Tuesday, August 29, 2023


By Tim Rohr

The movie, The Pope's Exorcist, is a little too fantastic for me, but there are several very good lines in the script such as:

"Prayer has more power in Latin." 

However, this is probably the best one:

Pope: "Cardinal Sullivan (a bad guy) has taken a sabbatical in the isle of Guam."

Fr. Amorth: "I shall pray for Guam. "

A Note:

I think it may be a little more than a coincidence. The movie started filming in 2020. Apuron's case was at the forefront of the pope's mind as he had just done something unprecedented in 2018-19: bypassed the normal Vatican apparatus for appeals and took on Apuron's appeal personally. Thus it was generally "fresh" Vatican news at the time The Pope's Exorcist began filming. 

It's a very long story and has been detailed many times in this blog (the most recent of which is linked here). In short, Guam, in 2018-2019, was the most evil place in the world - given that our clergy sex abuse crisis was, by then, per capita 14x the size of Boston's (which led to the movie "Spotlight"), but also because Guam's own archbishop was accused of molesting and raping young men, one of whom was his own nephew and in the archbishop's bathroom while his nephew's family was visiting in the living room.

Apuron's personal trial remains pending and his attorney has said that Apuron intends to prove his innocence at trial. Meanwhile, what we do know is that Apuron ran away after the first public allegation in May 2016, and to this day remains in hiding. 

Monday, August 28, 2023


 (posted by Frenchie)

Foreword: This is a very complex issue, which unfortunately has not grabbed the attention it deserves. The Synod on Sin od ality that is expected to take place in October of this year, is an earth chattering reform wanted by Pope Francis to usher a "new era" for the Church. It is the culmination of a battle of more than 200 years, which was launched at the Synod of Pistoia, in 1786 in the Catholic Diocese of Pistoia, which was then part of the Territory of the grand Duchy of Tuscany (now in Italy).

The Synod of Pistoia was called by the Bishop of this Diocese (Scipione di Ricci), at the behest of Grand Duke of Habsburg-Lorraine, Leopold (future Holy Roman Emperor) both partisan of the Enlightenment School of thoughts rendered popular by the Masonic lodges of the English and Scottish rites, (whose admitted target is the elimination of the Catholic Church) throughout the Courts of Europe. This is what  culminated in the onset of the first French Revolution, and its litany of anti Catholic persecutions, first in France, then in Europe to finally culminate with the Bolshevik, Maoist and Khmer revolutions.

Within a year after the Pistoia Synod, in 1787, the next Synod of Bishops rejected the Pistoia decrees, and subsequently Pope Pius VI Condemned these decrees in 1794, in the midst of the French revolution and its reign of terror which saw the genocide of over 1 million Catholics.

Fast forward to the 1960s, and super impose the Pistoia decrees over the decisions of Vatican II, you cannot be but shocked by the similarities between the two. The war of the modernists against the tenets of the Church continued, even when slowed at times by John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

This is against this cursory background that you need to read the following expose, which I gathered from several of my contacts, in Europe, South America, Africa and the Mainland USA. It is in no way meant to be a judgement, but rather a source of information to attempt to make sense of this event.

The Revolution wished for by Pope Francis is creating great unease in the Church

Francis intends to profoundly modify the governance of Catholic institutions. A position opposed by many priests and members of the laity.

Reassured by the success of Lisbon's Youth days, the Church never the less lives in a state of confusion, as it is confronted by the orientations the Pope intends to impose during the autumn season.

Just before the World Youth days, the Pope had confirmed his wish to reform the Church at any cost.

* First the Governance of the Church, which Francis wants more democratic and decentralized.

*The Theological view, which must no longer be conservative, but progressive instead (in concert with modern society's "evolutions")

*Finally his own succession, which he is laying out methodically by reducing to a small minority the Cardinals opposed to his militant views, amongst those who will elect his successor.

The next Synod which will gather 300 Bishops and civilian "experts" chosen principally because of their favorable opinions about the reforms during the first sessions scheduled to take place in October at the 


Unveiled last June in a "work document" these suggestions have brought a great malaise among many moderate priests and bishops, as well as within the laity itself.

Many have become worried by this authoritarian assault by Francis, to ram a reform most perceive as rash and confused at best.

On June 20th 2023, Francis published a stupendous "working document" (Instrumentum Laboris) to help guide the next reforming Synod.

