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Copied from Diana's blog:

Diana June 28, 2014 at 9:05 AM 
Dear Anonymous at 8:42 a.m., Tim Rohr wrote on my blogsite in March when he invited to meet with him. From his comment, I see a lot of emotion in it. From his comment, I also see that it has more to do with the Archbishop than it does about the Way. 
As for the priest, he is supposed to be obedient to the Archbishop. He took a vow of obedience. This means that IF THE BISHOP TELLS THE PRIEST TO OPEN HIS PARISH FOR THE WAY, THE PRIEST SHOULD OBEY THE BISHOP. (my emphasis)
The person who copied and left this as a comment on my blog (here), speculated that "Diana" might be spilling the beans about the real reason Fr. Paul was fired. Of course, we don't need any speculation at this point. Not a person outside the kiko-clan believes that his firing had anything to do with anything other than Fr. Paul's resistance to the Neocatechumenal Way. But the comment offers us some other insights.


  1. The catechetical ignorance displayed and demonstrated in the postings by kiko followers here and by the fraud-of-a-character, diana, is telling about why they've so easily fallen for kiko's invented, altered and concocted new (neo) self-designed Catholic-wannabe religion. ... and to make his followers feel good about defecting from authentic Catholicism, kiko brainwashes his followers into accepting and using a connivingly clever and seemingly valid response to our admonishment: "denounce and claim persecution!" -- Kiko instructs and advices them. 

    I pray that victims (of kiko's deceit and fraudulent teachings) may humbly be open to what is catechetically pointed out here; that it may help them see the errors (even the heresies) in kiko's teachings which is contrary to authentic Catholic Teachings. This is particularly so on Core Catholic doctrine about the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, and about the Real Presence in the Consecrafed Host, among others. 

    It's not about Tim nor who is on the archbishop's side; it's not about siding with one or the other; because when all is said and done, it is about the potential perdition of souls. Following authentic Catholic doctrine, which contains the Fullness of The Truth, is the One and Only WAY.

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RMS 101 - 29 JUNE 2014

In January of 2012, four of the five members of the archdiocesan finance council received a letter from Archbishop Apuron kicking them out of the council. (Kicking people out who get in his way appears to be standard operating procedure for AASA.) 

Cumulatively, they had served on the finance council for more than fifty years. Their crime? They opposed the decision of the Archbishop to hand over the Yona property* to Kiko. The Archbishop's crime? Another violation of Canon Law, but who's counting. 

Canon Law requires every diocese to have a finance council. There is never to be a time when there isn't one. There are to be at least three members. With the en masse firing of four of the five members, the archdiocese, on January 11, 2012, in violation of Can. 492 §1, was without a finance council. 


  1. Dear Diana, when the parishioners of the parish say NCW stay out, you stay out! We will run you out!


    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:33 p.m.,

      There is a hierarchy in the Catholic Church. The layperson is at the bottom of that hierarchy. Those who disobey the Archbishop has put themselves outside the Catholic Church. Oh ye of little faith. For over 2000 years the Catholic Church have stood, and now you feel that the Church will fall because of the NCW??

It's comments like these from "Diana" that make me hope "Diana" is not Fr. Adrian or any priest, because if that's the case, things are much worse than we thought. However, all signs do point to Fr. Adrian, and what "Diana" says here is quite consistent with the regular hog-trough Kiko-think we've become quite used to.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

RMS 101

We will soon be doing an in-depth look at the attempt by Archbishop Apuron to alienate the Yona property which the Redemptoris Seminary currently occupies. Here is some background reading in Canon Law. 


Can. 1290 The general and particular provisions which the civil law in a territory has established for contracts and their disposition are to be observed with the same eVects in canon law insofar as the matters are subject to the power of governance of the Church unless the provisions are contrary to divine law or canon law provides otherwise, and without prejudice to the prescript of ⇒ can. 1547.

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Tim, do you know anything about the KOLG plot againt the Archbishop. Were the callers plants? Tell the TRUTH

We have to assume that because Anonymous ends with "Tell the TRUTH" - putting TRUTH in all caps, that the comment is from Diana's camp. Now let's look at this.


