Friday, June 23, 2017

FR. GORDON MACRAE: "On the Island of Guam, Is the Eighth Commandment Discarded?"

I'm willing to cut Fr. Gordon Macrae some slack. He is in prison for something he said he didn't do. It happens. In fact, I personally am working right now to help someone who I believe to be wrongly accused. 

However, unfortunately for Fr. Macrae, he thinks that Diana is a credible source and has composed this whole post based on "her" facts. It's too bad. Macrae might have actually found more support for his personal cause if he was willing to do a little real research and get his own facts. 

His willingness to seek the truth, however painful it might be, about his fellow clergy, could have lent credibility to his own claim of innocence and might have inspired more people to support him. But he didn't. In fact, he uses St. Thomas More to defend Apuron - all based on "The Diana." 

On the Island of Guam, Is the Eighth Commandment Discarded?

I don't know if Fr. Macrae will publish the comment I left on his post, so I will publish it here.

I'm afraid you don't have your facts straight. The committee report will clearly show that the Archdiocese of Agana, then under the administration of Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai, an apostolic administrator appointed by Pope Francis, did NOT oppose the legislation. In fact, there was surprise among the legislators that there was NO opposition from the church. 

Also, the original bill did NOT hold the archdiocese liable, but only perpetrators. However, Archbishop Hon, publicly mocked the idea that there could be any victims and treated the accusations as a sham. This enraged the people who KNEW  the allegations to be true and they pushed forward an amendment to the bill which would  hold the archdiocese liable. 

The archdiocese (Hon) did NOTHING, until the 11th hour, just before the governor signed it, calling for a veto. 

The larger truth is that Fr. Louis Brouillard, who is charged with the majority of these crimes against children, is still living and publicly CONFESSED to having abused boys, asking for their forgiveness. 

Archbishop Apuron and Flores, before him, both new of Brouillard's 30 years of abuse in Guam, which is why Flores kicked him out of the diocese and sent him home to Minnesota (where he continued to abuse). Apuron did NOTHING to help to heal Brouillard's victims because of his own history of abuse. 

The pope doesn't simply pull bishops out of their diocese for no reason. But not only did Francis pull Apuron out, he has now appointed a coadjutor bishop from Detroit to succeed Apuron. 

As for Apuron's victims not testifying. Two of his victims were hindered by their civil attorney, but two other victims, including the one Apuron raped, DID testify before Burke and Apuron's canon lawyers, and were shortly followed by the two others. 

Also your timing is wrong. Apuron's victims were not waiting for the coffers to be opened. The bill was signed into law last September. Burke did not come to Guam until February of the following year. 

On Guam, the Diana blog, is a joke because no one puts their real name to it. 


  1. Macrae confessed to earlier child molestation charges.

    What he might be innocent of is molesting his last accuser. Allegedly, that man admitted to lying just to collect settlement money. He got away with it because of homosexual Macrae's prior criminal record.

    1. Thanks. Would appreciate a source.

    2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJune 23, 2017 at 10:57 AM

      Maybe Anonymous (June 23, 2017 at 8:14 AM) is referring to this site as his/her source:

  2. As ever, thanks, Tim. Boy, did that need to be said.

  3. Macrae should instead be re-spelled as "Macabre," a more fitting tribute to this jailed convict. He has no authority to say anything critical of Guam's efforts to rid ourselves of evil, in the taxpayer-paid smugness of his cell.

  4. Two thoughts came to mind when I started reading that long, convoluted expose from Fr MacRae:
    1) Why would any priest chose to quote Montesquieu, whose political views and affiliation to the Free Masonic lodges are well documented?
    2) Perhaps Fr MacRae should read Montesquieu a little more in depth.
    He could have found this: " What an orator lacks in depth, he usually makes up in length."

    Obviously an ill advised person.

  5. The motive of Prof Robert Moynihan and Suzanne Formanek in condoning the exhaustively documented multi-million dollar theft at Yona (which the Pope was against), colluded at by fraudulent activity by civil authority, needs to be investigated. On the face of it, doesn't it dilute Father Gordon's cause?

    Dragging Thomas More and J H Newman in to back this stance is just like that Bannon quoting Pope Leo.