On July 7th, the Vatican unveiled the final list of participants. Among them Francis insisted on naming Fr James Martin, an American Jesuit, as well as Sister Mary Angela Perez RSM Guam, known for their advocacy of GLBTQ rights. They are symbols, and will be diligent during the assembly to advance the dossier for the blessing of homosexual couples. (one of the reforms publicly advanced for the Synod).

Another reform to be tackled is the Governance of the Church itself. It would no longer be the preview of Bishops and Priests. Members of the Laity could be implicated, following a less hierarchical and more democratic process. Rome itself would no longer be the center of power, which would be deployed locally or Continentally, depending on the Subject. How that wish will be reconciled with the recent incursion by the Pope himself, into the Bishop's previews with his now infamous July 16th 2021 Traditionis Custodes, remains to be seen, but this is not Francis first contradictory decision.

Concerning women, they could benefit of new responsibilities and ultimately be able to become Deacons. The request has already been filed officially with the Vatican.

Finally the Sacerdotal Celibate could also be discussed, in order to open the priesthood to married men.

On July 1st Francis took another capital decision: he named his friend and Spiritual Son Msg. Victor Manuel Fernandez 61yo, to the Key position of Prefect for the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith. Starting in mid September he shall become the third prefect for the Doctrine of Faith of Francis reign. ( the other two were  Cdl Muller, and Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer) As such Msg Victor Manuel Fernandez, soon to be Cardinal, will become the theological mentor of Francis' Pontificate, just as Ratzinger did for John Paul II, except for the fact that Fernandez is the polar opposite to Ratzinger.

As a final Papal decision, Francis created on July 10th a new promotion of 21 new Cardinals to insure a majority of like minded electors, in case of a Conclave. From now on 72% of Cardinal Electors (they must be under 80yo) have been chosen by Francis. The required majority to elect a Pope being 66%.

John Paul II created 9 promotions of Cardinals in a quarter of a century, while being careful to keep a balance of sensitivities. Francis created as many in 10 years, all on his line of thinking, except for a few rare exceptions.

Most observers agree that the acceleration of this phase of Francis Pontificate is being done to render definite and irreversible the Pope's decisions.

According to testimonies by some of his closest collaborators, the word irreversible, comes back often in the vocabulary of Bergoglio. As the three powers: Governance, Theological approach and Election of the Pope are irremediably changing, only six months after the death of Benedict the XVI, the total asphyxia of the traditional influence in favor of the progressive bloc, looks final.

American Jesuit Priest Fr Thomas Reese, an acute observer of Rome, recently noted in the National Catholic Reporter : "Any organization can have marvelous policies, but their implementation cannot be acted upon, unless the individuals charged with their enactment are in positions of power."

Since the beginning of his reign in 2013, Francis has demonstrated his great political ability. His own collaborators confirm that he leaves nothing to chance. Strategic vision, choice of men, sidelining of opponents, close internal control of his subordinates, are the tools he uses to reach his goals. This arsh discipline approach has dire internal consequences.  The Church has not been that divided in a very long time.

Instrumentum Laboris has filled the reformists with joy, and hit the Classical Catholic Conservatives with consternation. The novelty has been that it has created an unusual unease among moderate priests, as well as with a very large number of Bishops. Until now these people were not critical. Now many are worried by this authoritarian approach. This new defiance by moderates is worldwide. In the USA for example, where differences are not hidden under the covers like in Italy, the Apostolic Nuncio Msg Christophe Pierre (named Cardinal on 07/10) was forced to become an advocate for the Synod. He had to plead in favor of it during a chilly reception by American Bishops in Orlando, Florida: "We must avoid polarisation, we must learn to listen to one another, to work together, to walk together, Cum Petro et Sub Petro" Synodality? we should trust it right now! It is not a new program, nor is it a lure to mask a plan for change of the Doctrine of the Church" Strong words for a conference of Bishops that still did not appeared convinced...

In France, before a fall season which promises to be agitated, a great scepticism is the rule with the Laity and the Priesthood. While many critics are afraid to speak publicly within the priests' ranks, as if they fear retribution ( a strong irony, far from the synodal spirit which supposedly  respect contrary thoughts and honors contradictory debates).

The place of women, as brought forth in Instrumentum Laboris will certainly be a cornerstone of the Synod. The debate could be very tense.  During a recent visit in the USA Cardinal Sarah who was not invited to participate in the Synod, despite his huge popularity declared while being interviewed on July 6th: " No Synod can invent a feminine Sacerdoce".

