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Let's take a look at this "letter" from the so-called "David Mills" which was printed in the column section of today's PDN. (The column section!!!) Let's begin with the last line because it tells us what this is really all about:
"If there is something to be said about it, it is that the removal of this pastor should have been made before."
That pretty much gives it away. This writer had no intent to speak to the issue of the rules and regs of the sex offender registry as he pretends to do. This was aimed directly at Fr. Paul. And for what purpose? Well to prop up the Archbishop, of course. And why does he need propping up? Because he's about to come tumbling down and his fake neo empire with him. How do I know that? Well the timing of this letter is one (A LETTER WITH ABSOLUTELY NO CONTEXT)...but there's a lot more. Just can't tell you yet. Let's look at this "letter", or was it a column? PDN?


I live in N.Y. [Really? Why is it important that you tell us where you are from other than to make the source seem distant and not from Guam?] and I was interested by the discussion in Guam [Hmmm. "interested BY the discussion in Guam". Who talks this way? "IN the discussion" would have been the proper way to say this. So we can guess that you are not a New Yorker named David Mills. Seems to me a real David Mills from New York would know how to use prepositions.] about a priest who was removed from his parish. When the events related to this story happened, they did not get coverage on the mainland, but they did on the Pacific Daily News [Ooops. Another one. "on the Pacific Daily News." Really? Coverage "ON the Pacific Daily News"?] and I had friends serving in Guam who told me the story. [Oh, I see. So 33 years later you just decided to write in about it? Right.]

Those were months of terror in Tumon Beach. In February 1981, a woman jogging had been attacked but managed to escape. On March 6, a 33-year old pilot was raped on the same beach. Then, on March 13, 1981, Christine Barbara Rudnicki, a 25-year-old steward for Pan Am from New York was beaten, half drowned, raped and finally suffocated. [That's a pretty good memory. Down to the date. Or did you google that? Hmmm. You said there was no coverage in the mainland. But it appears you got the details almost verbatim from The Bryan Times (an Ohio paper). Other than the Salina Journal -which you have to pay to read - the 1981 story does not come up in Google. And the Guam PDN online archives do not go back that far. Yet, you say you got this story from friends "serving in Guam." Read the account in The Bryan Times, you'll see that Mr. Mills' account is pretty much a copy.]

On April 5, 1981, another woman, Kathryn Lee Crawford, was attacked by two men while swimming. They kept her underwater. The assailants didn't realize that her husband was close -- he managed to scare them off and resuscitate his wife. The husband was able to identify (one of) the assailants as Joseph Babauta Lastimoza.

Lastimoza had (been connected) other sexual crimes before: on July 17, 1980, he was indicted for forcing his way into a house to sexually assault a woman. On Aug. 27, 1980, Lastimoza was arrested (on allegations of) obscene acts at the Dallas Lounge in Tamuning.

Selection of jurors was difficult because many had family relationships or knowledge of the (man) -- more than 100 people were interviewed. Lastimoza received a life sentence in prison for rape but, since he confessed, was sentenced not for murder but for manslaughter (and was) eligible for parole after 15 years.

[Hmmm. Now all this is a level of detail that your friends "serving in Guam" just happened to share with you? And apparently you took notes! And even saved them! For 33 years! Wow! And you just happened to remember all this? Just now? Just as an FYI, Mr. Mills, last year after this story broke, I personally went to the Guam Superior Court and FOIA requested all documents relating to Joseph B. Lastimoza for this time frame. I was advised by the court that the documents were in a warehouse and was told to come back in 2 days. I came back in 2 days and was told that the documents for that time period no longer existed, that they had been destroyed in a typhoon. So I'm wondering where you got all this information? And with such detail? Pretty good for just a casual resident of Queens Village, New York, who just happened to be interested "by the discussion"....a "discussion" by the way that no one has been having - at least publicly - for many months now.

In 2008, Father Gofigan hired Lastimoza, [Now, Mr. Mills, here you really begin to give yourself away. Your friends "serving in Guam" in 1981 just happened to be around in 2008 so they could keep sending you information about Mr. Lastimoza. Of course they didn't. You're getting this straight from the chancery, aren't you Mr. Mills?] who worked at his parish in Dededo. In 2011, because of complaints, Gofigan dismissed Lastimoza from the payroll but continued to give him responsibilities, such as Confirmation class activities, allowing him to charge expenses in the name of the parish, and giving him access to the keys of the parish, ... and giving him several gifts. Complaints alerted the archdiocese about the presence of a sexual offender in the parish.

