Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Posted by Tim

Some have taken exception to this announcement in the San Vicente bulletin since it gives the impression that James Arriola went away to a seminary in Miami, was ordained, and has now returned home. And of course that is not the case.

Arriola did not just go away to study at an off-island seminary, he left this diocese to study, live, work, and be ordained for the diocese of Miami. Therefore he is not "our" priest.

But no so fast. Arriola is a neocat. And in the neocat world nothing is what it seems. Arriola is not only not a priest of this diocese, when it comes down to it, he is not a priest of the diocese of Miami either. 

He is first a neocat. And neocats always belong to their community. And since Arriola's community is in Barrigada, he is first a member of that community for life before he is anything else, including a priest for the diocese of Miami. 

Thus, from the neocat perspective, the announcement is correct. He is "our own" to the neocats, the same way Presbyter Alberto, who is supposedly "our pastor" to the people of Agat, abandoned the people of Agat during Holy Week a couple years ago to celebrate it with his community in the Canary Islands. 

The announcement, like neocat theology, traffics in half truths, without which the neocats would never survive. It says "his parish." Of course it's not his parish. Arriola has been assigned to a parish in "his" diocese of Miami. It's a half truth. 

It's also a half truth to even say that he is from the Barrigada parish. The neocats do not recognize "the parish." To them, parish-based Catholicism is dead and is to be replaced by the Kiko-community model. 

As a member of one of those communities, Arriola did not belong to the parish, he belonged to the community. The community just happened to be attached to the Barrigada parish, but only insofar as it could suck off its resources as every other neocat community does. 

So why is he here? Arriola left Guam purposely. He joined another diocese purposely. He chose to be ordained in another diocese purposely. He chose NOT to be a priest of the Archdiocese of Agana, so why are we celebrating him as one?

True, as a neocat, Arriola was probably ordered to go to Miami by his neocat hierarchy. But it was still his choice. No, what Arriola is doing here is what Apuron did for all his newly ordained RMS presybter boys on our dime: a victory tour. And over the many years he did this, it probably cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But beyond this mess, we can be certain that as a neocat he has no respect for the bishop. To be sure, his victory tour which includes celebrating Mass, was organized and announced without any consideration of the requirement of canon law. A priest cannot just show up in a diocese in which he is not incardinated and celebrate Mass publicly. He must have the permission of the bishop of the diocese he is visiting. 

And while I understand the matter has been brought to the attention of Archbishop Byrnes and Arriola's Mass has been approved, to be sure, any permission procured was AFTER the fact since Arriola's arrival and schedule has been made known now ever since his ordination in Miami on May 13. 

By the way, what is not announced is that he will be doing, and probably already has done (since he has been here for several days), a Saturday night "eucharist" with his Barrigada neocat community, the only people in Guam who can actually say "our priest." 


  1. Born and raised right here in Barrigada? News article publicizing the ordination stated: Father James Arriola, 28, was born in a U.S. military base in Japan, the third of seven children who range in age from 33 to 10. His family is from Guam, and they moved back there when his father retired from the U.S. Navy.....

    1. I congratulate the young man on his vows! The nagging question is where did he receive his formation? An RM Seminary or a legitimate seminary? The rumor is he was "indoctrinated" in the community at Guam's RMS. Where do his loyalties lie, with Christ and the Eucharist or Kiko & the "community"?

      Barrigada is the "hornet's nest" for the WAY. The Parish was taken over by the heretical cult during Fr. Alberto's time. The crude paintings behind the altar are a testimony to the Neo heresy, especially the Manger scene.
      Alpha, the protestant catechesis that has been adopted by the Archdiocese of Michigan, is now being promoted on Guam.
      The Traditions and Teachings of the Catholic Church are under attack by heresy from within! Anyone that holds to the tenants of the Faith is labeled "old school" and "intolerant" by the Church of Nice! Decades of poor formation at liberal seminaries has led to this crisis!
      Only the Church Militant, the laity stand in the way of parishes becoming "communities" with little resemblance to Catholic Tradition.
      It is time for the Barrigada community to unite and fight to save San Vincente/San Roke Parish from the clutches of heresy!
      If the newly ordained presbyter was formed at Guam's RMS and ordained elsewhere, this is the new strategy of the Neocults. It time to close this den of heresy on Guam.

    2. If not mistaken, Father Arriola finished at the minor and major seminary in Miami. From there these seminarians take their extra courses on whatever the WAY teaches at their RMS seminary. Two separate classes. Correct me if I am wrong.

      From what I have read, most neocat seminarians attend a regular seminary university, college or whatever and then have their own lessons on the kiko version at the RMS seminary they are residing in. Unlike here, our local seminarians are not afforded the education from a legit minor and major seminary, but instead subjected to the teachings of the Kiko way.

    3. And that explains why we ended up with twice as many seminarians as did other dioceses like Boston or Miami which are 20 times the size of ours. Kiko sent us the dudes that couldn't be accepted anywhere else.

    4. I did wonder why Arch. Byrnes was the blessed one chosen to lead Guam Catholic Church'. He's an Alpha. Or, could it be his luck planned by Finoli. And the game begins that remains to be seen. So messed up.