The expected changes pushed forward by Francis and the modernist wing of the Church, might not go through smoothly.

A moderate priest with a lifelong experience is very worried: "This Synod is generating a lot of anxieties with people who are interested in the Church, yet there is a profound lack of interest on the other side." Adding: " The participation of the Laity should not be controversial. Catholic Ecclesiology is articulated around the ministries, of which the priest is at the center. Yet what is put forward is the deconstruction of the backbone of the Church itself."

Here you can see the appearance of this great anxiety among many priests and numerous member of the Laity. In other word the respect of the Sacred Character of the Church.

Another Pastor from a large urban area confirms:  "Many people are distressed when reading Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Synod. No one is able to discern the re-enforcement of faith, but instead they see the upcoming catastrophe of the deconstruction of the Church. At the same time the lively forces of Catholicism, of Classical, of Traditional, African or Asian background are not concerned by this Synod, whose orientations they shall not follow. Creating the danger of a deep Schism."

Surprisingly the most critical are often the rank and file faithful. Here are two astute analysis harvested among several hundreds.

* "The love of the Church, with its living treasure, the Eucharist; is being lost in a will of openness which looks more like a dissolution. This working document looks more like a communication exercise"

* "The large majority of Christians is not only worried, but also filled with a feeling of dread while facing a process that has all the markings of artifacts and manipulations, not in touch with the spiritual reality of the Church".


With Francis ecological and inclusive verse used in Lisbon:

" Todos! Todos! An Iglesia abrada a Todos!" (All! All! A Church opened to All)

In the end the younger generation no longer understand this Pope, often perceived as a demagog. By trying to please each and everyone, he refuses to address his own people. Perceived as liberal by the outsiders, he is seen as moralistic by his own.

In regards to the young people who are very involved within the Church, this Pope speaks too much. He is no longer taken seriously, they do not buy his wokish clerical speech any longer.

" If the youth feel distant from this Pope and his Bishops, but remain close to their priests; it is because they have a thirst for something more generous, more spiritual, around Christ, the Saints of great ideals versus the tide of a hostile civilian society. They need beauty, spirituality, generosity while the institutions are promoting a more mainstream model. The elation of the hearts, as experienced in Lisbon during the Youth  days, has absolutely nothing to do with these administrative and synodal gatherings.

Many believe that the consultation which led to the preparatory document was biased. A manoeuvre of sort to reach pre-determined in advance conclusions.

In many parishes, it was easy to identify the respondents. They were over 70yo, their children often do not practice the faith, and their grand children are not baptized. The boomers have therefore taken out the old recipes! This Synod already looks passe, when compared to the real inspirations of the younger generations.

Sunday, August 27, 2023


An interesting article at the National Catholic Register.


De mortuis nil nisi bonum. So goes the ancient Latin aphorism: Speak no ill of the dead. But what of the dead who did so much ill that any speech at all would have to include it?

That’s the dilemma facing Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany, New York. What should he say about Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard? Or perhaps he should say nothing? 


My note:

It appears that the bishops have created their own hell by ignoring church law which prohibits eulogies at funerals, no matter who is dead:

First of all, the practice of eulogies at Catholic funerals is officially discouraged. In the General Introduction to the Order of Christian Funerals, we are told that a homily is to be given, "but there is never to be a eulogy" (no.27). - SOURCE

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Indiana Supreme Court Upholds State’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

The Indiana Supreme Court has denied a request to rehear a case seeking to overturn the state’s abortion restrictions, thus allowing the law to be implemented.

Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) bans all abortions except in cases of rape, incest, a diagnosis of lethal fetal anomaly, or when the life of the mother is in danger. The exceptions to rape and incest are restricted to 10 weeks following fertilization.


My note: The exceptions for rape and incest are wrong. Why murder an unborn child because of another's crime?

Friday, August 11, 2023


Guam Daily Post:

No clear trial dates for clergy named in sex abuse lawsuits

"Tydingco-Gatewood also addressed cases in which former Archbishop Anthony Apuron and former chancellor Adrian Cristobal were named. The judge explained to the parties that if the accused individuals are still alive, they need to be served."


Wednesday, August 9, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Yesterday, August 8, 2023, Senators Parkinson and Fisher introduced a bill that brought back memories. 

Parkinson and Fisher probably don't even know that their Bill 162-37 laughably resembles former Senator Rory Respicio's "markup" of a bill back in 2011.  

In 2011, informed consent for abortion was still a bill in committee. Rory was the Rules Committee Chair.

