Friday, March 11, 2022


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(The meeting described below took place on line with all parties answering question by the judge.)

Today at 7.00am the attorneys from both the creditors and the Archdiocese were summoned in Judge Tydingco-Gatewood's court to update her on the progresses or lack thereof of their negotiations which had been supposed to happen in the court of Judge Fartis in Honolulu.

After a slight delay attorneys were asked to update the judge on the actual situation, as well as whatever argument they had to facilitate a settlement if any.

Also present with the lawyers Mr Ching the actual trustee of the Bankruptcy.

People took turns highlighting their respective narrative. Mr Elsasasser, the lead Attorney for the Archdiocese defense team, went on a long convoluted expose, arguing that the Archdiocese and its team would need at least another three weeks, in order to come to an agreement on to what to propose to the creditors.

When it was the turn of Mr Caldie, the lead attorney for the Creditors, he strongly disagreed, arguing that the Archdiocese had already wasted two whole weeks since the last ruling, and that rather to help find a settlement, the delay would just make it harder to find  a solution agreeable to both sides. He also introduce the idea that Mr Elsasasser was bidding for time, in order to join the settlement in Delaware with the BSA. He challenged the Diocese to make it official that they would not do such thing and really try to settle under the hospices of Judge Faris.

The lawyer for BSA, made a few statements to make it known that she was not aware of any discussion about a settlement where the Archdiocese would be able to join.

Mr Ching, just reminded Judge Tydingco-Gatewood some of the technnical details of his duties.

Finally the judge made it clear that she was not in the mood for further delay of any kind. 

She set the date of the 18th of March as her deadline for any settlement to be reached, as well as a follow up calendar for parties to make their arguments .

The Attorney was duly chastised from using any artifacts to delay the proceeding, she again underlined that Judge Faris was available any time of day or night to get the parties to agree.

Attorney Elsassasser seem to be really uncomfortable and tried to convince both the judge and Mr Caldie that they were able, ready and available to move forward.. ..The judge agreed for a short recess for the attorneys to chat, before she would have to end the hearing.

Unfortunately, my Docomo service suddenly ended, Ergo I could not get the final word.

More to come.

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