CONGRATULATIONS 10:53! You win an autographed copy of my next book. Just leave your name and address in the comments below.

AnonymousJune 27, 2014 at 8:49 AM
What are Apuron's CREDENTIALS to do that? Criticizing a Cardinal because "he's not really for the Way"?
HE IS THE SPIRITUAL LEADER OF THIS ISLAND. Are you kidding me? Tim you let this DUMB post slip through? You definitely desperate for audience. = )

For those who need some help here. We, the real Catholics, belong to the Church of Rome, not the Church of Arguello-Apuron. I put Arguello's name first because - and this is being charitable - Apuron is just parroting Arguello. Unfortunately Arguello can say stupid stuff and get away with it, but Apuron can't. 

On this day, sadly, Archbishop Apuron abdicated his office by rejecting papal authority while subscribing to Arguello's. At that point, true Catholics were required to reject Apuron's leadership the same way faithful Catholics have always been required to reject their bishops who were no longer faithful to the authentic magisterium of the Church. (See Arian Heresy.)

It is truly sad because I think the Archbishop did not even know what he was doing. But he did it. And actions have consequences. He had a chance to put it right. He could have gone on the air and simply said I misspoke and I apologize. But he did not. Instead he participated in a meeting to cover up what he said and did.

So you Kiko's, if what Archbishop Apuron said was true - that you were permitted to continue receiving communion as you were, why then would he have needed to concoct a reason to hide the recording. He should have had it played many times. He could have even made it a CD!


  1. Dear Anonymous at 12:00 a.m., 

    There will always be problems because that's part of life. Obedience comes with faith just as I wrote. When God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham did not question God. When the Angel Gabriel told Mary that she will have a child, her only response was "Let thy will be done." 

    You are met with silence because you belittle and mock. You have no interest in a dialogue. You speak about the KOLG tape that the Archbishop did not want to hear?? Was it not Father Mike who said not to air the tape in the BEST INTEREST of the Catholic Church?? That is what Tim Rohr said in his blogsite. Father Mike said not to air the tape in the best interest of the Catholic Church, and he was correct. Tim Rohr published the tape. So, what happened to the best interest of the Catholic Church??? Talk about hostility toward the entire Catholic Church. No respect for the Catholic Church.

No, Fr. Mike did not say not to air the tape in the best interest of the Catholic Church. Fr. Mike suggested that this be said after the Archbishop, again by his silence, agreed to a LIE to cover up his public transgression AGAINST the legitimate authority of the Catholic Church. In addition it was a LIE that targeted my son, the technician, as the one to blame. 

Eight years ago, I agreed to Fr. Mike's suggestion. At least it wasn't a lie. However, it apparently was NOT in the best interest of the Catholic Church not to air it. Had the problem with lying and coverups been confronted then, perhaps we would not be where we are now. I will not put Fr. Mike on the spot by publicly asking him, but I think, given his statements on this blog, that he would be in agreement with me that it is NOW in the best interest of the Catholic Church to air it and that his suggestion eight years ago was a mistake. 

Oh and by the way Fr. I mean "Diana", did you see mY comment about mY being called to the chancery in 2010 to participate in another cover up? A cover up to throw B.J. Cruz and SNAP off the trail? You didn't? Go ahead, keep blogging, "girl"!

Thursday, June 26, 2014



  1. Dear Anonymous at 12:14 p.m,

    I do not agree with the label of "Quaker" since the Quakers are a religious group also known as the "Society of friends." As for the jungle doing a good public service.....have you read the comments recently? Considering the comments, the jungle might as well change their post and tell victims of abuse to simply report to the civil authorities. The jungle still does what it always do......put down the Archbishop.
TIM: Apparently Diana believes victims of abuse should NOT go to the civil authorities??


