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Posted by Tim

Anyway, let's play their game. Let's say we are all masons and we're all about a conspiracy to take down the Catholic Church (LOL). Well then we are pretty damn good at it, aren't we. According to these dodos we even have the pope fooled since he is the one who jerked Apuron out of here and sent Hon and then sent Byrnes. If this is all a masonic plot then why didn't the pope just leave Apuron in place and tell him to fix it? Ummm, maybe because everything we have revealed is TRUE? Ya think?

Aside from the constant attacks and the allegations of conspiracy, these dodos have NOT been able to posit a single shred of evidence to prove that anything we have revealed is false. Let me again share our record:

  • Apuron accused Fr. Paul of not terminating an employee as ordered.
  • We produced the document showing Fr. Paul's termination of the employee as ordered.
  • Apuron accused Fr. Paul of endangering children by retaining the employee as a maintenance man at Santa Barbara.
  • We produced the document that 13 years previously, Apuron had permitted the retaining of the same employee as a maintenance man at Santa Barbara. 
  • Apuron accused Fr. Paul of building a stairway to his second floor room at the rectory to facilitate visits from this employee (and implying much more).
  • We produced the evidence showing that the stairway had been built by Fr. Paul's predecessor.
  • Apuron said that he did not terminate Fr. Paul in violation of Canon law.
  • We produced a report from a canon lawyer showing that Apuron had terminated Fr. Paul in violation of Canon law. 
  • Apuron accused Msgr. James of having incurred millions of dollars of debt. 
  • We produced the evidence that it was Apuron who signed the loans which incurred millions of dollars of debt.
  • Apuron accused Msgr. James of financial mismanagement.
  • We produced the evidence that the alleged financial mismanagement was nothing more than accounting issues, 90% of which had already been resolved at the time of Apuron's accusations, and persons no less than Joseph Rivera, former Director of Bureau of Budget and Management Research and current comptroller of a major private company, and Art Ilagan, former Director of Rev and Tax and current Real Estate commission for the Government of Guam, publicly testified to the falsity of Apuron's accusations. 
  • Apuron said that the Yona property still belonged to the Archdiocese of Agana.
  • We produced the document, which Apuron secretly recorded at Land Management, showing that the property did not still belong to the Archdiocese of Agana.
  • Apuron insisted the document did not convey title to RMS, Inc.
  • We produced a bona fide legal opinion stating that the document conveyed title to RMS, Inc.
  • Apuron stated that Rome had permitted the neocatechumenal variant of the communion rite.
  • We produced the document that Rome did NOT permit the neocatechumenal variant of the communion rite (it's in the NCW statute).
  • Apuron said that he had the document showing that Rome had permitted the neocatechumenal variant of the communion rite and that it was "somewhere."
  • We produced the evidence that there was no document and that Apuron was lying by posting a Count-Up in the right sidebar that now shows 1 Year and 361 Days since he said he'd "find it."
  • Apuron threatened to sue John Toves for saying that he molested his cousin.
  • We produced four victims who testified publicly multiple times that Apuron molested them and then covered up decades of abuse.
  • Apuron defended the academic formation of seminarians at RMS
  • The ad hoc committee reports demonstrated that RMS did not have the academic credentials to form seminarians.
  • Apuron said that RMS was a seminary for Guam and produced diocesan priests.
  • The ad hoc committee report stated that the seminary was not for Guam and did not produce diocesan priests.
  • Apuron complained to the pope that Archbishop Hon was exceeding his authority.
  • The pope responded by appointing a coadjutor Archbishop who in function completely replaces Apuron and then sentenced him to a trial. 
  • And there's more and more and more...

By the way, did you notice that the Diana dodos are not even trying to defend Tony anymore? Ummm, maybe because he's guilty? LOL.

Anyway, here's what's going to happen with Tony. 

No bishop has ever undergone a canonical trial, at least not in recent memory. For a bishop to do so and to be found guilty, as Apuron will be, would be a difficult blow to the Church. Bishops don't mind throwing priests under the bus, but they do mind when it's one of their own, even when it's someone as evil as Tony. 

This is why Tony-boy used to prance about the chancery singing: "No one can get me. No one can get me." He knew that even Rome did not want to take him out despite three decades of documented apuronic messes. 

