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Note: This post is future-dated in order to keep it at the top of the blog. For now that's the only way it can be done. 

This post will stay at the top of this blog until these men receive justice. (For Sonny, it will be posthumously). We also know the identity of the boy involved in the "threesome" with Fr. Antonio Cruz (deceased) and then-seminarian, Anthony S. Apuron as described by Mr. Ray DePlata (here, here, here, and here). The boy is dead.

Roy Quintanilla: Video - StatementFile
Walter Denton: Video - Statement - File
Doris Concepcion (Mother of Joseph Quinata): Video - Statement - File
John "Champ" Quinata (Brother of Joseph Quinata): Video - Statement
Roland Sondia: Video - Statement - File


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In responding to my series of posts on Marriage, particularly my third installment, "LET THERE BE SPACES IN YOUR TOGETHERNESS", Anonymous August 16, 2017 at 6:24 PM states:
"Marriage went down the tubes in the US because mandatory joint income tax return filings are insanely high. Many happily married couples divorced but continued to live together because of that."
To which I replied"
"You are referring to the "marriage penalty." For those who don't know:
I further added:
"I tried to address this back in 2009-2010 during the first debates over legalizing same-sex unions. The pro-crowd kept shouting about all the benefits married people have. LOL. Not!"
I share this as a prequel to what I was already planning for my 4th installment on this series which is not what the civil government did, but what our own bishops did to destroy marriage. I actually wrote about it in 2013 in a post on my blog TheMassNeverEnds. However, I will copy it it here:

PNC: Stateside law firms withdraw as church’s legal counsels

Guam – The stateside legal counsel for the Archdiocese of Agana has made a request to withdraw as attorneys of record for the church.

The request comes amid talks of moving forward with settlement negotiations between the scores of sex abuse victims and the archdiocese. Attorneys Mary McNamara and Britt Evangelist of the law firm Swanson & McNamara, LLP, and Paul Gaspari and Daniel Zamora, of the law firm Weintraub | Tobin, filed the request Tuesday as an unopposed motion. CONTINUED

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How do I know it's you? Umm cuz your comment went to my Spam folder. :)


Gotta love the opportunities the Kikos give us to drag out Apuron's dirty history over and over again. It's hilarious to think that they don't know that the Vatican DOES NOT deal with finance officers of individual dioceses. LOL. It is NOT the finance officer's duty to submit anything to the Vatican:
Can. 494 §4. At the end of the year, the Finance officer must render an account of receipts and expenditures to the Finance council.
It is then the duty of the bishop, who presides over the Finance council (Can. 492 §1. In every diocese a Finance council is to be established, over which the diocesan bishop himself or his delegate presides) to submit whatever the Vatican requires


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Posted by Tim
Continued from Marriage: Part 3

Taking a break from the battle at hand, I return for a moment to our series on marriage. 

If you recall, we began this series after our church leadership held a press conference about Guam's notorious divorce rate, and about what - at least one priest said - was being done about so many suffering marriages. 

One of the most significant commentaries I have ever read about marriage came in the text of a poem by Kahlil Gibran. And I'll tell you why I think it is so significant after you read it:

On Marriage
 Kahlil Gibran


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From the news reports we can guess who this is, but I will let him identify himself by name if he wishes. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for the horror...and the "justice" system the SNAP idiots want us to rely on. 

Unknown has left a new comment on your post "WAS THERE AN INVESTIGATION?": 

Tim, I agree with you. For years I thought Caluag fled to the Philippines immediately after my case was reported. I thought that because the police department told my dad that's the reason my case went cold. A couple teachers reached out after my story appeared in the Post earlier this year. One of them told me something that changed the way I saw the response to my case. Certain events in my life related to the abuse that had always seemed odd started to make sense. 

All these years I thought I had coped well with what happened. It wasn't until recently I realized a whole bunch of people were more aware and involved than I knew. And that a whole lot that could have been done to prevent my abuse, pursue justice once it was reported, and - most importantly - to stop this guy from abusing others... simply was ignored.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT WAVE OF...":Looks like this NEO Cult Presbyter Factory is here to stay. From the NEO Cult Zombie at the Dungbats latest blog:

AnonymousAugust 13, 2017 at 11:29 AM
RMS forms priests for the future of Holy Mother Church.
It forms young men to the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Men who are obedient to Mother Church. This is a great blessing to the life Mission of the Church. Opportunties to help young people follow our Lord. This new group of priests will perhaps not repeat errors of the past. 