Most everything that has gone wrong in this archdiocese began here. Our opponents like to cast this off as something that happened a long time ago and should be discarded. We did. But they didn't. They took this as a rallying cry because here is where the Archbishop took sides: THEIRS. And so fortified with Archbishop Apuron clearly siding with them and against the rest of the church, they have marched on...getting everything they wanted. UNTIL NOW!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


(Diana, would you like an autographed copy?)

Fr. Paul Gofigan was the pastor of the largest parish on the island of Guam. He was also one of the few pastors left on the island who resisted the advance of the Neocatechumenal Way, a cultic international organization that had cultivated heavy influence with corrupt Vatican officials as well as many of the world's bishops, including Guam's. It was only a matter of time before the Archbishop of Guam would be ordered by his Neocatechumenal masters to crush Fr. Paul. That time arrived on July 16, 2013. At a meeting with the Archbishop, Fr. Paul was ordered to resign as pastor, locked out of his office, stripped of his priestly faculties, publicly replaced, ordered to vacate his place of residence, and banished from the diocese. The Archbishop expected Fr. Paul to just go away. He didn't. This is the story. 


I have received several comments alleging various types of abuse including sexual abuse. Some of those comments have named certain members of the clergy. I have also received comments alleging other things of a sexual nature, also with names. As those who sent those comments can see, I have not allowed those comments to be posted. 

If you truly desire to see justice done, the Archdiocese has a policy in place to protect the people, and to react to allegations of sex abuse. This policy is available upon request. (Also see note*)

You may call the Chancery Office at 562-0000 to obtain a copy or you may also contact Deacon Steve Martinez, who is the Sex Abuse Response Coordinator for the Archdiocese. His personal contact number is 486-9032. I urge you to contact him for assistance in your situation.

If for some reason you do not want to pursue this course of action then you will need to work with me directly if you want your case known. And as you know, I do not move forward unless I have a credible source. Feel free to contact me at

*Note: The policy was found on the Archdiocesan website under News & Events. Here is the link:

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Kiko's Letter

Looks like he heard about the AAA.


As you can see, the Kiko's have gone nuts over the prospect of my profiting from my work (imagine that)! All this madness directed at me when their own personal demigod makes millions by requiring neocatechumenal communities to purchase from him, everything from sacred vessels to underwear with "Love Kiko" stitched in the crotch. 

You may want to revisit Chuck White's post KIKO, INC. for evidence of Kiko's financial empire, an empire he deftly employs to buy bishops.

But aside from the madness, allow me to use this occasion to thank those who have quietly contributed to the support of this blog and/or have purchased my book (an essay really) WHY I'M CATHOLIC. 

I believe you can see that maintaining this blog and documenting my assertions to a point beyond reproach involves massive amounts of time. I consider it a labor of love for my Church and for all our priests who are suffering under this ugly reign of terror. 

But of course it takes much time away from the other necessities of life, so any contribution or purchase is appreciated, though at this point all monies received are used to pay for professional services to design and format my published or soon to be published materials. 

Thank you. 


The post about my upcoming book on Fr. Paul quickly produced the "wailing and gnashing" of teeth I had expected it to. So thank you to the haters for giving it a ratings bump within minutes of the announcement. 

But to answer some questions. The book is already written and publicly available on this blog. Its core is the 16 "chapters" that I have already posted under the title THE ILLEGITIMATE REMOVAL OF FR. PAUL. And you can pretty much read the guts of the thing by clicking on the tab above with the same title. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


Chuck White, our investigative reporter, turns up another Kiko doozie. Seems like the neocats get to skip right on into heaven. What a deal. Enjoy. It's a great read!

Kiko's Last Judgement
by Chuck White

P.S. Apologies to the kiko's for that long word in the title.


By coincidence (?) I was in the midst of reading about a saint named Fr. Tom (one of today's saints) when I received a message about another Fr. Tom. The first Fr. Tom, the saint, is Fr. Thomas Garnet who was put to death under Queen Elizabeth I. The second Fr. Tom (a different kind of saint) is our own Fr. Thomas McGrath who is thankfully still with us and, we hope, will meet a gentler end. Also, by coincidence (?) both Fr. Tom's are members of the Society of Jesus,  the Jesuits. 