Prior to a committee meeting wherein there was to be a vote to place the bill on the legislative agenda, Rory produced a version of the bill wherein he basically did a "strikethrough" of 99% of the bill.

Later that day, I engaged Rory on Ray Gibson's show. Rory went nuts, started yelling at me, and hung up. Ah, those were the days. * (BTW, I'm quite sure if you called Ray and asked him about the time Rory hung up on Rohr, he would remember!)

It would take another year of hellacious fighting to get informed consent for abortion through the legislature and signed into law. But last minute tricks by the pro-aborts delayed actual enactment for another couple years. Still, we (and when I say "we," I am referring to a very few who kept up the attack from every angle) overcame each setback and saw to the full enactment of informed consent for abortion. 

Now, Senators Parkinson and Fisher want to get rid of that same law, and their bill looks so much like Rory's 2011 markup of the bill that eventually became the law that Parkinson and Fisher now want to get rid of. Their markup is about as "struckthrough" as "Rory gone nuts in 2011." Here's a sample:

At the time (2011), Rory was "heir apparent" to the Democratic throne and all but coronated as Guam's next two-term governor. 

However, after the firefight a few of us brought to Rory's table upon his 2011 antics, Rory was soon thereafter booted out of the legislature, sidelined from politics, and is probably only still a name due to his  being rescued by his fellow pro-abort, the current governor. **

In short, no one fell as fast as Rory.

Parkinson and Fisher would do well to study what happened to King Rory after 2011. And it has nothing to do with the public attitude about abortion since - as we all know - Guamanians embrace abortion.  

Meanwhile, the next general election is scheduled for Nov. 5, 2024. So here's the countdown to get rid of Parkinson and Fisher:

Election 2024

* Rory's strikethrough was only part of the story. Later I retrieved a DVD copy of the recording of the meeting. The recording clearly showed Rory ordering the cameras cut after Senator Chris Duenas asked Rory why he had demolished the bill. Note: I have all of this in writings and recordings somewhere, and I can find it with some effort. But probably no need. The real story now is Parkinson and Fisher. 

** Since in 2011 it was well known that a certain Lou Leon Guerrero was calling the shots for the Democrats, it was also generally assumed that Rory was simply executing LLG's marching orders. Less than a decade later, Rory would be well rewarded for his obedience to LLG after LLG became governor and Rory became one of GovGuam's highest paid officers - for doing a job he has no qualifications for. 

Apparently, in Guam, it pays to kill babies.

Monday, August 7, 2023


Have you read the novel by Umberto Eco,  "The Name of the Rose," or maybe watched the movie?

The book has sold over 50 million copies worldwide since 1980. 

The villain, like all good mysteries, turns out to be the least likely...the least suspected....

The same story happened here in Guam...and may well be still happening.  

Apuron was the decoy.

There remains the Evil Monk. 

And it ain't Pius.

He's dead. 

Sunday, August 6, 2023


Last Month, July, JW received a total of 40,253 pageviews.

This Month, August, and it's only the 6th, JW has received 28,381 pageviews. 


 AnonymousAugust 5, 2023 at 11:24 AM

I just left the way. It’s like having withdrawals with sugar etc. especially when it made me feel like I am useless or made me guilty of not attending anymore. Last experience is at traditio. Regarding tithes it is not true that they help the ‘poor’ of the community. We experienced that first hand ourselves when it was our time who needed help. They ‘had’ the money we needed some help that time (health issues) but rather our responsibles and all of them didn’t extend help in any kind. I am not speaking out of bitterness but if they were genuine and really kind they will help out it any way. Especially if they have considered us a real brother (as to what they have said) that we are brothers (families tend to lend a hand and help in any ways including prayer) but they didn’t. This is where I had a wake up call that NO ONE is going to help us but OURSELVES. But somehow I have sadness coz they said that these tithes will be use for flowers and other needs and also to help whoever is in need and others to share it to those OUTSIDE but (us who were ‘walking with them’ we didn’t get that help. So when we left (my family) they said they prayed for us and it was the devil telling us not to come etc whatsoever. That we need the NCW community in our lives etc. But you know what? It’s so funny that we now have a better life (in all aspects and financially too) we are not poor anymore as we were when walking with them. And I thank God we were out. (Been out for almost 2yrs now) I also want to add, that we were able to fix our lives especially financially when we left the ‘way’ we came to a point that we have to attend almost everyday like 4-5x a week for fee hrs or some almost full days. Now we are in a much happier place we give what we can give help those in need with all our heart with no reservations etc that’s how it should be. Rather than saying all these hearsays like we give to the poor or help brothers in need but really they just keep it to themselves (though until today I wonder where it still goes) but definitely not to the poor brothers or the brothers ‘in need’ LOL. (By the way our responsibles whenever we have a convivence booked SUITE HOTEL room :) charged from tithes or from other brothers. And (when we needed help) real help we were turned down even if they just collected a tithe!

