Tuesday, April 28, 2020


After Fr. Paul Gofigan, representing the Archdiocese of Agana, nicely asked Governor LLG for permission for Catholics to once again attend Mass, baptize babies, and anoint the sick - amongst other sacramental acts, Governor LLG, via her Director of Public Health, Mrs. Linda Unpingco DeNorcey, basically said HELL NO:

"DPHSS neither supports, nor approves any sacramental services..."

What an awesome opportunity we have here! 

Let's face it. In the wake of Apuron's atrocities and now the world's largest clergy sex abuse scandal (per capita), it is understandable that certain Catholic Church leaders might be shy about standing up to Caesar LLG. But this is exactly what "they" need to do. 

And I say "they" because, unlike the Apuron scandal wherein it was the laity who led the way, the laity cannot do a thing to restore the sacraments only priests can provide. 

It's actually too bad the legislature didn't pass the bill which would have given Caesar LLG the power she wanted to arrest violators of her edicts. Just imagine the powerful regenerative power for our Church if Caesar LLG arrested Archbishop Byrnes - or any priest for that matter - for celebrating Mass! 

Faith in our Church would be restored JUST LIKE THAT!

But even without getting arrested, our ordained Church leaders can accomplish the same thing by simply doing exactly what they nicely asked Caesar LLG for permission to do. 

There is not a thing Caesar LLG can do to stop them. Only "they" can stop them.

Oh, and P.S. It's time for you to move all of your accounts out of the Bank of Guam. 

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