Before I share what I want to say about Fr. Tom McGrath, who recently celebrated his 50th anniversary as a priest, let us learn a bit about Fr. Thomas Garnet. Copied at the end of this post is the full entry about his life as found in Butler's Lives of the Saints. But immediately below is the part about his execution:


Forwarded from Diana's blog:

From "Diana's" blog:

Anonymous June 23, 2014 at 7:24 AM

Tim Rohr just announced his book he wrote about his concocted Junglewatch garbage, including illegally obtained documents, letters and other materials. If you have ever written anything here on this blog or on the Junglewatch, then your words may have been stolen and distorted in this book in order to bring Tim Rohr fame and glory among his international ilks. Very dubious kind of fame and glory... I am sure there are serious copyright and defamation issues involved here. We truly need to pray for this self-destructive sheep, who still has the audacity to call himself a "good Catholic", going astray.

MY NOTE: I never called myself a "good Catholic." Saying things I didn't say...hmmm, "copyright and defamation issues involved here." Nice to know how much they fear me. 



The Neocatechumenal Way 
and the mission to destroy Fr. Paul Gofigan

by Tim Rohr

Fr. Paul Gofigan was the pastor of the largest parish on the island of Guam. He was also one of the few pastors left on the island who resisted the advance of the Neocatechumenal Way, a cultic international organization that had cultivated heavy influence with corrupt Vatican officials as well as many of the world's bishops, including Guam's. It was only a matter of time before the Archbishop of Guam would be ordered by his Neocatechumenal masters to crush Fr. Paul. That time arrived on July 16, 2013. At a meeting with the Archbishop, Fr. Paul was ordered to resign as pastor, locked out of his office, stripped of his priestly faculties, publicly replaced, ordered to vacate his place of residence, and banished from the diocese. The Archbishop expected Fr. Paul to just go away. He didn't. This is the story. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Another way to look at it is as a report card.


Oh, wait. We already have some of those. 


Quakers are now a "hate group."

Maria if you don't agree with the Archbishop and you failed to reach out and your not a Catholic. I'll start calling you the Rohr order. Henceforth, you are called now Rohr. Congratulation you have joined a new HATE SECT called. ROHR. Kinda similar to Quaker.

Put that in your oatmeal!

Quakers - Wiki entry
*KAKA - Kiko Arguello Kool Aid


It's only 9am and we already have a winner!

It's in the Catholic religion. Dry bones is mentioned in the Bible. Its found in Ez. 37:4. The dry bonel are dead people and were made alive by God's word. Learn to read your bible, you idiot. And I don't belong to the neo or the Roar hate group to figure that one out. I belong to the Catholic Church.


Only Asan & Yigo meet the goal. Everyone else? Car washes and bakes sales.

Of course we knew how Dededo would respond, but Tamuning?

Saturday, June 21, 2014


...but how much worse for us when your bishop is one of them!

The Neocatechumenal Way's operations in Japan came under the spotlight recently when several of the country's bishops expressed misgivings about the movement and complained that it has sometimes been a divisive force in their Church. 

Here, an Osaka archdiocesan priest, Father Eijiro Suwa, 63, the pastor at Enokuchi parish in Kochi prefecture, in Takamatsu diocese, about 600km southwest of Tokyo, gives a personal account of the "Way" from his experience. This is an edited version of Father Suwas' comments. 


An anonymous coward who doesn't even have the class or self respect to use his own name tells me that I've lost my class and self respect. LOL! Ya'll come back now, hear?

Guess again Tim, you have loss your class and self respect.


Note: The entire 16 chapters thus far written can be read in their entirety beginning here. Each chapter is linked at the end to the next chapter.


I erred slightly in saying in my last installment that the Archbishop "would respond". In fact, we don't know if he would have on his own. For what looked like a response from the Archbishop - an invitation to Fr. Paul to meet with him - we learned later was the work of Fr. Mike Crisostomo.

