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frenchie has left a new comment on your post "WHAT ARCHBISHOP APURON SAID ABOUT THE TRIDUUM": 

Apuron is like the proverbial mouse who got in the labyrinth lured by that piece of cheese....
Now, not knowing how to get out, and realizing his foolishness the stress is palpable.

I had not heard the archbishop in a very long time, but I can bear witness that the voice I heard recently during a conversation with a third party, was extremely stressed.

Anthony is under a huge amount of pressure, and he is at a loss on how to proceed. His close circle of advisers are self serving and very mediocre. Pius works contrary to his interest. 

I do not hold Tony in my graces, but I truly felt sorry for that frail shadow of a man.

What is left of Tony is falling apart under our own eyes. 


Probably in response to my post about the requirement in the Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way to obey the norms established for the celebration of the Easter Vigil (only one celebration per parish), The Diana has this to say:

  1. Diana speaks..."I highly doubt that the NCW was supposed to follow the Easter Vigil of the parish, but rather that we were the example and role model that the parishes were supposed to follow. As the Statutes stated, "the Neocatechumenate will stimulate the parish to have a richer celebration of the Paschal Vigil". It was not the other way around. "
The Diana is parroting what Archbishop Apuron publicly proclaimed back in 2006 on Fr. Mike's radio show on KOLG. Let's listen in.


Recently, a prominent member of the NCW met with members of the CCOG in what was apparently an effort to get the CCOG to back off on its call for no more money unless there is accountability and transparency. 

The CCOG asked to see a roster of formators and instructors for RMS (and Blessed Diego Institute) along with their credentials. They also asked to see the financial information that Archbishop Apuron had promised would be released by RMS last July. 

In response, the member of the NCW sent the CCOG a copy of the pope's speech to the Neocatechumenal Way earlier this month. 


Translation: "You have no right to question us. The pope loves us."

Our reply: Fine. NO MONEY. 

On the same subject, I recently received the following comment.

  1. Hey Tim have you seen this video of the Neos and Pope Francis? My Italian is very poor but it seems like he is giving these people carte blanche...WHY?!?!


I have to assume that this is another attempt by an impostor to use this blog (since it has such a huge readership) for neo-propaganda. I have to assume that this was sent by an impostor because on this blog we have already more than addressed the pope's message here, here, and here. So any regular reader or supporter of this blog would know this. 

Here's a summary, though:

In the pope's talk to members of the Neocatechumenal Way in Rome on March 6, 2015, Pope Francis:

  1. Makes it clear that he did NOT call the meeting.
  2. Makes it clear that he is NOT personally sending the "missionaries" anywhere.
  3. Makes it clear that he is not happy with the shenanigans of the NCW leadership by joking that he was "paid" to show up. 
  4. Makes it clear that the "missionaries" are supposed to go to non-Christian lands (not to Catholic parishes like ours). 

Because he knows that there are many sincere people in the NCW and not everyone is a crook like Kiko, he offers the sort of encouraging words which he gives to every group which seeks his blessing.

In short, while he blasts the legs out from under Kiko (you have only to see Kiko's face at the moment the pope jokes about getting paid), he reminds the members of exactly what their Statute constitutes them to do, which by the way does not include:
  • the public abuse of priests
  • the locking of pastors out of their parishes
  • the public slandering of a layperson and his family
  • the abuse of the liturgy
  • the defrauding of the Catholic faithful of millions of dollars
  • the theft of archdiocesan property
  • the elimination of an authentic diocesan priesthood ("In this archdiocese the diocesan priesthood is no more." - Fr. Adrian to Richard Kidd)
  • the molestation of minors
  • the hiding of clerics who are credibly accused of the sexual abuse of minors (Wadeson and Camacho)
And that's just for starters. 

Motivated by the impertinence of this constant "in your face", "screw you, the pope loves us" attack on Guam's many faithful Catholics, and likewise motivated by their deep concern for their individual parishes, we propose the following course of action:

Instead of putting any money in the collection basket or making any contribution of any kind to any parish or diocesan call for funds, submit the following Warrant. A PDF can be downloaded here. Make copies and share.


Know ye all men  by these presents:

To:  Father/Msgr ___________

This warrant is redeemable for $________.00 upon presentation to the undersigned no later than ten (10) days after the Archbishop of Agaña has made a full and complete public report of all archdiocesan finances and exhibited documentation showing that the unencumbered fee simple title of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary is the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agaña.

