Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Once someone takes over the pulpit during a Mass and subjects us to their personal story, that story becomes public property and we get to use it however we want. And at least for one neo-seminarian who did this, there appears to be much more to his story than just getting drunk. For now I will leave out his name.

The seminarian who spoke during the Masses this week at the Cathedral and at the request of Archbishop Apuron apparently owes about $8000 to the good parents who send their sons to Father Duenas Memorial High School.

The seminarian in question attended FD on a sports scholarship with his entire tuition and fees waived. As with any scholarship, it is conditioned upon performance. And for his first two years he fulfilled his obligations to the school. 

But then he joined the neos. And during his junior year, at the order of his neocat masters, he began skipping practices and games in order to attend his neo functions. 

Then when he entered RMS in his senior year he dropped out of sports altogether and completely ceased to fulfill the terms of his scholarship. This meant, of course, that he had to start paying full tuition and fees like everybody else. 

He didn't. 

There was an attempt by the school to discreetly collect the tuition but to no avail. And apparently because he was one of the archbishop's neo boys, the school chose not to press the issue. So our "seminarian" ended up getting a free ride at FD all the way through his senior year, and HE KNEW IT. 

But of course it wasn't free. The "school" had to pay for it. And the "school" means tuition-paying parents whose sons don't have broken scholarship agreements.

So in addition to his self-admitting penchant for getting drunk during high school, he apparently learned how to break contract agreements and leach 8000 bucks off the parents of his classmates. 

Maybe the next time he interrupts our Mass, he might throw his bilking of FD parents out of $8000 worth of tuition and fees into his list of sins and at least say he's sorry. 

But maybe not, because being one of the archbishop's boys apparently means never having to say you're sorry.

Note: On February 27 at 10:47am, I received a message from someone who I trust advising that the outstanding balance for the former FD student was "recently paid." I once again want to reiterate that the balance did not go unpaid due to any negligence on the part of school. The whole episode simply shows the privileged status the neocatechumenal way enjoys in this diocese at our expense. And it will continue to enjoy that status so long as the majority of the people are willing to let it. 

What can you do?

There has been talk of organizing daily rosaries outside the gates of the chancery. Let's start that. 

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