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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

A few days ago I found, in a neocatechumenal blog published in Spanish, the news about the last convivence in Domus Galilaeae in Holy Land, where Kiko Argüello has invited 200 bishops and cardinals for a very particular honey moon approach to movement. Kiko uses to have this kind of meetings periodically. 

In theory these special convivences are celebrated to explain what the NCW is and the recipients are the members of the catholic hierarchy. Of course, those convivences are free (and I do not mean the free assistance but all the expenses paid). 

Yes, Kiko pays for those trips. Better say Kiko offers those trips for free, although he does not pay a pence. One million and a half neocatechumenals around the world do pay that large amount of money. Remember there are many neo members who do not eat, but religiously do pay the tenth for Kiko and his evangelization.

How do we know those bishops and cardinals do not pay for it? Because Kiko the open mouth tells it. Last announces he did he asked his followers for more money again. Even Kiko laughs about how much pleased do bishops and cardinals feel with all included and for free. 

This time we find a great surprise among the assistants. Cardinal Toppo was already converted some years ago, Cardinal Pell too, but they like to repeat the experience to learn more and more. Apart from the repeaters, this year Cardinal Sarah was there. 

If Cardinal Sarah was there with any other motivation is something we cannot know. Maybe he was there to view first hand some liturgical aspects which are a matter of dissent among many catholics. 

Remember Benedict XVI did not give the placet to all the liturgical practices introduced by neocatechumenals in the Eucharist, despite Kiko and Carmen, with the helping hand of Cardinal Cañizares and Bertone, were absolutely convinced of it. Then Cardenal Burke was miracolously fast and accurate when he read the invitation over his desk and noticed the great manipulation. He caused an urgent note for Benedict XVI and finally Kiko and Carmen had to celebrate half of the party.

But, without any doubt, the presence of Cardinal Sarah in Domus with Kiko has injected fuel into the propaganda machine of neocatechumenals. Since we had the first warning of the new we had been looking for at least any brief press release, any little mention anywhere...and we had nothing. Nothing except the propaganda of neos precisely in Facebook, that modern agora so hated by Kiko.

The text was uploaded by a woman named Carmen García de Mendoza, a retired police woman from Barinas, Venezuela, of course member of the NCW, and as her Facebook public profile says "with a couple in fact". Quite strange. I am not able to understand who is that woman in the NCW, why she is responsible of uploading such a new in a Facebook group called JMJ-CNC (translated WYD-World Youth Day-NCW).

Anyway, such a strange way of doing things is very common in the Neocatechumenal Way. They are accustomed to giving no explanations to anyone. The source quoted by JMJ-CNC in Facebook is the Spanish blog "Observatorio del Camino Neocatecumenal". It is the first time I discover that blog, which lacks of specific weight due to its insubstantiality. They invent sources and correspondant everywhere to make impossible to contrast the informations.

The only relevant thing about that blog is that it reproduces the name of the Italian blog Osservatorio sul Caminno Neocatecumenale secondo veritá, the reference web for italian neocatechumenal former members and directed by very brilliant people who had continued the deep work of Fr. Zoffoli. The same trick happened with Cruxsancta when neocatechumenals created Cruzgloriosa to counteract. I like Jungle Watch name because its neocatechumenal replica -An insider's view by Diana- is ineffective to create confusion.

The original uploaded text published in Facebook is in Spanish, here literally translated:

"Convivence of 200 Bishops in Israel with the Neocatechumenal Way, including Cardinal Sarah
Last week, during the week of the octave Pascual, took place in the center Domus Galileaea - house inaugurated in the year 2000 by S. John Paul II and that the Neocatechumenal Way has in the mount of the Beatitudes of the Holy Land - a convivence of Bishops from around the world, who each year organize the initiator and responsible team at the international level of the Neocatechumenal Way, Kiko Argüello and Fr. Mario Pezzi.

This year about 200 Bishops and several cardinals from all over the world, including Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna and Cardinal Toppo, Of Ranchi.