His cases (that's right, plural) will be tried alright, and he'll be found guilty as hell without even getting to the sex abuse stuff. He'll be told of the verdict and then he'll be offered a deal: we hang you upside down by your problematic anatomical appendage from the walls of the castle Sant'Angelo for all the world to see your filthy self, or you resign quietly and we'll let Kiko take care of you.

Tony will take Door No. 2 and it will be spun as a health issue or, at worst, an inability to return as Archbishop of Agana due to a loss of confidence by the faithful, thanks to the evil Tim Rohr and his masonic plot (LOL).

It will be something like that. But meanwhile, there's still this:


  1. Its funny, the description of this supposed "Voice of Truth" fits perfectly with the M.O of the NCW hierarchy, Apuron, Pius, Quitugua, Adrian, and their band of misfits in Tricky Dick, Stupid Ass Terlaje. Yes, AB Byrnes, lets get these NCW out of Guam, Close down that fake seminary, Defrock Apuron, Quitugua, Adrian, and Pius.

    1. I can't wait when all of you get excommunicated!

    2. Don't hold your breath Anonymous @ 11:48 pm. Lol!

    3. 11:48 PM . . . just what do you think excommunication means? It just doesn't work the way you think it does.

    4. Anon @11:48 And who praytell is going to report me? Your ghost? and whom would you send to perform the excommunication? Pope Kiko? He does not have any power over JW, And what is your rational for performing this excommunication? Telling the Truth? Another Kiko misfit with a lot of yelp and no bite at all.

  2. Doubt very much Apuron will respond to this. But he should respect David Lujan he is a highly respected laywer of Guam. David Lujan is a good man
    reaching out to victims. God Bless Atty.Lujan for bringing healing to Archduocese of Agana.

    1. It's not Lujan he has to respect. The court will proceed to a judgement without Apuron if necessary.

    2. is it enough for apuron's lawyer to represent him in court? or, does apuron have to be present for this civil case?

    3. Neither. The court will proceed with or without him or his lawyer.

    4. Hey Tim, you'll be Geting one of them pretty soon.. The Church vs 666 Tim rohr judgement by God!!

  3. 1. About Masons,I tell you a little story: When, in 1993, after 20 years of Neocatecumenal Way, and 17 as Itinerant and founder of it, in Sicily,Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel-Palestine, Syria, Etiopia, Switzerland, US (7 years in Texas and Chicago) i decided do leave the company and advised of my decision Kiko and Carmen - my wife is until today member of the sect - CARMEN accused me to be a MASON.
    2. Dear Tim Rohr, can you give me Bishop Byrnes and your emai adress? I want tou send him and to you my two Books against Kiko Arguello:
    "Kiko Arguello, santo o impostore? and "Kiko, ti voglio parlare---
    Please send them to

    Thanks and Christmas Greetings in Mary and Jesus,

    Daniel Lifschitz

  4. apuron OUT... apuron OUT... apuron OUT... apuron OUT... apuron OUT...

    the neocatechumenal way is made of amazingly colorful people. One day they "protect" your faith, the next day they lecture your bishop about ethical behavior. Then they produce rogue story to advance their destructive causes and play their stupid game of echoing wild accusations and hating the "pants off" of everybody who questions them. Another day they just show their sheer greed and money hunger in their true color as they are. Because the neocatechumenal way is not only an atheistic-liberal political agency, it is also a business enterprise. The poorest people of faith on earth are all in the neocatechumenal way without exception!

    It is no wonder apuron wanted to keep the information of his astronomical profit making on stealing church property. First of all, he wanted to keep the information away from his own pawns in his diabolic chess game against the Catholic Church. Some of his thugs may open their eyes and ask him: "tony?! That's you?!" and they would just look out of their head puzzled silly. apuron wants to prevent this. He does not want to look like, as he is, a monster. It is much better to grow your fat in the dark, rather than showing your eating habit of a swine in daylight.

    the neocatechumenal way are surely changing their tactic now. The new Archbishop is showing real authority against them, demonstrating who is in power in the house! This is Archbishop Byrnes and not apuron’s brigands! The only language the neocatechumenal way conspirators understand is the language of power and domination. Show them real power and they will curl up in fear and trembling. Archbishop Byrnes will teach them to behave as human beings, stop lying and stop robbing the parishes. So they will go underground, hide and grab as much assets from the church as they can reach. They'll pay off themselves in the secrecy of dark and shady dealings on your expense, while trying to deceive the power that be of the opposite. Never forget their profit kiko is the one who has been a liar from the beginning!

