Sunday, December 18, 2016


Posted by Tim

Anyway, let's play their game. Let's say we are all masons and we're all about a conspiracy to take down the Catholic Church (LOL). Well then we are pretty damn good at it, aren't we. According to these dodos we even have the pope fooled since he is the one who jerked Apuron out of here and sent Hon and then sent Byrnes. If this is all a masonic plot then why didn't the pope just leave Apuron in place and tell him to fix it? Ummm, maybe because everything we have revealed is TRUE? Ya think?

Aside from the constant attacks and the allegations of conspiracy, these dodos have NOT been able to posit a single shred of evidence to prove that anything we have revealed is false. Let me again share our record:

  • Apuron accused Fr. Paul of not terminating an employee as ordered.
  • We produced the document showing Fr. Paul's termination of the employee as ordered.
  • Apuron accused Fr. Paul of endangering children by retaining the employee as a maintenance man at Santa Barbara.
  • We produced the document that 13 years previously, Apuron had permitted the retaining of the same employee as a maintenance man at Santa Barbara. 
  • Apuron accused Fr. Paul of building a stairway to his second floor room at the rectory to facilitate visits from this employee (and implying much more).
  • We produced the evidence showing that the stairway had been built by Fr. Paul's predecessor.
  • Apuron said that he did not terminate Fr. Paul in violation of Canon law.
  • We produced a report from a canon lawyer showing that Apuron had terminated Fr. Paul in violation of Canon law. 
  • Apuron accused Msgr. James of having incurred millions of dollars of debt. 
  • We produced the evidence that it was Apuron who signed the loans which incurred millions of dollars of debt.
  • Apuron accused Msgr. James of financial mismanagement.
  • We produced the evidence that the alleged financial mismanagement was nothing more than accounting issues, 90% of which had already been resolved at the time of Apuron's accusations, and persons no less than Joseph Rivera, former Director of Bureau of Budget and Management Research and current comptroller of a major private company, and Art Ilagan, former Director of Rev and Tax and current Real Estate commission for the Government of Guam, publicly testified to the falsity of Apuron's accusations. 
  • Apuron said that the Yona property still belonged to the Archdiocese of Agana.
  • We produced the document, which Apuron secretly recorded at Land Management, showing that the property did not still belong to the Archdiocese of Agana.
  • Apuron insisted the document did not convey title to RMS, Inc.
  • We produced a bona fide legal opinion stating that the document conveyed title to RMS, Inc.
  • Apuron stated that Rome had permitted the neocatechumenal variant of the communion rite.
  • We produced the document that Rome did NOT permit the neocatechumenal variant of the communion rite (it's in the NCW statute).
  • Apuron said that he had the document showing that Rome had permitted the neocatechumenal variant of the communion rite and that it was "somewhere."
  • We produced the evidence that there was no document and that Apuron was lying by posting a Count-Up in the right sidebar that now shows 1 Year and 361 Days since he said he'd "find it."
  • Apuron threatened to sue John Toves for saying that he molested his cousin.
  • We produced four victims who testified publicly multiple times that Apuron molested them and then covered up decades of abuse.
  • Apuron defended the academic formation of seminarians at RMS
  • The ad hoc committee reports demonstrated that RMS did not have the academic credentials to form seminarians.
  • Apuron said that RMS was a seminary for Guam and produced diocesan priests.
  • The ad hoc committee report stated that the seminary was not for Guam and did not produce diocesan priests.
  • Apuron complained to the pope that Archbishop Hon was exceeding his authority.
  • The pope responded by appointing a coadjutor Archbishop who in function completely replaces Apuron and then sentenced him to a trial. 
  • And there's more and more and more...

By the way, did you notice that the Diana dodos are not even trying to defend Tony anymore? Ummm, maybe because he's guilty? LOL.

Anyway, here's what's going to happen with Tony. 

No bishop has ever undergone a canonical trial, at least not in recent memory. For a bishop to do so and to be found guilty, as Apuron will be, would be a difficult blow to the Church. Bishops don't mind throwing priests under the bus, but they do mind when it's one of their own, even when it's someone as evil as Tony. 

This is why Tony-boy used to prance about the chancery singing: "No one can get me. No one can get me." He knew that even Rome did not want to take him out despite three decades of documented apuronic messes. 

His cases (that's right, plural) will be tried alright, and he'll be found guilty as hell without even getting to the sex abuse stuff. He'll be told of the verdict and then he'll be offered a deal: we hang you upside down by your problematic anatomical appendage from the walls of the castle Sant'Angelo for all the world to see your filthy self, or you resign quietly and we'll let Kiko take care of you.

Tony will take Door No. 2 and it will be spun as a health issue or, at worst, an inability to return as Archbishop of Agana due to a loss of confidence by the faithful, thanks to the evil Tim Rohr and his masonic plot (LOL).

It will be something like that. But meanwhile, there's still this:

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