Fr. Mike is the current president of the Association of the Diocesan Clergy of the Archdiocese of Agana, and as such - and also because of just who Fr. Mike is - felt that things had gone too far and took the responsibility to set up a meeting between the two in the hopes that there would be some attempt at reconciliation. 

Friday, June 20, 2014


For those who want to verify the flags.
Go to the Flag counter, the white box with the flags in it on the right side bar. Click on it. Click on Visitor Log. Click on Apply Filter. Click on Vatican City. Voila.

By the way. Guess what the Vatican City visitor viewed?

A few facts about Diana:
- bad grammar skills
- familiarity with church documents
- seriously skewed logic
- not a female
- not a responsible
- a member of the clergy

The first three are terribly evident. Here's how we know the last three: He insists on the opposite. Insisting on who one is NOT is a dead give away of someone's identity for someone who is trying to hide. My guess was right, right from the start. Diana is a priest. And we know who he is. How sad.


The Archdiocesan Annual Appeal only reached 42% of the goal set by Archbishop Apuron. Here's some advice for next time:

Achieving Financial Transparency for Dioceses

Whitepaper Overview

For all organizations in the nonprofit sector, financial transparency is synonymous with survival. Dependence on donors necessitates an ongoing demonstration of where money is spent and how funded activities and programs fulfill defined mission statements. While Catholic dioceses are not required by law to be transparent and accountable, there is a definite shift towards the production of financial reports that provide a complete picture of the financial health of the entire diocese from the bishop’s and archbishop’s office down to the parishioner donor level.

Internal Financial Controls in the U.S. Catholic Church

One of the by-products of the recent U.S. Catholic Church clergy sexual abuse scandal  was a new focus on the Church's financial transparency and accountability. As the  scandal unfolded, parishioners learned that in some dioceses, payments related to the  scandal had been taking place for years. Some of the payments went to victims in the  form of settlements or to pay for counseling; some went to pay for the "rehabilitation" of  priests accused of pedophile; and some funds were paid out in lawyers fees. The vast  majority of Catholics was unaware of these payments, and therefore surprised by the magnitude of the scandal.

Read more


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  1. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchJune 19, 2014 at 4:49 PM
    Dear Brother/Sister:

    Having walked for several years in an honest and sincere effort to grow closer to God, I too had great expectations. I do not regret the time I had spent in the Way. The constant catechesis is what I needed. However, I found great duplicity in the words and actions. This may be acceptable to others but it started to cause grave concern for me. The catechists and responsibles tried to control my life. They tried to separate me from my family. They tried to separate me from the parish I came from. They tried to make me European. "We are your family now" they would say.


Seriously, though, not a one of you, NOT A ONE. No one in the Neocatechumenal Way is willing to put their name to anything they say. Zoltan doesn't count because our discussion started on Facebook and continued over to JungleWatch. Not a ONE of you has the personal integrity, courage, or even Christian charity to engage these issues in your own name, and you rally around someone who is an even bigger coward than yourselves. 

That's pretty much all we need to know about the fruits of the Neocatechumenal Way. 


Attacking me is one thing. Attacking my family or even mentioning them is another. So when I heard that 'Diana" had brought my family into this, I decided to take a look.



Flag Counter Support

Congratulations, there have been 3 new flags added to your Flag Counter!

Countries added:
Vatican City

Regions added:
Bangkok, Thailand
Himachal Pradesh State, India


After Fr. Paul's letter to Archbishop Apuron of 12/6/13, asking him to "set the record straight" about his allusions to a homosexual affair with a former employee and even the false accusation that Fr. Paul had built a staircase to his private room to facilitate what in the Archbishop's words sounded like drunken orgies, Fr. Paul waited for more than a month for the Archbishop to respond. The Archbishop, as usual, did not respond.

So on 1/13/14, Fr. Paul again wrote the Archbishop, saying the following:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


...or anyone else who is "responsible".

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY EXPERIENCE": 

I don't know what changes have been made since I was in a community that is directly associated with the Celebration. Back then the Creed, Agnus Dei, and the presbyter's washing of his hands was omitted. Wondering if this is still being practiced since the approval of the statutes. Anyone out there willing to answer? 