      As Bruce had mentioned "Alpha, the protestant catechesis that has been adopted by the Archdiocese of Michigan, is now being promoted on Guam."

  2. If Neocat Arriola was trained at a RMS "seminary", he isn't even a Catholic priest.

    He also sounds like an incompetent free-loader. The US Navy babysat him for most of his life, then the so-called seminary, now the luxury-loving NCW itself.

    The Miami Archdiocese with its politically correct, bayside mansion-dwelling archbishop is full of Jonestown-type immigrants. Pickings for the perverse NCW are good there.

  3. Neo priests are not our priests never will be considered a priest of Guam. They simply used a sic perverted Archbishop to get ordained. For all you know they were his sex toy boys who allowed him to perform oral sex.

  4. Lets remember its only child abuse reported for it is a crime. He may have had sexual relations with young men over 18 that is not abuse. seminarians priests may have been abused. Not a crime I know but imagine this happening.

  5. A Neocat "priest" who trained at a RMS "seminary" is NOT a Catholic priest. If you go to a church and find out that the "priest" is a neocat who trained at a RMS "seminary", you should go somewhere else (if you are able to do so).

  6. Sad, sad, and very sad! Just when we thought Archbishop Byrnes had FINALLY seen the deceit of the NCW, and came out to put a moratorium on new NCW communities, and his edict that the Mass be celebrated in all the required details of GIRM – enters this “knight in shining armour”, the professed “saviour” of the NCW for Guam. Never mind that Apuron, the Gennarinis, Pius, Adrian, Waldo, DC Quitugua and the other “generals” are no longer here, we have some lieutenants floating around (Atienza, Joltan, Francesco, Alberto, Rudy and a few local diehards like Rick Eusebio, Borja of DLM and company ) – “ready, willing and able” to take up the fight under the leadership of Father (?) Francis Arriola. His annointment (First Mass at Barrigada Church) is scheduled for Sunday, June 4, 2017 at the 10 am Mass. BOYCOTT THE EVENT!!! Go to Sunday Mass elsewhere!!

    The man is already “ordained”, so Byrnes cannot “un-priest” him. But will he welcome him into the brotherhood of the local clergy, and incardinate him into the archdiocese – or will he demand the strict observance of his earlier edict? Does Byrnes have the balls to tell him “This is my diocese, and you do my bidding -- or else!” We’ll see what AB Byrnes has to say at the Event, which he will most likely attend. We’ll see which side of the sands he really stands on. Will we see a justification for his “Alpha” program here, or will we see the “Omega” of the NCW? We’ll see how he dances around this!

    The “war” (Part II) is about to begin. And we are wondering if our own general (AB Byrnes) is up to the task, or will he crumble under the heels of “the Red Pope” – Filoni! The proof of the pudding is in the eating, AB Byrnes! Are you up to standing for us, or will you crumble to eating humble pie?

    1. Archbishop Byrnes is in a steep learning curve with the NCW. Remember, it took us 20 years to get a bead on their agenda when they were operating right under our nose in our own diocese. And I dare say that had not a very few people stepped forward when they did, this diocese would have been long been in the pocket of Kiko Arguello with Adrian lined up to be the next bishop, for sure, for sure.

      Byrnes cannot incardinate Arriola in this diocese because he is already incardinated in Miami. Unfortunately though, he is under the impression that Arriola's trip here is innocent, that he is only coming here to celebrate a Mass in the parish he supposedly grew up in, though he left that parish at age 13 when he joined the NCW.

      Of course, nothing the NCW, especially its presbyters is ever what it seems. You can bet that given the danger the NCW on Guam is now in, Arriola is here on a mission with special instructions from Gennarini to brown nose Byrnes to the hilt while behind his back "encouraging the brothers" to disobey Byrnes' directive and stay faithful to Kiko.

      We will learn much in the coming days.

    2. modus operandi ncw!=cunning as serpents but simple as doves. However are their motives to promote the Church, obey the hierarchy and to follow the magisterium? The track record suggests otherwise!

    3. You may well be right, Tim, regarding dual incardination. So when the Bishop of Qatar claimed Fr. Luis Camacho as his own, did the Archdiocese cease giving Camacho his salaries/stipends, or were we still paying for him? If Byrnes cannot incardinate Arriola as a full-fledged member of the working clergy of the archdiocese, then Arriola will then be just a “visiting priest”, like the earlier Filipino priests before they got fully incardinated. But the Ordinary can always withhold “faculties” from him to hear confessions, to preach, to perform baptisms, marriages, funerals; only to say Mass -- often referred to as “deaf-and-dumb” help-out priests. And lacking incardination, the Archdiocese is under no obligation to provide him salaries and stipends. Arriola will only be an “appendage” to the clergy, not an integral part of it. Could he be appointed Pastor or Administrator of a parish? So is that what Byrnes wants Arriola to be – just to be a thorn on the side for the church? I think Byrnes is caught between a hard rock and place on this one! Rots of rock.