This warrant is not transferrable.

Name (print): _____________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________

Date: __________________ 
Parishioner of ________________________parish

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I received a link to this story twice this morning so apparently someone has just discovered it and thinks its new. As usual, it's another opportunity for our education. Let us proceed:

The title of the story reads: 


So it would probably be easy for someone to assume that it's a reference to an approval for the neo-cat version of the Mass. 

It's not.


This year, as with years past, we can once again expect controversy over the NCW's separate celebration of its own Paschal Vigil (Easter Vigil). In some parishes the controversy will be very visible. "Regular" Catholics will be hurried out of their churches after the regularly scheduled vigil so that NCW communities can come in and celebrate theirs.

Since the archbishop will not address the problem, let us once again find an opportunity in this controversy to educate ourselves:

Last year, some bishops and pastors began prohibiting a separate celebration of the Paschal Vigil by the NCW. They chose to do this after Pope Francis publicly told the NCW:
"...it would be better to renounce to live in all its details what the itinerary of the Way would demand, in order to ensure unity among the brethren who form the one ecclesial community." - February 1, 2014, Address of Pope Francis to the Neocatechumenal Way

Kiko got mad and complained to the pope. The pope responded by reminding Kiko that the practices of the NCW are legitimate insofar as they conform to its "regulatory charter of reference" (the 2008 Statute)":

"...the celebrations of the Paschal Vigil and the Sunday Eucharist, mentioned by you, articles 12 and 13, read in their entirety, constitute therefore the regulatory charter of reference."  - April 3, 2014, Archbishop Angelo Becciu's Letter to Kiko Arguello

As one would expect from a pope, the answer is both kind and diplomatic, but it also contains a critical reminder to Kiko: "read in their entirety". There is no reason for the founder of the NCW to be told to read the Statute in its "entirety". So, it is "telling" that the pope here instructs Kiko to do so. 

The pope also know that his letter is not just to Kiko. He knows that many others will read the letter. And he is telling us all that the NCW is legitimate only insofar as it conforms to its "regulatory charter of reference."

The pope's words are both protective and instructional. He is saying that we have no right to criticize the NCW (protective) so long as it stays within its "regulatory charter" (instructional) - which is all we have ever said on this blog. 

The pope is not a policeman. He is a father. Thus he is not locking up the NCW for breaking a law (its regulatory charter) he is reminding them of how to behave if they want to receive the protection of the church (i.e. stay Catholic). 

So what does the Statute actually say about the celebration of the Paschal Vigil? 

As with most church documents, the Statute builds on previous instructions which are only footnoted. The relevant section of the Statute for the celebration of the Paschal Vigil (Art.12 §3) references footnote 46 which reads:

46. See CONGREGATION FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, Circular Letter, Paschalis Sollemnitatis, 39–42, 77–96. - Art. 12 § 3. Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way

In paragraph 94 of Pachalis Sollemnitatis, we read:

"The celebration of the Easter Vigil for special groups is not to be encouraged since, above all in this Vigil, the faithful should come together as one and should experience a sense of ecclesial community."

Now compare this to the pope's words to the NCW of Feb. 1, 2014:

"it would be better to renounce to live in all its details what the itinerary of the Way would demand, in order to ensure unity among the brethren who form the one ecclesial community."

There's those exact words "ecclesial community"

The bishops and pastors who were forbidding a separate celebration of the Paschal Vigil by the NCW were simply doing so because that's what the Statute demands, and they were newly encouraged to do so by the pope's own words of Feb. 1, 2014.

And when Kiko complained, the pope simply reminded him (and everyone else) to read the statute in "its entirety".

Of course, Kiko and his ilk (including our own bishop) will NOT read the statute in "its entirety". They will read the statute - if they read it at all - in a way that justifies their separation from the "ecclesial community".

And then they'll derive their authority to do so from the fact that they are getting away with it.

Really? Is this what Kiko means when he says "adult faith"?

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This is neo-think: truth is hate. What a wonderful witness to why you should never want to be a neo. Ya'll do a better job of convincing the world of that than I can.

  1. Tim, please stop your hate campaign. "“I confirm your calling, I support your mission, and I bless your charism,” the Pope told the group. “It is your witness of life that demonstrates the heart of Christ’s revelation.” Pope Francis . What else do you want? Blood?

Your a lunatic turd.


