Sunday, May 28, 2017


"The lawsuit says around 1994, Torres' father took him to the Guam Police Department and filed a complaint. Caluag was never arrested."- Guam PDN

In this case, Troy Torres and his father have a duty to pursue the Guam Police Department and find out what happened to his complaint. The criminal statute of limitations would not have expired at the time of the report and the police would have been required to investigate. Was there an investigation? Where is it? 


  1. The blind eye was turned after a police report was filed. Or maybe a back room deal was made with the AG's office. No one really knows how deep the NEOROOTS are within our island of Guam.

  2. of cors not Tim. Archbishop Apuron and his minions knew of this but he made a fundemental choice to not only ignore the case but to use his ecclesial power authority to make case go away. Many abuses taking place even in eary 90s Apuron threatened anyone who reported abuse to him. He would then set his Rockvila Adrian dog onto those people to hurt them damage them and discredit them. Thank God for David Lujan exposing these monsters. But I will not call them monsters ai will call them losers. Archdiocese knew of all this abuse allowed it. Shame on Archdiocese of Agana. Shame on the Sisters of Mercy.Those Mercy sister need to be blasted named shamed for their agenda to hide abuse.

    1. This happened before the neo's arrived. Good chance though that Apuron used his authority to threaten the police not to take action. Any investigation might have turned towards him. But this is now in Troy's hands. He must pursue the police department, the AG, and GovGuam in general. And we must know what happened. The archdiocese is no the only large institution to have historically engaged in cover up. But of course the government is Troy's employer. I'm not inferring anything. I just hope he has the integrity to do it.

  3. God Bless Troy Torres for his courage. we pray for his healing from abuse and all harm inflicted on him and Torres family by the wicked Apuron Adrian.

  4. Uniformed Catholic police officers from a prominent parish in my city told me in March 1995 that their rotten Chief was paid off by the local chancery not to report pedophile priests to the District Attorney. That justifiably infuriated them because their own defrocked embezzler-Pastor is one of the worst homosexual pedophiles on US Church record.

    Instead, complaints had to be referred only to a certain super-liberal auxiliary bishop for disposition. That same auxiliary, a canon lawyer, was made bishop of a very wealthy diocese several years ago.


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