Also another thing I noticed is when there are brothers who left the way or gets cut out from
The step they tend not to speak or INCLUDE them anymore (like for gatherings like bdays etc) which I find weird. Coz what I fee as a person like its still okay to invite those who were cut out etc as if the relationship has been cut out completely

And they said coz we are walkng on our own to God etc

But isn’t it being kind is part of walking our way to heaven?

Sometimes it’s so confusing too

But one thing is for sure they do have the cult symptoms and is really manipulative

Took us 2 yrs to fix ourlives and glad we are out now. They even told us ‘what are we teaching our children without them? That what is the shield of the children without them? Etc as if we are bad parents. We are still catholic and ill go to my regular parish but definitely not the way. So if you are reading this and you need to be out don’t be guilty that you are leaving you are doing yourself a favor. and as i told above, there will be ‘withdrawals’ where u feel u need it etc that you are wrong etc but be strong fight it. It’s like coming out of a toxic relationship

You can do it too.

Sorry I said a lot I have more to say buy this is the main one

Saturday, August 5, 2023


If there is one thing that the 9th Circuit Opinion made clear in Raidoo v Moylan, it's that abortion is NOT "healthcare." And the second thing the Opinion makes clear is that there is no such thing as "my body my choice."

Quoting from the Opinion (emphases added):

Even assuming that doctors who perform abortions are otherwise similarly situated to doctors who perform other medical services, it was rational for the Guam legislature to treat them differently because abortion presents different considerations than other medical procedures. Unlike other medical procedures, abortion implicates fetal life in addition to the patient’s health. See Dobbs, 142 S. Ct. at 2277 (“‘[A]bortion is a unique act’ because it terminates ‘life or potential life.’”); Harris v. McRae, 448 U.S. 297, 325 (1980) (“Abortion is inherently different from other medical procedures, because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential life.”).  

Clearly the Court, specifically quoting Dobbs, recognizes that abortion is "different" and that it is different because there is another life involved.

So the next time the Governor or Jayne (or their ilk) uses such terms, we need to respond with "why are you misrepresenting (lying to us about) "the law of the land." 

For 50 years we have had the "law of the land" (Roe) stuffed down our throats and told to shut up and sit down. We now have the "law of the land" on our side. 

Memorize the above paragraph - the highlighted parts, and have them at the ready. The pro-aborts are so used to our being on defense. This Opinion gives us a clear opportunity to go on offense. And it's time. 

Friday, August 4, 2023


 By Tim Rohr

In response to Tuesday's 9th Circuit slap-down of our District Court enjoining the enforcement of the in-person mandate relative to informed consent for abortion (here and here), yesterday, Senator Will Parkinson introduced a bill that would functionally get rid of informed consent for abortion altogether. 

A key finding in the 9th Circuit's Opinion is this:

"Guam can require an in-person consultation for abortions— but not for other medical procedures—because abortion is different, as it involves what Dobbs described as the “States’ interest in protecting fetal life."

It is clear that Parkinson has no interest in protecting fetal life. 

Such blatant disregard for the unborn has many pro-lifers shaking their heads, wringing their hands, and shouting "murder." But this doesn't get to the core of people like Parkinson. 

The real issue is not about fetal life or state's interest or anything of the sort. The real issue is sex without consequences, and especially when contraceptives fail, which they often do. (According to the CDC, the failure rate of condoms, the most common contraceptive device, is 13%, or 1 out of 8 times.)

So a man cheating on his wife or helping himself to the victims of sex-trafficking, needs quick, easy, and silent access to abortion to cover his filthy tracks. Parkinson's bill aims to ensure that. 


