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Dr Ricardo Eusebio

In the years leading to the departure of the failed and discredited Apuron, several members of the Neocatecumenal Way

 took the lead, in defending their protector, even though they knew of his sins and failures.

Of course no one can forget the infamous Diana and her blog, but also the strange professor, Magoo like Zoltan, the unsufferable Jackie Terlaje (the local attorney who is still representing Apuron, in his defense of civil suits), but no one came close to the arrogant, dishonest and zealous "Crazy Ricky", who during his leasure time poses as a respectable surgeon of the local medical community.

As I mentioned in my previous column, Ricky graced us with a letter to the Editor of the Guam Daily Post on Thursday June the 24th of this year, titled "Another option for the Manamko"

In his expose, Crazy Ricky first establish his argument that the island has a specific problem.

"For some who have fallen ill requiring hospitalization and prolonged postoperative care. This traumatic event creates a significant change in the direction of their lives, becoming more dependent on others. It may be temporary, but for many, depression with subsequent cognitive changes, leads to their decline and hastens their demise. Family support is critical to avoid the dire consequences of this dramatic event." 

Here Rick tells us something we already all knew, which is the consequence on aging for the individuals and their respective families. Most boomers are very familiar with this issue, and have faced this problem in their families or among their friends..... the "good" doctor to continues:

"Without family support, however, there are not too many alternatives in Guam. St Dominic's Senior Care Home in Barrigada is about the only option available, to my knowledge. Security deposits, insurance, the level of care mandated, availability and uncovered expenses are still required. Those unable to find placement or afford specialized care, can languish in the hospital for days and months incurring more hospital charges." 

As you can see the good doctor appears to be " very worried" about this whole situation, or is he? To me it looks like a solution looking for a problem. A solution the "good doctor"  most likely will share with us, out of his Christian moral duty. So here you go, better put your seat belt on.

"Thus I am elated to hear that the "Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly" desires to establish a mission here on Guam.

Their Mission is to care for the poor disabled elderly in all their needs, both spiritually and physically. They establish houses to cover the daily basic needs of the elderly, living by donations and welcoming anyone regardless of their financial situation".

As I guessed, the good doctor had a reasonable solution to this extremely grave issue.

Why would the great Ricardo Eusebio encourage the establishment of a new congregation of sisters on Guam, while he spends every ounce of his energy fighting for the supremacy of the NCW?

Who are these Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly? That is a very good question, and as you shall see, there is not a clear answer. 

 The congregation of the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly was created in Spain in 1872 in the City of Barbastro by St Teresa of Jesus Jornet. The Generalate of the Congregation is located in Valencia Spain. There are around 2400 sisters around the world in 210 communities, located in 20 countries.

Their Motto is : Cuidar los Cuerpos para salvar las Almas.

meaning : taking care of the bodies to save the souls.

The Generalate of the order is where St Teresa of Jesus Jornet created her first community, Valencia.The first development overseas was in Cuba in 1885, with the sending of their 10 newest recruits.

As you see nothing out of the ordinary for a Catholic order, except for its relatively small number of Sisters and geographic impact.

That is until you start looking beyond the varnish.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s the congregation,like other religious organizations around the world was facing steep challenges, namely the aging of its members and the lack of vocation to replace the aging sisters, which led to mounting financial challenges.  Enter the smartest and most ruthless founder of the NCW, Carmen Hernandez. As we have seen in other exposes, Carmen hails from one of the most prominent commercial family in Spain. That same family has many interests in the city of Valencia where the little sisters have their generalate.

Carmen always a shrewd negotiator and a consummate politician, saw a golden opportunity in this situation, at a time when the NCW was planning to open their first Seminary. The plan was basically the same as for the seminaries. Develop a system where, you bring plenty of new recruits, and generate fundraising campaigns to support these non profit organizations, with the intent of capitalizing on the goodwill generated, show a recruiting success and generate opportunities for a free flow of cash, under the cover of charitable work

Thus Carmen was able to co-opt an hailing organization, give it a new life, and get a perfect cover for their work of evangelization. The only true giveaway being that almost all the installations of the sisters are located in Dioceses that are either run by the NCW,or NCW friendly Bishops

Now it makes more sense when Eusebio in his letter to the editor, declares:

Let us welcome these nuns from the congregation of the Little sisters of the Abandoned Elderly. They do not seek financial support from the Archdiocese but a mere welcome and acknowledgement of the requisite need to care for our elderly. We have everything to gain for our Manamko. Encourage your pastors, friends and government leaders to have the archdiocese roll out the welcome mat!

