Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

Zoltan that was some performance today! There is a new sitcom on CBS in need of your talents entitled “Brain Dead”. They’re looking for someone to play the mad math professor for the season finale.

Vince Pereda’s testimony was a GEM! His clinical diagnosis was brilliant. He hit the target dead center and may have won support from senators on the fence. And then Leo Tudela took everyone to dark places from his past that evoked tears of compassion throughout the room.

Archbishop Hon it is time to come down from your Ivory Tower and deal with this tragedy that began with Archbishop Flores who sent Fr. Louis Brouillard to Minnesota for obvious reasons where he was charged with molesting more boys. Are you aware that Apurun continues to keep Fr. Luis, now retired, on the Guam Archdiocese payroll? And you are asking for more money???

It is time to clean up the mess! You may need the services of an exorcist, an accountant, an exterminator and several trained lawyers!
And for the record, written and video statements should be recanted with an official church document.


  1. Kiko from Krakow called for Guam's NCW brothers there for WYD and said: "let's pray for your Bishop and this persecution". One day, when Apuron will be found guilty, we will remember those words. Kiko will be "that one who defended a pedophile".

  2. Presbyter jucutan has said in his Homily that the Pope has already exonerated apuron after he told him he is not guilty. Apuron is innocent and has been maltreated. He asked the congregation if he could speak freely to convey this message of peace and unity.

    Hello? Fruits of RMS.

    Abp. Hon, please discipline these subeducated, ill-prepared baby presbyters trying to act like real priests, but are failing miserably! Edivaldo, Jucutan, Camacho, Please save our people from these people. They are leading us to sin!

    Neos, OUT!!!!

  3. True. Thank you, BRUCE.

  4. Was Fr. Louis one of AAA's mentor to continue to pay him after leaving Guam and working in another parish?

  5. To all neos here in Guam and anywhere, do you now believe that Apuron is innocent with all these now MEN but use to be Young Altar Boys coming out after all these years. It took a lot of courage and Faith trusting its People of Guam in believing them so they can begin to heal. We must begin to help one another to heal as ONE but it will truly take AB Hon if he wants to be remembered as our TRUE ARCHBISHOP that came and Heal our Wounds. "OUR GOD IS WATCHING ALL OF US BUT MORE ON YOU ARCHBISHOP HON"

  6. To NEO parents: Be not afraid, our local community will protect your children. We know you are committed to the NEO cult and it's leaders.

  7. Kiko. No comprende? Justice not persecution! Stupid!