  1. All this hate. love you TIM----- ){;- >


Someone sent me a message saying that an announcement was made at the Cathedral that for Palm Sunday the blessing of the palms would occur at Nichole's Boutique and a procession would follow to the Cathedral. 

That's nice, but wondering if the neo-admin at the Cathedral checked with Kiko to see if this was okay with him. Palm Sunday processions began in the Middle Ages, and Kiko rejects all church developments in the period between Constantine (about 400 A.D.) and himself (about 1964). 

It would be nice though if the procession actually began at another church or shrine as it was originally. To learn more:


Friday, March 27, 2015


I understand a couple members of the current Archdiocesan Finance Council have ordered a PTR (preliminary title report) for the RMS property. You should have asked me. 

And let me know if you need anything else. The archbishop's travel plans, perhaps? 


As much as we want Rome to do something. WE DON'T WANT THEM TO TREAT US LIKE FOOLS the way Apuron has. 

Sadly, one of the great failings of the clericalism of our modern church is what appears to be the prioritizing of saving face over saving souls. 

Rome knows that the situation here is irreparable, but Apuron is a bishop, and for better or worse, that makes him a member of the "boy's club". 

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Well, looks like the media got to it before I did. Doesn't matter. Neither Larry, nor the Archbishop, nor David the VG, nor Adrian, nor anyone on the hill was ever going to tell us the truth. Stop the money folks. Just stop the money.

PNC: More Disturbing Details Alleged in Priest Sex Scandal

KUAM: Deacon concerned about archbishop's inaction


The following was left as a comment on the PDN online.

It's a bit sad to see members of the Neocatechumenal Way continually grasping to be validated by the public. Melvin Quinene gives another example of this self-absorbed exercise in yesterday's Pacific Daily News. 

However, sad as it is, it gives the rest of us an opportunity to publicly expose what is really going on. Here's a few points.

1. The pope's blessing of the members of the NCW is not unique. He blesses every group which comes to see him. And if they are a formally constituted group, as is the NCW, then he also reminds them of their mission and expresses his support. 

2. If there is some controversy with a group, as there was for years with the Legionnaires of Christ, the pope does not use a public audience to address it. In the case of the LOC, after years of very public support by St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict quietly deconstructed it, taking great care not to harm those who were innocently attached to it. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The next CCOG Village Meeting will be Thursday, March 26, at the Mangilao Community Center. These meetings have been extremely helpful in getting the word out about what is going on in this diocese. Everything is thoroughly documented and the documents are made available at the meetings.

This week, all the documents have been compiled into a single file and will be made available for a reimbursement charge of $9.00 or you can download the entire file here at no charge.

See you tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Catholics plan prayer rally for 4:30 p.m. today

UPDATE: Catholics plan prayer rally for 4:30 p.m. today


A prayer rally is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. today in Hagatna, in an effort to heal a division within the local Catholic community, according to one of the organizers.
The gathering will be held on the front steps of the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica in Hagatna and everyone, including Archbishop Anthony Apuron and people from other faiths, are invited.
Lou Klitzkie, one of the organizers, said the rally is part of the lay Catholics' efforts to try to heal the division in the local Catholic community. Over the past several months, many of the island's Catholics have been divided by a line in which one side supports the Neocatechumenal Way movement and those who want to keep the old traditions of the local Catholic church.
Klitzkie said she hopes the prayer rally will get the attention of the Vatican to help heal the rift.
One of the more recent controversies in the local Catholic church involve the recent arrest of a young priest, Luis Camacho, who was accused of "custodial interference" over a 17-year-old girl. Camacho has resigned from being pastor of the Malesso and San Dionisio parishes.
Klitzkie said the prayer rally will not mention Camacho, but will offer prayers for the overall healing of the Catholic community on Guam.


I pity you Tim. You are a poor bitter man who only cares about his own power and influence and defending the little kingdom he has built on earth. So full of rancor and miserable. The sad thing is you probably won't win or achieve anything significant. I'd be shocked to see a Pope go against one of his own Archbishops when it comes to issues in that bishops own diocese.


No need to pity me at all, but thanks. You see I get a great energy from doing what is right. I saw two men horribly mistreated and I decided to stand up for them while people like you rejoiced at their being torn to pieces.

And my "little kingdom". LOL. I have absolutely ZERO to gain from any of this and everything to lose. But hey, if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. So I decided to stand while people like you wallow in your vomit behind your rocks.