EXHIBIT B (Go here for Exhibit A)

Sunday, August 13, 2017


There's been something bugging me about the canonical trial. And it's this:
"However, Byrnes added there is no way of knowing how long these next steps will take or what the exact penalties could be. He said that he and canon lawyers he has consulted with are in uncharted waters, given that this is the first time in history that a canonical trial of this nature has been called for concerning a bishop." GUAM DAILY POST, July 6, 2017
It's the word "uncharted." The presumption is that this is "uncharted" because "this is the first time in history that a canonical trial of this nature has been called for concerning a bishop."

That's true, but that's what bothers me. Why should a legal process be "uncharted" just because the defendant is a bishop?" Sure there is the expectation of Vatican corruption and the good ol' boy network amongst bishops having each others backs as is commonly alleged, but those possibilities do not explain the word "uncharted."


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT WAVE OF...":Looks like this NEO Cult Presbyter Factory is here to stay. From the NEO Cult Zombie at the Dungbats latest blog:

AnonymousAugust 13, 2017 at 11:29 AM
RMS forms priests for the future of Holy Mother Church.
It forms young men to the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Men who are obedient to Mother Church. This is a great blessing to the life Mission of the Church. Opportunties to help young people follow our Lord. This new group of priests will perhaps not repeat errors of the past. 


Well at least it's girls :)



Image result for BARBECUE
Nimitz Beach Agat
11 till 3
Sunday Aug 13


Image result for picketers on guam
We're putting together a ceremony to recognize every single picketer who joined any of our 54 (LIV) pickets between June 12 of last year and July 9 of this year. I'm providing the meats: hamburger, hotdogs, chicken and steak ( carné asada.) Others are bringing additional dishes and drinks. We'll be presenting an award button to everyone who picketed, even if it was just once!


Posted by Tim
Canonist warns Church oversight of troubled lay groups has ‘no teeth’

My note: 

While we struggle to figure out how we are going to compensate, counsel, and otherwise try to restore to the bosom of the Church what are possibly hundreds of sex abuse victims in our own tiny diocese, our church leadership is simply asking for more and possibly bigger trouble by permitting the Neocatechumenal Way to operate essentially in an unaccountable way

Thanks to Apuron, several neocat presbyters, incardinated in this diocese, are roaming the earth unattended and unaccounted for. "Apuron is my bishop," they retort, in defiance to first Archbishop Hon and then Archbishop Byrnes. 

And while we may not know where they are or what they are doing, we will sure enough find out when a law suit from some other diocese or country shows up in our mail because some out-of-control, uneducated, neocat-manufactured presbyter (e.g. The Waldo) does something really stupid. 

This is why diocesan priests are supposed to be stable: i.e. dwelling and working in the diocese they are incardinated in, and not roaming the earth as some stupid imitation of a "missionary." 

To make matters ever more dangerous, these presbyter missionaries mix with lay people and their families in their so-called missionary teams and often live and work together in situations that are just trouble waiting to happen, especially since they are out of sight of any true ecclesial authority. 

There are already so many massive problems with the NCW involving its theology, its liturgical praxis, the unaccounted for flow of cash, and frankly, their unabashed affront to legitimate ecclesial authority, that the potential for millions of more dollars in law suits because of guys like Waldo Gone Wild, is why we - the people who ultimately have to pay for those law suits -  MUST demand an end to the NCW in this diocese.

In addition, we have to deal with the mess already made by Apuron and his band of boys who have grown up to be roving time bombs waiting to happen. We must demand that our church leadership find a way to canonically release them from this diocese - even if no other bishop wants them - so that we, the laity, are not on the hook for these unaccountable misfits for the rest of their lives. 

And until this happens, I do NOT see the good people of this diocese giving a wit to open their wallets and purses to set things right financially once again. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017



Back in 2015, Apuron defenders were trying to position him as a victim of the "gay lobby." The story was that he was being persecuted by the "gay lobby" for his public opposition to a same-sex union bill first introduced in 2009. 

