Saturday, July 12, 2014


Alas, the Kiko's can not stop scratching themselves over having been exposed for lying to their own about the supposed invitation from Cardinal Tagle to come to Manila to worship at the feet of their prophet. 

As you may recall, rather than admit that they had lied, they attacked me like rabid cats for exposing their lie by posting Cardinal Tagle's letter stating he had NOT invited them. 

The truly crazy part is that if Jennifer Dulla/U Matuna/Chancery had actually posted the retraction as the Cardinal had requested, I would never have posted the letter. But no. Having been caught in the lie, in fact - as we now see - lie after lie after lie, the Kiko's simply turn rabid and hateful, even claiming that I stole the Cardinal's letter! So in response to my notice to the laity to email the nuncio about their concerns, Anonymous says:

  1. Yeah I'm emailing him about your theft and deception.


    1. Better yet, just see Cardinal Tagle yourself. He will be here July 16.
    2. Thanks for the tip and I will explain to him how you got his letter which is not address to you. I have a meeting with ths pontifical delegate myself and will lay out your slander and stealing identity of personal information on your blog. Your life will be unbearable after this.
Ah, so you see. My "life will be unbearable after this." !!! Do you all see the ugly vileness that following Kiko produces? The hate? The vengeance? The green puss of satanic envy that flows through their sleepless veins?

I can think of no better testimony to the dangers of the Neocatechumenal Way than for you, Anonymous, to meet with the Apostolic Delegate so he can see up close how the love of Kiko rots your heart and smell the stench of sulphur for himself. Go for it. 


  1. Mr rohr search on youtube "antonio canizares llavesa neocatecumenal porto san giorgio"

  2. Mr rohr search on youtube "charles chaput liturgy neocatechumenal.... Sean O'Malley.... Josef Cordes, Joachim Meisner, ...................St. John Paul II,

    1. Been there. Done that. How about you googling:

      1. Bishop Mervyn Alexander of Clifton in the U.K., who in 1994 called the Neocatechumenate a form of “spiritual enslavement,”

      2. Archbishop Luigi Bommarito of Catania in Italy, who in 2001 said the movement “strips the flesh from people’s consciences by asking questions that no confessor would ask.”

      3. Archbishop SOCRATES B. VILLEGAS, DD, Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan who in 2001 said: “There is a prevailing sentiment of superiority among the community members on account of sheer membership in a Neocatechumenal community resulting in a disdainful attitude towards those who are not walking the Way or have stopped joining the meetings. Besides, disdainful and disrespectful remarks about my predecessor, about some priests and even about my own person, have been repeatedly heard from the catechists of the communities contrary to good manners, upright conduct, filial respect and Christian charity.”

      4. Or how about Pope Benedict XVI who in 2006 pleaded with you Neo’s to obey the directives put forth by the Congregation of Divine Worship in HIS name.

      And most importantly, how about:

      5. Bishop Osamu Mizobe, Bishop of the Diocese of Takamatsu, Japan who said: “I have come to the following conclusion regarding the issue of the Neocatechumenal Way. This problem is one that concerns the local Church, namely the Diocese of Takamatsu. It is an issue that can only be settled here in the diocese. The Holy Father and the Prefects of the Congregations agree that this is a problem of the local Church and that it is the Bishop who must settle it.”

      I say most importantly, because this is exactly what we are demanding: THAT OUR BISHOP ACT. THAT OUR BISHOP RESOLVE THE PROBLEM. THAT OUR BISHOP DECLARE THE ERRANT LITURGY LICIT.

      For all of you jokers who think that just because Rome hasn’t slapped you down, the Bishop of Takamatsu has already reported Rome’s answer: it is your problem, bishop. Fix it. But since ours won’t. We will fix it ourselves. NO MORE MONEY.

  3. Dear Tim:

    ANON 8:20 AM is childish, immature, and stupid. Ignore him!

  4. Sinister aaa allowed .

  5. Here is a transcription of a Memorandum Circular made by Archbishop Socrates Villegas for the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan with a citation of the official position of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines regarding the Liturgical Practices of the Neo-Catechumenal Way:

    May 14, 2012

    Feast of Saint Matthias,

    Circular 2102-16

    RE: Liturgy of the Neo
    Catechumenal Way

    My dear brother priests:

    With regard to the questions
    that our parish priests have
    raised about the practices of
    the Neo Catechumenal Way in
    the celebration of the
    Eucharist, I have sought the
    assistance of the Episcopal
    Commission on Liturgy of the
    Catholic Bishops’ Conference
    of the Philippines. Enclosed
    with this circular is the
    position of the said Episcopal
    Commission regarding the

    Please take note that the
    only permission granted to
    the Way is the transfer of
    the Rite of the Peace after
    the Prayer of the Faithful
    and the reception of Holy
    Communion under both
    species either kneeling down
    or standing up but not
    sitting down.
    Other than these two
    permissions, the Masses
    celebrated for the members
    of the Neo Catechumenal
    Way must strictly observe
    the General Instruction of
    the Roman Missal and the
    other instructions of the
    Congregation for Divine
    In particular, the
    hosts and wine to be used
    for the Eucharist must be
    the same as those used in
    the dioceses of the
    Philippines. The lay faithful
    may be allowed to preach in
    the church or in oratory
    outside the Mass
    (Redemptionis Sacramentum).

    I entrust these clarifications
    to your kind information and
    faithful observance.
    Please be
    assured of my pastoral

    Sincerely yours,
    Archbishop of Lingayen

  6. Here's more.
    Archbishop Socrates Villegas, who is now the President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, also issued a moratorium regarding Neo-Catechumenal Way. It was issued in 2010 but was never lifted until now, meaning, it is still in effect.

    "THEREFORE, considering the
    foregoing facts and statutory
    principles, by virtue of my
    authority as Archbishop of
    Lingayen-Dagupan, in order
    to guide and reorient the
    Neocatechumenal Way in this
    archdiocese, I hereby impose
    a moratorium on all
    initial catecheses in the
    Neocatechumenal Way
    within the archdiocese
    until the Episcopal
    Delegate, named below,
    recommends the lifting of
    this moratorium.

    No new communities shall
    be opened and no new
    members may be initiated
    into the Neocatechumenal
    Way within the
    moratorium period starting
    on the Solemnity of
    Pentecost this year until the
    Solemnity of Pentecost in

    Likewise, I order the
    reading, within the whole
    year, starting from the
    Solemnity of Pentecost this
    year until the Solemnity of
    Pentecost in 2011, of
    paragraphs 748 to 945 of the
    Catechism of the Catholic
    Church, pertaining to
    ecclesiology, the readings
    being spread out during the
    weekly celebrations of the
    Word of each

    Moreover, I enjoin the
    recitation of the five
    mysteries of the Holy Rosary
    before the weekly
    celebration of the Word,
    starting on Pentecost Sunday,
    in adherence to the mandate
    of Article 14, number 4 of
    the Statutes;
    In addition, effective today, I
    revoke the canonical
    mandate previously
    granted by the Archbishop
    of Lingayen-Dagupan to the
    incumbent itinerant
    catechist to teach the
    Catholic faith within this
    ecclesiastical jurisdiction."