Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Both Walter Denton's and Roland Sondia's press conferences took place in front of the Pastoral Center at the Cathedral, not the Chancery. In both instances the door of the Cathedral's Pastoral Center was found to be open before the conference and locked afterwards when both men attempted to deliver their letters. 

In Walter's case, an employee was found in back of the office and Walter's letter was delivered to her. In Roland's case, I understand that the letter was delivered directly to the Chancery after an attempt was made to get someone to answer the door at the Cathedral Pastoral Center...and you know who's in charge there!!! 

Betcha he wishes he never kicked Msgr. James out now. LOL. 


  1. This is horrible and so sad. The VG is a disgrace along with the new staff there. Archbishop Hon should start at the mother church after the Chancery to clean up and remove these useless people. How can you not be available and open your door to the people? The church is owned by its people, yet these idiots think they are somewhat better. The root is the NCW. Take a look at who is the staff down there now.

  2. Another reason why the attendance is so low at Cathedral now. I bunch of idiots running the show who really don't give a crap about a thing other than putting a Neo Sign up to invite people on Tuesday and Thursday to join their cult and use church facilities. And also to have their Saturday night Neo Eucharist Celebrations in the crying room of the Cathedral.

  3. I am still giving the Acting Archbishop the benefit of the doubt but this is totally sad since this happened under his watch. Our Chancery WAS CLOSED to the Faithful just because a Victim was coming forward! It WAS a Work Week! Did the employees get paid for that day? If yes, then they SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PAID for the hours that the Chancery was CLOSED that day! Case Close!

  4. I will clarify again. It was David the VG who locked the Cathedral office door - or at minimum, had the duty to keep it open during published operating hours.

    The door at the Chancery was open and the document delivered. However, it is disturbing that Archbishop Hon's media statement did NOT indicate that he was in receipt of the document, only that the facts of Roland's accusation had been made known PUBLICLY (thus, not "personally" to him.)

    I do not know why Hon ("without prejudice") wants to continue to appear aloof from this situation. It could lead to greater suspicion into his motives. His own order (Salesians) do not have a good track record here. Vice-Speaker Cruz's alleged molester was a Salesian.

    Since no one is calling me from the Chancery asking for my input, I must continue to use this blog to provide it. Archbishop Hon must at least appear to be ACTIVE about these matter, and URGENTLY so, lest attention turn to not just to the "good ol' boy bishop's club of cover ups," but to his own religious order as well.

    There is more to come Archbishop. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps you will receive something today. You simply have the wrong advisers, or you are not listening to the right ones.

    1. Underline abuse galore in Salesians whose ministry is to boys, right?

  5. Archbishop Hon, you now represent 100% of the Catholics of Guam but seems to be only looking out for the 1% neo since you chose to have them surround you. You need to at least listen to our True Catholic Representatives "Concern Catholic of Guam". They do represent us all TRUE CATHOLIC of GUAM. I will continue to pray for our God to give you guidance and strength as we all resolve this division within our Catholic Faith in Guam and CNMI.

  6. Indeed, Archbishop also has to delve deeply into the division and conflicts resulting from 30 years of the NCW intrusion into our Church with the full blessings and support of Bro Tony. Archbishop Hon, the Neo's attempt to infiltrate our Parishes is a major problem that you have to resolve. The Laity expects you to address this major problem.