And "win anything significant"? LOL. How sad. How about just doing something because it's the right thing to do without any thought of winning anything? But then you're a kiko, so I understand.

What the pope will do? More LOL. We've had good popes and bad popes. So what. I'm not waiting around for what the pope will do. Evil must be met where it's at. And it is right here in Agana.

As an aside. I still believe the Archbishop is simply mentally ill. Anyone who would turn their life over to Pius the Samnut has got to be sick. May God have mercy on both of them.



(But I repeat. This is not about Luis. I'ts not about Luis. It's not about Luis.)

Priest allegedly had sex


Deacon steps down from Concerned Catholics of Guam


Catholic church officials remain tight-lipped on Camacho arrest


Police find priest with teenage girl


Archbishop Deliberately Avoiding Priest Sex Scandal, Says Blogger

Deacon: Priest had Sexual Contact with Student

Pastor Arrested for Taking Minor without Consent

Priest arrested after being found with teen

Posted: Mar 18, 2015 4:15 PMUpdated: Mar 18, 2015 4:17 PM


Canonical investigation launched into allegations against priest


Priest resigns from archdiocese following arrest

Posted: Mar 18, 2015 5:48 PMUpdated: Mar 18, 2015 6:09 PM

Priest allegedly had sexual contact with minor

Posted: Mar 23, 2015 7:44 PMUpdated: Mar 23, 2015 8:16 PM

Canonical investigation launched into allegations against priest

Posted: Mar 24, 2015 5:15 PMUpdated: Mar 24, 2015 5:35 PM



Dear Bishop Camacho:

We understand that you are the uncle of Fr. Luis Camacho. We also undertand that he is staying with you.



Many Catholics on Guam

P.S. Any reason why Rome has not appointed your successor yet? The office has been vacant for nearly five years.

P.P.S. Of course, if in fact you are harboring and/or hiding Fr. Luis, this will be made even more interesting given that in 2008 you were alleged to have gone after a priest of your diocese who was hiding from you.


For those who are wondering about Rome's apparent inaction, maybe this will help.

Judging and firing bishops and due process in the church

P.S. I'm neither a fan of NCR nor Reese, but the article is completely objective and factual.

Regardless of everything stated here. There is one thing we have control over: the money.

Life on the Rock - 2015.3. 20 - Tom Dunn & Mia Rohr


This is what people do when they are caught cornered in their lies:

){;- > The real Tim = 666

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I have in my possession the far more damning follow up letter from Deacon Martinez to Archbishop Apuron which was cc'd to you. The Archbishop knows the truth of what really happened and what's more, so do you. In fact as a Deacon you were required yourself to do exactly as Deacon Martinez did. 

Out of respect for Fr. Luis and a hope that someone will tell us the truth on their own I have withheld the letter. But since you shipped him off to Saipan as soon as you could in order to hide him, he is not able to come forward even if he wanted to.

So let the Archbishop know that if he won't tell us the truth I will publish what almost everybody already knows, except as you know, this letter fingers the real evil, and it's not Fr. Luis.

I'll wait till Friday. 



From Teri Untalan:

The prayer rally scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 will proceed as scheduled. However, in respect for the family having a rosary for their deceased loved one at 5:30, we will begin promptly at 4:30 so as to be dispersed before 5:30. Please note for those planning to come from work. There will be other opportunities for gathering. Daily 3 o'clock rosaries will continue.


In today's PDN, Dianne Iglesias once again gives Catholics an opportunity to learn what their Church really teaches and not what people like Dianne Iglesias says it does.

For Catholic teaching on relics and sacramentals, see: Catechism of the Catholic Church beginning at paragraph 1667.

For Catholic teaching on graven images, see Catechism of the Catholic Church beginning at paragraph 2129.

Then teach your children and your grandchildren.


It hasn't escaped me that Deacon Claros' actual first name is "Rizal" and Fr. Luis was arrested in Agat at (wait for it) Rizal beach.