Priests' letter to nuncio denounces Venice, Fla., bishop

"It is highly unusual for priests to complain formally about their bishop to someone higher up the hierarchical chain. The fear of reprisal is not unfounded, since diocesan priests are entirely dependent on the bishop for everything from salary to placement to pensions. Unlike priests in a religious order, for instance, every step of the career of a diocesan priest is subject to the approval of his local bishop."


by Chuck White

"It is very common for painters of icons to copy the work of the great masters of the past, and Kiko Arguello is no exception."

Read more.

Tim's note: I inserted the (copy and paste) into Chuck's title. You will see why. But then copy and paste is what Kiko does with more are now discovering.


Copied here is an extremely thorough examination of the "Neocatechumenal Way Experience". Here is the link to the original.



by F. John Loughnan


Some statements made by Neocatechumenals, Trevor and Pam Atkinson, 1 during Catecheses conducted at St Patrick's Catholic Church, in the Archdiocese of Melbourne: 2

"Faith is not a lot of beliefs."
"We [catechists] are angels."
"There will be signs and miracles."
"God loves you exactly as you are."
"The saint always announce their sin!"
"It is possible not to sin - if we believe."
"[Jesus Christ] didn't come to be a model."
"Good Friday is not the center of Christianity"
"We have been sent to this parish by the pope."
"The Catholic Church is not the raft of salvation."
"The Lord wants to form in this parish a Community."
"The Church is not called to make everyone Church."
"All these catecheses...have, in fact, been
Cardinal Ratzinger's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Church (sic)."
"In Christianity there is no holy place - the people are the holy place."
The Catechical "messages are the sperm which goes into you and create new life."
"The acknowledging her sins and weaknesses...will..."
"The Church diverted from the course of the 'primitive Church' at the time
of Constantine, and did not get back on course until the Second Vatican Council."

Now, please view
- Appendix I

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

JUST A NOTE thank all the haters for the page views. My goal is to hit 500,000 on or before the anniversary of the July 16, 2013 ambush on Fr. Paul. I can't do it without you, so ya'll come on back now, hear?


On January 13, 2014, after waiting more than a month for Archbishop Apuron to respond to his letter of 12/6/13 requesting the Archbishop to address his concerns regarding the defamatory and slanderous statements made at the October retreat for the clergy, Fr. Paul again wrote the Archbishop asking him to respond:

In my letter to you of 6 Dec 2013, I asked that you retract, in writing, the slanderous and defamatory statements you made against me and (name withheld).  
As of this date, you have not provided the requested retraction nor have you responded in any way despite having over a month to do so. 
Your inaction leaves me no choice but to conclude that you either believe those slanderous statements to be true, or you do not consider my request worthy of response. 
Your failure to retract those slanderous and defamatory statements leaves me no choice but to take steps to rectify your wrong and to salvage my name, which you have gone out of your way to ruin.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Well, now! How coincidental! With all the FALSE WITNESS being borne against me today for allegedly STEALING Cardinal Tagle's letter as well as the other letters I have posted on my fortuitous is today's First Reading!

1 Kgs 21:1-16 is the classic story of what happens to those who bear FALSE WITNESS. 


If nothing else, this blog has provided a worldwide stage for the whole world to see the real fruits of the Kiko-way.


I've been stringing this guy a long a bit. He's one of those who keeps demanding to know how I got "the letter". Yesterday I reposted the email header of "the letter" just to see if he'd pop back up again. Sure enough, he bit. Here's the exchange from yesterday and today:

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I thought this was over, but I guess not. Enjoy!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "H-E-E-E-E-E-E-R'S ZOLTAN!!!!": 

More BS from Bernie on Diana's heresy and propaganda blog.