In these convivence, the Bishops have the possibility of knowing a little more about the reality of the Neocatechumenal Way around the world, their mission in the parishes, their missionary impact with families in mission and missions ad gentes in dechristianized places, and the formation of priests for the new evangelization in the seminaries 'Redemptoris Mater', which have already been opened 115 throughout the world, many of them thanks to the participation in these convivences, where the Bishops celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, listen to the Scriptures, receive the preaching of the Kerygma, and celebrate the liturgy of the hours and Holy Mass, as well as visiting various places in the area where Jesus Christ passed.

Although Cardinal Sarah knew the reality of the Neocatechumenal Way and its pastoral activity for many years, being also the substitute in the Pontifical Council Cor Unum of the then Prefect Cardinal Monsignor Cordes (named by S. John Paul II commissioned ad personam of the Way in Relations with the Holy See in the late 1980s), this year the current Prefect of the Congregation for Worship has wanted to be present and to live closely one of the realities that make Christian initiation present in the Church as a necessary reality to face secularization and to help families and marriages in the faith, fervently defending those charisms that sustain them in their intervention in 2015 at the Synod of the Family:

Together with a firm and clear Word of the Supreme Magisterium, Pastors have a mission to help the men and women of our time to discover the beauty of the Christian family. To do this, we must first promote everything that represents a genuine Christian Initiation of adults, since the crisis of marriage is essentially a crisis of God and, at the same time, a crisis of faith, which implies a puerile Christian initiation. For this reason we must discern those realities that the Holy Spirit is already revealing to us in the Truth about the Family as an intimate communion in diversity (man and woman) that is generous with the gift of life. We, the Bishops, have the urgent duty to recognize and promote the charisms, movements and ecclesial realities in which the Family is genuinely revealed, this prodigy of harmony, love and hope in Eternity, this cradle of faith and school of charity . And there are so many realities offered by Providence, together with the Second Vatican Council, in which this miracle is offered.
Pictures: Vincenzo Mangia y Danilo Felipe
Source: The Neocatechumenal Way Observatory"

I had underlined in bold two very important sentences, in correspondence with three crucial elements that neo-propaganda always uses as a resource: 

1. The reference at the supposed previous knowledge of Cardinal Sarah about the NCW for many years! - This point is very powerful for neocatechumenal common people psychologically. It draws Cardinal Sarah as one who before was such a presbyter, a priest of parish, a priest accustomed to dealing with neos.

2. The  reference at how Cardinal Sarah has wanted to live closely the NCW reality in this convivence. 

This point reinforces absolutely Kiko's thesis: you have to know the Way by yourself, not by other's eyes or other's ears. Kiko trusts on the charming enveloping scene, one to one, with the music, the long speeches, the ceremoniously liturgy, etc. 

Remember when Kiko was black with rage in Vatican with Pope Francis: if the NCW is so good, why so many parish priests and bishops do not allow us to speak with them? 

That is why every neocatechumenal will invite you to assist a Eucharist (previous notice to catechists) if you want to know the NCW. It is very important to abandon yourself into the spider web, you will experience a high sensitive experience! Two long hours of chants, exultation and levitation to break the wall of your rational mundane mind.

3. The way how Cardinal Sarah had supported the NCW in his public interventions before -even without mentioning its name and surely without knowing he was supporting it indirectly!  

This is fulminant. This is the real baptism for a neo-friendly. It is very sugestive. You were one of us even when you did not speak directly about us, because we are in perfect communion. We are in the same ship. We are brothers. We are the same one. 

For the future generations of neocatechumenals, I am sure these words of Cardinal Sarah (never talking concretely about the NCW) will remain as a supportive speech. They appropriate every little signal as a revelation in their favor, as well as every little picture taken by surprise of Kiko greeting the pope in the middle of a hall has been used again and again with spurious purposes.

Here I want to say again it is impossible to find nothing which relates Cardinal Sarah with the neocatechumenals before. Nothing, even when he was the substitute of Cardinal Cordes as responsible of relations with the Neocatechumenal Way. Nothing at all.

Instead, you can find references about Cardinal Sarah's affection for Opus Dei. I truly think Cardinal Sarah's clarity and conciseness is closer Opus Dei than NCW. But at the same time I do not want to play my luck, for me Ratzinger was one of the best theologians ever and Kiko was able to confuse his arguments as Pope Benedict XVI. And we had as a result the Statutes approval and the same obstinate disobedience of Kiko and neocatechumenals.

Time to time. 

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