Monday, June 13, 2016


There was an important observation made in the PDN article Expert: Many victims don't report sex abuse for years (Shawn Raymundo, June 11, 2016) featuring the observations of Healing Hearts Program Manager Maresa Aguon.

"According to Aguon, she’s never worked with an adult survivor who sought restitution for what happened to him or her."

It is important because this is the FIRST thing the deniers try to claim: that the victims are just trying to get money. This is FALSE. Neither Roy, nor Walter, nor Doris, nor any of the other victims I have worked with want anything other than for Apuron to publicly acknowledge what he did to them so that he will never have an opportunity to ruin children in secret again. That's it.

This is important because Vice-Speaker Cruz claims his 2011 bill was neutered by the elimination of the "deep pockets" provision which allowed victims to sue not just the perpetrators themselves but institutions. His main contention was that no victims came forward after the passage of his bill because without the deep pockets of institutions, no attorney would take the case. 

I do not want to have to keep bringing up the Vice-Speaker's failed effort, but it I just heard it brought up again, and it MUST be engaged. 

If other victims are led to think that they cannot come forward because no attorney will take their case then those victims may never come forward and suffer the rest of their lives. 

Maresa Aguon's professional and educated observation is critical to what is going on right now. If you are a victim, and all you want is what Roy, Doris, and Walter want, then we can help you. Contact me, or have a third party contact me at and I will put you in touch with the same people who are helping those who have already come forward. We want to help and we WILL. 


  1. Archbishop Apuron, you are not wanted as the Catholic leader of this island. Why do you want to continue being our leader when people don't want you. You did something terribly wrong when you were younger and yes it was a long time ago but it was still wrong. Please do the right thing and resign.

    1. I also believe Maresa Agunon is correct. Having read many transcripts arising from both the Australian Governments Royal Commission into sexual abuse (this is not the correct title ((I,m sorry)) nevertheless) and the Victorian Governments parliamentary inquiry into the same matter it is clear that Australian victims also wanted the same as Roy,Doris and Walter. My admiration goes out to these three courageous people. Archbishop Hon has arrived to address the issues within the Guam Catholic community. Any further delay to commence with this most important aspect , that is, the specific acknowledgement,understanding and commitment to do what all Concerned Catholics of Guam believe he should do, will not result in the achievement of his stated objectives so far. I see that in Archbishop Hon's first public address on the day following his arrival , he spoke in terms of the team effort required (am I correct here?) to resolve the issues at hand. With the greatest of respect to Father Nowak ( I am presuming he stood to the right of the Archbishop, is this correct?), he (and likely the others around him) was not the person that should have been there when the protesters were addressed outside the Cathedral by Archbishop Hon. Again in his first address he spoke of working with the appointed administrators ( ie VG and Chancellor) - Fr Nowak is assisting him but can he be considered part of the local team? Archbishop should have ensured that, if he means what he says, the VG and the Chancellor join him on the steps as a sign of the unity he spoke of. Nothwithstanding this, if Fr Nowak is really assisting the Archbishop he should have positively responded to Walter's request. TODAYS's (6/13/2016) events, moreso than anything since his arrival , as will occur from Archbishops Hon's initiatives will be a telling sign to how much longer the Guam faithful have to go in their mission. I pray for their strength to do so- their faith is evident and inspirational. David Taranto , parishioner within Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia. 13 June 2016.

  2. Archbishop Anthony Apuron, ADMIT APOLOGIZE, ABDICATE. Only then can healing begin.

  3. Just don't come back to Guam. No more limosna for sure, No more pennies from heaven for you.

  4. Everyone wants truth but it is nowhere to be found in the Archdiocese of Agana. This church and its officials are sick. And just as I am typing this, Pius the stink just got out of the car next to me.

  5. Tai mamalao na taotao hao Apuron yan issao bidada mu contra ham todos. Ti maimago si Yuus.