Apuron's defenders sent their story to the well known ultra-conservative ChurchMilitant ran with the story and made Apuron out to be a hero. 

I was a follower and even a contributor to the site at the time and was very aware of why ChurchMilitant would want to make a Catholic bishop a hero in its war on the "gay lobby" - which was pretty much a daily news item for them. 

Of course, I saw what Apuron's defenders were trying to do and attempted to discredit it in the comments on the ChurchMilitant story. 


Opinion: Isn't Apuron innocent until proven guilty?

Well, what do you know. Tricky Dick and I agree on one thing: the attack by SNAP on Fr. Justin Wachs and the carrying of the story by a puerile media is a useless sideshow and a pathetic attempt by SNAP to pretend to still matter and a childish media attempt at a "scoop." 

However, our agreement ends there. Tricky Dick of course is out to champion Apuron's innocence by trying to discredit CCOG president David Sablan because of the investigation into his activities as Ghura board chairperson. 


Well here's the difference. Sablan did not jump on the first plane out of here, go into hiding, and try to change his appearance. No, Tricky Dick. That was your Bro. Tony. 

Friday, August 11, 2017


Posted by Tim

LOL. As we used to say in East LA: "Pobrecito!" Poor thing!

Some news for you: I'm not blaming Casteix for anything other than her trying to destroy everything we have worked for: 1) the removal of Apuron, 2) compensating and truly helping ALL victims. And I've already explained how Casteix and SNAP are undermining that effort, and in such a persistent way we have to believe that Casteix and SNAP  are actually in cahoots with Apuron

Because if Casteix and SNAP get their way Apuron will remain Archbishop of Agana and hundreds of sex abuse victims will die in their silence.

So we're supposed to care that because she had alcoholic parents that that somehow gives her the right to meddle in our affairs?!

That reminds me of the story Earl Nightingale often told: Two brothers. Twins in fact. An abusive, alcoholic father. One became an abusive alcoholic just like his father. The other never touched the stuff. Interviewed in adulthood as to why they ended up like they did, both had the same answer: "What would you expect with a father like mine?"

Think about it, turkey. 


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CHILDISH PARROTING":

Hey Tim!!! no more worries, Korea is going to shoot one of those missiles directly into to your house, for all your bad Deeds, for what you did to the Island of GUAM ''God'' going to punish all of you in the Junglewatch!!! let's see if you can save yourself with your little Typewriter. LOL>>>>> don't be to to print it ''COWARD''

LOL. It's the same guy:



Thursday, August 10, 2017


Posted by Tim

In the wake of SNAP's going into convulsions after a little criticism of their motives, I was reminded of something I had written in May of 2010 after Joelle Casteix' first intrusion into Guam. It is amazingly relevant 7 years later. I'll copy it here:

Joelle Casteix (SNAP) and I have a few things in common. 1. We're both from Southern California. 2. We both attended Catholic schools. 3. The high school we attended were in the same athletic league (I attended Bishop Amat in La Puente, and she attended Mater Dei in Santa Ana). 3. Both of us experienced "abuse" in a Catholic setting in our teens. 4. Both of us developed a passion to do something about what we believed to be wrongs in the Church.


Lori Cruz Hayden Marino · 
The Holy Spirit has been working through many faithful Catholics on Guam to expose these abuses and bring this terrible situation into the light. There have been so many sacrifices and tribulations suffered for love of God and His people to come to this point. There must be repentance and restitution made on the part of the Archdiocese to the victims. 

If the victims want to work with Hope and Healing to settle their cases with the Archdiocese, why is SNAP trying to get in the way? Why is SNAP trying to cast aspersions upon the canonical trial of Archbishop Apuron? Archbishop Apuron needs to be held accountable for the abuses of his flock and I pray he repents for the good of his soul. 

I get that SNAP is an advocate for victims of sexual abuse and I thank them for their previous representation of those who needed them. Do the victims in Guam's situation need SNAP's assistance or is SNAP trying to insert themselves into this situation? 

I wonder why would SNAP want to completely destroy the ability of the Archdiocese of Agana to serve the people? The Archdiocese of Agana is not rich like Los Angeles or Orange County. Those dioceses suffered financially but they are doing alright nowadays. I don't think the same can be said for Guam. 