No further comment


The following was left as a comment on the KUAM website:
It's never too late to speak up about being sexually abused. Let's hope that anyone who may have knowledge or may have been harmed by Fr. Luis Camacho, will find the courage to come forward and contact law enforcement, no matter how long ago it happened. Silence only hurts, and by speaking up there is a chance for healing, exposing the truth, and therefore protecting others. Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail.com, SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)
My note: I will maintain that Fr. Luis was also harmed, harmed by a process that has only influence-buying numbers as its goal. Fr. Luis, you can repair your life. Archbishop Apuron will not tell us the truth, but you can. He will be gone in a few years one way or another. You have the rest of your life. You may or may not choose to remain in the priesthood. But either way, as Judy Jones says: "Silence only hurts, and by speaking up there is a chance for healing..." Please consider.

Monday, March 23, 2015


March 19: "Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator Deacon Larry Claros told Variety yesterday that he would not be involved in the incident."

March 20: "A statement has been made and the statement stands,” Claros said. 

March 23: "In response to the report, Archdiocese of Agana's Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator Deacon Larry Claros told KUAM that, 'a canonical investigation is underway and I have done my part as the SARC in coordinating the investigation. It now lies with the Attorney General's office.'"

Aside from the fact that Deacon Claros will not be involved and then he is involved,  it does NOT now "lie with the Attorney General's office."

It LIES with Archbishop Apuron.

This is really MAJOR SICK!


Deacon Larry Claros
Archdiocese of Agana
Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator

March 23, 2015


The Archdiocese of Agana Policy of Sexual Misconduct requires the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator (you) "to coordinate the Archdiocese's response to allegations of sexual misconduct."

On March 18, pursuant to Section IV. A. 1. of that policy, Deacon Steve Martinez, filed a formal report of suspected sexual misconduct involving Fr. Luis Camacho. The report was filed with Archbishop Apuron and Child Protective Services (see below).

Pursuant to Section A. 2. b. of the same policy Archbishop Apuron was required to "promptly" notify you.

However, on the same day, and as reported in the Marianas Variety the next morning, you said that you "would not be involved in the incident" (i.e. the investigation of the incident).


Mon., March 23, 6pm. Agana Heights Community Center

A full copy of the notes can be downloaded here or can be purchased at the meeting for $3.00
A full copy of the supporting documentation can be downloaded here or can be purchased at the meeting for $6.00



  • Alberto
  • Edivaldo
  • Pius
  • David the VG
  • On 3/25 Tony Diaz advised he is not involved.
Nothing to worry about, Luis. Enjoy Saipan. 


Actually, they are Kiko's lies, Pius' lies. But Deacon Claros repeats them, so they are his too. 

In his serial effort to get us to part with our money to serve the fake church of Kiko and Pius, Deacon Claros, in this week's U Matuna, abuses the words of St. John Paul II. 

In answering the questions "Why are some priests being sent elsewhere?", Deacon Claros references St. JP2's words in Redemptoris Missio encouraging bishops to help "evangelize the world" by finding men and women willing to work in the missions. 

The abuse of the sainted pope's intent in this document to justify what is going on at RMS in order to get more money from us is simply astounding!

The "men and women" the pope is referring to are the "men and women" of the bishop's own diocese. The idea is to raise up an abundance of vocations which can be shared with needy dioceses and to stimulate a genuine missionary zeal. 

Sorry, Deacon Claros, but our bishop is doing neither. Instead of stirring up an abundance of vocations, he is stifling them, and in their place he is importing Kiko's ready-mix seminarians and forcing us to pay for their "formation" - a.ka. "hotel stay". 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Just so you have the context. An anonymous Neo had commented wondering why there was so much criticism of the NCW and not other groups and how he/she had been saved by the neo, etc. You can read initial comment here

I then responded:

You don't hear negative things about the Cursillo or the Christian Mothers or whatever because they don't have their own seminaries, their own priests, their own "eucharist", their own theology, and a hierarchy which abuses and mistreats people and thinks nothing of stealing property.

You can do the "feel good" all you like, but if you consume the sacred host while seated and not immediately upon it being handed to you, you are participating in an illicit liturgy and you are outside the Catholic Church so long as you continue to do so.

Feel free to prove me wrong by simply showing me where it is permitted. This may seem like a small thing to you but it has been at the heart of the division from the beginning. Your different way of receiving communion is an expression of a different belief, a belief that Kiko has about the nature of the Eucharist. It doesn't matter that you personally don't know that or don't embrace that. it simply is. And your participation in it is a support of a different belief, and that different belief has led to all this hell because to survive, Kiko must leech off the real church.

I'll be expecting your reply.

Presbitero neocat arrestato: la solita doppia morale dei neocatekikos

It's kind of fun to see the story in Italian.