    4. My understanding is that Arriola is only here for a victory tour and then back to Miami.

    5. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJune 1, 2017 at 7:18 AM

      Anonymous at 12:22 AM, according to the article cited by Anonymous 05/31 at 7:28 AM and 06/01 at 5:26 AM Arriola was assigned to St. Katharine Drexel in Weston, FL.

      So I believe, as Tim at 5:02 AM stated, his time on Guam should be brief … unless his KikoBot handlers have directed otherwise.

      We shall see.

    6. The parishioners of Ste. Katharine Drexel will be paying for Arriola's mission time here.

    7. Then why is Fr. Joel using Barrigada parishioners' money to pay for Arriola's reception?


  7. what a joke he left at 13 years old and returning with fan and fare. I'm sure he is doing this event to make money for himself NCW. Stop envelopes to this newly ordained priest give him
    gifts in kind not money. Bye.

    1. You have it all wrong 9:41pm. He joined a community at 13 years old. This is the age where the neocatechumenals allow teens to be officially placed in a newly formed community. They are groomed at the age of 12 by allowing them to go on retreats.

      At what age he entered RMS, I don't know. When did he leave for Miami, I don't know either.

    2. Do the math anon@10:16pm. He is 28 years old. He was sent by Profit Kiko to the newly established half baked NEO Cult Presbyter Factory in Miami 6 years ago at age 22. He considered himself the 'forgotten one' until he attended a retreat. We all know one thing for sure for sure, he longs to go out on missions and experience new places. As Tim stated; they only listen to Profit Kiko and will not respect their local bishop.

    3. Father James Arriola, 28, was born in a U.S. military base in Japan, the third of seven children who range in age from 33 to 10. His family is from Guam, and they moved back there when his father retired from the U.S. Navy. James was 4. He admits he felt a little lost after graduating from high school.

      “I had ideas to get married, ideas to get a career. But nothing concrete.” Although he had joined a Neocatechumenal Way community at 13, “there wasn’t an inclination to the priesthood.”

      Then he attended a retreat, and at the closing Mass, the priest preached: “If you feel a call, don’t be afraid. And what do you have to lose? I was thinking about my life and I thought, I have nothing to lose. Why don’t I try it?” Father Arriola recalled.

      Neither the eldest nor the baby in his family, he said he often felt like “the forgotten one.” But now he realizes God “brought me to that point to show me that he loves me.” And once he experienced that love, “he showed me that this vocation is for me.”

      He entered Blessed San Diego Luis de San Vitores Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania, which is affiliated with the Lateran University in Rome. When the Neocatechumenal Way’s Redemptoris Mater Seminary opened in Miami in 2011, he was chosen as one of its first 12 seminarians.

      “I always felt called to go out to the missions and experience other places,” Father Arriola said. About his vocation, he added: “It’s God showing his love for me so hopefully I can show his love to the world.”

    4. Typical neocat bs. It's an insult to real missionaries laboring in real mission territories under great hardship and often grave danger while these neocats co-opt the word mission while living in the lap of luxury in a major metropolis and pull Catholics out of their own churches.

  8. Just like all of the US junior seminaries that were shut down. Those so-called communities are NCW meat racks for pedophiles.

  9. As you can see from the delusional KAkA filled Dungbats latest blog, illustrates that all members to include ArchNEO Cult Presbyter Anthony Sablan Apuron, obey Profit Kiko. Brother Tony knows full well that the island is in dire need of local priests, instead of taking care of the flock intrusted to his care, he sends James Arriola to another Diocese to be incardinated there.

    Congratulations James Arriola
    James Arriola

    Born: 1988 Nov 17
    Entered RMS Guam: 2008 Sept 28

    All the seminarians and formators of RMS Guam together with Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, were specially invited to participate at the “Merkabah” Vocational Convivence in Porto San Giorgio, Italy, Sept. 14-23, 2011. Kiko wanted to see the reality of the evangelization in Asia and since Guam is close to Asia he invited us.
    During that Merkabah, a new RMS was formed for the Diocese of Miami. The Seminary was officially erected on Dec. 11, 2011.
    James left Guam Dec. 30, 2011 to join the newly erected seminary Redemptoris Mater in Miami.

  10. All this fanfare planned for Arriola is really another Neo "In Your Face" show. Yes, the Barrigada parishioners are footing the bill for this farce.

  11. Talk about fake news from the KAKA filled Dungbats latest blog (see below)

    God is oneJune 2, 2017 at 11:38 AM
    Diana people in the jungle is already telling Byrnes to hurry up and incardinate james so he doesn't leave


    DianaJune 2, 2017 at 11:59 AM
    Dear God is one,

    The jungle could never make up their minds. First they complain that seminarians should not be incardinated into the priesthood very quickly. Now, they want to incardinate one quickly.

    1. We don't need anymore half baked NEO Cult Presbyters that put Profit KIKO first before both the local bishop and the parishioners they are assigned to shepherd. What's that presbyters name that was incardinated here; yet serves a NEO Cult community in's time for Archbishop Barns to close down that half baked Presbyter Factory 'Seminary' in Yona and for him to send our local brothers to a real seminary.