Saturday, July 12, 2014


Alas, the Kiko's can not stop scratching themselves over having been exposed for lying to their own about the supposed invitation from Cardinal Tagle to come to Manila to worship at the feet of their prophet. 

As you may recall, rather than admit that they had lied, they attacked me like rabid cats for exposing their lie by posting Cardinal Tagle's letter stating he had NOT invited them. 

The truly crazy part is that if Jennifer Dulla/U Matuna/Chancery had actually posted the retraction as the Cardinal had requested, I would never have posted the letter. But no. Having been caught in the lie, in fact - as we now see - lie after lie after lie, the Kiko's simply turn rabid and hateful, even claiming that I stole the Cardinal's letter! So in response to my notice to the laity to email the nuncio about their concerns, Anonymous says:

  1. Yeah I'm emailing him about your theft and deception.


    1. Better yet, just see Cardinal Tagle yourself. He will be here July 16.
    2. Thanks for the tip and I will explain to him how you got his letter which is not address to you. I have a meeting with ths pontifical delegate myself and will lay out your slander and stealing identity of personal information on your blog. Your life will be unbearable after this.
Ah, so you see. My "life will be unbearable after this." !!! Do you all see the ugly vileness that following Kiko produces? The hate? The vengeance? The green puss of satanic envy that flows through their sleepless veins?

I can think of no better testimony to the dangers of the Neocatechumenal Way than for you, Anonymous, to meet with the Apostolic Delegate so he can see up close how the love of Kiko rots your heart and smell the stench of sulphur for himself. Go for it. 

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