Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Posted by Webster.

Archbishop Hon is either ignorant or cunningly clever, or maybe even both. 

I consulted a canon law site on the internet to check on whether a Decree of Removal does expire after 3 months, as AB Hon said on The Jesse Lujan Show this morning on KUAM. 

Nowhere on that site does it say that a  of Removal, or any decree at all (unless a specified time of expiration is mentioned in the Decree) automatically expires after 3 months. 

In fact, it says that if a pastor has taken an appeal against his removal, the office of pastor remains vacant while the appeal is pending. 

So, no new pastor can be appointed until the appeal is resolved. We all know that Fr. Paul appealed his removal. AB Hon knows that. He was given the documents himself. 

So why would AB Hon even suggest that Fr. Paul's Decree has expired? 

I think to THROW US ALL OFF. You see, AB Hon does not want to revoke Fr. Paul's Decree of Removal because that would make it look like there was a winner and a loser, something he is desperately trying to avoid from happening. 

So, he throws us crumbs to throw us off while he paternally consoles Fr. Paul that all will be good. Just accept what happened to you because I will eventually assign or "restore" you to somewhere else that will please you. Just be patient and respectful. 

AB HON cannot assign Fr. Paul back to Santa Barbara because canon law forbids it until Fr. Paul's appeal is officially resolved, and it cannot be resolved without a formal ruling on the appeal. 

UNLESS, Fr. Paul quietly withdraws his appeal and accepts his Decree of Removal. This is where I think this case is going. How sad and tragic for Fr. Paul. His good name and reputation will never be restored and repaired if he does, including the vicious smear on Joe Lastimoza and family.  But that is up to him. 

Pray for Fr. Paul. He is between a rock and a hard place. AB Hon has got him cornered and placated.

My verdict: AB HON is intentionally feigning ignorance and therefore cunningly clever.


  1. "My verdict: AB HON is intentionally feigning ignorance and therefore cunningly clever. "

    Of course. Still not a single word about the NCW, which everyone knows is the root of the division. Hon simply can't be taken as serious or sincere until he deals with the NCW.

  2. Kick serial molester out, appoint new ordinary , Pope Francis, before you take on women deacons.
    Now go do whatever it is you do in Rome.


    1. Exactly. No to a child molester bishop. Pope Francis send us a real bishop of the church to restore unity.

  3. No wire hangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No winners and loserssssss!!!!!!

  4. When asked about what he felt about Apuron being described as being a serial molestor, his response was God is merciful ...

  5. Give me a break! The question Jess Lujan made was directed at Hon, not at God and how God felt! If people don't see Hon's subtle deception, double-talk etc, then shame on us! Catholic faithful, are you going to continue sitting back and enabling Hon to continue propping up the neo, promoting the neo and assuring that the neocatedhumenal way remains solidly ruling and running our local Catholic Church so it remains status quo?

    Stand out there in front of the Cathedral, add your name to the list of faithful fighting for the authentic Catholic Faith and our Church on Guam!!

    Otherwise, the morning you wake up and discover that the Catholic Church on Guam is administered, run and indoctrinated in the neocatechumenal way, church and religion, it will be too late and you will have contributed to it and enabled it.

    1. Speaking of indoctrination, someone had posted earlier that our children in the Catholic schools are unknowingly being indoctrinated the Neo way. Is this true?


    2. True 12.04pm. We need warriors now ready to join the underground movement to fight NCW to save our church island.

    3. Anon 12:49 Spot on! Save the CATHOLIC TRADITION and TEACHINGS of OUR Church from heretics and marxist thugs. BIBA KATOLIKU!

    4. Anon 12:49 Spot on! Save the CATHOLIC TRADITION and TEACHINGS of OUR Church from heretics and marxist thugs. BIBA KATOLIKU!

  6. "intentionally feigning ignorance" ... if that means saying he doesn't know something when he actually does, isn't that lying? last i checked, lying is a sin.

  7. I tried calling the Superintendant of Catholic Schools to see if it is true they are using NCW books in the schools. Seems like she has been off island about 5 of the past 7 months on extended vacation, but still getting paid. Sounds like she is already a NCW sympathiser.

  8. Archbishop Hon.
    Fr.Louis is in pine city Mn.
    Will send a fax to you of his address since you cant locate him.