[Good thing you are using a pseudonym Mr. Mills. You are making allegations that you would actually have to prove on the stand when Mr. Lastimoza sues you. But since this isn't your real name, you have little to worry about...for now. But here again, this is right from the MOUTH of the Archbishop. Here is an excerpt from Archbishop Apuron's letter to Fr. Paul Gofigan, dated August 20, 2013 Prot. No. 013-057: 

There is evidence which proves the fact that on numerous occasions he was purchasing items under several Santa Barbara Church charge accounts at certain businesses. During a Confirmation class retreat, you permitted him to be given a hotel room alongside all the other youth of the class... 

Hmmm. While the issue about Mr. L having keys was part of the chancery's press release of 7/22/13, the matters about the charge accounts and the Confirmation retreat were not made public. They only appear in this private letter from Apuron to Gofigan. I happen to have a copy, but I certainly did not send it to you Mr. Mills and it was NOT one of the documents that I had previously made public. THERE'S ONLY ONE SOURCE FOR THAT LETTER, Mr. Mills: ARCHBISHOP APURON.]

Gofigan was warned in 2011 by the vicar general and the archdiocesan legal counsel that Lastimoza could not volunteer around the parish compound. However, he continued to have him around through 2012. This prompted the archbishop, under advice of the archdiocesan legal counsel in 2013, to remove Gofigan. [Wow again! How does this New Yorker know all this? Oh, that's right. From his friends who "served" here 33 years ago.]

This is an old story, and dead people should be left to rest in peace, lest their ghosts may haunt us. [Okay, so after trashing Fr. Paul and Mr. Lastimoza - who is married and has two young daughters - Mr. Mills is going to bring out the violins and play compassionate for us. Bullshit! - Ahem. Just quoting a gubernatorial candidate at a recent debate. I'm sure you know about that too, don't you, Mr. Mills?)

It was a tragic story for Christine, a young beautiful woman, who disappeared, and no one seemed to shed a tear on her destiny. She lived alone, she died alone and she was completely absent from the discussion.

But it's a tragic story also for the perpetrator, who served his time and may have rehabilitated. More than 30 years passed and motives of mercy abound for the time elapsed and the young age. [Cough, cough. Really, Mr. Mills? Really? This is sounding more unreal as we go. And to think the PDN printed your letter on its editorial page in the regular column section! Wow!]

However, other elements are here in play. Civil law disqualifies anyone who has committed such crimes to work "in any agency or instrumentality of the government of Guam" (Guam law, 4 GCA 4203.3). [Excuse me, more coughing. Our "guest columnist who is not a columnist or a guest", living all the way in New York, knows Guam law down to the very title and section. Methinks you do not live in New York, Mr. Mills, nor are you just "interested BY the discussion".]

For the same reasons, they cannot work or be close to any building or offices where vulnerable people may be -- "Sex offenders ... may be supervised in the community under strict rules designed to protect their victims, vulnerable people, the general public and the offender."

The gravity of the crimes, their grisly nature and their repeated occurrence disqualify a murderer and serial sexual predator to be around any parish rectory or government building for any amount of time. Forgiveness must surely be invoked, but forgiveness does not cancel the consequences of misdoings. [And where in Guam law does it say "parish rectory", Mr. Mills?]

In any U.S. parish, a simple and obligatory background check would have immediately disqualified Lastimoza from any kind of role in a parish. [Oh, how I wish you were a real person, Mr. Mills. It would be so much fun to take you down. You don't know what I have, and I am not going to use it yet. I'm waiting until it will be more fun. P.S. to the Dianas (Edivaldo, Holly, et. al. Remember the Tagle letter thing? Remember how I burned you? Well hang on to your rubber shorts. LOL.]

So I am very surprised and I do not understand how it can be objected. I do not know if there were some canonical details not observed in the notification of the removal. I do not know who was responsible for the final decision of the archbishop or if he was influenced by someone. [That's too funny, Mr. Mills. Too funny. You know all this other stuff in the most intimate detail, stuff only an insider could know. But you don't know what is most public about this case? That Fr. Paul has filed an appeal which has gone to Rome? You don't know that? You don't know that there could be no appeal UNLESS "some canonical details were not observed"? Oh, Mr. Mills, Mr. Mills! Poor Mr. Mills.]

If there is something to be said about it, it is that the removal of this pastor should have been made before.

[And we will all be saying the same VERY SOON about your man, Archbishop Apuron: THAT THE REMOVAL OF THIS BISHOP SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE BEFORE!] 

What a mess you've made Mr. Mills. Now you've forced me to bring in the boys from San Francisco. Adrian, are you ready? Talk to your friend John, lately? I have. You see, John and his friends have been "interested BY" this discussion too. And wait till you read THEIR story. Be glad you used a pseudonym, Mr. Mills. Unfortunately it's too late for Adrian and the boys. 

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