Thursday, October 23, 2014


The following was relayed to me this morning and the person gave me permission to retell it:

I was invited to go to a Neocatechumenal Way meeting by my friend who told me that if I would go she would approve my loan, so I went.

Fr. Pius was conducting the meeting and he was "yelling" at people shouting "Why are you here?"

Several people answered because they were "broken" or "sinners", etc.

Then he pointed at me and shouted the question. I didn't think at first that he was pointing at me so I didn't answer. Then he came closer and shouted "Why are you here?"

I said "Me?" He yelled "Yes. Why are you here?" I stood up and pointed to my friend who had invited me and said "Because she said she would approve my loan."

Pius shouted "Sit down!" Then I left.


  1. Without wanting to sound vindictive, I think you should report this incident to the bank officials. That person should be taken to task by the bank for making such an offer to the bank's client. It's stuff like this that should be "yelled from the housetop" and not be allowed to remain hidden. If I were a PDN or VARIETY reporter, I would like to tell your story publicly! How about posting this on Facebook for all to see!

    I wonder (facetiously) if this is the kind of "fruits" our local Neos are being taught at their convivence gatherings. -- And Fr Pius chose to harp at you, instead of harping at the Neo lady? How arrogant can they be!

    I feel so sorry for the good Neo members who perhaps are being fed from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" (as in Eden), and either can't seem to be able to resist from eating, or are totally blinded and will even drink the Kool Aid of Jim Jones.

  2. "Approve your loan"? Was this a personal loan, or did your friend work for a local bank or credit union? If this wasn't a personal loan, I bet her employer would love to hear your story.

    Also, what answer was Pius expecting to hear?

  3. This is so funny! I remember Father Alberto asking a relative who came to listen. He says, please come sit up front. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. The meeting went on and everyone was in attention as if in a trance. At the end of the session, Father asked said relative how she felt. Response was...this is like sitting through alcohol anonymous.

  4. Tim, because this is your post I know it is true. But having my lunch reading this post I am laughing so much.

    I had an experience of Pius shouting also so many years ago it was clear he was mentally imbalanced. This post confirms.

    Why is the cult here? So every misfit in the world gets a free passage to be ordained by Apuron and build NEO numbers. Second. NEO is here to steal our money and our Land and use as their personal resources. Once more Apuron supports the evil cult along with the other evil trio.

  5. 2.33pm need to,report this incident to bank branch manager. Story needs to be posted on social media so others are aware the bank is not acting with ethical practice.

    Pius is a nasty evil stinking dangerous man who has no business in the community.

  6. Anon 3:33, your loan officer friend will probably tell you that not everyone can be a "salt of the earth" or a "light of the world." Don't worry, sugar is sweeter than salt and too much light can cause blindness. I'm glad you walked out and shared your experience. Pius is a crafty and manipulative individual. Stay away from him and his like.

  7. That's hilarious!!

  8. Amen to that Jerry!...Peace!

  9. hahahah...that was perfectly funny!

  10. Darling Diana, In response to your request for evidence that the Neocatechumenal Way is evil; “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.”....― Stuart Chase
    I love u, the sinner, i hate the sin u commit w/your neocat way.

  11. I guess in the previous postings where a NEO-NUT said the NCW is NOT FOR EVERYBODY, this person surely made that perfectly clear by walking out. True, the NCW is not for everybody! This is especially true in this case. It doesn't matter whether or not you do or do not need a loan, right?

  12. The Question, could very well be asked to Fr Pius, his minions and his patrons: Why the Heck are you here?

    1. Yes frenchie, I wonder the same thing. Why are you here NEOCATS? It surely does not seem to be for our Salvation and to promote our true Church Doctrine. The days of yelling and being overly animated used to have a lot of effect on people. With technology and other HIGHER level forms of communications, we don't have to yell our beliefs. This is a dead and gone practice but it seems like it is the psychological practice of the NEO-NUTS to break down your will and OUR CATHOLIC WAY. Good luck with that and lets ALL STAY ALERT.

      As you read the Bible (our Catholic approved ones!), it is clear that Jesus was ALWAYS gentle in his ways. Yes, he rebuked a lot of what was said and expected by the Pharisees, even Peter himself when he told him that he was to die in order for us to live again with God. A gentle approach has always worked given you are doing it for the right reason, the right way. Jesus had this gentle way of letting people know (i.e. through Parables, examples, etc.) what he or she SHOULD and not to do wrong in loving God and your neighbor.

      As Mr. Taitano said, stay away from Pius and the likes of him. I don't believe in attending any of the NEO services or a mass by a NEO Priest, especially those that have ordained the Altar with the Kiko flower decor. How violating it is to see this. I guess I would have to ask of each of "their celebration", GOT FLOWERS? Sad and we continue to allow it to happen.

      I literally walk out of the Parish once I see this overly adorned Altar. What an insult to the Faithful Catholics.

      And yes Tim, lets put our resources in getting those in the JPII Seminary to a REAL SEMINARY. Not one with smoke and mirrors. As Fr. Paul would often say, "Do the right things for the right reason. Don't do the right things for the wrong reason.". Thank you Pale' Paul!

  13. Warming all of you distance self from Apuron, Pius, all the NEO. Walking Ebola to the soul. Leads to spiritual death .

  14. Would this happen to be at the Yigo community? Would the bank happen to be community first?
    Bwahahhaha. Good for you to walk out.

  15. It looks like Fr Pius violated the requirement set up for NeoCat seances of being open to all members of the parish. He wanted to chase away the visitor because he was afraid the visitor would leak sensitive information about the internal management style of the NeoCat perpetrated by high ranking "catechists" like Fr Pius himself. It is very interesting that he would go against the policy of openness. Perhaps he was also afraid that someone would tape his speech and publish. But how could he prevent that from happening sooner or later?

    What could be the big secrets about that he is sharing with the top "cream pies" of Guam NeoCats? Is he inciting the next offensive against the parish churches? Or is he lying again about the hopelessly stuck "mission in China" where he is trying to recruit the naive members of his audience? Perhaps he is sending his flock to the streets to sing Arguello's songs at the corners? Why is this such a big secret, dear Fr Pius? Are you afraid we could not hold back the irresistible laugh that comes upon us when we hear this NeoCat quality nonsense?

    Well, Diana told us what happened. They celebrated their icon Kiko again, as he got some honorary degree from some of his ally institutions. Bravo Kiko, you are a great man, are you already a saint or what? Are we still allowed to turn away in disgust when you shake your fist on us? Oh, the personal cult that he needs so badly... This will be his undoing, folks. Just watch. No saint in the history of our Catholic Church has ever been to self-enamored, self-centered and self-celebratory as Arguello. If anything, it is a sure sign that he will never end up in that row. Now, you shake your fist, Fr Pius, who cares?

  16. @ Anon 10/24, 11:15.
    You might be on to something regarding Ebola. ..we have to consider the X amount of traveling they do to foreign countries.

  17. Funny as hell! Sounds like the scene from the movie, Borat!!