Anonymous June 15, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Some people ask why would Jungle blog's one man show be morally corrupt? Why has Jungle blog lost its moral sense? The answer is simple: because it is obvious after you read just any single post or any single comment there to find very disturbing evidence of moral decay! It is especially true in the 16 posts and 548 comments made about the invitation of Cardinal Tagle to the evangelization event in the Philippines. Jungle blog tries to change the topic away from this event because of the obvious misdeed, scheming and betrayal committed by these posts and comments. I chose one of the very typical comments from the “Isn't It Funny" blog post to show:


To review. After the initial attempt to get rid of Fr. Paul was exposed to be canonically illegal, Archbishop Apuron re-initiated the process of getting rid of him through the required canonical procedures, albeit with a modified charge: the supposed retaining of a de facto employee instead of an actual employee. Fr. Paul's canon lawyer first issued a motion to revoke the charges against Fr. Paul and when that failed, issued an official appeal which finally sent the case to Rome where it awaits a hearing.

At that point things were fairly cut and dry and in the hands of the proper authorities, and many people have criticized me for not letting it stay there. But it was not ME that did not let it "stay there", i.e. let it be handled by Rome and shut up about it. It was Archbishop Apuron who "did not let it stay there", and who himself took the issue to a whole other level.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Young Priest’s Murder Shocks, Grieves Arizona Community

From the NC Register:

Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Father Kenneth Walker, 28, was shot and killed during a June 11 burglary at his church in Phoenix

PHOENIX —  A 28-year-old priest was shot and killed, and another priest was critically wounded, at a Catholic church in Phoenix Wednesday night.

The Diocese of Phoenix released a statement early Thursday morning identifying the slain priest as Father Kenneth Walker, the associate pastor at the Mater Misericordiae (Mother of Mercy) Mission located near the Arizona State Capitol.



Recently, the elderly owner of an NBA basketball team made a racial remark and was forced to give up his team. A well-known TV chef admitted to using the "N" word thirty years ago and her show was cancelled. An NFL football player made what was judged to be an intolerant comment about the first openly gay NFL draftee and was sent to sensitivity training. But make the most hideous remarks and jokes about nuns, priests, or Catholicism in general, and you move to the front of the class. 

Fr. James Martin has called anti-Catholicism in America "The last acceptable prejudice." Why is this? Some of it is our own doing. We have been too tolerant of our internal Judases. But I would say that what Archbishop Fulton Sheen said nearly half a century ago is still true: “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.” 

Friday, June 13, 2014


...but the Boston Globe can hardly be considered a "trash blog".

On the Neocatechumenal Way and “making a mess”

By John L. Allen Jr.


  1. More fruit, Archbishop? Is this what you teach?

  2. Hey Tim, Zoltan says your blog is the devils blog. EXCUMMUNICATION!

    Zoltan June 13, 2014 at 5:49 PM
    From Rome it is well seen in how anti-Neocatechumenal groups are looking out to organize themselves from the fringe into an international network. As someone duly noted, they employ the mentality and tactics of traditional secret societies like the Masons.

    In 1917, the Code of Canon Law, the law of the Church, Section 2335, said, “Those who join a Masonic sect or other societies of the same sort, which plot against the Church or against legitimate civil authority, incur ipso facto an excommunication simply reserved to the Holy See.”

    These little groups, gathering along Internet-based trash blogs, like JungeWatch, indoctrinating their ways into certain Vatican circles, wanted the new Pope to renounce Kiko Arguello and the NCW. They became extremely desperate when Pope Francis just did the opposite and declared his support for the Way. Sensing that nothing “good” could come out of Rome for them, they changed their tactics and turned against their local bishops. Their ideology is that the NCW can be stopped at the diocese level only therefore local bishops must be targeted and cruelly coerced to deny permission to the communities. In case a bishop does not comply with their demands, everything is permissible, they say, to attack and overpower him until he is removed from his office. This is how these fringe anti-Way groups, led by their gullibility and sheer hatred become toys in the hands of their Masonic handlers. Make no mistake, there is no concern here for the good of the Church, their only concern, as witnessed by centuries of history, is to undermine all existing Church authorities!