Bob Klitzkie, on yesterday's Tall Tales, engages Parkinson's bill beginning here

Wednesday, August 2, 2023


By Tim Rohr

"We reject Plaintiffs’ argument that an in-person informed-consent requirement for women seeking an abortion is not rationally connected to any legitimate governmental interest." - Case: 21-16559, 08/01/2023, ID: 12765649, DktEntry: 55-1, Page 12 of 20


Recently, we laid out, here in JW, the entire scenario, backed with documents, wherein Governor "Lou," conspired with her abortion lieutenant, "The Jayne" to recruit two abortionists based in Hawaii to get licensed in Guam for no other reason than to sue us - you and me. 

Along the way, Lou and Jayne and their Hawaii stooges, recruited the big, bad ACLU. 

At first, Lou and Jayne won. The Guam District Court enjoined the enforcement of a Guam law requiring women seeking an abortion to receive in-person consultation. This opened the door for the Hawaii abortionists to provide the required consultation via tele-anything, and then send the mothers their baby killing pills (probably with a note saying "best wishes").

At the time, things weren't looking good for the pro-life side. 

The Defendants, the guys on our side, were headed up by then-AG Leevin Camacho - in his official capacity as AG, and Leevin wasn't known for his being a stickler for defending the laws of Guam when they conflicted with Lou's wishes. 

In fact:

"In 2021, the Guam Attorney General specifically stipulated in another lawsuit that Guam law permits the use of telemedicine to provide medication abortions." (See: 9th Circuit Opinion linked below)

Still, one way or another, a somewhat half-hearted appeal was filed with the 9th Circuit and the appeal was heard this past February, 2023. 

Our man on the floor was a certain Jordan L. Pauluhn, then an attorney with the AG (he's not now). 

I watched the proceedings via video and in my view, Mr. Pauluhn did a somewhat impressive job. I even called him a "rockstar." However, he was only doing his job - which was defending the laws of Guam, whereas the ACLU lawyers were highly if not viciously ideologically motivated. 

Note: They may have also been financially motivated. Given what we know now about the connection between Lou and the ACLU, a nice FOIA may turn up some interesting checks. 

Today, the 9th Circuit promulgated its Opinion, which I copy here in relevant part (emphases added):

In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court made clear that the Constitution does not guarantee a right to an abortion because it is neither enumerated in the constitutional text nor deeply rooted in our nation’s history. 142 S. Ct. 2228 (2022). So now the people’s representatives—not judges—decide whether to allow, ban, or regulate abortions. And in turn, courts play only a modest and minor role: We merely apply a highly deferential rational basis review in assessing the constitutionality of an abortion-related law.

Under this new legal landscape, we vacate the district court’s preliminary injunction against Guam’s in-person informed-consent law. That law requires women seeking abortions to have an in-person meeting with a physician—or a qualified agent of the doctor—who must disclose certain medical as well as other information (e.g., medical risks, adoption opportunities) to a patient before she has an abortion. Guam has legitimate interests in requiring an in-person consultation: the consultation can underscore the medical and moral gravity of an abortion and encourage a robust exchange of information. As we learned during the pandemic, a telephonic or video meeting may be a poor substitute for an in-person meeting, whether it be in the classroom, courtroom, or clinic.

Plaintiffs point out that women in Guam seeking abortions must obtain chemical abortifacients via telemedicine, given the current lack of doctors who perform abortions on the island. Plaintiffs argue that the law may thus thwart informed consent because the treating doctor off the island may have to pick a non-medical agent to provide the in-person medical disclosures. But nothing in the law prevents the treating doctor from providing the same or additional information as that required in the in-person meeting when the doctor meets with patient via videoconference or phone. The law sets a minimum, not a maximum, disclosure requirement, and does not prohibit the doctor from communicating additional information that the doctor believes is required under another law or professional obligation. In short, Guam’s law passes muster under the low bar of rational basis review.

Plaintiffs’ equal protection challenge fails as well. Guam can require an in-person consultation for abortions— but not for other medical procedures—because abortion is different, as it involves what Dobbs described as the “States’ interest in protecting fetal life.” Id. at 2261. People across the United States and its territories may in good-faith strongly disagree on abortion, but the people of Guam can make the policy choice to treat abortion differently from other medical procedures.

In other words, Lou loses. 

But beyond Lou losing, the 9th Circuit Opinion is a real example of how courts should work. In spite of which side makes the most spirited argument, the court looked past the personalities and ideologies of the "arguers" and simply opined based on its interpretation of the law relative to the current legal landscape. 

Note: There is NO REASON our own District Court judge could not have done the same thing. 

Read the full opinion here

And while "Lou loses," we are the real loser. How much of OUR time and OUR money did Lou spend on trying to kill more Guam babies? But then that's who you voted for. Isn't it. 


