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We have often shown how the Neo Leadership spends a lot of time and energy in selecting their potential candidates for the priesthood, and how they also use their knowledge of morally bankrupt clergy members, in order to use their savoir and network for the advancement of their Church within the Church, in exchange for protection, promotion and/or facilitation of their proclivities.

One of the profile they often use for recruiting potential candidate for RMS, is usually to identify a poor family from a developing country, or newly arrived immigrants to a country, in order to groom one of their sons, and make that grooming palatable to the family, by advancing the argument of a beautiful opportunity for their son to join the priesthood, and how nicely it would reflect on the family. The candidates usually fall in one or two out of three categories.

Handsome but fragile young men,that can easily be manipulated

True believers of their Heretical form of worship

Scarred individuals that need a sheltering organization

From time to time they find  a rare gem, which allows them to recruit a particularly talented individual.
It seems like Msgr Figueiredo fell in that last category, while  exhibiting some of the "qualities" looked for, by the Neo Leadership.

The son of new immigrants to Britain, originally from two of their colonies.
(India by lineage, Kenya by birth)
He was raised in a deeply religious family.
His parents had refused to abort the baby, even after they learned, he would come to the world with a severe disability.
An obvious brilliant intellect, mixed with an deep physical complex...
Which led to a strong desire for social ascension, as revenge on a cruel start.
The young Anthony was a perfect fit  for the Neos.

This is how he was selected to go study in the newly minted RMS of Newark, the first such establishment in the USA
Apparently he also did very well in his Studies at Seton Hall.
An uncommon quality in most RMS.
As we showed you last week, he was chosen to be Mc Carrick personal secretary as soon as he graduated from RMS Newark in September of 1994 until June of 1995.
Not a particular long time. But apparently long enough for Mc Carrick to feel very comfortable sending him very personal and detailed emails.
The two got along quite well, to the point that Figueiredo would personally assist Mc Carrick  when he passed through the Vatican, on many occasions.

From his new position at the Cor Unum Pontifical Council, and later as spiritual director of the Pontifical American College, the new mole of the NCW, was very useful to his masters.

Fr Figueiredo was fast becoming a rising star at the Vatican.
 One particular occasion to shine, came up after one major natural disaster hit the Sichuan province of southern China.

Genarrini's pet student, was now ready for more important roles.
On the occasion of the Chengdhu earthquake of May 2008, then Archbishop Filoni 
saw the opportunity to capitalize on something dear to his heart:
While attached to the Nunciature of the Philippines from 1992 to 2000, the Archbishop was actually located in Hong Kong. As such  he was Pope John Paul II personal point man for overtures to China.
So in 2008, while he had risen through the ranks (thanks to an impressive career as a diplomat, and his burgeoning friendship with the NCW), to become the "Substitute for general affairs" and key post within the Vatican; he saw the opportunity of the Earthquake, and the massive losses in human lives, to give a positive signal to the Beijing government.

The tool for this would be the Cor Unum Pontifical Council. The council is in fact the agency which distributes papal relief funds. 
What a better candidate then, than one of Genarrini's protege Fr Figueiredo, who had already shown a lot of promises, and had acquired a good reputation around Rome? To top it all Figueiredo was a member of Cor Unum.

This also fit perfectly with the story telling of Evangelization of China propagated by the Neos.
Along on the "mission" was another rising star of the NCW, inside the Vatican's diplomatic Corp.
Fr. Carlo Alberto Capella.
Capella, was around the same age and  background than Figueiredo, but born and raised in Italy
After being posted in India, with its growing Catholic population, he would be posted in Hong Kong, just like Filoni had been a decade earlier.

For Filoni and Genarrini, this was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.
Not only they would be able to prop their protege's curriculum with this wonderful "missionary work", but on top of it, they were building credentials at several levels.

Indeed, the Neo media, and the contact of Figueiredo with the MSM, would run several nice stories on these Missionaries of the 21st century going bravely to evangelize in the mouth of the Chinese dragon.
By the same token, Filoni was positioning himself well, for his effort of overture to China.
He would be rewarded nicely by Pope Benedict three years later as the Prefect for the Evangelization.
Both Filoni and the Neos had scored very nicely.

As you see, outside of the communities, and the itinerants, the NCW is very active with their inbeded agents. Yet we know from many of the NCW dropouts, that the communities have a deep need to be given great examples of Missionary work by the Way This is done often through testimonies, during meetings, through their large media network, and also by word of mouth. 
Apparently many Neos in Britain, used to brag about having very powerful Monsignors inside the Vatican. 

UMMMMH! how would they know this?
Apparently the Neos tam tams are also sending sublimal messages to the believers.....

In our next article on Msgr Figueiredo, we shall see about his temporary downfall, the more final downfall of Msgr Capella, and how they are all tied together.


  1. the only coping strategy when your neo catechist tells you to blow the whistle on the Pope would be to jack it all in or just get pissed!! Poor bloke. he is all in with the neos and no way out.

  2. When we (membership) find ourselves living out other people's warmed-over problems, that is our cue to drop out.

    Itinerants and presbyters start by not acting consciously, so much as based solely on bad habit.

    Girard as anthropologist noted the recurrence of a redeeming victim in many cultures, but Holy Scripture (the genuine version) wears allegories lightly.

    It is suggested to us members however that we take this as a law, and suspend our reason. Unfortunately this was "all too catholic" in many milieux, hence the "way" fits in like a dream.

    My itinerants told me in front of 30 people that I have intellectual pride (which I haven't). Unfortunately it arrested my development and theirs, as intended.

    The itinerants normalise shaming and the acquiescence of the members makes us complicit in doing so.

    There is no Holy Spirit power in the "way".

    The itinerants and presbyters are out-and-out materialists in their view of us, we are stuff for their machine and have no worth as individuals outside their control.

    It doesn't matter how long you've been in it Anthony, or how much you might be "letting them down", those things really don't matter, just drop out !!!

  3. Mons capella is not part of the ncw and has never had any relationship with ncw.

  4. Calling the NCW a heresy is giving the NCW too much credit. The NCW is based on the opinions and half truths from a small group of persons , it is merely a collection of warped and misguided thoughts of its founders. What the NCW have are shallow and narrow opinions which when truly tested will definitely fail.