Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Posted by Robert Klitzkie, aka Bob

Here's the rock.  Para. 20 of the amended complaint where Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland sued Apuron and the Archdiocese we find this allegation, "...May statement was prepared and released by Oliveria on behalf of Apuron and the Agana Archdiocese." Para. 14 is similar but alleges that Oliveria was the Media Coordinator for the Diocese and Apuron's personal secretary. The complaint alleges that the statements are libelous.

Here's the hard place. Krystal Paco's report on the July 25 KUAM News:

"According to the $2 million dollar libel and slander suit against the archdiocese and Apuron, plaintiffs allege such statements were prepared and released by Father Edvilado Olivieras. According to Hon, there's no proof Father Edivaldo was ever appointed the church's official spokesperson."

So if Fr. Edivaldo wasn't acting in an official capacity what was he doing?  Did Edivaldo sneak into the Chancery and cob off with some official stationery and email it to  the media causing media outlets to think it was genuine? If so, has Hon reported the matter to the police? If no report were made how can the Archdiocese deny paragraphs 14 and 20 and avoid being stuck with the statements?

Does Hon want to make one of Apuron's apparent favorites look that bad? Or will Hon contradict what he told Krystal saying that Edivaldo was the church's official spokesman after all?

Or... will Hon just say that Edivaldo was acting on his own and leave Edivaldo to his fate?

One can never predict the course of litigation as every case has it's own personality but it would seem that Edivaldo's röle is very important.  We can assume that, "I'm trying to achieve unity and harmony," might not be a satisfactory answer in a deposition or before the court when when questions about Edivaldo's röle arise.

For once Hon may have to abandon Doubletalk and give a straight answer.

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