If the Church on Guam goes bankrupt, how can she serve her people? It always seems that off-island organizations come running to Guam when there is tons of money to be made. I'm reminded of the time when billions of dollars were going to be invested into building up the military bases or when a super typhoon comes to destroy our island. Many groups from the mainland come running to make money from the federal government. Yes, they want to help and they have resources to do the work but it's about the money. It's how they make a living. 

There are also people on the Guam who can do the work to help their own people without completely draining the financial resources. The only people who make real money in lawsuits are attorneys and they only take cases when they know they can (win) make lots of money. Hope and Healing (the Hope and Healing of God) is really needed for these poor victims and for the rest of the Church on Guam. Pax vobiscum


Taken this morning at Nimitz Beach

Nice timing, since according to all the news yesterday a different sort of cloud was supposed to be rising over Guam this morning (and on the anniversary of the Nagasaki bomb). Instead God sends us an angel and a rainbow.

Meanwhile, let's not take it for granted "...for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, 'Peace and safety,' destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape." - 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3


GUAM DAILY POST: Concerned Catholics: Freeloaders should pay
PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Concerned Catholics says Neocatechumenal Way should help pay church debts
KUAM: Dave Sablan to seminary occupants: pay rent or get out

GUAM DAILY POST: Temporary stay issued in sex abuse cases

Judge Michael Bordallo of the Superior Court of Guam issued a temporary stay of 20 childhood sex abuse cases that were filed in Superior Court against the Archdiocese of Agana and the Boy Scouts of America, to see if the parties can agree on the mediation process. CONTINUED


"Turn me over," he said to the judge. "I'm done on this side!" And just before he died, he said, "It's cooked enough now." Then he prayed that the city of Rome might be converted to Jesus and that the Catholic Faith might spread all over the world. After that, he went to receive the martyr's reward. Saint Lawrence's feast day is August 10th. CONTINUED

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Following is a letter to the editor from another SNAP turd. My comments in RED

SNAP: Our goal is to expose the abuses in Guam

Dear editor,

After months of unfounded and defamatory rants against our organization – and especially our volunteer leader Joelle Casteix – we felt it was time to respond to Mr. Tim Rohr's latest attack: his Aug. 7 letter to the editor published in The Guam Daily Post. [If the SNAP turd took the time, she would see that I had nothing to say about Casteix until she and her little friend from Anderson and Associates began attacking everything I spent four years working for. I'll explain at the end.]

In the ugly personal attacks that Mr. Rohr has decided to pursue, the public may not see something very important: Joelle Casteix is first and foremost a survivor of child sexual abuse. She is a wife and mother. She is a volunteer who reaches out to help Guam's victims for no financial gain. She does the work that she does because she wants to make sure that what happened to her doesn't happen to anyone else. [LOL. I have only attacked what Casteix is doing. I don't know anything about her personal life and I DON'T CARE. The SNAP turd doesn't know what I am a survivor of because I didn't make it a career like Casteix. Such fools.]

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


As of today, new posts will have a different comment module. You can still comment anonymously by just typing in "Anonymous" where it asks for you name. To make comments and replies easier however, and if you still do not want to use your real name, may I suggest you create a username so that we know who is replying to who rather than referencing the time "anonymous" made a comment. Have fun. BTW, comments left in the new comment module are not appearing yet in the Recent Comments. We are working that out. 


Posted by Tim

If your eyes lit up, you're not alone. I thought "WHAT!!!" Really? At last news about Apuron's canonical trial?? Breathless, I read the story. Alas, FAKE NEWS, or at least an extremely irresponsible headline. 

There is/was NO "hearing for Apuron's canonical trial!" Rather, the August 4, KUAM story is about the hearing held August 7 by U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan on the local cases. 


I've had a normally friendly relationship with the local media, but from now on I am not going to hesitate to call them out when they either get it wrong, or simply make up facts. 


The PDN, despite a decent story for USA Today, completely lied about their role in "investigating" and "unearthing" "decades of assault, manipulation and intimidation of children reared on this remote, predominantly Catholic U.S. territory. " 


August 9, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Attorney: Apuron wants his ‘day in court’

August 9, 2017. GUAM DAILY POST
Catholic schoolchildren asked to pay archdiocese debts

August 8, 2017. PACIFIC DAILY NEWS
After a year of judges' recusals, Apuron libel suit is up for a hearing


Posted by Tim
There has been increasing news lately, not just about the decline of marriage, but the lack of interest in it altogether. 