Here is a google translation of the story on the Italian blog in case you are unable to translate it:


Our priest said today at Mass that the blog has NO REASON to crucify Luis. Jesus said "forgive them they know not what they do".

"The Blog" has not crucified Luis. "The Blog" has done more to take the side of Fr. Luis than has Apuron, who did not bother to defend him. "The Blog" has argued in Fr. Luis' behalf that he is the real victim in this. "The Blog" has reached out to Fr. Luis, encouraging him and letting him know that he would be more than forgiven if he simply tells the truth with true contrition.

Commenters will be commenters, but they are NOT "the Blog". "The Blog" is Tim Rohr and Tim Rohr only. And Tim Rohr permits all comments including this one:

  1. Fuck you Tim, you scumbag asshole!
The only comments I don't publish are those which accuse priests by name who are not yet objects of investigation or have not already been publicly named.

So you all will need to forgive the priest for what he said about "the blog" for he knows not what he does (though I think he knows exactly what he does).

And as for Anonymous at 10:50 PM, no need to forgive you as I have taken no offense. I am quite used to receiving such "fruit".


I don't have the police report nor do I have access to it as some commenters have assumed. However, the police report is not necessary for Deacon Claros to take action. Here's why:

IV. A. 1. As soon as any priest, deacons, employee or volunteer of the Archdiocese learns about suspected sexual misconduct, he or she shall report the information to the Archbishop and if required by the laws of the territory, to the appropriate civil authorities.
2. The Archbishop will promptly:

  • b. notify the sexual abuse response coordinator

On March 18, the Archbishop received such a report (which I will post on Monday if the chancery is not forthcoming). 

Saturday, March 21, 2015


  1. Luis, aka Fr. Luis, has been and still is under the strong clutches of Apuron and fellow Neos who have been his family and support since coming into the seminary over 10 years ago. After all these many years, do you really expect him to extricate himself from the NCW? He knows no other support system. Unless he somehow sees the light and becomes elightened to do the right thing and admit his wrongdoing, he will continue to be obedient to his Archbishop and Neo leaders who will shield him against the evil non-Neos and CCOG. I would be very surprised if he came forward on his own to accept the help and compassion of Non-Neos who would be more that willing to help him overcome his current ordeal. Please offer prayers to Fr. Luis asking the Holy Spirit to guide him in the right direction.
I suppose you're right. Fr. Luis really has nothing to gain by being honest with us. He is now free from having to live the dreaded double-life of a neo-presbyter and a pretend-diocesan pastor, a dilemma imposed on local RMS grads because Apuron 1) needed to pretend that RMS was a diocesan seminary ordaining "priests for Guam" in order to keep the money flowing, and 2) he wanted to push out all the real diocesans as fast as he could in order to punish us all - for many reasons. 

Fr. Luis, like Wadeson - and many other priests who must hide, will be absorbed into the neo-underworld where he will be welcomed, feted, pampered, and swooned over, oh, and did I say forgiven? Afternoons by the pool, plenty to eat, a room with a view, and the thrill he'll give the young girls (and maybe some of the older ones) when he "shares his cross" in community. 

Still, I'd like to think that he has it in him to transcend the ninnies that turned him into a pet. 



Dear Fr. Luis,

Why don't you spare the archbishop the agony of suffering through another cover up and lie? There is no need for the farce of a "canonical investigation". What is there to investigate? 

Fr. Luis, why don't you just tell us all the truth? 

You know, you may have a really screwed up idea of sexuality from being kiko-ed all these years. I think you'd be surprised at how many of us on the outside would actually have compassion for your situation: 

Taken fresh out of high school, stuffed into a fake seminary, taught fake theology, given a fake formation, ramrodded through for better or worse because the Archbishop needed a Chamorro RMS product and Kiko needed numbers, numbers, numbers.

Then slamming you into a collar you are sent down to the South to pastor two churches all by yourself. WTH? What were they thinking? Of course, we know what they were thinking: numbers, numbers, numbers. 

Yah, of course what you did was wrong - oops, sorry, you haven't told us that yet. But let's say that you did. If there is a weakness everyone can identify with, it is temptations and sins of the flesh. People will forgive you. 

But what people don't and can't identify with is the purposeful mistreatment of others like what we have seen Archbishop Apuron do to Fr. Paul and Msgr. James and many others. What people don't identify with is purposely being lied to, misled, shunned, stonewalled, and treated like we are stupid, as Apuron, the VG, Adrian, and Claros continue to do. 

