Thursday, August 28, 2014


  1. Tim, this is Jonathan Diaz. It is my understanding that Rome has been contacted concerning an incident of a former seminarian of our Archdiocese for a sexual assault by our Ordinary in the 1980's at St. JOSEPH'S College, in Moutainview, CA. I encourage all seminarians past, priest or not, to please contact Rome about this incident vis a vi Our Nuncio. We had several of them and I believe That there are substantial people who can vouch for this and is not gossip. This is fact because as a Catholic Sexual Abuse Survivor on this island of Guam, who is very much still a Catholic, I firmly believe with all my heart, mind and spirit that Apuron must be defrocked! It is time to move Rome with not only our prayers, but with actions. I am kindly asking people to not receive Holy Communion from Apuron until things get resolved. He cannot be allowed to stomp all over us because these scandals are scandals, not gossip! And if they continue to use the pulpit for politicking, just know that they will be challenged by me and everyone else who have the right to know where our money is going! We are not dumb sheep anymore!


    1. I permitted this to be posted because the accuser is putting his name in the accusation and taking full responsibility for it. Also, Jonathan, please post your email so others may contact you directly.
    2. NOTE: No Anonymous comments will be allowed on this post. Whatever Mr. Diaz' issue is, he was willing to put his name on it and take responsibility for it. If you are willing to do the same then your comment will be posted. 


  1. "Ordinary" means bishop, in this case specifically, Archbishop Apuron.

  2. Frenchie. I wish I could post your comment. It has great merit. However as per the note at the end of the post.

  3. Understood Tim, well noted. When all is done, you shall comprehend the whom and the why.