    Be ready to recognize lousy varmints hiding in the dark corners of your church watching for booty and spoil to grab. These are the neocatechumenal way in your church, the people of apuron, trying to get filthy rich on your expense! Archbishop Byrnes, for the sake of Christ please, clean up our parishes from them!

    apuron OUT... apuron OUT... apuron OUT... apuron OUT... apuron OUT...

    1. Thank you "of True Voice". You spelled out what I was seeing as well. If you replace "Masons" with "kikos", and replace "Rohr" with "Apurun", you get an amazingly accurate picture of what had been happening.

      Diana/Mae Llanes, as always, offers no proof or evidence or documents to her assertions. They are merely baseless words designed to mislead those in the middle ground, and the anonymous army in the NCW.

      I choose to follow Rohr and his group of named warriors. They back what they say with fact and truth.

      We should not be shocked that kikos find difficulty in this concept of fact and truth. They have been conditioned to lies and fantasy as some warped sense of obedience to their catechism, and to the master - Kiko.

      Thank you Diana for always reminding us why your ilk are so dangerous to the Church, and why we need to back Byrnes and Rohr in the truth.

      Reality check- all the ncw leadership that tried to ruin the Church are now gone from their offices, like rats from the ship.
      Apurun gone. Trial pending.
      Pius gone. Faculties stripped away.
      Board of Guarantors and RMS board of directors gone without a trace.
      David the VG gone. Healing deep wounds.
      Adrianne gone. AWOL and no one cares.
      Monkey boy gone. Media specialist finally spending his time at DOC. LOL
      Alberto gone.
      Deacon For Sure Fir Sure gone. Nobody noticed!

      Who's in charge at the Chancery? All these men replaced the kilos and were appointed by Rome and their administrator.
      Byrnes-destroyer of heretics and schismatics. Aided by Fr Jeff, Monsignor James, Fr Lito, Fr Richard Kidd, Fr Paul, Richard Untalan.

      Hmmmmmm- not a single kiko amongst them. Yes. This is cause for great hope among true Catholics. And cause for great concern amongst diehard kikos.

  5. Ha ha ha! The Masonry accusation does sound exactly like NCW to me! How funny that now these neos turn the tables in an attempt to salvage their cult. Grasping at straws, aren't they? What do they think of JW readers, dummies that NCW is known to be? Thanks for the comedic relief, whoever posted under the pseudonym "Voice of Truth." You have the gall, whoever you are, to ascribe your cult activities to the ones who exposed your malevolent intentions on Guam!

  6. Whoever wrote that piece has a highly imaginative, delusional, and retarded brain.

  7. Dear Tim,
    I dont know if you received my demand for Bishops Byrnes and your email edress, as I want to send my 2 Books against Kiko Arguello.


    Daniel Lifschitz

  8. You know, whoever it is who wrote the "Voice of Truth December 17 - 10:46 AM" post above is really talking about him or her and all the Dianas, the Kikos, the Neocat hierarchy and their spokespeople like Tricky Dick Eusebio; Edivaldo the Orange Juicer; the Trained Lawyer; etc. These people have done exactly everything this post states, yet them are projecting their own faults on Tim and others who are trying to rid our local Church of these charlatans who call themselves Catholics when they are not, based on their teaching and practices which are not. Because they will lie to forward their cause, they don't care who they are or lie about. All they care about is creating doubt and loss of confidence in the work Tim Rohr, CCOG and the Laity Forward Movement and all their supporters are doing to cleanse our Church of all these people who are using our Church to forward their agenda of establishing a false religion within our Archdiocese. This is a classic narcissistic propaganda tactic! These Neocats love themselves so much, they are projecting all the destructive work they do onto others to create doubt in the work of the true soldiers of our Church, who are actually defending Her from the very people who are doing exactly what they say Tim and CCOG and others are doing!

    1. No worries. All attacks by the kikos have thus far served as our credibility enhancer. Look at all we have accomplished. Could
      Not have happened without the attacks from the kikos. :)

    2. I RECALLED A Wise OLD MAN SAYING '' whenever you have that one finger pointing at someone for your mistakes and stupidity, just remember there are the other 3 fingers pointing back at you...he also said ,if you are confused by what i am saying, look at yourself in the mirror and do the exact same thing I just explain...When you do that, you will only see yourself looking and pointing back at you....To say the least,That is exactly what He/She and all the Dianas are doing...They know they have been expose and will Blame and even try to Convince others for anything and everything that happened...These people have NO conscience at all...they will attack anyone and everyone who gets in their way...There is No used talking to liars especially if they believed in their own lies..
      And that is Exactly what they are..

