Monday, February 29, 2016


  1. Janet B - MangilaoFebruary 29, 2016 at 3:49 PM
    Yes, tony should go to jail. He has committed many crimes that we have already been apprised of by Jungle Watch. How many more crimes has tony committed that have yet to see the light of day? I suspect that tony is thinking about his days in new york and those proverbial snow balls.

    It takes a lot of effort to start a snow ball, carefully rolling up a piece an exerting great effort to get it to move. But once it starts to move, it generates an energy that helps it to grow, gather more snow, and make movement easier.

    This is where I believe we now are. Instead of a snow ball, however, tony is found in the middle of a sh$t ball. Tim has carefully gathered various sh$t that people have make him aware of. This ball of sh$t, which we shall call tony, is now rolling on its own. And as this sh$t ball called tony continues to roll, he gathers more sh$t along with him. As more sh$t is gathered it is becoming to pick up more momentum.

    Predictably, the little ball of sh$t attracted by pieces of similar substance, like David the VG and Adrian the Jokers Wild, Jackie the trained attorney (lol), and Rude-ee the womanizer. They were attracted to the stench that tony emitted and were drawn into the sh$t ball early on. Sadly, otherwise good people are now being sucked into this vortex of rolling sh$t.

    And as this ball of sh$t rolls around, gathering more fecal matter, good people will start to be repelled by the stench of this kiko ball of sh$t. Good people who know of more pieces of tony's sh$t that has been deposited throughout the world. And these people will realize that by the grace of God, instead of becoming attached to the ball of sh$t called tony, they were able to survive and not get sucked into its vortex. More and more these people are going to start revealing the lurid stories of sh$t they have personally witnessed from tony and the dark world of sh$t called kiko-cult.

    All witnesses of the sh$t ball crimes are encouraged to come forth so true leaders of good can properly direct this ball of sh$t into the sewer where it belongs. Tony will go to jail for crimes against humanity and the church. And those who willingly got caught up early in the sh$t mass will certainly join him in prison. Even those otherwise good people will also be held accountable for their being sucked into the rolling pile of sh$t called tony. They are today prisoners of sh$t, and they will join tony in a most distasteful future.

    Of course, the prosecutors are always looking for people willing to admit wrong, share what they know, and get a reduced sentence in sh$t prison. They can verify all that Tim has said, and at least start rinsing off the stench associated with a relationship with tony and the king of sh$t - Kiko.

    It may be their only hope at salvation. But speak now before the sh$t ball completely sucks the last ounce of goodness in you.
Tim's note to "Tony": April 15, 1977.

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