By Tim Rohr

In the previous post, THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION BUYS THE CHANCERY, the press release is clearly authentic and clearly authored by a certain "Benny Paulino." 

So then what accounts for the following comments back in April in the post: ATIENZA HAS TO BE TOLD AGAIN...AND AGAIN...AND AGAIN. SO STOP THE MONEY?

Greetings, my name is Major General Benny M. Paulino. I currently serve as the Adjutant General of the Guam National Guard, and therefore have no affiliations with the Phoenix Foundation whatsoever.

Thank you General Paulino. I will forward your note to my source. Very strange all around. Please forgive the rumors. Of course our Archdiocese could put all rumors to rest with a simple statement. But for whatever reason, "they" refuse to. Thank you again.

  1. On second thought, I am unconvinced that Anonymous at 8:42 is "Major General Benny M. Paulino." I don't think a man of Mr. Paulino's standing would respond to something as significant as this in a comment posted by "Anonymous." So the plot and probably the subterfuge continues. If Mr. Paulino is not a part of the Phoenix Foundation then he is welcome to contact me directly.

  2. Ai adai, Anonymous at 8:42 trying to act like a military officer... Too many lies to count -_-

"Too many lies to count" is right. 

The question is: Who would have an interest in such lies? Some bored internet troll...or a party intent on frustrating the purchase of "chancery hill" by the Phoenix Foundation?

I think the latter. Guess who?

Meanwhile, there are a few matters in Mr. Paulino's press release which invite comment.


First, the Phoenix Foundation is doing exactly what it should be doing and what JW has already urged the laity to do many times over: stop wringing your hands over the bankruptcy, stop talking about what your ancestors gave to the church; organize, incorporate, raise money, buy these properties, and RETAIN CONTROL of them - emphasis on that last one. 

If the Flores-Apuron era taught us anything, it taught us that just blind giving to "the church" is a thing of the past. Those bishops and what we now know is a growing number of clerics and religious of every stripe gave no thought to the future of these properties, sacrificially given to "the church" by your ancestors, when they welcomed Satan into the Sanctuary and helped themselves to your children.

Note: I say "your" because while I have resided in Guam since 1987, I have no ancestors here. 

I apologize to those who are sensitive to my mentioning "Flores" along with Apuron. However, almost all of the clerical misdeeds that the Archdiocese of Agana has been made to pay for occurred on Flores' watch - including the advancement of Apuron in the local curia which eventually led to Apuron's appointment as Flores' successor. 


Second, while I understand Mr. Paulino's appeal to our emotional memory relative to "a saint slept here" - and I hope it brings him the return he seeks - the fact is JP2 simply needed a place to sack out. And, like so many other dignitaries, sacred and secular, Guam was pretty much a refuel stop on the way to someplace else. 

So let's not get over-excited about JP2's sleep-over at the chancery, especially given what happened in that same house of horrors and why Archbishop Byrnes, before he himself would sleep there, exorcised the god-forsaken place. 

Note: Okay, JP2's visit was intentional and not just a refuel stop. However, it was still a stop over on the way to other places. I believe he was headed to Manila at the time.


And a final thought, though I say it carefully since I do not want to impugn Mr. Paulino's optimism. 

JP2's visit had nothing to do with the elevation of Agana to an archdiocese:

"It marks the only time that a pope visited our island and led to a string of blessings for the Church on Guam including the elevation of our diocese to an archdiocese and elevation of the Agana Cathedral to a Cathedral-Basilica." - Benny Paulino

An "elevation" from a diocese to an "archdiocese" is no particular honor - or "blessing." It's a matter of what could be called ecclesial gerrymandering. 

In 1984, Agana was part of what is now called the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops ("USCCB") and, as such, a "suffragan" diocese of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. 

In 1984, then-Bishop Flores moved to separate the Diocese of Agana from the USCCB and attach Agana to the recently formed Episcopal Conference of the Pacific ("CEPAC"). 

Note: This is admittedly a simplification of the actual history, but is close in fact.

It was a weird move, given Guam's nearly four centuries of Catholicism via Spain and then the U.S. - relative to the rest of a relatively younger Catholicism in Oceania. 

In other words, other than geography, Guam had absolutely nothing in common with the rest of Oceania/CEPAC. (I'll say more about this in a minute.)

But it's what Flores wanted. And in the "spirit" of Vatican II - which elevated "inculturation" to a pseudo-dogma - Flores' move was granted. 