    3. These Neocats love themselves so much because they are mirroring their founder (Kiko) who is deeply in love with himself. The NCW is a personality cult that feeds Kiko’s unhealthy obsession with himself.

  9. I hope Walter Denton and all of the other suffering Guamanian abuse victims win their cases and win them Big. Denton's gut-wrenching video went viral, so pedophile Apuron can't hide from his horrific, violent crimes.

    The problem is that Rome might hide the fat pervert in Bernard Law-style for the rest of his miserable life. For causing catastrophic damage to the US Church, Francis rewarded luxury-loving Bernie Law with a lavish retirement pad in Rome's largest Renaissance palace. He escaped canonical, civil and criminal prosecution altogether and, socially, he's still a Vatican A-Lister!

    Bernie literally destroyed the once-venerable Boston Archdiocese with his 18 years of pedophile priest-enabling and brutal abuse coverups. Mass attendance in that once-legendary Catholic stronghold is now down to around 12% and it's mainly by older people. The Church there has no future because of Bernie.

    The palatial Archbishop's Mansion was sold to Jesuit Boston College for over $100 million. Numerous parish churches were also closed and sold to help pay for Law's transgressions. The northeastern US Church is on life support because of evil Bernard Law, but none of those disasters bother the Vatican.

    Law also brought down the US Church outside of Boston by causing vital coverup exposures which paid over $3 billion to clergy abuse victims nationwide. Add another fortune in legal fees and increased insurance premiums. That combo totally bankrupted many US dioceses and there's much more coming.

    The biggest US bankruptcy case still brewing was caused by abusive closet queen-Archbishop John Nienstedt in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Our version of disgraced Cardinal Keith O'Brien in Scotland.

    A bigoted liar, arch-conservative, homosexual Archbishop Nienstedt resigned from MSP behind covered-up personal scandals and an avalanche of abusive clergy coverups exposed in detail by his own canon lawyer. Also Chancellor of the Archdiocese, courageous and brilliant Dr. Jennifer Haselberger sacrificed her dream career to do the right thing in the midst of heavy abuse by Chancery officials. She brought the corrupt Archdiocese crashing down before resigning. The narcissistic Archbishop and his flunky-Auxiliary Bishop were eventually removed.

    Nienstedt was subsequently booted from a Michigan diocese by vigilant Catholics as soon as he was reassigned there. Now he's living a leisurely high life in Northern California's luxurious Wine Country, firmly attached to the useless and obscenely wealthy Napa Institute, a right-wing Catholic social organization founded by billionaire-tax attorney Tim Busch.

    If you want to attend NI's annual summer confab at a Napa resort hotel Busch owns, it'll cost at least $3,000 per person for the stuffy weekend with a few sanctimonious bishops, plus transportation, food and incidentals. Ambience: Fake Tuscan with bad to mediocre service, food and housekeeping. The tacky Meritage in Napa is located in a business park area, not at a lush winery.

    Among several other States, huge abuse and bankruptcy cases are still pending in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York and New Mexico.

    The highest clergy abuse payouts to date total around $1 billion by the invincibly wealthy Archdiocese of Los Angeles, world's largest English-speaking diocese with over 5 million souls. More payouts are pending in L.A. as well because 5 religious Orders, Carmelites included, were forced by the Courts to release their personnel records after years of intentional obstruction. The majority of L.A.'s abuse scandals were caused by 26 heretical years of retired Cardinal Roger Mahony, a highly subversive radical leftist with a talent for making huge amounts of money for the any means.

    1. I'm glad you threw the liberal Mahoney in there.

    No, "Voice of Truth?" You don't know what your asking Arch. Byrnes to do. Not from the time of the Neocatechumenal Way was formed to present, from the beginning of time that Jesus left His instructions for all of us to follow in the house of His Father', and you want Arch. Byrnes to clean up the parishes? That's like telling Jesus to clean up the mess He made when He created the Catholic Church. What mess do you find in the Church that irritates you!
    *Jesus, please, pardon and forgive us for we do not know what we do!!! Amen.*
    "Voice of Truth December 17 - 10:46 AM"
    "Archbishop Byrnes, for the sake of Christ please, clean up our parishes from them!"