Right now, because of your silence, you are a part of that rot. That's why there is such outrage on this blog. But if you come forward like a man. If you stand up and take personal responsibility for what you did. If you express your deep regret and ask for forgiveness. You will see an outpouring of compassion and support, not because you are a priest, but because you are a man, a human being, a fellow child of God. 

But if you let the Archbishop hide you behind his "canonical investigation" and Deacon Claros' whitewashing of the incident "for sure, for sure", then you will go down with them - forever. 

You have a chance, Fr. Luis. It is not too late...yet.


She's on now.

EWTN.com > Television > Live Stream


One of the men, who was not identified in the newspaper reports, alleged that the degree of control a superior has over subordinate priests made it hard for him to refuse O’Brien’s demands.
“He [the bishop] has immense power over you. He can move you, freeze you out, bring you into the fold … he controls every aspect of your life,” the priest was quoted as saying.

Friday, March 20, 2015


We are told that you are not going to coordinate an investigation into the Fr. Luis matter because no allegation of sexual abuse has been filed.

Is that true?

You may want to check with the Archbishop. Thanks to our allies - which are everywhere - we have in our possession a copy of said allegation.

Would you rather get it from the Archbishop or would you like us to post it here?

We'll give you the weekend to think about it. And then we are going to expect a new statement from your office on Monday, and not another...

“A statement has been made and the statement stands,” Claros said.

...like you gave to the Marianas Variety yesterday.

In fact, if we don't hear a voluntary statement from you by Monday, we'll send a copy of the allegation to the press...a la Apuron style.

Just an FYI. Telling the truth is really a whole lot easier. 


Given that people are now motivated to take public action, maybe now is a good time to re-share this post from November of 2013 (back when we only had 40,000 views.) You may need to remember what I recount here when people tell you to sit down and shut up (i.e. "obey the archbishop"). 


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Teri Untalan <tfuntalan@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 11:13 PM
Subject: Daily Prayer Vigils and Prayer Rally on the Feast of the Annunciation, Wednesday, March 25
To: "junglewatch.info@gmail.com" <junglewatch.info@gmail.com>

As our archdiocese continues on its downward spiral, I have been asked to move the venue of my daily prayer vigil to the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica.
We will be praying in front of the Cathedral beneath the statue of Our Lady at 3 pm daily. Please come and storm Heaven with us. Bring your rosary and a friend.

In addition, a prayer rally on Wednesday, March 25, which is the Feast of the Annunciation, will take place at the same location at 4:30 pm. Bring four (4) friends. Let us announce our intention to take back our Catholic Church! Please everyone, you have all been begging for someone to "Do something!" Well, that "someone" is you, me, and our neighbor. Now is the time for all Catholics to put some teeth in their bark. Come out and show what the Army of Christ looks like. He already told us that it would not be easy to follow Him. I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am not ashamed to show the island of Guam that I do. Do you and will you?


So the notice about the "day of recollection" went out on March 12. Why was it that only today, the day the Sacrament of Reconciliation was to take place, were the parents notified that it was cancelled?

Here is one parent's response to being jerked around the continued fiasco that is this archdiocese:


Found this comment from "Luisa" on a month old story in the Variety, so I decided to answer it. Surely shows the pathetic depth to which Apuron's supporters are duped.

Did no one fair to mention that the "CCOG" are all friends/close-acquaintances of Msgr. Benavente? That group has kept that on the anonimity level for quite some time, but it should be pointed out. MV/GuamPDN should know that this group's origins are from Msgr. close circle and from the old finance council, whom supported to sell the Seminary to pay Msgr's debts.
They are OUT for revenge on the Archbishop, claiming to be unbiased. But the truth is, they are completely one-sided and concerned only for their "par" then for the real fact that we need true healing in our church. True building bridges in communion with the Bishop, not going to the press for these things.
Think about it. And I indeed pray for Archbishop...he is a holy man.

LOL. There is no one on the CCOG who was a member of the "old finance council". And the only person in the CCOG who was a "friend" of Msgr. Benavente is Vangie Lujan, who helped him with the museum. But even if they were "friends" of Msgr. James, what's wrong with asking the Archbishop where our money goes? By the way, as expected, your beloved Archbishop ignored the inquiry, like all the others.