    This is exactly what we see in Tim Rohr’s JungleWatch blog site. The arrogance against the Archbishop is going beyond measure. Their hatred is blinding them so bad they don’t even notice when they commit grave offenses and sins against the Catholic Church. Their moral sense became corrupted to a point when they claim they are sinless. Well, you know who is claiming to be sinless: it is the devil, the enemy of the Church who was a liar from the beginning!
  3. Let's take a look at what this poor man has to say. My comments in red.


  1. Mary Lou your a mistake. Come over to Diana's blog and let have an open forum debate. Pick up your skirt in a fair ground or your just a prime nut hugger of Tim and Chuck White.
  2. I think I will make a collection of these. So fun. 


Which document showed the invitation from Cardinal Tagle to be false? The Erratum printed in the U Matuna or the actual letter from Cardinal Tagle?
Answer: Both

Which document was publicly available first? The Erratum printed in the U Matuna or the actual letter from Cardinal Tagle which I posted?
Answer: The Erratum printed in the U Matuna

Who knew first about the Cardinal's letter? Jennifer Dulla and the U Matuna staff/chancery or Tim Rohr?
Answer: Jennifer Dulla and the U Matuna staff/chancery

Who is being criticized and condemned? The people who concocted the lie and withheld the truth about Cardinal Tagle's letter or Tim Rohr who had nothing to do with the lie or its cover up?
Answer: Tim Rohr

Who SHOULD be criticized and condemned for concocting the lie and covering up the Cardinal's letter until all the Neos were safely on the plane to Manila? Jennifer Dulla and the U Matuna staff/chancery or Tim Rohr?

If you answered Tim Rohr for the last one...BINGO! You qualify to be a kiko. Congrats.


Dear Diana, look for me on PNC News tonight.
You're next.


The comment about sodomy was posted here to provide just a sample of the vile ugliness of what I deal with regularly from "the other side." It has served its purpose...for now. So it has been removed along with the comments. 


I think I need to dedicate a page just to this kind of stuff to demonstrate the brain damage of drinking KAKA.

Why is Kiko's book Kerygma ugly Tim? What's the matter? It does not meet your credential? The guy spent time with the poor of the poor. What did you do? Cradle snatch at school.

Sign_______________ Fruit to fight you
What's really funny is that in responding to a comment by someone who thought they could beat me over the head because the book had an endorsement from a high placed Cardinal I had said that I had already "read" the book in "the vile ugliness and the vomit and sputum recorded in the comments on this blog which are the fruit of this man."

And then this guy proves it further. Of course, these people don't ever use their name when they attack me...and in this case my family too. Their sheer cowardice should tell you that satan is at work. Christ doesn't hide...does he, Deacon. You think I don't know? How pathetic.


Copied from a comment left here. I originally posted this from my phone earlier and was not able to format it at the time. The comment has now been formatted and my comments are in red


Another LIE stated about the meeting at the Chancery yesterday. Can someone provide the Archbishop's letter! Post from Diana


The outrage over Tim Rohr's obtaining a copy of Cardinal Tagle's letter has reached fever pitch and is producing the most incredible accusations: evil scheme, international plot, even collusion with Freemasonry. Wow! 

The reason for the outrage of course is that for weeks the kiko's (militant neos) were taking great glee in the fact that someone so important as Cardinal Tagle, the archbishop of one of the largest dioceses in the world, had personally invited not only the one and only Kiko Arguello to Manila but that the Neo communities of Guam had been personally invited as well. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH (Actually quite good!)

by Tripudio has left a new comment on your post "DONT' RUSH THE BRUSH!": 

a few weeks ago I found your blog. I admit I've been surprised how much your blog is similar to ours here in Italy (Osservatorio sul Cammino Neocatecumenale secondo verità: "truth-respecting observatory on the NCW") and our friends in Spain (Crux Sancta). Roman Catholic faith is the same everywhere in the world... and NCW cult is the same everywhere in the world.

Fun fact: you published a page "Kiko catechizes the Pope" a few days before we transcribed Kiko's actual speech from Youtube and published with the same title: "Kiko evangelizza il Papa" - before knowing anything about this blog).