Monday, October 3, 2016


Posted by Tim

It appears Adrian is using a new alias"

In his letter to the Media, Adrian pompously chastises all of them for being one-sided in their reporting. However, as anyone who has been watching will know, the media - relative to the church issue - does not pretend to do investigative journalism, but simply reports what is mostly already public. 

And when the Kiko's do come forward, they get as much time as they want. Witness Ric Eusebio's unlimited access to the media to run his mouth. Witness Jackie Terlaje's access to the Media whenever she wants. 

The problem for the Kiko's, is, like Mr. TruthWillCome, is that they are all chickenshit and hide behind their damn pseudonyms. So what the hell is the media supposed to do with that? 

Conversely, our side is more than willing to put our face to our statements which is simply the reason why, at least at this point, we get more media coverage. We're willing to talk. We're willing to take a stand, unlike Mr. TruthWillCome who throws stones while hiding in the bushes. Why? Because we have the TRUTH and we are not afraid!

Mr. TruthWillCome, at the end of his silly drivel asks:
Ummm, Adrian, I mean Mr. TruthWillCome, because THERE WAS NO INDEPENDENT AUDIT. This is the big lie Adrian and Apuron wanted you to believe. There was only a "financial review." That's a very different thing than an audit. Apuron even said so in his July 29, 2014 statement which he released to the media after firing Msgr. James. 

(Oh, and by the way, Adrian, for how many years did you jerks have one-sided reporting? I don't recall Msgr. James EVER getting to give his side of the story to the media. But now he is and you are crying. Freak!)

(Note: Check out the reference to RMS publishing financial reports. It NEVER has. Apuron the Liar.)

As you can see in the third paragraph, Apuron does not reference an audit, but only "this review." As an aside, check out the reference to Filoni: "following the indication of Cardinal Filoni..." Huh. WTF? What do you mean by an "indication?" I'll tell you exactly what this means. Filoni knew that Apuron needed to get rid of Msgr. James in order to secure the NCW's future in Guam. 

The easiest way to do that is to find something financial, and it would be typical of this "Red Pope" to know how to take out his opponents without anyone every hearing a shot. 

Filoni was smart. There does exist "certain rules" governing the financial reporting of dioceses within the "care" of his Congregation, so an "indication" could easily be given under the cover of the normal course of business. 

And this appears to be exactly what happened, because up until Apuron needed a reason to get rid of Msgr. James, he did not appear to care about such "indications." 

In 2011, then-Apostolic Delegate to Oceania, Charles Balvo chastised Apuron for NEVER filing a financial report:

Full document here

And in 2012, Archbishop Balvo followed up with the same:

Full document here

So in 2014, Apuron is all about filing financial statements? LOL. Bullcrap!

And so, let's look at what this review actually found:

There are two important matters. First we see that Deloitte itself stated that "an audit is not possible," so once again we can confirm: THERE WAS NO AUDIT. And second, what Deloitte found was not criminal activity which is what Apuron and Jackie tried to paint it as, but simply "inappropriate" accounting practices. 

LOL. Almost every business without a full time accounting department defaults to "inappropriate" accounting practices simply in the interest of getting to it later come tax time. All the word "inappropriate" meant at this point was that the practices would need to be fixed before an audit could go forward. In fact, Deloitte actually said this on January 8, 2014. 

Given the need for corrective action, Msgr. James and his staff set about doing it. Apuron himself recognized how much corrective action had already been taken in a letter to Msgr. James the following June. 

Full copy here

Msgr. James was never permitted to finish the corrective action because Apuron, per Filoni's "indication," removed him. It was supposed to be a typical mafioso-like, Italian style, snuffing out. However, Filoni underestimated Apuron's capacity for evil. Not content to just take out Msgr. James, Apuron had him flogged in public, and here's where the trouble really began. 

Apuron underestimated his own people. Being Chamorro (he's part Filipino but he gets mad if you tell him that), he knew not to take family problems public. Yet here was the spiritual father of a diocese publicly trashing a priest son. Apuron counted on the deference of the Chamorro people to the clergy, and especially to a bishop. The same deference which permitted him to rape and molest their sons. And he almost got away with it. 

But he also counted on Cardinal Filoni. In an email to a certain nun who publicly trashed Msgr. James - an email I will get to in full when I'm ready to take this piece of trash out - Msgr. James tell us that it was Filoni who imposed the gag order on him:

Adrian, er, I mean Mr. TruthWillCome, concludes his trashy email to the media:
Why would someone who suppose to be a smart guy like hon want to put Benavente back in the position he was removed from following the independent audit? What a joke!
There never was an independent audit. What a joke!


  1. If Apuron, Adrian, David and Jackie were so above board, why didn't they allow Monsignor James to respond? Because if they did, Monsignor would have proven their allegations baseless. It took an Apostolic Administrator appointed by the Pope to give Monsignor James the opportunity to respond, after two years in the waiting for Apuron and goons to do so. And the expected happened. Monsignor proved the allegations baseless. Justice is served.

  2. Jackals Jackue and
    Adrian the ass.

    What a Motley Crue. Idiots!

  3. TruthWillCome, I mean Adriana,
    The truth has already come, It is in our midst, it is being exposed in Junglewatch and at every press conference that Arch Bishop Hon is holding. But we suspect that since you have been living in lies all this time in your NCW community, you would not know the truth if it slapped you on the side of the head. We will get you defrocked Adrian..

  4. I sensed a NEO Cult conspiracy when one of the reporters asked Father Jeff about the Deloitte & Touche Audit referencing Monsignor James financial management during yesterdays news conference. Thank you Tim for once again detailing the true facts of what really transpired. This truly shows how this KAKA filled machinery uses all means of propaganda to continue to mislead the faithful with their unending web of lies.

    1. No credibility with Toilette and Douche.

  5. NCW = Certified Liars!

  6. Adrian and NCW crew just do not get it. The end will never justify the evil means. NEVER.

  7. KAKAroach Alert!
    The truth, like an impending storm, drives them into a frenzy! Ric & KIKOliku por Sex Abuse, Jackie and now Adriana the Umatac No Show.