Unfortunately the Neos have already played that movie several times. When they first arrived on the island, when they opened their fake seminary in Yona, when they used Apuron and the Archdiocese (plus some other well known businesses around town) as a money laundering scheme. For my part I shall pass on that fake opportunity, and I will encourage all Catholics on Guam, not to fall for that bait and switch. Let your friends and favorite politician know what is at stake here, which is nothing less than a full fledge come back of the Neos and their corrupting ways. Hopefully the Chancery is not asleep at the wheel, like it has been for the last 18months.

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 (Posted by Frenchie)

Actually they never really left, but they had taken a lower profile.

 Since the arrival of Archbishop Byrnes, the subsequent closure of the fake seminary in Yona, the condemnation of the failed and disgraced Apuron, the escape of yet another sexual pervert (Adrian Cristobal) the restrictions imposed (but not followed)  by the Archbishop, the commonly known Neos had gone into a semblance of hiding.

Many assumed that they had learned their lesson, and decided to follow a more obedient way.

Believing this, as many on Guam did, is utter nonsense. This Blog did warned the Catholic faithful, that this appearance of a newfound humility, was in fact a tactical retreat in order to better regroup for a comeback at a later date. The communities continued to meet in private homes, and at their new center in Asan, (when legally possible) often against the decisions of Archbishop Byrnes. Mr Atienza (the lead Cathechumen of the sect) met with the Archbishop often enough to swear on all the saints in heaven that they were following his instructions, knowing full well this was a blatant lie. The followers were told that this temporary setback was nothing less than the type of  persecution, all Neos must expect,in order to be able to go to heaven. Then again, every setback the Neos suffer are always persecution of course.


Dr Atienza (UOG) showing interest for a bat.


While the most well known mouthpieces of the Neos on the island went quite for almost four years. The leadership continued its termite like work in the shadows.


Where are we now in the middle of 2021, while the Chancery appears to be sleeping at the wheel? This is an important question. We are going to try to give you a good idea about the situation we are facing regarding the NCW on Guam almost 5 years after Apuron ran away.

In order to make sense of this complex situation, with many facets fairly hidden from the general public, we will break the situation in several chapters.

*Known NCW presbyters on the island, and their position.

* Absentee Presbyters that are incardinated on Guam, but are not present  here at this time.

*Presbyters on "Mission"

*Recent NCW Presbyters that have visited Guam and celebrated Mass.

*Latest developments. 

The NCW Presbyters that are in charge of a Parish.

Fr Julius Akinyemi Julius, Pastor San Dimas Merizo, San Dioniso Umatac.

Fr Jose Alberto Rodriguez, Pastor Our lady of Mt Carmel, Agat

Fr Antonino Caminiti, Pastor San Juan Batista, Ordot

Fr Krysztof Szafarski, Pastor San Bernadita, Yigo 

Fr Harold C Colorado Prieto,  Parochial administrator San Miguel, Talafofo (as of 7/1/21)

NCW Presbyters in other capacities

Fr Vicenzo Acamparo, Parochial Vicar San Vicente Ferrer, Barrigada

Fr Michael Vincent Jucatan, Parochial Vicar Santa Barbara, Dededo

NCW Deacons

 Dcn Claros Rizal, San Vincente Ferrer, Barrigada

Dcn Andrew Kim, San Andrew Kim, Dededo*


NCW Presbyters incardinated on Guam, that are officially "off Island"

Fr Francesco Asproni

Fr Luis Camacho#

Fr Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira

Fr Pedro Durango

Fr Jason Granado

Fr Aurelius Stoia

Msg David Quitagua JCD#


Retired Personnel

Fr Rodolfo Arejola, retired. In residence St Anthony/St Victor *

Fr Edwin Bushu, retired. In residence St Anthony/St Victor

Fr John Wadeson, retired. Off island

Latest Presbyters to visit the island


Fr Preston Perez was here as recently as June 20th and celebrated mass in Barrigada. This was at the occasion of his graduation from the seminary he went to, after he left the one in Yona. We had been told by the infamous Dr Eusebio at the time that he and Gabe Camacho only needed 6 more months before graduating. It actually took them 4 and1/2 years. So much for Dr Eusebio expertise.