However, Agana could not be an archdiocese without its own suffragan dioceses, so the dioceses of Chalan Kanoa (Saipan) and the Caroline Marshalls were named Agana's "suffragans" - a real mismatch since Guam and Saipan had no affection for each other given the historical fallout from WW2, and the Marshalls might as well have been located somewhere in "Narnia" as far as Agana knew. 

But such is the politics of ecclesial gerrymandering. 

The effect was to make Agana an archdiocese, Flores - who would only live another year of so - an archbishop, and Apuron the supreme archbishop of Guam for three decades. And he may well still be...except for the efforts of a few. 

Kudos to the Phoenix Foundation. But "JP2 slept here" is not really why we want to save this place. We want to save if from "those other guys." 

Carry on Mr. Paulino, et al. and thank you.


Above I noted that I would say more about CEPAC "in a minute." So here it is. 

Agana, though it jumped the USCCB ship and joined CEPAC - probably for no other reason than to acquire the titles of "arch" - never, even minutely, identified with Oceania or CEPAC. 

This is why Apuron, for years, continued to attend USCCB conferences and why we have always sent our seminarians to seminaries in the states and not the CEPAC seminary in Fiji.

And when it came time to find a replacement for Apuron, the Vatican did NOT look to CEPAC, but to the USCCB and sent us Bishop Byrnes - who, as stated several times in this blog, didn't even know where Guam was :

“I did look up Guam on my phone when I found out,” Archbishop Byrnes said. “I knew what Guam was; I read enough about World War II."  - SOURCE

No slight to Archbishop Byrnes. It wasn't his fault. He didn't ask to come here. But going forward, the Archdiocese of Agana does not need a new bishop whose knowledge of Guam comes from his reading about World War II. 

Guam needs a bishop who is scarred and wounded and who has quietly endured our own internecine war and who has survived the public and personal persecution of his corrupt superiors, a priest still standing amidst the current "gotterdamerung" that is currently the Archdiocese of Agana.

No more mercenaries. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2023


By Tim Rohr

"The Phoenix Foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed to save the Chancery which has monumental spiritual, historical, and cultural significance for the Catholic faithful of Guam and the island community. The Phoenix Foundation is NOT an organization affiliated with Father Duenas Memorial School and is not under the Archdiocese of Agana. It is an independent non-profit group comprised of Former Governor Eddie Calvo, retired Major General Benny Paulino, Guam National Guard, Tim Oftana, Chris Felix, Joaquin Cook, Frank Shimizu, Sr., Edward Untalan, and Annmarie Muna."

And here is a recent release from "the Hill:"

AUG. 1, 2023 -- NEWS RELEASE
Archdiocese thanks Phoenix Foundation
for non-profit group's efforts to save Archbishop’s home, Chancery
On behalf of the entire Archdiocese of Agaña, Apostolic Administrator Father Romeo Convocar thanks the Phoenix Foundation for all its efforts to preserve the Archbishop’s home and Chancery facilities on San Ramon Hill.

The Chancery site is one of the properties the archdiocese has had to place for sale as part of the Chapter 11 Reorganization with victim survivors of clergy sexual abuse on Guam. A group of faithful Catholics have formed the non-profit group, Phoenix Foundation and is purchasing the property which is much revered because of its special landmark as the place where Saint John Paul the Great slept overnight during his historic visit to Guam in February of 1981.

“We are indebted to the members of the Phoenix Foundation for the tremendous initiative they have taken to rescue the Chancery offices and home of the archbishop,” Father Romy said.

“Offices and functions of the archdiocese such as the Archbishop and Chancellor offices, Marriage Tribunal, Safe Environment Office, Catholic Schools, Archives, Finances and Communication sections, among others are located at the Chancery,” Father Romy said.

“Most of all, the unique distinction of the Chancery as a place where a saint visited, rested and slept overnight is one of the main reasons for preserving the site,” added Father Romy. “As mentioned, it has great historical, spiritual and cultural significance to not just Catholics but the people of Guam in general.”
“I humbly ask all Catholics at our parishes and schools, and the community in general, to help the Phoenix Foundation in its drive to raise the necessary funds to complete the purchase of the Chancery,” said Father Romy. "There is only a short window to do so and must be done by October. Thank you."


Sent by Tony C. Diaz, Archdiocese of Agana Director of Communications, (671) 562-0065, tony.diaz@archagana.org