As could be expected in the face of this phenomenon, experts weigh in from every side as to the cause: from the trend towards cohabitation to, as the Japan Times reports about its own youth: a lack of interest in sex altogether. 

My outlook on everything (as is the Church's - at least historically), is one of spiritual warfare. Satan hates God. But Satan cannot attack God directly. So Satan attacks the nearest thing: his image: 

"And he said: Let us make man to our image...In the image of God he created them, male and female he created them. And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it..." (Gen 1:26-27)

Man and woman, united by God and faithful to the command to "increase and multiply," is the very image of the "us" in the: "Let us make man in our image," in other words: The Trinity. 

Being the very image of God, we, the sacramentally married, and especially those who have not scarred our bodies with mechanical, surgical, or chemical means to prevent God from having more souls to love, should expect to be hated and warred upon by Satan. And we should expect Satan to pursue his purpose of robbing Heaven by any means. 

In the 11th and 12th century a particularly virulent strain of heresy grew up in southern France and Northern Italy. It was called Albigensianism after the town of Albi, where the heresy took root. 

Today is the feast of Saint Dominic who was the Church's foremost teacher against Albigensianism which condemned marriage and procreation, tolerated concubinage, and praised the desertion of husband or wife. (Read more.)

Today, at least this part of that heresy has returned to rule our modern world with a vengeance. 

St. Dominic, pray for us...and Lord, send us another St. Dominic.

Continued at Marriage: Part 3

Monday, August 7, 2017

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Casteix, SNAP bad for Guam

Joelle Casteix and SNAP (a support group for victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings) are bad for Guam. After doing absolutely nothing to either help expose clergy sex abuse on Guam or to help a single survivor, Casteix and SNAP suddenly want to dictate the terms of our local fight as if we need them. We don’t!

From the outset of the announcement of Apuron’s canonical trial, Casteix has been going nuts trying to discredit everything about it. That’s dangerous. That’s bad for Guam. And here’s why. CONTINUED


Last week, Fr. Jeff San Nicolas (in the name of the Archdiocese of Agana) hosted a press conference to address the embarrassing news that - as per a 2013 Economist report - Guam leads the world in the number of divorces per capita each year. 

Both Fr. Jeff and divorce attorney, William Pesch, appeared to blame Guam's "off-island divorces" as the reason for the world-leading divorce numbers. However, in my post THE REST OF THE STORY (Part 1),  I demonstrated that Pesch himself had earlier downplayed the number of off-island divorces and that even if we subtracted the number of those divorces, Guam would still rank 4th in the world. 

Further into the Daily Post report on the press conference, Fr. Jeff's comments caught my attention: 
"When I hear the numbers, it doesn't discourage me – I see it as an opportunity, as a calling for us to continue to do more," he said...We need to do what we can to be there for all marriages. ... In the sense that we can support them so that a decision that a couple makes to live together to love each other for life – they are equipped to fulfill that promise that they make to each other."
As evidence of the church's "support" for marriage, Fr. Jeff featured representatives of three groups at the press conference: Couples for Christ, Worldwide Marriage Encounter, and the Sponsor Couple program. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Yep. It's everywhere least, everywhere USA Today is...which is just about everywhere. And it's not just online, it's in the print version too. Better call my mom and tell her to pick up a copy so she can see her son's name in the paper. LOL!

No doubt, it's an excellent article, and an even more excellent video. However, I am thinking about writing the following letter to the PDN.

Dear PDN:

Thanks for the great article and video. However, I couldn't help but wonder what you meant by this:
"An investigation by the USA TODAY Network's Pacific Daily News unearthed allegations of decades of assault, manipulation and intimidation of children reared on this remote, predominantly Catholic U.S. territory. "
Shoot, if I had known you guys were doing all this investigating and "unearthing," I wouldn't have worked so hard these last four years. So just what did you investigate? What did you "unearth?" Cuz, well, everything in this story was stuff we either handed you or was already filed in court. And the above excerpt kinda makes you guys sound like the Boston Globe!

And so I was reminded of the time that when it came to doing some actual investigating, you guys weren't interested, Remember? 