Prior to him both Gabe Camacho, as well as his brother the infamous Luis (cunilingus) Camacho, who was supposed to have quit from the Archdiocese and moved to Qatar, but is in fact still listed as incardinated here, but as "off island"priest; both visited and celebrated mass for the communities.

The point still unclear, being to know if the chancery had given  permission for such celebrations.

Latest move.

Last Thursday June 24th, the now infamous Dr Ricardo Eusebio, aka Crazy Ricky, graced us with a guest column in the Guam Daily Post titled "Another option for the Manamko". In this column the dear advocating for the arrival of a new order of nuns to deal with a non existent problem.

As always when Crazy Ricky is pointing to a tree, it is because he does not want you to see the forest behind it. I shall explain a little more in another column. At this point and time, what can be said, is unlike what many people might believe, the NCW is still alive and well and still living on Guam. 


* Asterix denote someone who might not be a full fledge neo, but who has rendered an undo amount of help for them.

# Denotes someone with contradicting information about responsibilities and locations.


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 (Posted by Frenchie)

Following our post from yesterday regarding the Canon legality of the vacuum at the Vicar General post, it seems that the chancery is monitoring this website. (Despite the silence of the communication office)

Fr Jeff San Nicolas apparently intervened earlier today on the Chat group for the Clergy to clarify, the allegation on one of our pages that there had been an incident between the Archbishop and himself.

"Regarding recent information shared about my role as vicar general: the reason for my request to be releaved for personal medical reason. I have been seeing a doctor regularly for the past year. I have never had an argument with the archbishop, verbal or otherwise. The archbishop has never raised his voice to me and I do not recall ever raising my voice to him. I continue to pray for our archbishop and the archdiocese."

This is obviously an internal clarification on the reason for Fr Jeff departure from his previous post.

While we are not a news organization, we take great care to verify our sources. We need at least two different sources, preferably three before we make our info public.

We therefore give you Fr Jeff official perspective, and will take him at his word until proven otherwise.


The fact remain that if the communication office of the Archdiocese, and its director would have made the official point of view known to us, as requested, and as promised by Archbishop Byrnes upon his arrival, Fr Jeff would not have had to make a clarification .

We stand by the information we shared yesterday, and through this release, we let our readers know that Fr Jeff has a different point of view than our sources. Unfortunately we are still missing an official position from the Chancery.

Meanwhile the Legality of the vacuum of the position of Vicar General remain.

Saturday, June 12, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

Fr Ronald Richards JCL


The white colonizer.

From this picture it would seem that this man, really does not want to stay on Guam. One might even ask why he would have agreed to follow Archbishop Byrnes to Agana as a priest on loan from the Archdiocese of Detroit?


Fr Richards likes to remind  everyone that he is a "lawyer".

This is highly misleading, because Fr Richards holds a JCL, which is a licentiate of Canon law (the law of the Catholic Church) A licentiate is a degree necessary for you to pursue your Doctorate.

Doctor of Canon Law, is a JCD, not a JCL .

We do have two  other JCL in the Archdiocese of Agana, plus one JCD "off island" (Msg Quitagua). Perhaps he should consult with the real JCD to insure that the Archdiocese is actually following Canon Law. Of course that would be ironic, since Msg Quitagua was one of the cornerstone of the Apuron administration, who did not recognize the legitimacy of Abp Byrnes when he was Coadjutor. But then again, the Chancery is still full of key players who had a vital role during the Apuron administration.

According to the Chancery own official documentation:

"The Archdiocese of Agana Chancery (also referred to as the archdiocesan Curia) is organized in eight offices".

