Tuesday, July 19, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

(The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary:  
Always United--and Obstacles of Kikoism) 

A priest friend of mine in the States is one of the exorcists in his diocese, and not long ago in a conversation, I asked him about a story I’d heard that the demons are in fact TERRIFIED by the Blessed Mother. “Oh yes, “ Father said, “you wouldn’t believe the reaction. In fact, one of the practical ways you can tell a person isn’t possessed is if they blaspheme or insult the Blessed Mother. Only a deranged person or someone who hates the Faith or willingly under the evil one’s inspiration does that. The demons won’t. They’re too afraid of her and her purity.”

With that in mind, Diana’s new disclosure [see below] that the Kiko teaches that Marian devotion is intrinsically not Christ-centered and therefore idolatrous in some way should give us a whole new breath of life. It’s the same Protestant spiritual feces that’s been hurled at the Blessed Mother and those who stand under her loving protection for the last 500 years. I for one won’t let this go, and neither should anyone else. I have been asked to be patient about the liturgy and all that. But on the Mother of God, we will not bend. 

That’s the thing about sacrileges—they are so horrible that the rest of us must make reparation. That’s exactly why the Divine Praises were written (by St Leonard, as I recall): to make reparation for sacrileges. NCW don’t believe in Adoration or Holy Hours or reparation, so it’s on us to do it. But in the meantime, we must resist such evil.

Why bother? Let's say I invite my close friend to a family gathering, but while there he says my mom is there just to serve because she's just some breeder who gave birth to me, but he's more noble because he's my friend.  Oh, and since she's a common woman, it's embarrassing that she be seen when I'm around. 

Yeah, I'd be pissed. If he disrespected my mother like that, I'd beat the hell out of him.

That seems to be the whole Kiko ethic about women: they are all disposable after they've been used up. Kiko says let them be battered, let them be abused, let them be raped, let them be used--after all, it's God's will. So too with mothers for him: once the Mother of God spits out her kid, let her be another nameless faceless worker bee. Sacrilege!

The only good news here is that Kiko and Pius and Diana aren’t possessed. That would excuse their disgust of Marian devotion. So the only explanation is their contempt for her love and purity and grace. There’s no other real way to take it.

Ok, maybe one way. If it's not their contempt, then it's that they think they're the only real Christians--they and the Protestants. We Catholics are just idolaters and therefore sin against God by breaking the 1st Commandment.. Either way, NCW in all that KAKA-filled hubris and sacrilege are outside the Catholic Faith. They left it a long time ago, I guess. Only they are now admitting it to us. 

For those of us on Guam, what's worse than the insults to the Blessed Mother and the anathemizing of traditional Catholics is that Hon knew that all along that this is what Kiko teaches. He had to. For years he's worked with Filoni, so there's no way Hon didn't know. And now it still doesn't matter to Hon. We already know he dismisses our concerns. Spitting in the face of the Blessed Mother doesn't matter to him either, I guess. 

Please act, good people: tell your friends, post on Facebook, do whatever you can: let people know that the Neo both disregards the Protector of Guam AND believes all those rosaries said at funerals and before Mass are nothing more than idolatry unless you're doing it the Kiko way. 

The Mother of God’s a distraction, don’t you know? Never mind the Virgen de Guadalupe, whose apparition brought about the conversion of MILLIONS of natives virtually overnight in Mexico. 

Never mind her glorious protection at the Battle of Lepanto, where the Muslim advance was finally repelled. If the Christians had lost, Europe might very well have been over-run, and the Church brought to her knees. 

Never mind Santa Marian Kamalen, who's sheltered us from the worst for decades.

Never mind the apparitions whose prophesies have come true or appear to be coming to be, especially La Sallette and Fatima and Akita

Never mind the call to faithfulness to the Rosary, prayers for the conversion of Russia. 

Never mind offering up our good works and sufferings to the Immaculate Heart for the salvation of souls.

Destroy the palace and leave a shack in its place. That’s Kiko’s vision for art, for culture, for the Faith, and for the Church. And for him and his cult, there is no room for the Holy Mother.  Just Kiko's painted version of Jesus, a Messiah who coincides with his own personal aesthetic.

Look, Hon: We've had enough,. What kind of Catholic man are you? GET PIUS AND HIS TOXIC INFLUENCE OUT OF HERE. Never let him return. YOU must break the power of this spiritually enslaving man over these poor souls. He leads them astray. Average  laymen like myself and those on Jungle Watch fight but can do nothing but wage a guerilla war, but only because you do not act. You do nothing but collude. You do nothing to stop it. We struggle, you collaborate. 

You say you have the power—then use it for once for the sake of the faithful.

If you can’t, then give it up and go home, and we'll find someone who can. We’ve got enough morally effeminate men in our clergy as it is.

Our Lady, virgo potens, pray for us. 

------Addendum:  On the surface, what she's written here seem innocuous. But first read the article, then her post, then the article again (if necessary). You can't miss the connection. Diana's post w/ comment from earlier this week reads: 

[DIANA]: As for natural religiousity, here is what Pope Francis has to say about it.  The rosary is good and the NCW members pray the rosary.  What they say about Kiko or the catechists telling us when to pray the rosary is false.  The NCW teaches its members HOW to pray.  They teach us that Christ is the center and focus of our prayer, not than the devotion.

<My post that called her out:>
Case in point: in writing about the Rosary, Diana cites Pope Francis who spoke on how all devotions and such must be Christ-centered and lead us to Christ and not become the object of worship in itself, and the Pope is right. But was he talking about the Rosary, or is that Diana twisting his words to justify her contempt for the Blessed Mother? Is her formation in NCW such that the Blessed Mother really is considered an obstacle to Christ? And they call themselves Catholic? 

Diana’s own words tell us: to her mind, devotion to the Rosary as practiced by us non-Neo Catholics is not Christ-centered. By extension, then, WE ARE IDOLATORS. There is no other possible  implication. So St Dominic was wrong. St Jean Vianney was wrong. Padre Pio was wrong. St Louis de Montfort was wrong. And let’s not forget St. John Paul 2. Their devotion wasn’t Christ-centered, she makes clear, for they weren't taught at the feet of Kiko Arguello.  All of these and countless other saints propagated the Rosary as Christ-centered from start to finish. Like all the sacramentals, it’s is thoroughly most Christ-centered. Now, Diana says all the saints were wrong, and she’s the one who’s right. So now we know where her head is at.

But the Pope, Diana says, spoke of holding onto practices from private revelation. For NCW, the Fatima miracle is just some private revelation.  It has the full approval of the Church. The Holy Father St John Paul 2 even crowned her statue with the bullet that struck him. How terrible for the Holy Father to be distracted by that woman Mary!  Or is the Church wrong on the Rosary too, Diana? Oh that stupid JP2, why couldn’t he be more Christ-centered like Kiko?

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