Friday, August 4, 2017



This is the second time this has happened. I just wrote an op-ed (aka long letter to the editor) about Apuron, and after several edits, I deemed it perfect and checked the word count. Voila! Could not have been a more appropriate number!


Maybe see if you know somebody :)


Posted by Tim

Joelle Casteix and SNAP are the new child molesters. 

In Casteix' press release received by local media today, Casteix tries to discredit Fr. Justin Wachs, the notary for Apuron's canonical trial. Casteix bases her attack on Wachs on a 2014 anonymous allegation of sexual harassment against Wachs when he was a pastor in South Dakota. 

JOELLE CASTEIX ABUSE NO. 1.  Simply on the face of it, the mere equating of the alleged sexual harassment of an adult (even if it is true) with what we are uncovering here in Guam - the sexual abuse, molestation, and raping of children, is sickening, pathetic, and an ABUSE of the already abused children, who now as adults, have painfully come forward. Sexual harassment (a la allegations against Clarence Thomas) could be the leaving a pubic hair on a coke can. Yet, Casteix implies that this is as serious as the raping of helpless children. 

JOELLE CASTEIX ABUSE NO. 2. Everyone in our situation has had to put a face and name to their allegations, and at great cost. The first person to put a name and face to an allegation was John Toves. Apuron threatened to use all the resources of the church to sue him into silence. Next, he threatened to sue me. Then it was Roy Quintanilla and Doris Concepcion. Apuron was removed before Walter Denton and Roland Sondia came forward, but all four came forward under great duress and an awareness of the danger they were subjecting themselves and their families to.

These four, and others who have come forward since, have been publicly mocked, spit on, impugned, called liars, ignored, and threatened. There was a price to pay for standing up to power and they have been willing to pay it. Not so, Casteix' "victim," who, like The Diana, hides behind the cloak of anonymity. Shame on Casteix - the New Diana. 

JOELLE CASTEIX ABUSE NO. 3. The alleged victim in the Wachs situation is not only an adult, but at the time of the incident was not barred by the expiration of the statute of limitations to report the incident to the civil authorities - as were the clergy sex abuse victims in our situation. This is a grown adult, an employee of the diocese where Wachs worked. Apparently the incident wasn't serious enough to report to civil authorities because there does not appear to be any civil action taken against Wachs or any news about it, only the anonymous charge made to the bishop of the diocese. 



Thursday, August 3, 2017


First, I don't need to. There is an army of people who send me stuff from the hermaphrodite Diana they think I might find useful. (Actually, none of it is useful, but it sure is funny.) And second, from the few times I have unfortunately landed on the idiot's page, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! 


From the bits of garbage I receive from that trash heap of a blog, it's quite obvious that if I spent much time there I might get a big head. Wow. According to them I am such a damn good writer that I have fooled everyone from the picketers to Pope Francis himself. 


Courage :)



Image result for picketers on guam
We're putting together a ceremony to recognize every single picketer who joined any of our 54 (LIV) pickets between June 12 of last year and July 9 of this year. I'm providing the meats: hamburger, hotdogs, chicken and steak ( carné asada.) Others are bringing additional dishes and drinks. We'll be presenting an award button to everyone who picketed, even if it was just once!

Nimitz Beach Agat
11 till 3
Sunday Aug 13

Everyone who picketed is invited and encouraged to attend.

Image result for picketers on guam


Posted by Bob

From time to time Tim is faced with the unenviable task of attempting to correct mistatements emanating from the neocats. Many of these mistatements deal with the meanings of words. Tim is a great teacher, as all of us who follow JungleWatch know, but as we also know neocats have their own ways of defining words. I suspect that Humpty Dumpty is the authority they look to.

Image result

Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. ... "When I use a word,"Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

Here's an example:
         DianaJuly 30, 2017 at 10:12 PM
Dear Anonymous at 9:28 pm,

I have already proven that a seminary can be a corporation sole with a Board of Directors. St. John Seminary is a corporation sole with the Archbishop of Los Angeles as the corporate sole. See the weblink below:

There is the evidence. A seminary can be a corporation sole. RMS is also a corporation sole. So, you see...Rohr was wrong when he told you that ONLY an Archdiocese is a corporation sole.

Recommendations by JungleWatch