Thursday, October 23, 2014


The following was relayed to me this morning and the person gave me permission to retell it:

I was invited to go to a Neocatechumenal Way meeting by my friend who told me that if I would go she would approve my loan, so I went.

Fr. Pius was conducting the meeting and he was "yelling" at people shouting "Why are you here?"

Several people answered because they were "broken" or "sinners", etc.

Then he pointed at me and shouted the question. I didn't think at first that he was pointing at me so I didn't answer. Then he came closer and shouted "Why are you here?"

I said "Me?" He yelled "Yes. Why are you here?" I stood up and pointed to my friend who had invited me and said "Because she said she would approve my loan."

Pius shouted "Sit down!" Then I left.

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