitted, and they didn't want to admit them again. Were called lapsis those who had fallen away from the faith to not be tortured or be killed. The Church of Rome had patience and mercy, but what a sad life for those men, shouting because they wanted to return to the Church.

Courage, brothers, I have the Lord's mission to call you to conversion. To me the first, I'm like you, sinful man; Here we all have in common that we are forgiven men, all sinners and all forgiven. And how can we have the holy humility of Christ not demanding anything of anyone, being like sheep in the midst of the world? ("I send you as lambs among wolves") How can we be patient in suffering, how can we be meek, how we can be sweet, as to be humble, how can we have the holiness of Christ? 

We need God may want to give it for us. For behold Christ crucified. And why when is announced the Kerygma the Holy Spirit comes down? Because God in Christ has shown his nature, his essence. God no one has seen him. What is the divine essence? That you were created for Him, you were created to be person in Him, that through His Holy Spirit you will participate in His love. Because you were loved by Him, because He loves you, because you were in the thought of Christ before the creation of the world. Yes sir, with those eyes you have, with that nose. You, none other! You were designed by God, created by Him forever".

(De la convivencia de catequistas 2004-05)
(From Mamotrete of convivence for catechists, 2004-05)       
I want to highlight this:
"We are talking about quite serious things. You left Because you were not called to this. "Many are called but few are chosen" .Then comes the persecution and quickly we see those who have faith because those who do not have it, escape, blaspheme, fall away, do whatever to avoid others will hit them"...

In the table of equivalences, which I later found out (helped by many others, for example on this blog) anyone who walks in the Way but after a time leaves it, deserves no different end than that one reserved for "the lapsis".

I want to to dedicate this post for those who are the "bulldozed", the "anathematized", those who trusted on those who claim to be the instrument of the "new evangelization" and in practical level they are just faithful collaborators of the "new secularism".  

For those Doña Carmen ventured to call "bounced", from here I want to give them, bounced, a hug with all my soul.

Especially for those who once felt without ground beneath their feet, who associated the name of NCW with the good name of our mother the Church to such an extent that after spending so many years into the temples, they ended without being able to put their feet in them, the more often because they were reminded of all their wounds received in their neocatecumenal voyage. 

They were faithful to the dictates of their kiko-catechists, at least for a while, believing in them, they spent their "faith" in the imposture called NCW. That NCW which never forgave their departure. And beforehand,it was prepared the vilest trap for them, because in the middle of the neo-preaching of "nothing plus nothing", they placed the slogan that if they left the Way, it was by their rebellion against the "will of the Lord." ... branded "bounced" branded "lapsis," their old neo-brothers changed their sidewalk to avoid meeting them ...

Sure, they admitted no more "being hit". 

They admitted no more being "sheep of some neo-inventors of and endless nosense", who far from being like the Good Shepherd, they behaved as unfaithful dogs. They so often say they are "friends of the boyfriend" (and they do not know Him) and claim to be the "shepherd dogs" (and they bite mercilessly His little sheep) ....

I also share my hug for those who -for whatever reasons- finally found a not demanding Church that supports them within as a "Loving Mother" ....

Anyway, it hurts when you remind and that man knows it and writes:

"I'm just saying that if you left the Way, you will drown in your own pride".

Let's go back over that "tell me of what you presume and I will tell you of what you lack"

Unfortunately, the neo experience leads many people to that point, the same Way has prepared it beforehand as a mechanism of self-protection: they "identify" themselves as the most autentiK Church, the truest form of primitive Christianity adapted to modern times, approved, blessed,, if you leave the Way you will hear the voice of Devil... "And you will leave the Church"...

At this point you will not molest us anymore, if you are aimless and you do not understand what actually happened, if you stay far from the Grace of Sacraments, much better for the NCW. Clear. "You will give us the reason (that reason which neos want to be crucified in others, while they claim reason for themselves)". You will not say anything because you will not be inside but outside, where are weeping and gnashing of teeth.

"You are out"...this is so hypocritical, so disloyal...While you belive that leaving the Way is leaving the Church, you will not tell anybody within Church what things you heard in the Way about "natural religious" catholics of Sunday mass, their childish faith which does not interest anyone, what kind of things you heard there of those priest, bishops and cardinals who refuse the Way....

"You are out" the end means "it is better for us if you leave the Church", so we, neos, could stay within changing the Water. We, neos, could stay making our mess by pleasure, saying we obey the Pope when we do not obey...because we wish He will say "arrivederchi" and then we could do our wanted circus aside. 

I wonder what could happen if all former members, those who were sons and daughters of the abandoned one, will stand up in front of those who claimed to be "prophets of your story" when really they were just judging...If they had the minimum discernment they would be the first on turning the light off in their saloons of the kingdom apart and should run fastly to the real Church".

Signed: Meripe and Sepul from Cruxsancta blog, former members of the Way.


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Over the last week, two articles have been posted talking about the underlying problem of the NCW:--its ecclesiology, its theology of the Church--and three other articles are to follow. But in all our discussion about why there’s no room to dialogue with the NCW and the inevitable moral collapse of its adherents, one thing must stated again and again until it finally sinks in on everyone:

The Eucharist is the source of our Faith (whether by “Eucharist” you mean the Real Presence or the rite that makes it so, it really makes no difference). All our unity, all reconciliation, everything that Hon says he wants for the Church on Guam, all that makes us the Body of Christ—all of this flows from the Eucharist. The Eucharist isn’t derived from the Church; it’s the other way around.

And THAT’S what makes the NCW outside the Faith. Regardless of bad theology or mis-readings of Scripture or some quasi-approval by Rome (that’s not really approval) or whatever else you can think of, regardless of all of that,  in the end—and most visibly and scandalously—the NCW has in its practices broken liturgical communion with the universal Church. Perhaps they are better evangelizers; that’s a topic for later, but even if that is true:  since when did evangelization ever necessitate breaking communion with the Church? Since when does better outreach, better works of mercy ever stop flowing from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? The answer is never. And that’s precisely what’s been done by the NCW. 

And that’s why the fight goes on.

And make no mistake: this is a fight born of love, and a fight seeking reconciliation—reconciliation of Eucharistic schismatics with the universal and timeless Body of Christ. That’s real love of neighbor. And that’s a love worth fighting for.