*the office of the Chancellor

*the office of Finance

*the office of Temporal affairs

*the office of Human resources

*the office of safe environment

*the office of communication

*the office of Catholic Education

*the office of Metropolitan Tribunal 

Furthermore, we are told:

"Additionally the office of the Vicar General moderates the work of the Archdiocesan Curia and ensures the priorities and directives of the Archbishop are followed."

So far, and at first sight it all looks fairly clear and above board. Yet something is not quite right, as some people would obviously like the general public to believe. Something is slightly askew.

For several years now, and until very recently, the person who had accepted the burden of Vicar General was Fr Jeff  San Nicolas.

Whatever you might think about Fr Jeff, he did fulfilled his duties without much fanfare, some vicious minds even said without much discernment,or energy. Yet he held the helm as best as he could despite some difficult circumstances, and without much support from anywhere.(specially during the repeated absences of Abp Byrnes) Not an easy task, no matter how you cut it.

From what we have been able to gather, a strong disagreement between Fr Jeff and Bsp Byrnes did occur, with tempers flaring and the decibel level reaching  unusual levels. While Fr Jeff is still listed as a member of the College of Consultors, as well as of the Presbyteral council, he is now listed as Parochial vicar at St Anthony, St Victor parish in Tamuning.( It is to be noted that neither group has met recently, as it should normally do.) This is where things get a little peculiar. After the official line about the role of the Vicar General, in the spot where Fr Jeff used to have his coordinate as Vicar General, we find in its stead the following :

Fr Ronald S Richards, JCL

Special assistant to the Archbishop/Episcopal Vicar/ Chancellor

Then we find the info regarding Monica Taimango

Administrative Assistant to the Vicar General

The big problem of course being that there is no Vicar General, but an Episcopal Vicar.

From the way things are presented on the Chancery's site, it is obvious that the Episcopal Vicar has taken over the duties of the Vicar General. Of course the guy in its recliner reading these lines, will say:"What does it matter, if we have an Episcopal vicar instead of a Vicar General"?

This is the reason I did request a clarification from the communication director, about an official communication (aka Aviso) from the chancery, about the change of responsibilities for either Fr Jeff  or Fr Ron. Yet 96 hours after that request, I did not even received, the lame excuse given to the  Guam Daily Post about the contract of Mr Perez at Fr Duenas Memorial School, which was that Mr Diaz did not comment on personnel matters. I have looked high and low about any communication regarding the Vicar General, without any luck.

It is now evident that despite all the promises made by Archbishop Byrnes upon his arrival on Guam, that he would be transparent and forthcoming. The communication director, Mr Tony Diaz obviously has not changed his bad habits acquired during the Apuron administration. Or perhaps, Fr Richards, the omnipotent, all knowing white savior of the Archdiocese, has given strict instruction about not communicating. What is it Tony?

Tony might think that he is a dedicated servant of the Archdiocese, but keeping silent about the official position of the Chancery or Apostolic Curia, while being the director of one of the eight offices of this Curia, does not meet with the Archbishop promises of transparency.

According to Canon law, regarding the organization of Dioceses. The post of vicar general is mandatory, while the post apostolic vicar is optional. The post of Chancellor, as the official holder of records, is also mandatory, and both post should be separated.


Is this the reason Fr Richards opted for a post of Episcopal Vicar? Why is Archbishop Byrnes letting this fly, while he is well aware of the official structure a Diocese is supposed to have?

Most of all why give all that power to an individual who is so dismissive of local people and local habits, while  pretending to be open and above board. The Archbishop has talked the Talk. Now is the time to walk the walk. If this did not happen, the push back from the faithful could be even more decisive than against the corrupt Apuron.


Sunday, June 6, 2021


 (Posted by Frenchie)

Fr. Ronald Richards, JCL


While most people knew who Adrian Cristobal was, very few mourned his departure and shameful end , and his subsequent escape from our beautiful island. On the other hand few are the residents of Guam who have any idea who Fr. Ronald Richards is, and what are his responsibilities in the Archdiocese of Agana.

