Thursday, August 28, 2014


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "REPLIES ON DR. EUSEBIO'S LETTER IN TODAY'S PDN": 

I am a former neocat and the claim of 1,000 is laughable. Whenever all of the neos get together, I estimate about 500-600, and many have dropped out, or walking off and on. Kids take up a significant portion. The fanatical core constitutes about 200, including archbishop Apuron , Monsignor David, and Fr. Adrian, and their catechist Fr. Pius. This is why a few disproportionally wields enormous and unholy influence over Guam. Fr. Pius wields enormous power and influence over the archbishop, who is just another member to the neocats. When there is a problem or an issue within the neo or outside the neo, Fr. Pius is asked first, not the archbishop. In fact, the archbishop, Monsignor David, and Fr. Adrian all defer to Fr. Pius. I know that Fr. Pius(and his boss Giuseppe) were instrumental in getting Fr. Paul fired, Monsignor James fired, the assignment of which pastors, and other decisions regarding the governance of the archdiocese. They certainly got the archbishop to incardinate Fr. John Wadeson here quickly and without notice, knowing of his alleged sexual abuse past, but he was a neo priest and he had important assignments to attend so they overlook it. How do I know? I know, and when Fr. Pius reads this, he knows who I am. :) 

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