This is the reason why many will be stunned to find out that Fr Richards is probably the second most powerful person at the Chancery of the Archdiocese, right after the Archbishop himself. While some might have thought that the Adrian Cristobal dictatorial days were gone for good, it seems like Fr Richards never got the memo, as he eagerly entered the gap left by a distracted Bishop.

In order to get a better grasp on this reality, we have to go back to the arrival of Archbishop Byrnes in late 2016 as the Coadjutor with full administrative and Pastoral power.  He took over from Archbishop Hon who had been dispatched to Guam to clean up the mess left by Apuron, following his flight from the Archdiocese.

Apuron and his minions struggled for almost five years, with this blog, a growing number of the local press, the CCOG, the Laity forward movement and countless Catholics. It was logical that the island's faithful greeted Archbishop Byrnes with a great sigh of relief,  a big thirst for renewal, and a true sense of vindication.


 The task of Archbishop Byrnes has been from the start a very difficult one. This was one of the main reason that he felt he needed the input of someone he thought he could trust. That someone apparently ended being Fr Richards. Fr Richards is not incardinated in Agana, but rather is "on Loan" from the Archdiocese of Detroit

Unfortunately, after five years, it seems more and more obvious that this trust (based on a long acquaintance dating back to a time before any of the two men, even became priests of the Archdiocese of Detroit) has been misplaced, or abused by the recipient of that trust. Back in Detroit Fr Richards had had a fairly mundane career after his incardination being posted in parishes like St Hugo of the Hills in Bloomfield Hills in Michigan and St John Newman parish in Canton MI.

Yet at the same time, thanks to his Canon law studies he was granted access to several prestigious posts.

As a Canon Lawyer for the Archdiocese of Detroit, he sat on the Tribunal, he also taught "intro to canon law" at the St Cyril Methodius Seminary, as well having a post of mentor  at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary (where Archbishop Byrnes had held several positions before becoming Vice Rector in 2004, and Dean of formation)

Fr Richards arrived on Guam a few months after Archbishop Byrnes, but while Archbishop Byrnes made strong efforts to understand the island culture and even read in Chamoru, Fr Byrnes never even tried, choosing instead to have a very condescending, almost colonialist approach. "Everything is much better in Detroit, we do this, we do that"......on and on. Quickly earning him the title of white chief priest. I must confess being dumbfounded a couple of times by his superiority complex, once while attending a catholic men's conference, and another time while listening to his lecturing on the Catholic radio station.

The first and unique duty of Fr Richards, was to be a special advisor to the Archbishop. This in itself made a lot of sense, at a time when the Archbishop was trying to find his bearings, and rationalize a very complex and controversial situation. While many people had some concerns, which were rooted in their past experience with Apuron and his eminence grise, the nefarious Fr Pius. The large majority of faithful never thought twice about it, and most of them never even heard of Fr Richards.

Fr Pius Samnut (NCW)

Unfortunately, after a series of unlikely events, it seems that we are going in that very same toxic situation, where one priest has gained undue influence on the Archbishop, and has become able to control all the levers of power in the Chancery.

More details to come on the powers of Fr Richards

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(Posted by Frenchie)



 As most people who have followed this blog since its beginning, the name most often associated with it, is it's initiator and founder Mr Tim Rohr.


After many years of bruising and brutal struggle with forces more evil that any of us could have had imagined, Tim had decided to let go of his involvement with Junglewatch, to dedicate himself to a struggle of a more personal nature, which needs his total dedication.


Having been involved with Junglewatch over the years, first as a reader and occasional participant, then as a guest columnist and an occasional administrator, I was sideline most of last year due to some health issues, which I have for the most part conquered.

When I heard that Tim could no longer continue to manage the site, I volunteered my services again, to keep the good fight going, and give a voice to the countless Catholics who feel ignored or jilted by the caretakers of our Church, here on Guam, but also around the world when the need arises.

It is with great dismay, but again not surprised in the least, that I was contacted by some parents of the Fr Duenas Memorial School who have been faced with an unexpected challenge coming from within the Chancery .

In this way I was pulled back in the fray, at a time when I was just expecting to do some care taking. Soon, I was overwhelmed by countless emails and calls from people wanting to share their stories and/or concerns. At the same time Tim, because of his previous involvement was also contacted by many people.


In order not to disturb Tim, please refrain to send messages to him, or try to contact him by phone, as he is very busy with other ventures, and no longer involved with this blog. Should you wish to comment or get in touch with Junglewatch , please address your mails and inquiries to frenchie by using the comment section on this site. If you do  wish to remain discreet, please notify us in your message, it shall not be published, and your privacy shall be respected.

I always start my articles by mentioning in the top left side of the post: (posted by Frenchie)


I hope this shall clarify who is posting and moderating this blog at this point and time.

I shall try my best to fill the very large shadow cast by Tim Rohr, but Tim at this point and time is not an active participant of this blog. I pray that this is a temporary situation, and that one day, when he has taken care of what he needs to do, he will grace us once more with his great insight and limitless knowledge of the Catholic Church on Guam. Meanwhile please pray for me, and for Tim, that we both may be able to face the challenges given to us.


Yours truly: Frenchie

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 ( Posted by Frenchie)

As we mentioned in yesterday's post, continue signing the petition. I would add that if you are willing and able, go and participate in the peaceful demonstration of support on Thursday the 3rd of June.

latest updates.

According to several well placed sources, the Chancery has reached out to Mr Perez to negotiate an agreement and a new understanding.

According to some other sources Mr Dennis Malilay, did the honorable thing and presented his resignation. He is unfortunately the latest person to be thrown under the proverbial bus, by what many now call the Detroit Mafia.

One wonders, when might the superintendent resign? If all these information happen to be confirmed. It would be the second time in so many months that he would also have been thrown under the bus by the people that hired and manipulated him.

As some of the contributors of the Junglewatch often underlined during the past 10 years, roaches seem not to like the light to be shined on them.

On the same front, the parents of Father Duenas might recall the strange letter sent by the chief financial officer of the Chancery, with the backing of Fr. Richards in regards to the finance of the school. This was a shot across the bow of Mr Perez, and an attempt to discredit his administration of the school. When this did not bear the fruits they were expecting, the bombastic and dictatorial CFO had one of her (now famous) temper tantrum.

It is most likely why several influential members of the Alumni organization are looking at alternatives, in their relationship with the Chancery. It would be logical for anyone loving this storied institution to want a better and safer administrative environment.

Is this how the Chancery wants to run its finances while being in chapter 11 reorganization?

More to come very soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021


JungleWatch: FR DUENAS LATEST PETITION, UNVEILS THE UGLY FACE O...: ( Posted by Frenchie)     Parents and alumni of the Fr. Duenas Memorial School are up in arms at the rumor that the well respected Principal...


( Posted by Frenchie)



Parents and alumni of the Fr. Duenas Memorial School are up in arms at the rumor that the well respected Principal of this school is being put aside by the Chancery.


A petition has been launched on, to try to convince the Chancery of their errors.

Unfortunately from the information we have gathered, this looks like a futile effort. (We still would

encourage everyone who believes in the good job done by Mr Perez, to continue signing the petition)


We shall endeavor to make things as clear as possible for our readers, and the parents of 

Fr, Duenas Memorial School.


In the process, we are going to show you that the bad habits and corrupt ways of the Apuron administration, have not gone as some of us would have liked to happen. Rather, they have been replaced by a system as bad and as corrupted as the previous one, and perhaps more dangerous, because it is more pernicious and more devious in many regards.

From what it looks like, we might have to pick our pilgrim's stick and our shields back up, to ensure that the bad old days are not returning again. 

Fr. Duenas well respected and appreciated principal, Mr Ismael Perez aka "Temo", who has been in charge of the school since the passing of his predecessor, Mr Tony Thompson, was looking to renew his contract which expires earlier this coming summer. Unbeknown to him, Mr Juan Flores, the superintendent of the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Agana had other ideas in mind.

Apparently Mr Flores had been planning to give that job to his childhood friend and former classmate, Mr  Dennis Malilay.

The problem here is two fold.

1) the decision was taken without notifying Mr Perez, letting him totally in the dark

2) The Job opening was never posted for anyone to apply for, as is customary and legal

To add insult to injury, the taking over of his duties by Mr Malilay has been scheduled to take place before the end of Mr Perez's contract.

Some of you might remember that Mr Flores nomination as school superintendent had not been greeted with great enthusiasm, mostly because of the lack of openness by the Chancery during his hiring process. Yet, during this time, many faithful were more worried about other issues, and did not pay much attention to it.

The fact that the Superintendent of  the Catholic schools could be so arrogant and dismissive of the Archdiocese own rules and mission statements, without mentioning the total lack of Christian Charity and decency one could and should expect, from the leader of  one of the most important agency of the Archdiocese, is very shocking in itself. Yet, it will become even more shocking when you find out, how this was possible.


The least we can say about superintendent Flores, is that his batting average is pretty low.

Most recently he was spurned for his decision to fire a school principal. The director of the parochial school of St Anthony, St Victor is Mr Crisostomo. At the time of his appointment Junglewatch was critical of the decision, because his brother: Fr Michael Crisostomo (the priest that wants to be loved) was and still is the Pastor to the Parish of St Anthony, St Victor. The conflict of interest was obvious from the get go, except for Fr Crisostomo, the Superintendent and the Chancery.

Human relationships being what they are, a conflict soon arose, because the school director refused to take directions and suggestions from Mr Flores. In other words, they did not have a working relationship. This situation boiled to a point where, the superintendent had no other options, but to fire Mr Crisostomo.That was without counting on our Pari system. Of course the Pastor of St Anthony did not agree with that decision, and the school board spurred by its president (who happens to be a close friend of the pastor) re-instated Mr Crisostomo.

To say the least, the reputation of Mr Flores took a big dive, after that incident. The problem of course was that the superintendent in this case was setup to fail, by the people who gave him the job.

One name to remember is Fr Ronald Richards,JCL

The old adage accepted by most people with a minimum of work experience, is that "Governing is anticipating". As we shall see the Archdiocese of Guam is poorly governed, because it is so arrogant in its approach, that it refuses to anticipate any contrary view of what Fr Richards proposes and advances.

In the case of Fr Duenas Memorial School, the parents of the children entrusted to this institution are very distraught, because they expect their sons to be the primary concern of the School, the Superintendent and the Archdiocese. In the Archdiocese mission statement: " the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Agana will":

*Educate the whole child through Gospel values and traditions of the Catholic Church.

*Foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

* Guide its members to encounter the living  God through service.

How can you look at these parents with a straight face, and push that narrative, when the actions of Mr Juan Flores and Fr Ronald Richards belied everything in this statement?

On a more technical and pragmatical manner, Mr Perez (aka Temo) has not been treated ethically on the professional and legal level. In fact, if you refer to the Human Resources of the Archdiocese of Agana:

"The Archdiocese of Agana advocates the mission of Jesus Christ who called followers to lead a just life. In fidelity to that mission, the office of Human Resources strives for justice in employment practices and promotes fair employment opportunity for all persons in recruitment, hiring, training, transfer, promotion, layoff, recall, leave of absence, compensation, and separation from employment."

Judging by the actions of the representatives of the Archdiocese, there is a huge gap between the beautiful, brotherly, almost woke statement of mission, and the reality of how it deals with its own employees. The hypocrisy is so blatant, that one might wonder if the Archbishop is aware of the actions of the people he entrusted with the daily operations of the Archdiocese? That will be the subject of another article to come up shortly.

Here we have two cases in which the rules of the Archdiocese have not been followed, where personal connections override what is obvious and right, at the detriment of the children entrusted to the Catholic schools, by parents who often work very hard to pay for increasingly onerous tuition.

Perhaps it is time to make your dissatisfaction known to the Chancery.

Human resources: Jenisse T Shimizu 

Tel: +1(671) 562-0021


Superintendent of Catholic Education: Mr Juan Flores

Tel: +1(671) 562-0051


In our next edition: What you should know about Fr Richards and why.